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Hi! I'm trying so desperately to find this fic please help. So it's wolfstar and it's the one where Remus can drive and his dad gets mad at him for coming out and Remus and Sirius get each other dog collars as Christmas presents when they all go over to James house and then they all drive and Remus blasts Queen and Petunia is there and the marauders make peter flirt with her. Thanks ❤️

One of my all-time favorite fics!

  • Accidentally in Love by LupinsLittleSister– 171k, M, multiple eras (mostly MWPP era). “Sirius and Remus both had their own reasons for never falling in love. But since when does love listen to reason?

Enjoy! <3

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Do you have any Shiro and Matt headcanons?

Like romantic? Or Platonic? Or just in general because I sure do!

  • Shiro and Matt a.k.a ULTIMATE DUDE BROS
    • like you know those bromo dragon comics? That’s them
      • M: bro, guess what
      • S: what bro
      • M: *makes a heart with his hands*
      • S: bro 
  • If Shiro is your casual bisexual, Matt is the oblivious gay
    • I actually like to think of him as bi as well, but it took him fucking forever to figure out he liked dudes
      • M: Like, no homo Shiro, but you’re the hottest guy I’ve ever met.
      • S: Dude, that’s hella gay.
      • M: I said nO HOMO!
    • He eventually figured it out though, and no homo became full homo
      • M: full homo your pecs are gorgeous
      • S: (。♥‿♥。)
  • They watch cartoons stoned (they’re in university and adults please chill)
    • If you think Matt hasn’t seen all of Adventure Time you are sadly mistaken
    • His ringtone is just Lumpy Space Princess saying “Hey Gurl” over and over
    • Shiro hates it (he loves it)
  • Shiro has a playstation but doesn’t get to use it much (school bruh), but he and Matt will spend an evening or so playing 2 player Lego games when they have the time
    • they haven’t actually ever finished a game because one always ends up killing the other (by mistake or on accident) and it gets them nowhere
      • M: You bitch you did that on purpose!!
      • S: What? No I just don’t know how to use Gandalf! 
      • M: Did I? oops.
      • S:  (¬▂¬)
    • They also play Mario Kart
      • Shiro is boss at the game, but he always loses to Matt on Rainbow Road
      • Which doesn’t make sense since it’s the hardest?!?!
        • M: To beat the rainbow, one must become the rainbow
  • Matt accidentally left a half eaten granola bar in his pod before taking off on the Kerberos mission
    • He woke from (cryosleep?) and saw it at the bottom of his pod
    • And then he ate the rest
      • Shiro gagged for a solid three minutes 
  • Anyways I love these two (even though I have no idea what Matt is actually like) and can’t wait for season 3
  • The only thing I can’t stand is their ship name.
    • Shatt guys?! Really?!

That’s it that’s all :)

Jessica Chastain photographed by Max Abadian for Elle Canada

It’s not a bad thing to want to make your mark on the world, but I don’t think it’s all that important to have your name withstand the test of time. It’s more about what I’m doing right now and what I’m doing to contribute to making the world a better place, as cheesy as that sounds.

Commission Request for the lovely @undercover-witch

Thank you so much for being super patient with me while I worked on this for you! I’m happy you liked the final product, despite me dying from Galdios tattoo’s ahahaha! It was a nice challenge, but I’ll probably cry every-time I have to do them now lol 

As always, full versions of everything related to commission is for clients only!

Better late than never

Although y’all might have lost all hope, I am here to inform you that I just (yeah, like 5 mins ago) created the Hannibal Appropriation Blog I spoke of with some of you!
I’m so sorry I’m doing this only now but I’ve had some problems and, well, apparently time flies when you’re not doing what you should.

I haven’t posted anything there yet but I’ll start looking at old tags like hannibal appropriation/appreciation, fannibals post appropriation, fannibal appropriation etc. soon, so feel free to link or tag me or @hannibal-appropriation in everything suitable you can think of and OFC tag everyone you think would like to know about this blog, cause I basically know like 3 people here and I’ve got a terrible memory. 

Also, do you think I should enable the submit button? I’ll think about it, too.

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sailing ships

It pisses me off to go to bed with my FitBit saying I’m over my calorie limit – we treated ourselves to Nando’s peri-peri and cupcakes from a new bakery for dinner – but it’s midnight and I have to be up at 5:45. There’s nothing I can do about it now but bemoan the menstrual monster who lurks in my gullet …

but not too much.

My dinner was awesome and there were no pots to clean, so most of that bemoaning is happening in an inaudible whisper while I lick chocolate frosting from my fingers.



Can you tell who my favs are?? LOL. 

Also…….I totally thought these were going to be normal keychain size…and boy was I wrong. Those suckers are as big as my palm lmao I don’t know what I’m going to do now hahaha maybe switch them off daily on my keys idk. They’re beautiful anyway. 

