Yahoo! Answers: U2 Edition

So I am sure you are all familiar with the wonder that is Yahoo Answers, a magical Q&A forum set in an alternate universe where Google does not exist and everyone is either blackout drunk or under the age of 7.  It’s unclear whether the people who frequent Yahoo Answers are trolling or are actually that fucking stupid, but one thing is for sure: this is a site with nonstop lolz.

I have selected, for your amusement, some of the most hilarious inquiries regarding our beloved band from the north side of Dublin.

Speaking of…

I…can you repeat the question please?  I feel like I’m missing something here.

I’ll let Adam handle this one.

Well that was unexpected.  Who, who could possibly ask such a bizarre, seemingly out of nowhere question?  Who could possibly…who….who…

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FYI, Mr. The Edge, the answer is apparently “Do not spray your U2 with anything but water.”

…I’m not gonna even touch that one.

1. Thank you for specifying, like many of us when I hear “U2″ I immediately think of the pancake (???????) before I remember that there’s also a band that goes by the name of U2.  

2. Nonetheless you might have been able to avoid this potential confusion by choosing a more music-related category than “Food & Drink > Cooking & Recipes” … but hey whatever works for you!!

3. Old man?? This was asked 6 years ago, so I’m gonna assume it was…

…this guy?  the guy literally swinging like a child while wearing a JACKET MADE OF LASERS??

Yeah, that’s some serious old man behavior right there.  whoever let this old guy sing for the rock band (not the pancake) U2, who are clearly all wayyyyy younger than that seriously old singer guy, was probably old also!!! silly old people.  

(it’s Viva La Vida by Coldplay.)

Something about this question seems a little…off.  One of these things is not like the others, one of these things just doesn’t belong…

And finally, my children, I will leave you with this.  I have saved the best for last. Prepare yourselves.


i can’t breathe

everything about this is amazing i want to print it out and frame it thank you internet this is a masterpiece truly 

Read the responses for additional lolz (i like how they range from the overly optimistic “You mean the band U2? Well, they’re Irish. Get them sufficiently besotted, and anything can happen!” to the rather harsh but more realistic “probably none because the band is famous and youre not”)




Everyone else in the class laughs at Adrien’s extremely enthusiastic response to his name.

Everyone except Marinette.

Marinette. Glares.

Watch the clip.

Everyone else sort of jerks their head and giggles. Heck, Chloé is the first to do it because she’s pretty amused and watching everything Adrien does like a Hawk.

Even Alya, who is not on Team Adrien yet, laughs with the rest of the class.

But Marinette does not laugh.

She stares.

She stares at this beautiful boy who is friends with Chloe and who can’t answer roll right. And she crosses her arms and sits still while the people around them laugh.

Marinette is still as a statue in a classroom full of movement and I just can’t help but wonder what she must be thinking about this blond bombshell who has just entered her class and her life.


He’s so damn precious when he’s giggly


#my gay heart #i swear i thought they were gonna kiss #they’re not gay u say??? #cuz they sURE ACT LIKE THEY ARE

  • me, watching Ink Master:wow that tattoo is amazing
  • the judges:we hate it, this tattoo is the worst we've seen on the show honestly the lines are wobbly and the design is asymmetrical, the shading is wrong and too dark, this tattoo makes us want to claw our eyes out. your existence disgusts us and basically you, and this tattoo, are both going to hell

Just some quick cryptid!Rick warm up doodles from this morning.

can you imagine 5sos competing on masterchef australia??? ashton would be the badass cook that plated amazing dishes, calum would be the dessert guy with beautiful food, luke would cook like a God and make everyone jealous of him and michael would be the one always running late and plating last minute but his food would be fucking delicious


2 minutes of Ross playing bass during Robbers, 31/03/16, Paris