Somehow, I managed to puke out these two paintings of the Nerds in the past week. Both Sam and Maude have seen them, and you can only imagine how ecstatic I was. *Initiate fangirl mode*

Only the Beginning

FT Angst Week Day 7: END

So this one ties in to both “Revelations” and “Tears in the Rain” as a prologue of sorts. I wanted to write something having to do with Natsu’s transformation into END and I realized something… Natsu has not touched the book of END. It’s likely that Tartaros opened the book a few times while trying to release their master, but nothing happened. What if Natsu himself needs to open the book in order to release END? And that’s where this little story begins. Also, I’m an awful human being.

Summary: He would do what he had to in order to protect his friends, but if he had known it would lead to this, he would have never opened that damn book.

Characters: Natsu, Zeref, Lucy

Shadows flickered in the corners of the room, dancing by the light of the candles placed on the worn table. The air smelt stale, dust swirling on the cold drafts. Natsu stood at one end of the table, his onyx gaze burning with anger. A thick tome sat in front of him, its torn cover emblazoned with flaking gold lettering. Its spine was cracked, signs of use creasing the middle. The pages were scorched, frayed along the edges. But Natsu paid no mind to the book, his attention focused instead on the person sitting at the other end of the table.

Zeref sat, legs crossed, and stared at the fire mage, a pensive smile curving his lips. The shadows darkened his cheeks, making the scarlet that occasionally flashed across his irises appear even more menacing. His aura crackled with power, though his expression remained calm. A finger tapped against the arm of the chair as the dark wizard regarded Natsu, awaiting the reply.

“You want me to do what?” Natsu demanded, the words growling out from between clenched teeth. Flames lit and faded along the skin of his arms, little tufts of smoke drifting up towards the ceiling. Zeref’s smile only grew.

“You must open the book of END, Natsu,” Zeref repeated, his voice quiet in contrast to Natsu’s rage. “Unless, of course, you don’t care what happens to the girl.” Natsu’s jaw clenched, his gaze flashing to the side of the room. Lucy was slumped against the wall, her body held upright by the thick chains that ensnared her wrists. Blond strands of hair fell limply into her face, obscuring her features from view. Dark bruises littered her pale arms, blood crusting around the skin of her wrists. Just looking at her made his blood boil.

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First, I apologize about quality, I’m trying to learn how to draw faster, and that means I am spending less time on one picture than usually. It will probably take me some time to learn how to balance the quality while keeping the speed. Besides tumblr was always a place where I posted wips and sketches never to be colored. I might suggest watching my devart or portfolio on artstation, for “the best of” choice.

As for yaoi thing… you’re probably not watching me long enough, because I always had yaoi ships, and times when I drew a lot for them, hahah. And IDK, I DO read yaoi manga from time to time, and I don’t think I ever felt that I wanted to draw fanart for it. It happened like… once, with Vassalord [which is my favourite title], but it’s the only time I remember.

I guess I could write a wall of text about it, but oh well. It’s probably as usual a “rhetorical question”.

i want a time travel au in which ladybug and chat noir get transported by an akuma in the future and after a little paris inspection, a couple briefly catch their attention: it’s older adrien and marinette kissing tenderly. they’re both shocked and flustered and none of the two knows the other’s reason but marinette is about to pass out and adrien is like “shit”

“W-ell… I guess princess found her knight” he says and ladybug just wants to punch him for ruining her fangirling moment…. i can only imagine their faces when they found out




the cinema was fucking full I almost didn’t even buy my ticket

there were actually no kids Only otaku losers on their 20s

I can almost swear I was the only 16 years old idiot fangirling all the movie

And NO ONE got out until the movie was over and the screen was white again

it was beautiful I;m really so happy I almost cried omfg I wish I can go again, I’ll fucking try