The next 7! All the Amiibo sets and Dark Link!

17. Dark

18. Fierce Deity

19. Hero

20. Sky

21. Time

22. Twilight

23. Wind

#1-10 here!

#11-16 here!

I AM ALMOST DONE WITH THIS CHALLENGE! I just need to draw the Phantom Armour then I would have successfully drawn every armour set in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild!


Maractitle paint brush Alice!!
Thank you Anon for requesting!
Aaaand I am done with the challenge! Well, any request that is in my inbox I will finish but I won’t be accepting any more. I’ll leave the ask box open but if you send a request from the challenge after this I’ll kindly tell you that I’m not talking anymore. If you missed out, sorry! But I will do another challenge later (might be a while but I know I’ll do another one ^^b) so you can request then!!



Day 9:A character who could be your best friend if they were real

Shinohara Kouta 💕 Hatsukoi Monster

Day 22: Favorite Mega Evolution - Mega Gallade

Ta-da!!! After practically six months, I am OFFICIALLY done with Pokedexy Challenge. Thank you horrible semester for delaying this(I got a measly grade in a class that we put so much effort in :P ). 

ANYWAY, this is my favorite Mega Evolution. I remember my joy when I found out Gallade was getting one and it looked like a knight. Additionally, I’ve been toying with the idea of Gallade wielding the sword Pokemon, Aegislash (just recently trained one of my own). While Honedge’s Pokedex entry says that it sucks the life out of anyone who holds it, I figured, since Gallade is a Psychic Pokemon, how about having Aegislash amplify its powers instead? So here you go. Interpret it the way you like, but these guys are a duo to behold. 

(Aegislash in the picture has taken over a part of Gallade’s consciousness, which explains Gallade’s eye color, in order to fight even better and more powerfully). 

nahterpie  asked:

For your emoji art request fun thing - Greed with C4 or Lan Fan with E10 ?? >v<

This is probably one of the best requests I’ve gotten in a while! Thank you so much! 

And with this, I am done with the emoji challenge. Thanks to everyone who sent in a request! I had a great time!


Rebuild Newcrest is chugging right along with a cute, earthy starter for townies with green thumbs! Starters are more my speed =D And those four lots by the little park area are my favorite in the game.

One bed, one bath, eat-in kitchen, and plenty of space to move around/clutter up. A generous lot too with tons of room to expand the crops, and I moved over some healthy plants and fruit trees for instant gardening skill + harve$t income + food for the aspiring botanist just getting on their feet.

All CC-free and you can find this home on the gallery under my ID gladlypants – I believe I’ll share the townie I made for this lot as well (both here and on the gallery,) because she’s just too cute and perfect for the lot. I may even play a bit on her myself when I am done with the challenge, add some more detail to the front of the house and a cute little potting shed. (I love useless cutesie storage spaces) Oh who am I kidding…. I’ll totally be all about building some restaurants by then!

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30-day monster girl challenge
Days 1-10;
I decided to go with chibi girls…otherwise I am not sure I would’ve been able to muster the courage to start this challenge.
Sorry for the quality, these were all taken with a phone, but I do plan on scanning and digitalizing/fixing them up when I am done with the challenge. There are tons of mistakes, but honestly, I am dealing with a lot of these (body-types etc) for the first time, so I’m bound to make errors. 
Hope you enjoy and the rest will be posted in 2 more sets of 10 when I am done with them (I’m currently on day 16).

“A Sibling Affair” Art Update:

WHAT IS SHADING. A quick test shading. I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing. Not putting this update in the Jelsa tag cuz it is such fail. Seriously, somebody please tell me if I’m doing this right.

After this is done, I am challenging you all to reblog the finished product and place a caption underneath as to what Elsa is saying to her older brother, Jack.

15 Day Countdown to Blue Lily, Lily Blue

Day 10: Favorite Ronan quote

Part 2 of 2

  • Ronan said, “I am being perfectly fucking civil.”

God this was hard. But I’ve been working on day ten of this challenge for like four hours now, and I finally just said fuck it and went with my first thought on this one. 

This quote is hilarious to me, and also seems like the perfect example of Ronan’s essence, it’s such a Ronan thing to say. It’s backasswards, for one. He may be claiming civility but his tone of voice and choice of words say otherwise. The fact that he’s being obnoxiously passive just to piss Blue off in the rest of that scene makes it even better. Plus it’s kind of a running thing; Ronan pulls the same trick when he tells Matthew “Don’t fucking swear.”

I don’t know. I just like this one a lot, if the fact that it’s pretty much my blog title didn’t already clue you in.