the hand I hold...

AN: I started writing this a few days ago when I saw this gifset on my dash and put it in my queue. I wasn’t expecting to be inspired to write domestic smuff from hand holding, but here you go. ;)

A slight chill creeps along her skin as the t-shirt she grabbed to wear to bed sticks to her spine from her still wet braid. With a quick flick of her fingers the fireplace in the corner flares to life, casting a warm glow across the deep red quilt and the two matching pillows. Her lips curve into an admittedly sappy smile as she hears the sound of the shower curtain being drawn back in the adjoining bathroom and the unknown melody Killian is humming to himself.

Moving closer to the fire, she lets the heat lick up her bare legs, drying the last water droplets her own shower left behind on her smooth skin. Killian, reluctantly, had given her privacy to have a female moment, not intruding on her shower so she could shave her legs and condition her hair without his wandering hands of distraction. Of course, he’d managed to pull her back in with him when his turn came around, not wasting a moment to drop to his knees and slide his tongue along her now baby smooth inner thigh. She’d tried, halfheartedly, to warn him of the not limitless hot water, but soon succumbed to his determination to leave her breathless.

“Ah, a fire, I’m chilled to the bone.”

Throwing a chuckle over her shoulder, she holds out her hand in invitation as Killian emerges from the bathroom with just his towel wrapped low on his hips.

“I warned you about the water.”

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So, now that there are 22 heroes in Overwatch, I thought I’d take this opportunity to start a project that may or may not involve a certain 22 cards. I’ll be going in order here, so if you know your Major Arcana, you’ll have a hint as to what’s coming next. I’ll make a page for these once I get a bit further along.


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