Twelve Days of Christmas 2/12 (Shalaska) - Lia

A/N: So sorry that it has taken me so long to update. I am currently in the process of writing an entire script that is due Monday, and along with that I am just now getting over a cold, so I have been going out some and have not been home as often as I would like. I noticed that the prologue doesn’t have as many notes as the first chapter, so if you still have not read it please do! You need it to know the context of the first chapter!!

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Thank you so much for all of the love you’ve shown me on the latest part of 27 Dresses !  I’m always amazed at the response this fic gets!  I just wanted to let you know that I wouldn’t be doing as many reblogs as I normally do because I have something special planned you you guys!  I wrote a special Christmas series (coming December 20th), but that just want enough, so I decided to write some Christmas oneshots as well. The first one will be posted today at 2pm EST. With all of my regularly scheduled fics, you guys will be getting a new fic everyday from now until Christmas!  Thank you so much for following me and reading my fics!  I appreciate every like, comment, reblog, and ask that I get from you guys!  You all are the best and I love you so much!! 😊💞💞💞💞💞

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NaruGaa Floristry AU

Ok so due to popular demand, I’ve decided to type some notes up about my newest AU.

Now a little known fact about me is that I actually work in a floristry so this is kinda self-indulgent too pfft, so it’s gonna be a lil more realistic than just Gaara tying hand-ties all day and doing all the ‘pretty’ jobs you almost always see in ‘flower shop’ AUs.

These notes are gonna be a bit jumbled cause I don’t really have much of a timeline as of yet but here we go:

PLEASE give me feedback and message me if you have any more ideas for the au! Thanks for reading guys!


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In addition to drowning happily in Pokémon and dog training, I’ve recently decided to make the effort to not only regain what broken Japanese I learned as a kid but also to push myself to become fluent. I’m not cocky enough to skip chapters so right now it’s a lot of refresher material, but it seems sorely needed.

Additionally I never learned kanji from a professional and only tried teaching myself that and the kanas once, in high school, so I’ve been doing that too.

anonymous asked:

would eclair be able to ever have a romantic relationship with anyone?

yes actually!! i do have plans for eclair to settle down with a special someone eventually!! it’s still very far away and in really early development bc there’s a few more plot arcs i have to get through before she has a Babbie, but u kno, just so u kno, she’s a great mom, also

All my content is gone on dailymotion

I’m fucking pissed. I didn’t upload on Youtube not to get flagged but it happened anyway. It pisses me off so much but also makes me angry because I spent so much time putting subtitles on clips when I can’t even understand the language.
There were many nights where I slept late to finish translating a clip, and many afternoons spent working on it instead of doing my homework or relaxing.

I spent the last few weeks doing this, and now it’s all gone.

But I choose to take this as a sign. My content isn’t the most watched, or the most accurate, so I decide to stop putting subs on the skam clips and not to reupload my videos. It’s sad because it’s the end of season, but I will share where to watch the clips as they come.
I’m probably gonna lose followers, as my suscriber count went from 275 followers to 578 atm, and I know it is because of my work on dailymotion, but I really don’t care.

I created my tumblr to reblog the content that interests me (at first it was only glee and klaine but then my interest got wider), and I will never force myself to do anything to keep my suscriber count up. Never.

Anyway, that was fun while it lasted, and I hope people will still message me about any of my ships or tv shows and make me smile with their cute questions :)

Lots of love xxx

Christmas Celebration

Christmas is right around the corner and I decided I want to do a little something for all of my amazing followers. I want you all to know that I appreciate every single one of you, you all encourage me with every single like, reblog and comment, so now I want to give something back.

From now until christmas eve I will do personalized drabbles. I know, exciting right?!

You don’t really have to do much, follow the two simple steps listed below and I’ll make you a cute holiday themed drabble.

    *This is for my followers, so you do have to follow me for this. No anons this          time either.

    *Send me an ask with a little info about yourself, name or nickname (if you            want), and who you want to be paired with. (spn only)


I will answer all asks privately, so any information you want to give me will stay between the two of us. If you dont want tagged when I post, just say the word.

Yokai 3 Watch Translation

I´ve been meaning to do this one for a while, sort of.

(Masterpost for my Yokai Watch translations can be found here)

This will contain spoilers for Yokai Watch 3, specifically for a certain Bizarre Room-type Gate of Whimsy level, and some of a certain character’s backstory details, so be careful and stop reading now if you don’t wanna be spoiled

Head under the cut for more. 

