The girl you’re with,
Let’s assume you love her,
Now imagine,
You had her and only her, you and I no longer talk.
Does she understand you well enough to be your hand to hold,
And the reason you laugh,
And the punching bag when you’re mad.
Could she handle the darkness of your mind, or do you only show her the brightness of your smile.
If you didn’t have me to lean on while you were with her,
Would you still love her?
I guess this is me saying goodbye,
But mostly good luck.
—  She could never compare
Somehow I guess I thought if I loved you enough and if I was good enough to you that you would love me back and I could finally get what I want at least once. But I couldn’t even do that and after all my efforts you still don’t want or can’t seem to love me like I love you.
I guess I never fell in love with you. I fell in love with the way you loved me. I loved the way you looked at me, the way your eyes would light up and you’d accidentally grin because I swear, nobody has ever reacted to my messy hair and sleepy smile the way you did. I was in love with the way you made an effort to be gentle and not react as harshly as your instinct may have forced upon you. You thought before you spoke, and that must have taken a lot because I know just how impulsive you are. You never lashed out at me even though I made you angry and jealous on many different occasions. I was in love with the way you made me feel wanted, because I really needed it at the time. I guess I wasn’t in love with you. I may have loved you because of all you got me through, but, that’s honestly all it was. I don’t think I ever really liked your personality, the side that you didn’t mean for me to see. I never thought you were funny, but I brushed it off and just said that we didn’t have the same sense of humor. But deep down, I knew I needed someone who would laugh at the same things as I do. We were never friends, in fact, I never knew what we were. There was never any clarity with you. I hated that, but I know I couldn’t admit it until you left for good. Now it’s clear to me and I know that I was never in love with you.
—  Never in Love
I thought falling out of love would be different to falling in love with you, but it’s not
It’s bit by bit forgetting what I love about you
it’s choosing to learn how to love another
its trusting that you’ll let me move on
It takes just as long to fall out of love then it does to fall in
—  You said i found our breakup easy, you were wrong

it was something bout her…
the type of girl a thousand words couldnt capture—but dam did she leave a stain on that same blank canvas she produced like a polaroid’s first glance

if medusa made sculptures, you could say she made van goghs,
leaving souls trapped on starry nights for however long
once upon time they were wishes & dreams now there pleas pleading please—"you come & go as you please, at least leave me a key"

but to no avail would she ever answer…
nor did i expect her to for she was no blacksmith & this was no regular lock,
combination i suppose of my own self inflicted woes from those same unspoken codes id left chained to my heart
i guess she played her part & now the rest was up to me,
i guess thats why she kept it moving & left me no key,
i guess thats why id felt this way & never let her know…
i guess thats y im trapped in her love,
i guess thats why i never let her go…

- @signedleo

My heart was built on tremors and shaky things–
I am so easily moved and crushed by the touch
of somebody else’s love.
I am afraid to open up to people because
they have the power to wield jackhammers
and pistols that would break me
apart and I do not have the heart to
brave such an attack.
I am only the product of my broken
pieces and there is not much left
that I can endure.
And yet, there is a part of me that
keeps on falling into the hands of
attempted murderers,
I guess that’s the twisted thing about love–
sometimes you need it so badly,
you’ll let it kill you.
—  Weak hearts 

“Hi Max, it’s me. Sorry to interrupt, I know you’re probably up there playing baseball with your Dad. Look, I’ve got a situation here. I think that I’ve been holding myself back from falling in love again and I think it’s because I can’t let you go but you’re not here anymore, so… I have to ask this. Would it be okay if I moved on? I realize that you have no way of answering that, but…okay. I’ll take that as a yes. In that case, I should get back in there. I guess this is it. For real this time… Bye Max.”

I swear the overwhelming majority of Solas meta lately has all been about how he still loves Lavellan (and it’s understandable, if there is one thing Solas sucks at it’s letting go of the past), but honestly? I find it silly that Lavellan wouldn’t move on.

Granted, it’s hard if someone you care about leaves you. It’s painful, it shatters your heart, it makes you want to curl up in a ball and cry for a couple hours, days even, but eventually? Life doesn’t stop because of a broken heart. You sorta get over it. Humans (and I guess elves) are resilient motherfuckers. When stuff happens, we just kinda deal with it.

