Has this been done before?
  • Alec:Hey, I'm just stating the obvious. If this is Jace, and he dies, we're all in trouble.
  • Magnus:I apologize for my boyfriend.
  • Alec :Could you not-
  • Magnus :Would you prefer special guy? Or significant other?
  • Alec :Significant annoyance, in your case.

I keep thinking about how some people think they can police other people’s practices.

It really comes down to the fact only about 10% of a practice is seen on a blog, if that. That sometimes no context is shown and that bothers some people. That some people take this 10% and add an extra zero to make it seem like it’s all the time.

Think of a practice like an iceberg. The tip you see is what is visible on Tumblr or other Blogging formats. The ice berg is always bigger under the surface and it’s rare that it’ll flip over for all to see.

My iceberg is for me and me alone. Only those I see fit will even be given a glimpse of what is truly underneath. For I and my Gods only know the depth and breadth of that ice berg and you dear reader will never know. Sorry, but you’d try be shocked as to what you don’t know about me and my practice. So please concentrate on your own iceberg and stop trying to collide into mine taking me down with you.

totallycarol asked:

Do you have any close ups of Harley's back shoulder tattoo from the night club scene?

Hopefully these help a little ^.^

Chapter 7 is so long and is the bane of my existence, but it’s been one of my faves to work on LOOOLOL

I’m FAT.

Okay, so that’s not something people like me saying about myself. It’s considered negative.
And yes, in the past it has been a negative and hurtful word for me.

But. I’m okay calling myself fat. I’m on good terms with that word now.
Because I am fat. And I’ve accepted that.
I am overweight. And accepting that fact doesn’t mean I don’t want to lose weight.

I want to lose weight. I know that I will lose weight. But I also know that it takes time.

However, I don’t want to keep limiting myself because of my weight. I don’t want to think that I can’t act certain ways because of my weight.
I don’t want to keep the thought process society told me that fat = ugly. It doesn’t.

I am pretty.
I am weird.
I am amazing.

And while right now those words feel fake to my ears, I want to start really accepting myself. Because somewhere deep down I know that I am worth it.
I want to be positive about myself. I want to accept myself before I lose weight. Because in some ways, I think I’d only like myself if I was thinner and I want to prove myself wrong.

So yes. I am FAT.
But I’m also pretty, kind, and a little awkward.
I am more than my weight.
I am me.

The middle picture is one of my ‘regular’ selfies. I took all the one’s surrounding tonight, in a state that I didn’t really like. I wasn’t trying to hide my weight so much in those photos and it actually felt good. This is why I need to be okay with being fat. So that I can just enjoy myself. Just enjoy being instead of constantly worrying about how I look and how much fat people can see.

So like
Yesterday I was just supposed to take a 20 minute nap and then wake up and answer asks but like

I never woke up until now…

So I just took an 18 hour nap by accident.

SO I WILL BE ANSWERING THE PUN ASKS AND SEND OUT SOME FANART FRIDAY STUFF TODAY because I was supposed to do it yesterday but I just never got back up.

Today is gonna be like…
Pun/Fanart Saturday instead of Sunday ;-;“