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Sorry guys, I think I might have the flu u.u My stomach hurts and I’ve been struggling to not throw up since 4am which was, unfortunately, when I woke up this morning ToT But I do have a few text requests done so I’m going to queue those up now ^-^ One will post tonight and two will post tomorrow~

Can I tell you a secret? You don’t have to be in a relationship.

I mean it. I know they force it down your throat until you choke on it. Girls aren’t pretty unless they’re wanted. Boys aren’t men unless they’re having sex with someone. People aren’t lovable until they’re dating someone.

But a relationship won’t always make you happy, and as wonderful as romance is, it isn’t the only love that exists. I have seen friendships that are deeper and more pure than couples who swear it’s forever - and yet the friendship is the one people ignore.

I have heard so often “nobody loves me” out of the mouths of people who are single. And it kills me because if you ask them: where are your parents, your teachers, your classmates, your pets - they say, yes, okay, but it doesn’t count. Of course it counts, love doesn’t diminish just because someone doesn’t want to have sex with you. In fact, doesn’t it sort of make that love more real that they want nothing - not even a date - out of you?

It is pretty to be in love. It’s magical, I’m sure. But it’s also wonderful to stop for ice cream in your prom dress with six other girls. It’s also wonderful to go visit the world with nothing but a bunch of buddies who are really excited about learning.

The problem is: we’ve made everything about “the one”. But maybe “the one” is just you, loving yourself, having fun, and being happy. Maybe instead of looking for our other halves, we should be piecing ourselves together.

Maybe I wasn’t born unfinished. Maybe I am the one who makes myself better.

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What makes Harry so special to you? I totally get it but can you put it into words?

ok i tried like twelve different times and no matter how i phrased this it sounded melodramatic and annoying, so skjdhfjsh whatever!!! harry is at least 90% of the reason i…keep going? in my very very worst times when i haven’t been able to find a good enough reason to Keep Going for myself, he’s been the reason i’ve managed to force myself through it. and in my very best times when i’ve been doing Well he’s always made them that much better, yk? he just makes me really, really, realy fucking happy. like so!!!! unbelievably and overwhelmingly happy. he makes me want to do and be better. honestly this is true for 1d as a whole bc they were all incredibly instrumental in dragging me out of a rly dark period i was in when i first landed in this fandom but, for as much as i don’t actually know him, i always felt a v special and strong connection to harry that only got stronger as i stuck around and i can’t say w/certainty that i’d still be here w/out him? idk i don’t like to give other people credit for me like…still being alive bc i know it’s not good to discount how hard i’ve worked to overcome things, but he’s been such a huge crutch for me. like yk those lift chairs old ppl use when they have trouble standing up on their own? they probably would’ve been able to do it on their own eventually and they still struggle and stumble a bit even with the chair, but the chair makes it easier and makes them feel a little safer and more stable? in a shocking analogy i genuinely never thought i would make, harru’s been my lift chair.

You May Hate Me, But I Love You [pt.4]

@peanadwithjam said: hellooo!I really like your recent jimin drabble and I hope I can request for an imagine where jimin youre married to jimin because of his father wants him to marry you and jimin has a girlfriend.His mom made you promised that you will seduce/make jimin fall in love with you because his gf isnt nice and he ends up falling for u?Thank youuu

Genre: Angst/Fluff/Romantic(?(the genres aren’t always accurate bc i write them before I even start the scenario to pls don’t be mad @ me)
Word Count: 2251
Member: Chimx2

This is most likely the last part. It’s maybe not the ending everyone wanted/expected,,,,,,bUT NONETHELESS I HOPE Y’ALL LIKE IT :DDD

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It has been two and a half months since Jimin and you were wed. Nothing changed in that time. Jimin continued to not talk much and go out late at night to probably be with Yoojung. You were always stuck at home trying to make up excuses for him to Mrs. Park because she would want to talk to him, but he wouldn’t be home. It was hard trying to deal with everything at once. On one side, Jimin’s hatred for you only grew, or at least that’s what you thought. On another side, your mom’s condition was only getting worse. Jimin still didn’t know about her and you decided it was better off if he didn’t know. 