If someone (with whom you have only been for a few months at best and has already dumped you by that point) leaves and doesn’t bother to contact you for two years, naturally you would mourn for… idk, like a few months, and it would hurt like hell, but eventually, a healthy person just moves on. Maybe writes some awful, sad poetry and gets heartburn from time to time, but shit.

It just makes me so sad to see all these beautiful, kind Inquisitors stuck pining after the traitorous egg, wondering what they’ve done wrong. (most of them even let him remove their vallaslin, personally I don’t get why you’d do that either, but that’s a whole other can of worms.)

Now, I’m just looking at all this art and meta and fic, and I’m just like… come on, girl. At this point, this is just embarrassing. For all you know, he made it clear that he doesn’t want you. It’s his fucking loss, you could do so much better anyway.

He released you. Ar lasa mala revas.

You are now free.

Move on. Ride the Bull. Scale the Wall. Cuddle the Commander. Snuggle with Sera. Do as/who you fancy. If it’s still old and elven you want, pick up knitting or something. Get a hobby. Date Lieutenant Farrow, he’s a cutie and I can almost guarantee he won’t leave your ass stranded in the middle of the hostile wilderness, alone, without your gear.

Find someone who’ll pry open your heart with hands so gentle, you’ll forget why you closed it in the first place.

Second loves are every bit as important as first ones, and honestly? Sometimes they’re better for you.

So guess what!? Friday, my birthday was the first day in about 10 years that I haven’t worn spanx under my clothes. I grew up being told that women should strap down their “moving parts” bc of how others would perceive them. And I subscribed to that HARD. aside from that it was always my way of concealing my love handles that I just happened to hate! .
But in my quest this year to commit to #Unfilteredlife I decided to step outside of my comfort zone. And I gotta say…it felt the hella good .

Unfiltered living to me is about standing in your own truth and letting that light set you free. It’s not easy…but my experience is that it gets easier the more you practice it. I don’t want to be imprisoned by anything…especially not my own self imposed perceptions of how the world sees me! .

Love yall, and happy #soulsunday

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EXO GIF Reaction: Moving in Together

I would like to apologise greatly at how long this took! I’m so bad at this, I’m so sorry! I hope you finally enjoy this!

-B xx

Lay: I can’t believe you said yes to moving in Jagi! Yah I’m so happy!

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Luhan: Watches proudly whilst you move your stuff in next to his

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Wu Yifan: What in God’s name is that contraption Jagi?! I looks dangerous (It’s really just a blender)

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Xiumin: Now we can frickle frackle whenever we want ;)

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Tao: I’m so exited Jagi aaaaaaah! Let me kiss you!!

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Chen: Yah! Don’t move my stuff! (Secretly falling even more in love with you since you said yes to moving in with him)

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Kai: Can’t stop smiling because he is so happy and so in love with you

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Baekhyun: Wait…you said yes?! YAY!

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Chanyeol: *When he sees how much stuff you have* Jagiyaaaaa!

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Sehun: Guess who is your new roomie?! MEEEEEEEEE AAAAH JAGI THIS IS GOING TO BE SO MUCH FUN

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Suho: So happy he just grins at you from the other sofa when you’re finally all moved in

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D.O: Oh my god this is really happening, oh my god, contain you’re excitement Kyungsoo. Oh my god I love her

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Mecca: My dad was an addict. He spent 10 years of my life in prison. I used to go see him and stuff. We never really had a relationship. I always wanted one but we never really had a solid father daughter relationship. That’s why I was always looking for a sugar daddy, someone to take care of me and stuff. So, I started dancing when I was 17. I’d hop the train and go to Jersey and dance. 

I ended up moving to Atlanta to go to college. I didn’t finish cause I found the club life so fascinating. It was awesome. I was 18 or 19, getting into all the best clubs in Atlanta. My boyfriend was a headhunter by day but by night, he sold drugs.

It came out that he was an intravenous drug user. I started doing it because I wanted to be close to him. I couldn’t let go of our relationship cause I guess I was that insecure. You know, I thought that nobody would ever love me. 

