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Did you eat a lot of dairy before you became vegan?

Oh my god, like, it was my primary food group. If anyone has been following me on here from way back when, I literally ate yogurt all day long. Two serves at breakfast, one at school, two after, maybe another for desert. I loved yogurt and muesli and always thought dairy was really healthy, and I had quite low bone density so was always trying to bring that up.

It’s so funny looking back now, I can literally pin point “Hey past-Ally, no wonder your skin got so bad and your hormones were messed up and you got sick like every other week”. 

I watched this Japanese cooking channel in YouTube and decided to make my own Naruto Onigirazu. Plus my Leche Flan or pudding. I had a Sasuke and Konoha symbol one but my Mom ate both. And then my cousins ate the other Naruto. The Naruhina ones were the only ones left. My Sakura one was taken by my Uncle. It seems that he gave it to his wife. Cheeky Uncle.

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I was reading sibling secrets on the whisper app and one said "I once ate six tacos just so my brother couldn't have one." and I cackled because all I could think about was your siblings au



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apple, paper, pin, backpack.

Apple - I went through a phase of being obsessed with pink lady apples so I ate so many each day then one day I sneezed while eating one, almost choked and died, and have only recently started eating them again hahahaha
Paper - I’m so pale my skin is the colour of paper (but with freckles on my cheeks)
Pin - I get frostbite on my fingers each winter so if you stick my right hand index finger with a pin I can barely feel it heheh
Backpack - I hate handbags, backpacks may make me look like a twelve year old boy on the way to primary school but dats how I roll

(I feel like you looked at your work desk situation for these objects hahaha)

Montréal, je t’aime

-I went to TWO cat cafes in Montéal! Two! One had kittens, but one had a staffperson who asked me which cat was my favorite and told me cute stories about that cat, so I can’t decide which one was better.  

-FOOD. There might have been some food. Like an entire block of cheese from the market that I ate with berries and plums and bread. Poutine, obviously, one from a gimmicky tourist place and one from a hole in the wall, post-beers. A baked potato bar. Ethiopian food, because whenever I go to a real city I need my fix. 

-Roller derby! My friend knows some of the players, so I got to meet them and go to the after party, which was drinking beer from a convenience store in the park. 

-Burlesque. I went to a video game-themed burlesque night. I strained my voice hooting and hollering. The best performers I’ve ever seen, with an enthusiastic appreciation for geek humour. I will never forget the experience of being in a room full of queers losing their shit over a gorgeous fat woman dancing seductively.

-Walking so much I got a blister on the bottom of my foot. Montéal is a great city for wandering. 

I wanna go back.


If you were a sick, obsessed vampire then you’d go to a Snod demon or whatever and get your heart cut out but you’re not. You’re a living, breathing- well.. living anyway- good guy who’s fighting and trying to help people and that’s not betraying her. That’s honoring her.

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one time i ate like two bowls of ramen, then masturbated and came so hard I felt a noodle slide back up my throat and i gagged so hard i threw up a little in my mouth.

i am no longer accepting any asks ever again for as long as i live

Me:  Hey grandma!  How’s your arthritis?
Grandma:  Oh, it’s quite fine.  The nice doctor recommended me a brand of glucosamine and it’s really doing wonders for me.  I don’t have to use a stool in the shower anymore!
Me:  Oh my goodness!  That’s wonderful, nana!  Hey, sorry to change the subject, but do you have anything to drink.

Grandma:  Sure!  There’s fresh lemonade in the fridge, let me get you a glass.

Me, searching through the pantry:  Do you still have those delicious cosmic brownies.

Grandma:  No, I ate the last one before you came over…lol!

I just did a really cute reading and I can’t help but want to talk about it.

Okay, today has been a tarot day and even though I was tired I didn’t want to take a break. I took a very short one. I ate a little and watched some of a movie for 30 minutes. I felt better and decided to take the deck out again.

The second I got the deck out of the box, I felt a wave of calming energy that was telling me to put the deck down and rest some more. I ignored it and decided to ask a question anyway.

I asked “ What should I do?”

I got the 2 of Wands. I can almost hear it.

“ Go take care of yourself! You need to get a break! You’re tired. Reflect. Take a nap. Watch a movie. Just something else besides tarot. You talk about self love often, it’s time to give it to yourself! don’t worry about me. I’ll be right here waiting for you.”

I love this deck so much!


Asbre sent in this lovely submission. Here’s what she said:

“People say to me: ‘you’ve put on weight but you look healthier’. What annoys me is ‘but’. Anything after ‘but’ is irrelevant. You should be saying 'you’ve put on weight AND you look healthier’.

I have put on a few pounds and I love it. When I was very skinny I ate one meal a day and was constantly upset. Now I eat three healthy meals and I’m the happiest I have been in my whole life. My weight gain is not from eating the wrong foods. This is how my body looks healthy. This is the size I am meant to be.

Plus, boobs.”

Thanks for sharing!

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My best friend recently broke up with her boyfriend, she came to a girls night out and we all got really drunk. The guy I am sleeping with found out and crashed the party with three of his friends. Because we weren't expecting guests, me and the guy I'm with, plus my single friend and all three of the guys, ended up in one room. The guy and I ended up having sex in the same room as all of them, and instead of being grossed out, everyone joined in. I had one in me and my best friend ate me out.