SLFL Tour: Ashton telling fans in the upper seats to fill up the back part of the General Admission floor in Spokane, Washington. — August 30, 2016 // [x]

DISCLAIMER: As to what we can see in the video, the number of attendees was small and no one got hurt as to what we have read online. Ashton could probably get in trouble, but he did it for the fans to have a good time.


sorry I was out all day today (for once in my entire goddamn life) so no doodles but one of my pals is doing an animation and is sort of rotoscoping/hybrid photo manip-ing it and asked me to do three frames for her bc and I quote “you got cartoon eyes you do the big eye part”

anyway I sent her a bonus one

what she says: im fine

what she means: exactly 19 years ago jeon jeongguk aka the talented maknae of bangtan who is not only such a cutie but also a very skilled dancer and singer and is skilled at so many other things as well and not only is he a skilled person but also a little dork who likes to teaser the older members which by the way is the cutest thing ever and not only is he a dork but he is also such a shy and awkward person who never fails at making my heart flutter with how adorable he can be and not only is he that but he is also a person with a bright future and someone i really look up to and someone i hope will never stop shining because if you ask me in my eyes he will always be the brightest star - god i love jeon jeongguk so much can you believe that


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She deserved better. And I would’ve done anything to give it to her.

Know that it is you - and only you.
It has always been you.
And it will continue to be you until the sun burns out and the stars fall from the sky and we’re all nothing but dust and memories.
You are my soulmate, my other half, as you were in the hundred lifetimes before this one and you will be in the hundred lifetimes to come.
You are my infinite… My universe…. The missing piece my soul aches for. You will never be lost to me… I will always find you and always love you, of that I am sure….
Because you are the one for me… You define my existence; you are my reason for being….
I begin and end with you.

Whatever you do don’t picture Regina looking out the window and spotting Emma and Killian kissing and looking genuinely happy. Don’t think about how Regina feels kind of… Empty? Sad? Angry and confused at the same time. Don’t try to imagine Regina thinking about all the times she and Emma accomplished the impossible together by using magic, transcending realms, defeating enemies, raising a child together and constantly making sure the other is safe. Don’t picture Regina getting teary eyed while thinking about the time Emma sacrificed herself for her - which only deepens her frown because she doesn’t understand. Doesn’t understand why she… Feels things… When she looks at Emma. Really, don’t think about Regina’s lips parting when she finally understands - when she finally realizes why she’s not in Hook’s place. And definitely don’t think about Rumple coming up behind her, a dangerous smirk tugging at his lips while he says “I told you, dearie. Magic always comes with a price.”

happy birthday to the precious bun jungkookie!!! <3 :”) i hope our favourite maknae has a super duper wonderful day and feels loved by the other boys, and the bighit staff, and the fans, and his friends, and his family!! he deserves all the love and support!