There was only so much you could take in. You were only one person, and all of this being shoved down your throat all at once wasn’t pleasant. There would be nights where you couldn’t sleep and you would stay up until six in the morning crying. Or worst of all you’d sit on the bed staring up at the ceiling and not feel anything, no emotion at all. Everyone came to check up on you once in awhile because they’d worry but those trips became less and less because you’d put up a front of being perfectly okay. But truth was, you weren’t fine at all.

You were fired from your job because you weren’t doing anything right. So you have always been stuck at home, all alone. This was the time where all the thoughts would flood your head and begin to suffocate you. It was where your self-hatred would begin to grow. You had become so broken, so empty on the inside. At this point in time, you just wanted it all to end. You wanted it all to just be a fucking terrible dream you’d wake up from soon. 

You felt so pathetic. You couldn’t look at yourself anymore. You didn’t even want to try anymore. And it seemed that Jimin caught on to that. Sometimes a flicker of worry would flash by in his eyes when he would come back home to see you in the same spot where he left you, lost in your thoughts. Sometimes he would stand at the front door and wait for you to ask where he was going, but it would never come. Sometimes he’d stare at you for a second longer, taking in your weary features. Sometimes he would come home only to hear you sobbing at five in the morning, he always had the urge to walk in and make sure you were okay but he would have to stop himself and would force himself to leave again. Sometimes turned into all the time, and seeing you this way only made him hate you more. You weren’t supposed to be like this, not ever. He knew you as the girl who was always so cheery, so happy, so positive, so bright, so optimistic. But what he now sees is nowhere near that person anymore. It felt so foreign seeing you this way, and it made him feel so god damn strange. 


Jimin had left the house in a pissy mood a few hours ago and you knew he would come back in an even pissier mood. You knew he went to the bar to down a few drinks, that may or may not turn into a few too many. You were currently seated on the couch, the TV becoming background noise as you lost yourself in your thoughts once again. Your hand found its way to your ring finger and you began to mess around with the wedding ring, a habit you seemed to have picked up in these past few months. There was a peculiar feeling beginning to flare up in the pit of your stomach. Something wasn’t right, it felt as if today something inauspicious was going to occur. You brushed the feeling aside and leaned back onto the couch.

Your phone began to ring beside you. Namjoon’s name flashed across the screen, without giving it much thought you accepted his call and brought the phone up to your ear. 

“Namjoon, what’s up?”

“y/n, you need to come to the hospital right away.” You instantly thought of the worst and jerked up from your previous position.

“Is everything okay?”

“Everything is great, your mom woke up! Hurry and come she’s asking for you.” It was evident in Namjoon’s voice that he was crying earlier. 

“I-I don’t have the car. Jimin left the house and I don’t know if I can get a taxi at this hour.” Your eyes permeated with tears as your hands slightly trembled from this sudden news. You were flushed with a million and a half of emotions.

“I’ll come get you, get ready awhile, I’ll be there in five.” You let out a shaky okay and hurriedly scurried upstairs to get changed. 

As promised, Namjoon had arrived at the house in five. You grabbed your purse and began to make your way to the door when it suddenly swung open with revealing Jimin with blood-shot eyes and an expression that was indescribable. He glared at your figure and raised a brow. 

“Where are you going?” His voice was low and petrifying.

“I-I-I I’m going with Namjoon to th-” He cut you off, “No. You’re not going anywhere.”

“But-” You began to protest but his booming voice caused you to immediately become silent. Your eyes grew with fear as you stared at his heaving figure.

At this time Namjoon had come up to the house and invited himself in, “y/n, let’s go we can’t waste any time.”

“She’s not going anywhere,” Jimin answered Namjoon.

“Jimin she needs to go to her mo-”

“DID YOU NOT HEAR ME!?” He turned around and shoved Namjoon backward with a fist to his jaw. You shouted at Jimin, jumping forward and grabbing his arm. Namjoon’s face held shock and confusion, he didn’t know what to say. 