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iwannalooklikelove  asked:

My moment happened about 2 1/2 years ago. I always used to skim through the Bible and read verses here and there but I had never really read a whole chapter on my own. But I decided I would read through Luke. And man did I cry through a good majority of it. That was when I truly with all my heart and soul fell in love with Jesus. And oh boy, do I love Jesus so very much. ❤️

This is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing, friend! Also, now I can’t waaait to read Luke. :) 

God is GOOD.

liz’s undertale sketchbook ]: )

in the eight months since i played undertale and got SERIOUSLY back into drawing, i’ve managed to fill up a 60-page sketchbook of nothing but undertale. (i know that’s slow–about two pages a week on average, for those who don’t like math–but i do most of my drawing digitally. my sketchbook is where i scribble to let off steam and practice new things/get down ideas.) the difference between my first drawings and most recent is pretty damn cool if i do say so myself, so i decided to go ahead and upload the whole thing for posterity. 

here’s some shots of very first vs. more recent drawings. (not always MOST recent, because i’m looking for the most dramatic improvement, but you get the idea.)

that last one is both my first sans and my first undertale drawing ever. i’m telling you now, dudes (or dudettes, or variations thereupon), if you think you can’t, you can. it’s just a slow and steady deal. stay determined.

the rest of the sketchbook is under the cut, page by page. so like, don’t click it unless you’re prepared to load sixty images. (if you’d prefer to load one big image, you can also see this on deviantart; additionally, you can zoom in further there.) unfortunately, i couldn’t clean up every page to look as nice as these, sixty is a lot! i boosted the contrast a bit and smoothed out the backgrounds (because you could see the page behind the page i scanned), but you’ll notice as a result some kind of dark blobs on the left side of some pages–that’s just because my sketchbook has rings and doesn’t fit in the scanner properly and the scan-light hits unevenly, but i wasn’t willing to tear all the sketches out just for smoother scans. even still, it’s MUCH better than the “crappy phone cam pics” version i did awhile back. there’s quite a lot in here that got cleaned up and turned into full drawings later, and, if you’re ridiculously sharp-eyed, you may catch a handful of tiny spoilers for my fancomic, REFUSE. there’s also, like, so much wingdings, because i’m a complete nerd and i love it. translations available upon request, but there’s a key, too, in case you wanna learn it yourself. :P

learning to draw these characters over the last eight months has been a total blast. i can’t wait to see where i might be in eight more.

(one last little note: my sketchbook is for learning, and sometimes the way i learn is by emulation. you’ll probably see some stuff that uses elements such as styles, poses, or expressions from other artists that i admire. i’m in no way attempting to plagiarize ANYBODY’s work; playing around in other styles and picking and choosing what i want to keep for my own is just how i roll.)

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Last Time I did the portrait of Aaliyah, my mother told me, that I wasn’t able to draw the hair of a black woman right. So I decided to work a little bit more at drawing different types of hair and I felt like doing a valkyr. SO HAVE THIS MAJESTIC AFRO VALKYR. Seriously, it started out KINDA like a joke, because it reminded me of Afro Samurai, and now I really fell in love with her. She is beautiful! 

Also, I tried working with first creating a black-and-white value-base, colouring it roughly, and then drawing over all of that with another layer in full colour and it really works well. (much better than when I usually sketch huge things and in the end get stuck on details)

ok but what if kenma grew his hair out?  like can we make kenma with ridiculously long hair a thing please


“I think that their definition of friendship is always tested by their situation of life and death and how they can’t lose one another. That huge aspect of ‘I can’t live without you’ creates that loving bond that I think is, you know, ‘Oliver and Felicity on a romantic level’. I think, yeah, there have been a lot of bumps in the road but they’re…obstacles or just sort of things that are forces working against a relationship between them, but they have a connection that no one else is gonna have. And that is a colossal deal.” - Emily Bett Rickards (x)

“Hands off!!!”
12/8-2014 <3




Okay, so because I absolutely love the color au created by the wonderful @mooksmookin​, i felt the need to draw the scenes where Oikawa helps Hinata escape as well as the park scene described in this ask. But, I may have gone a little… overboard and ended up making a mini comic. I hope that’s okay. 〳 •́ ﹏ •̀ )

So anyway, hopefully the little time skip wasn’t too confusing/choppy, and please ignore the awful backgrounds–especially the ugly trees (i tried).