Our addiction got so bad that we started fighting. Physical and mental abuse. He committed suicide when I was 22. 

BW: Do you know why he killed himself?

Mecca: He had a lot of emotional turmoil within himself. He always felt like he was in some sort of prison. That’s kind of how drugs are, a prison of the mind. No matter what, you’re gonna do it because you’re addicted. 

I was on and off drugs for a long time then it got so bad that they sent me to prison. I did two years and was a model prisoner. I finished this program and won awards and stuff.

I got out and was doing good and then my mom got cancer. I became overwhelmed so I started using drugs again. While I was using, she passed away. *tears* My grandma died first and then my mom in the same year. I was all alone down here and I started using drugs real bad. 

I got my settlement (see note below) from the case and I went to rehab. After rehab, I got out, got an apartment. I was a student again. Got all these awards and honestly, it was too much for me…

It started again.

Note: Mecca did two years in prison. It was discovered, after she finished her sentence, that she was only supposed to be on probation. Because of that, she received a settlement. Read the story of her false imprisonment. 

To the girl who used to be my Best Friend
I miss you. I guess I always have and have always tried to say so, but, as usual, I failed to recognize when the feelings weren’t mutual.
I’ve tried. I’ve tried my best to be a good friend. To be steady. Consistent. Truthful. Honest and open. I’ve tried to place my absolute love for you on the backburner, especially after he moved in with you, and I suddenly didn’t exist.
Then you had the sweet beautiful little girl. And I had a shot of hope run through me, keeping me on that road. I thought, maybe she would realize now that we have this in common, maybe she would talk to me. Let me back in. But you didn’t. If anything you dug down deeper into your dark hole. Shutting out even your sister.
I loved you. But I guess nearly 10 years ago, I didn’t know even what that would entail. You asked me to be yours. And I was all together astonished, scared, and so over the moon happy. But I had to turn you down. No way would my family accept that I was a lesbian…. not after what my own mother did.
But I guess all of that was never enough. All of it, including the check ins, and the run ins at the mall mean nothing to you…
It’s okay.
I love you anyways….
I finally understand why they name storms after people and you, you were a hurricane. But you were also a wildfire for the fact that you lit a fire in my heart and let it burn. I guess you could be called a snowstorm too , all the little things added up like snowflakes on my lawn and soon it was all covered.  Perhaps lastly , you were the moon and I was a wolf crying for the love it would never get to touch.
—  a.r
- stuck between idc and i miss you

I loved MMFD with all my heart. It means so much to me… it means the world to me. I wish I wasn’t crying my eyes out and the runny nose would let me alone to write something really significant but I guess I’ll settle with just this line… it changed my life and only kept my sanity because of it.

It is time to move on, I don’t know when that will be… I’ll quote Kester “There’s no rush”, but I want to thank you all for being here and make this experience even more special.

“I’m sorry”
“I’ll see ya on the flip side”

My best friend. Known her 9 years this month. We grew up together, laughed together, cried together, and everything in between for years. She’s moving 48 miles away. I guess she thinks she has to let go of home. She’s the only person who knows all my secrets, my dreams, my likes and dislikes. We dreamed of a life together, of painting the walls of our apartment, of loving each other no matter what. I have never been so happy with one person in my life.

We can’t say goodbye. We promised we never would. I love her with all of my heart. I’m in disbelief. I don’t know what to do now. I just lost a part of me, and I can’t express how much pain I’m in.

Beeb, you will always be my soulmate.

“I will always love you, and I will never forget about you.”
Our Pinkie Promise.

I believe if you believe.

~ Your Girl, Ginge

Exactly one year ago.. today.. we broke up. For the first time anyways but I guess you could call it the time we officially broke up because after that, nothing was ever the same. Funny thing is I didn’t think I would survive a month without you, let alone a year. I also didn’t think I would ever love again. Infact, I was damn sure of it that I would never love again.

