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I gave you parts of me that I never even gave myself.
—  r.s.

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Jotaro + "Go the Distance" (from Hercules)

not entirely sure what prompted this b/c i’m a scatterbrain but here u go Nonny :3c


I honestly feel like shit right now so if you would be so kind as to buy me something off my wishlist that would mean the world. I will doodle something for you and sing you a song and send you pics of my cat and tell you how beautiful and important you are. Actually, I'ma say this to all my followers. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL AND IMPORTANT AND LIFE IS SO INCREDIBLY HARD BUT YOU YES YOU LIL LOVELY PERSON YOU CAN DO IT I BELIVE IN YOU AND LOVE YOU. DONT GIVE UP IM HERE FOR YOU. ok gnight babes

everything goes away by rabbitjpeg on 8tracks 

“pricefield hurts so much

((dark room spoilers))

art by drum-nem

also this mix isnt one of my best ones so i might delete it later”

// boundary - avalanche city // saltwater queen - the battle of land and sea // my ashes - porcupine tree // faded from winter - iron and wine // i was all over her - salvia plath // lua - bright eyes // flightless bird, american mouth - iron and wine // always gold - radical face //

anyways, im changing my url to match my new identity, because i had an identity crisis again and had to figure out who i am.

and im gonna say right now if u bring this up in a negative way w/ me (i.e. make fun of me for changing it again, say how annoying it is for you, tell me to “stop”, or anything along those lines) u can honestly just stop talking to me altogether bc if u cant deal w/ the fact i have identity issues then u can honestly fuck off bc im not choosing this and it sucks and i dont need u constantly reminding me of it, and i definitely dont need anyone tell me that my mental issues are hard on them in any way (:

anyway so i am not actually attracted to men at all in any way



Remember awhile ago you had that Naughty Boy Au:

Well, happy birthday.

This will never be finish and this isn’t edited at all.




Those were the words that lead Louis here in this moment; crying looking at these photographs of him and Shahid. Louis couldn’t believe it had only been a couple of months but those months had been a whirlwind of love and adventure. It all started at the BRITs where he had met Shahid and fell madly deeply in love.

—- Months earlier:

“Do I have to wear this? It’s so stiff.” The doncaster lad complained to their stylist Caroline

Caroline didn’t even bother answering Louis; she was use to these complaints from all members of One Direction. They weren’t difficult to work with most of the time. The only times that were hard were these big events.  They loved their fans and everything they have done for them it just these events always made them feel like outsiders. They didn’t feel like proper celebrities.

“I know what you mean; we look like wankers.” Zayn joined in the complaining 

Louis looked over at Zayn with a fond smile. Zayn was always there to back him up. Zayn and he were best mates.

When One Direction got put together Zayn filled a hole in his life that he didn’t even know was there.

—- 2 hours later

Louis couldn’t believe they had won everything they were nominated for at the BRITs. They truly had the best fans Louis thought as he taking a huge dump in the bathroom. He knew he shouldn’t have eaten the fish they were serving but he was nervous so he had drank to many drinks and was hoping the food would help sober him up.

Next thing he knew somebody had open up the door to his stall.

“Oops.” The stranger looked so embarrassed he backed away fast and was almost out of the bathroom before Louis remembered how to speak.

“Could you please shut my stall?” Louis voice was very soft and shaky

The stranger came back locked eyes with Louis and said


And he shut the stall and ran out.

Louis smacked his head. He just let the most beautiful man he had ever seen out of the room before even getting his name. He was such an idiot.

—-30 minutes later

One Direction was at the after the BRITs press junket.

Louis was looking away from the cameras when he spotted the handsome man he kind of met in the bathroom across the room. Louis leaned over to whisper in Harry’s ear,

“Who is that?” Louis nodded toward the sexy man

“Oh, that is Shahid but he goes mostly by his stage name Naughty Boy. “ Harry looked at him curiously

“Why?” Harry asked confused

“Oh, nothing.” Louis quickly looked away hoping Harry wouldn’t bug him later wanting to know the reason why he asked for Naughty Boy’s name.

—10 mintues later

Louis slowly walked over to Naughty Boy. He had never felt this way. His hands were sweaty and his mouth was dry as a desert.  He felt a draw towards him and didn’t know why but he knew that meeting Naughty was going to change his life dramatically.

