Who is looking after Even? That’s all I want to know. He tried to hide his illness from Isak, he tried to hide the fact that he was mentally ill because Isak said he didn’t want ill people in his life. He tried to hide it because he loves Isak, and suddenly he lost control, and tried to message Isak afterwards, however got rejected. He doesn’t know Isak doesn’t hate him, he doesn’t know Isak still smiles when someone mentions his name. He doesn’t know that Isak followed him, and ran after him with his clothes. And he doesn’t know what Sonja said about him, HE DOESN’T KNOW. 

AHH I AM SO HYPED UP RIGHT NOW ABOUT MATSUAKA PLS. alright so mattsun has visited akaashi a few times in tokyo but has yet to formally meet his friends so when he’s on the train to tokyo akaashi texts him that bokuto wants to have lunch with them so he could meet mattsun and mattsun is *sweats nervously* bc bokuto is akaashi’s best friend and he’s big and intimidating and loud. PLUS he really wants akaashi’s friends to like him alright?? especially since his friends all love akaashi

So he gets to tokyo and akaashi meets him at the train station, looking amazing as always, and they head off immediately to lunch. Akaashi can tell that he’s nervous and tries to prepare him by just explaining bokuto’s personality a little (“He can be loud and a little in your face, but he’s one of the nicest guys I know; he’ll never turn his nose up to anyone before giving them a chance.”) and that makes him feel /slightly/ better?? They get to the restaurant?? Cafe?? Wherever they go; first and have a few minutes to chat before a HEY HEY HEY sounds all the alarms in mattsun’s brain

Akaashi introduces them and bokuto sits down beside akaashi and is just all smiles and happy to be there, he asks a few basic questions about mattsun (do you have siblings? Pets? When did u start volley? What’s your vertical?) just being polite and trying to get to know his bffs boyfriendo but then akaashi excuses himself to go to the washroom and mattsun isn’t so nervous around bokuto bc he thinks they’re getting along well! Haha

As soon as akaashi leaves the smile just fucking CUTS off bokuto’s face and he gets Srs™. starts rapid fire asking a lot more interrogatory questions (“you live all the way in miyagi, how can i trust that you’re going to be faithful to Akaashi when you’re 3 hours away?” “he’s very smart, he can read people well, but he’s so damn smitten with you i’m not sure if his judgement is that clear” “you seem like a really nice guy Mattsun, I think we’ll get along well. But I swear if you hurt him I will put you in the hospital”)

The second bokuto sees akaashi walking back his smile goes back on and he starts mid sentence “man you gotta meet Konoha, you guys would get along great!” and mattsun looks like he’s had the fear of Death put into him but he just awkwardly laughs and agrees. Akaashi just looks at them both and rolls his eyes “Bokuto-san you promised you weren’t going to try and intimidate him.” and bokuto just shrugs. Mattsun is shook.

But in the end, mattsun and bokuto get along really well and have lots of Mad Bants and as soon as mattsun’s heart stops feeling like it’s going to stop everytime bokuto looks his way they make an Awful™ meme team and akaashi is so glad his bf and bff get along but he has Regrets. gah if i could write better i would use actual sentence structure and dialogue but *shoves this Mess at you* 

ahhhh I have like one thing to do today and I feel all the anxiety of having like 10 impossible things to do today

like legit I just have to go to company D to get christmas party tickets (I’m going!!!!! I didn’t think I could afford it but I can!!!!!) but I feel like even after I do it I’ll still be anxious and I know I don’t have anything else to do but hhhhhhhhgdhsh

BTS reaction to you surprising them at work

anonymous asked:  BTS reaction to you surprising them at work. ^^
Jimin- “Jagiya, you’re so sweet. Thank you for being here! Come here and give me a ppoppo!”

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Jin- “Oh jagiya you scared me! What am I doing on the floor? Um…Exercising?”

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Jungkook- “my girlfriend is the best and you can’t denied it !”

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V- “FOOD?!”

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Suga- “come lay down with me while they eat the food jagiya”

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Rap monster- “This is why I love you”

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Why I Am Scared To Drive (A Three Year Anniversary)

Most of my friends know, I was hit by a drunk driver on December 6th, 2013. The outcomes of this event have definitely left physical and mental scars that have shaped me today.

I know. You probably had to sit through a video in high school saying how bad drunk driving is. I went through it too. You know it’s a bad thing, but it’s so much worse than what the videos really show.

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anonymous asked:

I think I might be a trans man, and that terrifies me. Is it wrong to be scared? I live in an incredibly conservative area in an incredibly conservative family and I already came out as "lesbian" earlier this year with horrible results. How can I accept myself if no one else will? How can I accept myself when I don't even know if I *am* male?

There’s nothing wrong with being scared, but you should know that you are very valid and loved as a questioning person, who is possibly a trans man. If you’re scared of coming out to your family, you don’t have to. Some people are only out to people they feel safe around and trust not to out them, or are never out. If you want to come out, that is your own personal choice.

As someone who also has a very conservative family that reacted negatively to me coming out as bi (I’m actually pan but I didn’t know what that was back then) and then reacted negatively again when I came out as gender questioning? My gut instinct is to say you should probably not come out to them if you can avoid it. Make plans for getting out of there, not being dependent on them anymore, making your own way, etc.

There are tons of people out there who will absolutely love and accept and cherish you for being exactly who you are (who ever that may be) and who will support you and help you. Stay safe, find your allies, build yourself a family of friends who truly want to protect and take care of you, and most importantly, please love and take care of yourself.

Being trans isn’t easy, but you are absolutely wonderful and valid in your transness (or questioningness!!) And you are absolutely worthy of the love of others and of yourself.

If you ever want to talk about what you’re going through, the feelings you’re having about your gender, or want someone to help you through questioning, please message us anytime, your messages will always be responded to privately if you put your ask in parenthesis.