Yet here we are, a year later and I’ve learnt to smile once more. I’ve learnt to love once more. I’ve fallen for the boy with the devilish smile and this time I am not lost in it. It keeps me grounded. For every tear I shed, I feel as if he made me smile twice that amount. For every tear I shed, he made me laugh. I am thankful to God.. for healing me.. and for blessing me with this wonderful being in my life who has helped me forget the sadness you put me through.



12:50 am

~Excerpts from the book I’ll never write #77

If You Love Me, Let Me Go || Part 2 - Luke One Shot

Requested: yes; by a few different people
A/N: Luke’s POV


Finally rounding off the tour yesterday, and finding out that we will not be moving to L.A, the boys and I found ourselves back in Australia for the first time in six months. Stepping off of the plane, we were met with the surprise of having no fans waiting for us. I guess landing at four in the morning will get you peace and quiet at the airport; for once. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love the fans, but the mobs frighten me.

In knowing that we would be arriving in Australia in the early hours of the day, we made sure our parents stayed in bed. We all went our separate ways and headed home. I got in a vacant taxi and gave the driver the address to my flat that I shared with Y/N. I sat back in my seat and pulled out my phone. I sent a quick text to Y/N telling her that I would be home soon before opening the photo application. Pulling up my favourite photo of Y/N that I took for Instagram, I smiled at the thought of seeing her in approximately ten minutes. It’s been a total of two weeks and four days since we’ve last spoken to each other when we spoke about the possibility of me and the boys moving to L.A.

A few minutes later, the driver pulled up at our flat. I paid him, plus some for helping me pull out my luggage, before making my way to the front door of our flat. Unlocking the front door, the place felt stale and dead; it seemed as if there was no sense of life here. I called out Y/N’s name, but there was no reply. I trudged up the stairs and made my way to our shared bedroom only to be met with the sight of an empty made bed. I was confused. Sitting on the end of the bed, on my side, a note with Y/N’s handwriting on my bedside table caught my eyes.

Dear Luke,
I didn’t want to go; believe me, I didn’t. I love you more than you could ever know, but I couldn’t take it anymore. The hate was getting to hard to handle on my own. And, you’re never home. I know we try to keep in contact, but it’s not working anymore. I miss you. It’s not your fault though; you’re living your dreams and I’m so proud of you and the boys for chasing it. I’m happy I got to call you mine, but I guess you were never really just mine to hold. Your world is coming together now at such a rapid pace and there isn’t any room for me in it anymore. Please be happy and keep doing what you’re doing. You’ll forget about me soon anyways.
Forever yours,

Looking around the room once again, I began to notice all of the now empty spaces where Y/N’s things once were. I placed my head in my hands before calling the first name in my contacts; Michael.

“What the hell do you want now Luke? We just spent 23 hours on a plane together.” Michael asked once he picked up. I knew he was just joking around since I could hear the sound of a video game pausing in the background. Just hearing his voice, I let out a sob. “Luke, what’s wrong?”

At the sound of his now worried voice, I couldn’t hold myself together anymore and I began to sob uncontrollably. “Y/N’s gone. Y/N left and I don’t know what to do.”

Oh what would you do if you was me I was you
Would you move on go and find someone new
I know it hurts believe that im hurting to
I guess I cant hide it as well as you
Well look I woke up next to the baddest bitch ive ever seen
But even then all I could think of was you and me
My friends tell me anth homie just let it be
Unless they been through it they don’t know what the fuck I mean
So please girl tell me what do I do
Cause I know that nobodys perfect but im perfect for you
And girl youre perfect for me that’s something you couldn’t see
I tried to show you but what was the point if you wont believe
Now tell me why did you leave did you not love me no more
See I can hide all the pain but what remains is the scars
I was the best I could be I know that I had my flaws but I gave all that I had
Spent more than I could afford
I spent 5 thousand dollars on a ring to call you my mrs
And you still had the nerve to say I gave no commitment
There was no way that I could save ya three years is what I gave ya
And then you leave me and gon find a new man three weeks later
My sister thinks you cheated and honestly I don’t blame her
Cause moving on that quick is way too strange of a behaviour
And I bet daddys happy cause he sees you posting pictures
But dog I bet my life she thinks about me when your with her
He don’t want you like I want you
He don’t need you like I need you
He don’t see you how I see you
He don’t breathe you how I breathe you
When you know it tell me what the fuck you see in him
We both know that you still love me so you shouldn’t be with him
You should be with me right here in my home right here all alone making love until the morn You love how I turn you on
and one thing that I love and hate the most is people always change but the memories don’t and lately I cant even eat
Lately I been feeling ill when you cannot sleep at night that’s when you know shit is real
You don’t even need a gun you don’t even need a pill
If you ever wanna die fall in love and youll get killed🎶🎶