–a month later

In that month Naughty Boy and Louis had fallen deeply in love.  Louis and Naughty did everything together from movie dates to just holding hands.  Luckily, Naughty’s schedule was very flexible due to his job so he was able to tour with Louis the last month. The rest of One Direction were so happy for Louis and they felt Louis and Naughty were the prefect couple. Well, everybody but Zayn. Zayn didn’t want to call himself jealous but he was jealous.  Zayn and Louis use to do everything together when they were touring and now Louis barely had time to play one game of fifi with him. Zayn got lonely on the road and his love Perrie was busy with her own band, Little Mix so Louis was a great distracter. Louis would even hold his hand when he was feeling extra homesick however, that stop happening once Naughty Boy came into the picture. Louis had pull him aside one night and told him they couldn’t do that anymore. He said it Naughty was the only boy he wanted to hold hands with anymore.

–Three months later 

Oh my god.
some of your guys’ themes.

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elaborate on the full extent of enkidu's abilities such as shapeshifting, earth tentacles (haha wtf fate), etc.

TEMPEST. Before we get into this, let me just say this is without the conditions and limitations that the grail war has on their servants, because they’re all weaker than what seems to be the actual case in their respective timelines.


Enkidu’s shapeshifting ability is one of her more prominent abilities ( and even then it’s not the most powerful ability she has ), but the thing is she copies the form she desires with perfection, inheriting all the abilities, strengths, and weaknesses of the form that she’s taken on. She’s still perfectly capable of still making adjustments to her form and strengthening herself even further ( for example, changing the firmness of her skin, making her blood poisonous, shifting her legs into a completely different creature with its own abilities, changing her size, shaping her arms into weapons, making her genes resistant to some disease or poison, buffing herself up with different elements, etcetera ), and even then, she still has A ranked stats ( strength, endurance, magic, agility, luck ) that can be easily allocated to different stats as desired. To be blunt, she can transform into a multitude of different things and inherit their abilities. Their form is hers to shape as desired, but divine abilities are harder to copy – she can copy a god’s form ( even the holy grail if she wishes ) to imperfection — she won’t be able to completely form their abilities.

She can shapeshift within milliseconds, and tends to shift multiple times as well throughout a battle as it takes no exchange value for her to shapeshift since it’s an innate part of her being, meaning that shifting is as normal as breathing for her. And it’s definitely not a magical girl transformation in which there’s sparkles as she shifts into another creature – her cells transmutate and her body contorts to shift, more comparable to a werewolf than anything: bones crack and pop as she bleeds everywhere and changes the base atoms of her making into another element, skin stretches or flattens, and it’s all a gruesome gorefest as she changes her form.

Not only that, but to be able to change into these things without any effort whatsoever does come with the claim of knowing what she’s shifting into, something that’s a knowledge of all things existing down to its base core – the atoms that make up everything physical is known to Enkidu, but she has no language for it, only the knowledge of its existence. To get really technical, Enkidu knows everything that science seeks to understand to an extent of base and complex composition ( what genes do certain things, every in and out of atoms, the brain’s capacity, what black holes are made out of, how to  and so on ) — she needs to know all of these things in order to be able to change into them, but that knowledge is hers alone because she doesn’t have the necessary knowledge of explaining what these things are, or the terms and language of said knowledge. For example, she knows what veins to pinch to cause heavy damage, what chemicals to imbalance in someone’s brains to overload them, what genes are to blame for certain diseases, and other small trivia like that – however, fixing all of these is a question of whether or not it’s possible in the world with the technology that’s available.

               EARTH MANIPULATION.

