I’ve been in a Kuroken mood so here are some headcanons

  • They platonically cuddle such as Kenma leaning on Kuroo on bus rides and Kuroo will lay his head on Kenma’s if it’s on his shoulder
  • Kuroo gives his jacket to Kenma when he forgets his
  • They each have some clothes at the others house for when they stay over
  • Kenma probably one time dyed Kuroo’s hair to give it a metallic look
  • If Kuroo is having a bad day or something, Kenma won’t have any type of device in hand and listens to him
  • They’ve had a snap streak for as long as they’ve had each other on Snapchat
  • Kenma takes really blurry or zoomed in photos of Kuroo and sends them to him and sometimes Hinata
  • Kenma also sends Kuroo the level clear screen when he clears a hard level
  • Kuroo sends everything from cats to a fallen over garbage can with the caption saying “me”
  • Whenever they’re out somewhere and Kenma sees something that could have crazy hair like a pineapple, Kenma points it out and is like, “Look that’s you” and Kuroo is like, “That’s totally me”
  • Kuroo always does the talking like if they’re ordering food or need help finding something in a store
  • Kenma removes the two pillows on the sides of Kuroo’s head a few times during the night because he doesn’t want Kuroo to suffocate
  • Kenma likes going over to Kuroo’s house because it’s always quiet because I feel like Kuroo’s parents are really busy so they’re either working on something at home or stay late at work or that they’re home when Kuroo isn’t and that Kuroo is an only child so his house is always so calm
  • Kenma’s parents view Kuroo as another son and vice versa
  • Kuroo probably calls Kenma’s mom “mom”
  • They’ve given names to all the neighborhood strays

EDIT: Okay everyone is loving this so here are some more that I thought of

  • Kuroo is the only person who has heard Kenma actually laugh
  • When they were younger and would hear someone say an inappropriate joke or something and Kenma wouldn’t understand it, Kuroo would pull the, “You’ll understand when you’re older” and Kenma was always like, “You’re literally 11 months older than me”
  • They probably binge watch anime together
  • So Kenma takes all these blurry and zoomed in photos of Kuroo and he has over a hundred of them and they have their own album on his phone and he uses them as reaction pictures
  • They went to a cat cafe once and named the cats after their teammates
  • They probably have a Sims family and only play with that family when they’re together so if one of them is having an urge to play The Sims and want to play with that family they tell the other to come over so they can play
  • Kuroo one time spent the night at Kenma’s house and he was going to charge his phone but he couldn’t find an open outlet in Kenma’s room because they were all being used
  •  Kenma sent a text to Kuroo at like 2 am with a picture of an Angora rabbit and all the caption said was “you” Kuroo agreed as always

I finally collapsed today and needed some rest asap so I slept for nearly 80% of the day. I probably still need some rest anyway but here’s a sketchdump because I feel bad being contentless. Some of them are for upcoming pieces so if you wanna know what it’s for, click for the captions. I’ll be working on part four soon but thank you all for the support these last few days ✨


sometimes things will hit you unexpectedly and you didn’t realize that you still felt something. I travel because I’m looking for a home, for a sense of belonging and I’m just trying to feel any emotion again, anything, God, please. and even though I’m probably going to delete this caption in a few minutes because i don’t like people knowing the mess that is my mind, I just needed it to be said


There was an attempt!

Uh…read it from right to left because they were drawn on the back of my sketchbook, besides I like that format. There’s a few caption if you reading in desktop mode.

Naoto tried and will bring him some flowers next time.

Yes, those stroked dialogues are necessary.


Do pigeons have feelings?

Look at…

It’s such rainy miserable day over here so I’m cleaning and listening to the front bottoms because they have so many older albums I didn’t know about until a few days ago 👌 also wondering why I have so much stuff and feeling like I need to declutter in a major way aka throw everything and anything away ps I’ve had so much caffeine today sorry for the long caption ✌️


i’d like to finish this sometime soon but for now hey check out these (mostly) not-white avengers (races in captions for anyone curious, ha)

some races were chosen deliberately while others were kinda spur of the moment because imo you should not need a reason to make a character anything other than white!

i have Feels over a few of these headcanons (bruce’s and tony’s especially, being japanese-american myself, i was part of the asian-american audience that watched the hulk movie and got Feels about supressed anger) so you’ll probably see me draw these characters like this more often