Though i’m so glad that they performed “only one” (since there’s not alot of time they performed it in recent years and i love this song actually~😙), but oppayam!!! 😥😥Shcj are worried for your legs!! TT though he cant help to dance along with them….

I can only give my support (/fangirl) through screen TT thanks all the fancams by shcj to let those who cant go for the concert watch!! Today’s another session~~ 🤗🤗 (meanwhile i can only catch up these fancams at night ._.)

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'a group of what looked to be third or fourth-year girls were huddled in the corner, gathered around one with a magazine in her hands.' I can only imagine them fangirling over omega Harry Potter and writing smut about him and the partner of their choice...Think something like that would happen?

Ha! I don’t know if they’d get that extreme but I could totally see some of them shipping Harry with various alphas behind his back (probably insensitively).

So, we’re reading To Kill A Mockingbird in English class and I literally made one of those obnoxious choking noises when I saw the first line; I can only blamed Fangirl-ness. Oops? And I just need to say that that character is probably forever going to have the image of Jem Carstairs in my mind, and will never be the same. Have you guys read To Kill A Mockingbird?