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Hello! Yes, you! I have a lot of time in the next few days and not enough threads.

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Pewey thoughts
  • so like apparently people ship Mayor Dewey and Pearl
  • ???
  • ???
  •  I get his crush is cute but how would this work out long term?
  • what about Bucks mom? how did that happen? Did Dewey have a crush on Pearl since he was a teenager?
  • oh my god that’d be so cute, like Pearl has zero interest in him as more than a friend but like they kind of like the same things in Deweys mind. 
  • they would have been such arrogant teenagers. “I’m Rose Quartz favorite” “My dad is the mayor.” and this just this for hours on end.
  • she would probably correct his math homework, and be super dismissive of tech available at the time. 
  • He would be in awe just awe of her all the time. Like wow this person actually exists.  She would be mostly mildly annoyed with him when he start going off about her. Like no she is not the perfect person he thinks she is.
  • I can’t imagine Dewey getting married and have Buck, but he did. Would he have been sad or realistic. Bucks mom must have been a really cool lady. Like yeah Dewey is obsessed with this girl Pearl who is strange and lives in that temple with her family, but he must have done something to get her to like him enough to marry and have a kid with him. 
  • was she after money or security, hey maybe Bucks mom was some kind of artist and Dewey is really a very nice guy who was like yeah I’ll support you. and Buck was an accident.
  • after Dewey got elected they had a nice wine or something and a drunken night. after they put some thought into it an decided a baby would be nice
  • Of course something happens to Bucks mom. Maybe she died in a car accident? Maybe in child birth, maybe she just up and left him one day.
  • Whatever the cases is Dewey is left with Buck.
  • Pearl is left with Steven, Greg and the Gems.
  • She still remembers him from back when they used to hang out, but she is still like very super gay. She finally explains “Look Dewey you are a very nice guy, but i’m really not interested, however I would like to be friends.”
  • and just Brotp Pewey?
  • it could work they could be good friends.
  • They try to get along for their kids sake, but then Pearl actually ends up liking Dewey as a person because she can identify with him.
  • They both get anxious about things they can’t control and micro manage the ting they can.
  • Dewey visits when Buck goes away to college and tell Pearl of of his anxieties about Buck leaving and not coming back.
  • and She think to the future of how she would handle Steven leaving,if he leaves.
  • They have long argument about history and how no one is perfect. Dewey helps pearl to accept that Rose is gone and not coming back. 
  • She still loves Rose though.
  • Sometimes they are giant nerd and watch TV and cuddle, because some where along there friend ship they have become best friends and even Mayors need a break to act like a child once in a while
  • Pearl helps Dewey accept that Buck wants to leave Beach City and live somewhere else, not become mayor.
  • Dewey is still mystified by Stevens seemingly eternal childhood. Wasn’t Steven ten the first time Buck and him hung out? Buck is married now with kids, and Steven is fifteen???
  • Pearl attends Deweys Funeral, he died of old age and she will miss him almost as much as she misses Rose Quartz. They never got together and Dewey managed to let go of his feelings for Pearl when they became friends
  • Pewey doesn’t seem so bad.Its a good Brotp.

Okay, so I went back and watched the Steven Universe Pilot, and I had just noticed in the background there, the giant statue has all the gems. On the hands, there are a red and blue stone, which probably was another thing that signified that Garnet was a fusion of Ruby and Sapphire. Since the pilot Garnet was meant to be a fusion, and idk, it seems like pretty awesome they stuck with the idea for this long