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Little Bird- Ed Sheeran (Boys POV)


“And tell me, if I lie down, would you stay now, and let me hold you?” “Babe, you home.” I called out, not getting a reply. I had come over early in hopes of having her make me breakfast since the boys haven’t gone shopping in awhile. I walked around her apartment, looking for signs of life. Finally reaching her bedroom, I open the door slowly, trying not to make a sound. Inside her room, I could see the outline of her body laying underneath the thick blankets, concentrated on her phone steadily. My guess was that she’s reading. “Love.” I said softly, and she looked up. “Oh, hey Luke, when did you get here?” She put her phone down and made a move to get up out of bed. “Hey, don’t get out of bed, I just got here. But I can leave if you weren’t planning on getting up yet.” She smiled up at me, and pulled to covers back over her. “I ended up staying out a lot later last night than I thought, ’s why I’m not up yet, sorry.” I shook my head, and let out a chuckle. I knew that if she went out clubbing she wouldn’t be home before midnight like she planned, but she wouldn’t listen when I told her. “Babe, I know I said I’d leave, but maybe, would you mind if I stay for awhile? The boys and I haven’t gone shopping in awhile so we have no food at the house, so maybe I can stay for a little and, yeah know, maybe like, hold you while you rest, and then I could make you breakfast, if you don’t mind. Unless you want me to leave and then I’ll go but-” I awkwardly rambled before she cut me off. “Luke, get over here you big idiot.” She stated, before lifting the covers for me to climb in to.


“But if I kiss you, will your mouth read this truth?” “No, Michael, you don’t get to just come in here, while I’m still in a very happy relationship with my boyfriend of three years, and tell me that you’re in love with me. You don’t get to just expect me to just drop him for you just cause you ‘love me’, Michael, that isn’t something you can expect of me. I just, no.” By the end of yelling at me from across the room, her small frame shook with heavy breathes, angered at my earlier statement. I had told her I was in love with her, which I was. Only problem here was her bastard of a boyfriend, who it know for a fact, treated her like shit. They were most definitely not in love, I could see it, hell, anyone could. “You don’t love him, I can see it in your eyes. You love pizza, you love dogs, you love rain, hell, you love those damn black heels you have hidden in your closet because he hates them, but what you do not love, is him. Anyone can tell you two have no chemistry.” I yelled right back, my arms flailing around trying to make a point. We had been going at it like this for well over an hour. “Michael! You can’t just say that to someone.” She seemed shocked at what I had said. Didn’t surprise me though, she always thought she was a good actor, even though she wasn’t. “Well, if your not going to listen to me, I’ll just have to prove it to you.” I told her sternly, before walking straight at her. “What are you doi-” She never got to finish what she was saying, because I pushed my mouth on her, hard, proving her wrong with just one kiss.


“Darling, how I miss you. Strawberries taste how lips do.” “So how have you classes been going? Is that one Enlgish teach still being an ass?” I questioned, trying to ease the obvious awkwardness that was happening right now. I knew she probably wasn’t the happy with me, I had been so busy recording all week that I hadn’t been able to call her at all. Nine days I went without talking to her, it was god awful. I hated being away from her from so long, but I would be seeing her soon, hopefully. “Yeah, he is, and they’ve been okay I guess, as good as college classes can get. Lots of studying, just the norm.” That sorta struck a chord. Somewhere deep inside. She was living a normal life, going to college, she’d moved out from her parents place, and I know she had been going to parties, the norm. Things I had thought I’d be doing, but here I was, in a strained relationship thousand miles away from home, where I really wanted to be. “You know I love you right, and I really do truly miss you. Yesterday, I was eating a bowl of strawberries, and all I could think about was how they tasted just like your favorite lip gloss you always wear. And I know I always complain about how sticky it is but I really do love it and it just tastes like you and I just, I miss you, and I’m sorry I haven’t called but can you please stop being mad at me, I hate it when I’m homeland it’s even worse when I’m away because I can’t make it up to you like I would if I was there, and it’s not helping how much I miss you.”