Which is pretty self-explanatory, but she can manipulate the earth to her liking ( so called ‘earth tentacles’ as Strange Fake likes to call it ) and control it without having to directly be touching it. She can summon hundreds of thousands of these so long as she has dirt around her – she can shape it to her own liking ( whether it be thousands of weapons to launch at incredible speeds against Gilgamesh’s Gates of Babylon, opening up the earth to swallow a city whole, or even shifting into the earth herself and hiding beneath the surface from whatever she needs to be protected from, etcetera ). There’s millions of ways to apply this ability to her battles, and there’s definitely an infinite possibility of how to use them — on the offense, she could manipulate the earth for multiple, if not hundreds of walls of dirt and clay to pop out of the ground and snag whoever happens to be on the field and crush them, or for defensive, she could make hundreds of shells of earth within one another to keep her safe from an attack if she so willed. Killing someone is as easy as them standing on the ground and getting impaled in milliseconds. Or if she needs a getaway, she can simply elevate the ground and run along a path of her own choosing through the field, or even create a whole fortress made out of the earth — maybe even an elaborate maze if she feels like playing with her opponent enough, and so on. There’s a nearly unlimited amount of things she can accomplish with this, but of course there’s different applications to whatever method happens to be her choice at the time.


To be frank, it’s the simplest ability of hers, and should she sing, she starts average scale earthquakes – the more intense her singing gets, the more intense the earthquakes will get. But if she screams, she can generate enough devastation to start a large earthquake of ten on the richter scale. If she changes her shape to redirect the sound of her voice, she can probably slightly adjust the direction of the earthquake to be more focused in a certain direction rather than make herself the pinnacle of the earthquake’s radius.

               PRESENCE DETECTION.

She has the highest rank of presence detection, allowing her to detect a multitude of things within a direct ten kilometer radius by default. If she really concentrates and tries hard to reach out around her, she can probably reach a hundred kilometer radius –- this means that anything within that radius is detected almost immediately, and she knows exactly what’s around her. The wind ( even the slightest breeze ) helps her reach out to the radius around her and decipher what bodies of water are in the area, what buildings are in the area, what the landscape looks like, where the nearest forest is, and what presences happen to be in the area at the time, what speeds everything is moving at, and so on. It tells her everything she needs to know about the area from a surface level, and she can go as far as to determine whose presence she’s feeling within the direct area. Underground, if there is ways for oxygen to get in, then there’s ways for her to detect openings in the earth ( even the slightest ) to determine if someone happens to be hiding in it — if that fails her, she always can just feel the earth beneath her with her manipulation abilities.


She can create magical barriers that protect certain areas that can stretch over a very large dominion comparable to a whole forest — of course that magic also stretches to every basic spell for the time of the age of the gods ( magecraft from that period of time makes their modern mages look like elite sorcerers so consider that ) – the more progressive thing about Enkidu is that she can change her form to better suit the need of circuits mages need and maximize her pool of od even further to accumulate the ability to harness the necessary power needed for more complex spells. Generally, she can seriously maximize her body for these necessities if need be.


One of Enkidu’s anti purge noble phantasms that allows her to change into a divine construct reminiscent of a pillar of light and pierce her opponent, who can be anything from a single person to a cosmological force to whatever else her beastly heart desires, something reminiscent to a beacon infused with the power of the counter force — dual forces called Alaya and Gaia fuel her noble phantasm, and these forces are known as the primordial powers that act as the will of the Earth and the will of mankind. These forces generally react to threats to humanity or the earth itself, containing powers that is as simple as changing who meets who, or leveling entire continents and destroying them if the need arises: In short, the higher the threat of the person to humanity or the earth itself, the more powerful her noble phantasm becomes thanks to these forces. These forces also deliver an equal amount of power to whatever Enkidu happens to be facing at the time as they don’t like to overextend or underdo the power they’re dishing out, they like to get it right at an equal level. This noble phantasm of Enkidu can reach up to a maximum of one thousand targets, and its speed is absolutely devastating, to escape this noble phantasm would be to outrun two divine forces.

               NOBLE PHANTASM 2.0 ??

We don’t even know Enkidu’s second noble phantasm, so there’s still more destruction to come. : ^ )

               ANIMAL LANGUAGE.

I’m sure this is also just as self – explanatory, but she can talk to animals.


When the people asked the gods for an equal force to match Gilgamesh, they made Enkidu, who’s armed with all of these abilities — they made  a shapeshifting abomination who is the only match in power up against Gilgamesh. Repeat after me: They had to bring some horror from the seventh layer of hell as Gilgamesh’s equal force, which really reflects just how strong Gilgamesh is because he can hold up against all of this just fine. Directly looking at FATE canon when they really think Gilgamesh will be defeated in the ways that we’re shown.