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Psst, hey. Don't think about Adrien only seeing Ladybug as her superhero self and therefore without realising it think that she's always like that and forgets that she has a weak civilian side like him and then constantly feels terrible because he feels like Chat Noir is just a fake and that he isn't all that and that he could never live up to what ladybug is


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light is the asshole who turns his exam pages very loudly and fucking SLAMS his pen down when he's finished just to remind everyone that he's oh so amazing and smart and can speed through exams

he also doesn’t care to whisper when he’s done he walks right up to the teacher’s desk and loudly goes ‘here you go, haha it was easy’ and the entire class seethes

Trying to record and edit my rupphire song… realize I messed up the timing on Sapphire’s line…. need to start over. arghhhh

And I had to re-write parts of it because I was apparently possessed… I wrote notes I can barely sing. It’s not that they were particularly high. It’s just that I am such a low alto that anything higher than an A above middle C makes me feel like crying. 

friendly reminder that fic writers (along with anyone who takes requests of any kind i.e. gifs/art/etc) have lives outside of writing!!! we have school and work and committments!!! im sure we would all love to spend all day writing for you guys (i know i would) but we have responsibilities!! be patient with us. we cant get everything done immediately, but that doesnt mean youre being ignored!!

Just leaving a reminder here:

Sitting your ass somewhere and point out your finger on internet at someone doesn’t change things. It just don’t. Calling someone “problematic”, saying “this famous person is problematic, your fave is problematic” isn’t going to change things.

We are humans. We are flawed creatures. We have a lot to learn. If you see someone having a prejudiced behavior, you speak with that person. You try to explain your perspective to that person. You just do that. You don’t get to be quiet and then sit your ass and complain about that person on internet and get notes for that. No. You have a lazy and judgemental ass and that is being problematic (see what I did here?).

Are you upset with something? You speak your mind then. You explain your point of view. You write it down (if you are shy/introspective/don’t feel like talking to that person) on internet if that makes you feel comfortable, but you do that in a way that other people who behave like, let’s say, Y person can read that and understand. Or to reflect on your words. 

Saying “someone is problematic” isn’t going to change things. Thus, unless you are a lazy and judgmental person behind a computer, you try to change things. You can do that in a lot of ways - by making films, writing stories, writing articles, becoming a prosecuter, being a cop, studying Literature, studying History… There isn’t a magical formule to change things except for one thing: actually doing something and stop seeing things in black and white. Acknowledge all the gray tones between those colors and do something.

Me: I’m coming for you Rose… I can’t hold all these under-appreciated characters but I’M TRYING TO JUGGLE.

ooc;; That feeling when, even making this post, puts a heavy weight on my conscience that shouldn’t be there. That if I make a negative post, it immediately makes me someone who is ‘whiny’, 'attention seeking’, or 'a guilt trip’. I’ve struggled for years and still do even talking or interacting with others. I have the 'speak unless spoken to’ demeanor and if people only mention me in passing, it still feels like they have no interest in me.

I’ve struggled with anxiety and abandonment issues, so it’s hard for me to assimilate easily into a group. It takes load of encouragement for me to do anything, otherwise I continue to be in these shitty moods.

I haven’t wrote completely in almost a year. I have a hard time typing anything out. Maybe I’m closing myself out to others, but who cares? No one seems to care anyways. I am probably one of those people who say 'I have 800 followers, but not one wants to interact with me.’

What do I have to do?