“Come inside, for a little home made tea. If you fall asleep, then at least you’re next to me.” “So, I haven’t seen you in a while.” She shuffled back and forth, like she was feeling nervous or something. But when she showed up at my door, three months after we broke up, I guess she had a right to feel that way. “Yeah, um, it’s been a while, but can I ask what you’re doing on my porch?” I questioned, trying hard not to sound rude. “I um, I think I left that one white scarf my mom gave me here, I just wondered if you’d found it or…” she trailed off. A scarf seemed like a pretty silly reason for her to come all the way across town, but I didn’t question it, truth be told I really missed her. “I haven’t seen it, but your welcome to come in, I can put some tea on and we can look around for it, okay?” She nodded and smiled, walked through the door when I stepped back for her. I told her to go start looking, while I put a kettle on. After filling it with water, and putting it on the stove, I jogged the steps and jointed her in my room, the one we once shared. “Any luck?” I asked, scaring her with my sudden appearance, and she jumped. “No. It doesn’t seem to be here.” “Well we can keep looking, it has to be here somewhere.” I assured her. We kept looking until I heard the kettle start to whistle. We both went down then, and sat at the small table in the kitchen sipping tea, a silence hanging in the air. “Well, it’s getting sort of late, maybe I should head home, and I could come back tomorrow and have another look around for it.” She broke the silence. I looked at her, she looked really worn out, dark circles rested under her eyes, something I hadn’t noticed until just then. “It would be silly for you to drive all the way home just to come back tomorrow, you can stay here if you’d like. You can take my bed and I’ll crash on the couch.” “Cal, we’ve shared a bed before, if I’m staying over, we can both sleep in you bed, I’d hate to make you sleep on the couch, that thing is terribly uncomfortable.” We both laughed, and suddenly, it wasn’t so awkward between us. And when we both settle in bed for the night, it almost seemed as if things were back to the way they were before we had broken up.

Dear EA/Maxis,

I hear your sells/ratings are low for the Sims 4, I can help you with that. I believe if you guys at the headquarters would just listen to the people who ACTUALLY play the game your ratings/sells would be a lot higher.

With that being said…. let me tell you 3 things I feel can improve the selling of this game, and the rating by atleast 40%… (just a guess)

A lot of simmers actually play the sims for the pure sake of having toddlers. Since you all thought it was a great idea to take them away, you also took away some of the toddler loving simmers. (Plus I think in general this is a dumb dumb move ea…. how can I expect my sim-children to live at their pull potential when they’ve skipped a huge chunk of their lives!)

2: Open world… or atleast better lot size options.
Ea you really disappointed me with this one. How can you guys POSSIBLY downsize the map, and places to see. I understand… well actually I don’t. I feel you guys back tracked so so much with this.. AND to top it off why the HELLLLLLL does my game go to the loading screen when I simply take my sim right next door to her neighbors home? (I feel that was a huge huge back track..)

3: Unique Expansions, and Stuff packs.
You all… and yes I mean every single last one of you who think is a good idea hustling us for our hard earned money just to keep recreating game packs from previous games. Be unique, use those billion dollar minds and WOW us. For instance a lot of simmers were in awe when Dine Out was released, because lets be honest… who doesn’t want to own there own restaurants. I’m not saying I don’t like the Recreation of certain EP’s/Sp’s but why not just make them all stuff packs instead, and make the actual unique games (like dine out, & get to work) EP’s….

These are just my ideas alone… (a few of them atleast). There’s plenty of simmers who might agree, or even disagree and want to add a few of their own ideas (which I’m fine with!)

ea, my advice is to LISTEN to us. Listen to the players of this game and I PROMISE PROMISE PROMISE y'all will stop getting suck ass ratings, and more buyers! Just look at how successful sims 2, and sims 3 was…