I've gotten So. Much. Love. Today

For fanfiction writers appreciation day, ill admit im a bit overwhelmed. I feel the love. I really do.

I wonder if you feel it back from me? Every time you send me a sweet ask or mention me in a post telling me how much you appreciate my stories because they made you feel this way, or inspired you to do this thing i am just struck dumb with this feeling of gratitude and im so humbled that you would be moved enough so say such a thing to me in the first place.

I hope i can live up to it all. I also hope i can continue to do this for years to come. I hope the inspiration doesn’t fade, and i hope the feelings continue to hit hard and fast just like they do now.

I love you all. Thank you. I really mean it.

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Remus I love you. Sirius loves you. James loves you. Peter loves you. We all love you. You are gonna be okay today. Its gonna be okay my love. It is a full moon but you are going to be okay my love.

Remus: I’m feeling very loved right now!  

Remus: Oh well, it’s not like I’m not used to full moons.  At least I have my bunch of idiots - I mean friends - to keep me company.

Fanfiction Writer Appreciation Day

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I have been feeling the love today!  Thank you so much to @thing-you-do-with-that-thing @jayankles @deanwinchester-smut @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid @imaginesforthose-wholovefandoms @myloveforyouxx @docharleythegeekqueen for including me in your lists!!

Here is a list of my favorite authors.  I’m not including specific fics because their entire works are fantastic and I encourage you to check out their masterlists.


















There are more and I did this from memory, so I apologize if I missed anyone.  I’d love to hear your favorites!

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Hi just want to say ty for praising all this love for Jikook, I'am also a big huge fanboy of this pairing cuz it's clearly more than bromance and I found it very cute like how can two boys just be so cute together, just seeing them enjoying every single time they are by their sides makes me feel like we need this kind of relationship to be spread. Anyway, ty again for doing those stuff and I am proud to be a fanboy who is a huge fan of JM of course hehe. How to not fall in love w/ this mochi. <3

this is so cute, wow. thank you for liking my jikook trashyness hahaha :) i’m happy that fanboys aren’t afraid to enjoy bts content and ships, since a lot of fanboys (*cough* youtube reactors *cough*) usually avoid ships. and i agree to the highest degree, jikook are very cute together, and they seem to be very happy together. also, omg, i feel like everyone is in love with jimin haha

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Don't worry my love... One day someone is going to see you for ALL that you are - a beautiful, kind, loving, brave soul who's been through hell and kept going - and run TO you. Your life will be full of happiness and love in time, just hold on. <3

i’ve had this message in my inbox for 3(+?) years and i am so glad i held on. happiness has come to be a constant theme in my life, even with struggles and bad days. but that is life, and i love my life. and i finally feel loved for all that i am. so thank you, anon. you were right. 

Ok so idk if this actually means anything but y'all I just dug through famous in loves insta and freeform only liked like a good chunk of their pics and most of them were recently from the teen choice awards also it took them months to like one of their pics whereas for TBT FF out here liking up a storm. Now idk if I’m being too optimistic or really paranoid bout a possible S2 but I feel like freeform loves tbt more than FIL just from the amount of likes on insta… @hedabecca @signurture @nikohlboo @kadenatho @im-nora-ephron-bitch tell me I’m not being paranoid yall because all these likes and hardcore promo from ff is slightly getting my hopes up and idk how to feel

I’m just watching S6E19 (I seriously put my rewatch on hold that long because I couldn’t cope with the feels) and I love it how Cas gets a reaction shot with a choked “DEAN” when the Mother bites Dean. Sam gets it first, but without saying something. Bobby is just… there, next to Cas, saying nothing. 

But that doesn’t mean anything

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Your writing never fails to bring a smile to my face. I love when I get to read something new from you, but I also love going back and rereading some of my favorites. Thank you so much, and happy fanfic writer appreciation day.

Thank Youuuuuu !!!! omg today is so beautiful i can feel the love. Thank you for these kind words thank you for reading 

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Oh man, I feel like Yurio loves Halloween and goes all out, meanwhile Otabek just kind of pushes it to the side and doesn't care and celebrates his birthday instead, but Yuri is just like "no sweaty, we're watching cheesy horror movies all night, that's my birthday present to you :)))"

Ok but otabek finally relents and is here for it, putting on the fake hesitant face so yuri doesn’t know he’s changed him

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I just got finished rewatching all of the older Spider-Man's I have so many opinions and feelings omg. I love them but there are different things I love about them. Ah I'm obsessed. I feel like the plot in the first 3 with Tobey were better then the ones with Andrew. Andrew is a great actor but I feel like those movies were lacking something? He was funny tho. then I love homecoming bc I feel like tom acted like a 15 year old would. Does that make sense? I could go on and on about this omg sorry

it makes sense!!! i know what you mean i’m halfway through the first one and i’m laughing but also. i’m hurting. and i kinda agree with you about the amazing spider-man???? like i remember watching the first one when it came out and it was my first marvel movie (though it’s not in the mcu) and it was good and cute but i just tried to watch the second one a few weeks ago and i made it through the first like. ten minutes. idk i mean i haven’t watched like truly watched any of the originals in years so i’m probably biased but i still love tom’s portrayal of peter the most and thank the lord they didn’t do an origin story with homecoming bc i cannot stand watching uncle ben die