(tries to stop myself from ordering more) 

Tagging @fooljshgirl as promised!!! ^^ 

the linearity of time still doesn't stop me from trying to dig a tunnel to yesterday

I was sick
out of my mind
head over heels
I thought life was pulling
for us
I never wanted kids
until that three positive
day on the edge of the bathtub

I should’ve restarted treatment
after diagnosis, after school
kicked me out
I should’ve swallowed my
fucking pride along with
the prescriptions that
embarrassed me
I should’ve shown it
more than I did
like I’m doing now
like I always meant

I know we planned on
moving to Austin
when you left
years ago
I should’ve followed
I was just evicted this month
at the time that was
my biggest fear
ironic isn’t It?
I never thought that
what was coming would
snap my dreams like
twigs on a forest path
I’ve grown tired of tiptoeing
at the sight of leaves

what kind of man expects
a mother and a child to
move two states away
over seven hundred
fucking miles from
friends, family, everyone
she’s ever known?

grad school was a fucking waste
my advertising job a fucking waste
every day since his first birthday

we could’ve made it you know
I fucking wanted it
I should’ve just said fuck it
at least whatever happened after
would’ve saved any semblance
of decency I don’t have in me now

would’ve, could’ve should’ve
should be better left buried
days like today I realize
the game could’ve been winnable
or should’ve been winnable
there are no half full glasses
in this house
just whatever demons lurk
in my head when no one talks
dirty hand backyard holes when
I can’t stand the chatter

I bought the CRZ to visit cheaply
I bought the Mazda 3 when you
got mad at me
I bought the Miata when you
finally gave up
really left me

I spent all his savings on a car
I no longer drive
the Miata I drive is too
expensive, it’s part of the reason
I got evicted but that’s the joy
of manic-depression at its height

not even superman can match
your altitude until you
eventually plummet to the
I never get high enough to
punch through
I only fall far enough to taste
the blood of yesterday
while slamming into a reality
I forgot existed

I don’t know if you think about me
if so I hope it’s not in the ways
I think about you
it would kill me to know
that you taste the same regrets
that you bleed tears when you
breathe my name
that we look at the same stars
wishing for a smile we only
wore before we found out
the person I really am

you still are
I wrote that you weren’t
but if there’s one thing
I’ve learned about demons

some you just can’t write out

Happiness Pursuit

Naturally suspicious
Deliberately malnutritious
Cigarette smoking, intentions malicious
Man, sometimes I wish that I still lived like this.

Dope arm shooting
Corner store looting
Dirty piss diluting
With that drug test passing fluid,
My one goal in life and I pursued it
Man, if I could live like that forever I swear that I would do it.

Now I’m,
Responsible life living
A tax paying citizen
Early rising, deliberate
Impulses, not giving in
A boring, no mood swing having denizen
Peace of mind on my mind, one day I’m gonna’ get it.


Mah arm is damaged!

I overwok so much! I did’t put so much atention to my tendinitis, carpal tunnel and elbow pain… now my neck, sternocleidomastoid, deltoid and bicep are engaged in damage! xD… Fook!

What should I do now? :x

Twelve days of Twelve, Day Twelve: Peter Capaldi Appreciation Day

Oh, where do I begin? 

There really are no words to describe how much I appreciate Peter, both as the Doctor and as himself.

If it wasn’t for his Doctor, I honestly wouldn’t love the show as much as I do now. I did love it before series eight rolled around, but when series eight premiered, something happened. I suddenly found myself feeling truly immersed in the show, taking every expression of the new Doctor into account, seeing something much deeper than before. A connection that wasn’t there before suddenly appeared. His Doctor sparked something in me that wasn’t there before. I suddenly found myself wanting to write metas, fanfictions, and eventually, the show. If it wasn’t for Peter’s performance and input into the role, I wouldn’t be where I am now. 

As for Peter himself? Once again, I’m at a complete loss for words. Not only is he exceptionally kind, but he is so passionate about the show, it shows that he truly never stopped being one of us. From my experience and his own words, he easily understands us and relates to us on a level not many other actors usually do. He is honestly an exceptional actor and human being. He may not know it, but he impacted my life so much, and for the better. He’s someone that made me not only believe that dreams really can come true, but that all it can take is a simple act of kindness, and just being kind, to make this dark world a bit more of a brighter place. 

Thank you for not only being my Doctor, but just by being you.

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I have a prompt that's been stuck in my head for weeks. It's langst (kind of) and it's something I've seen my friends do. What if when Lance gets really sad and homesick instead of doing something that would get him hurt or in trouble he just goes somewhere quiet and draws on himself. And one of the others find out. You can pick what happens. Its more in depth in my mind and I can't seem to find anyone else to write this out or bullet point it. Could you do a fic for this? If not that's okay.

I’m doing this now, because this is one of the only prompts that I hadn’t at least started before my word shit expired. Sorry if I sound salty - I am. I’m writing this now, but I don’t know when I’ll finish it. <3

I’m debating where to go from here

I’m thinking about where I want to take my fic writing next, I have a couple options but I think I should change something

I can:

-try and sustain what I’m doing now, which is updating my 3 main stories (MTHE, Cat’s Cradle, Words Words Words, and maybe Wait Time)

-I can choose one of the those and focus on that exclusively for awhile, I wrote 12KS while not writing any other multi-chapter fic and that made it one of my stronger pieces

-I can start NEW pieces such as this lapidot road trip AU I’ve been sitting on for a year now and my Tododeku witches curse cat AU (Midoriya adopts Todoroki, who is cursed into being a cat lol), and then just focus on those

-I can do the OPPOSITE of that and revive some of my dead fic such as Bubblegum Punch or Sweets or something and try to just update everything I already have now as much as possible

-I could collab with some other author and build some story with them (I’ve never done that, but it might be interesting)

-write a 12KS sequel of Peridot and Lapis raising their kids (tho I know nothing about kids or if there is more to the story)