Jimin brushed you off to the side and then proceeded to lift Namjoon up from his collar and kicked him outside the house. He slammed the door behind him and then walked over to you harshly gripping onto your arm and dragging you upstairs. He threw you into the bedroom and locked the door from the outside. You ran up to the door and began to bang your fists against it, shouting and screaming for him to open the door and let you go to your mom as tears streamed down your red suffused cheeks. But by then he was long gone. You heard the car’s engine rev up and scurried over to the window to see him pull out the driveway and drive off. You grabbed your phone off the floor and rang up Namjoon.

“What the fuck just happened?” Was the first thing he said when he picked up your call. 

“I-I don’t know. I need you to go back to the hospital and take care of mom okay? I can’t get out of the room, just go back.” You tried to ease your shaky breath but it was extremely hard. Something bad was going to happen and it was making you tremble.

“Maybe I could try to get you ou-” You cut him of. “No! You’ll be wasting time, just go back please.” You hung up afterwards and plopped onto the bed, twiddling your fingers in your lap anxiously. 

You shot up and began to pace your room back and forth. You weren’t able to stay still and you began to feel sick to your stomach from the past few events that had just occurred. What the hell happened to Jimin? Why did he act that way? Why wasn’t he listening to you? If something happens to your mom, you swear to go you’ll never forgive him. Even if he was drunk, that is no way to fucking act.

*** 5:30 AM ***

4 hours had passed since Jimin’s outburst and finding out about your mom waking up. You weren’t able to calm down or rest for even a bit. Something heavy was pushing down on your chest and it wouldn’t go away. You were never someone who prayed, but this night, that’s all you seemed to have been doing. 

You flinched when the sudden ringing erupted from your phone that lay on the bed. You stared at it for a few seconds, something telling you not to pick it up. You hesitantly reached out for it and answered the call. 


“y/n…..” Namjoon called out your name and burst into sobs. That was enough for you to realize what happened, but you still had to ask.

With your own tears starting to flow you weakly spoke, “Namjoon…what happened?” 

“I’m so sorry…She…she…I’m so sorry y/n.” He said between sobs.

You tried to say something but your voice instantly cracked and you dropped your phone, beginning to weep. You stuffed your face in your hands, your frail body shaking with each breath you took. Everything seemed to come crashing down all at once. What did you ever do to deserve this?

It seemed like forever since you began to cry. Two hours to be exact. Two whole hours of continuous crying. Now you sit on the floor, no more tears streaming down your face. How could they? You cried so much that you weren’t able to produce anymore tears even if you wanted to. You didn’t want to believe it, you wanted this whole thing to just be a terrible nightmare and you prayed that you would wake up soon. 

The sudden turn of the door knob made you snap your head towards the bedroom door. Mrs. Park appeared from behind the door, her eyes watering as soon as she saw your figure. You shot up and ran into her embrace suddenly being able to produce tears again. She petted your head while trying to whisper words of comfort as she held your weak body in her arms. Mr. Park stood behind her, his brows furrowed while his eyes held sympathy. 

“We’re sorry.” He choked out, not being able to meet your eyes.


Two more hours had passed. Mrs. and Mr. Park stayed with you. You had now calmed down a bit but you still weren’t able to form a single word. Mrs. Park seated you on the couch and brought you a glass of water. She sat down next to you and allowed you to rest your head on her chest while her arms wrapped around you securely. Namjoon had called them shortly after he called you, he explained everything to them and the both of them had rushed over to you.

The front door opened and revealed the one and only, Park Jimin. He seemed surprised to see his parents here. His eyes fell upon you and he felt sorry. He knew he scared you the way he had acted earlier, but he wouldn’t have thought it would effect you like this. He was oblivious to what had actually happened. He opened his mouth to say something but was cut off when Mr. Park’s hand flew up to his son’s left cheek.

Jimin was shocked and stared at his father, “What was that for!? I know I shouldn’t have locked y/n in our room but I was intoxicated, I wasn’t thinking right! I was just mad, I’m sorry.”

You released yourself from Mrs. Park and made your way to Jimin, standing in front of him. After staring at him for a few seconds you spoke up, your voice was hoarse and scratchy, “My mom…She had cancer and has been in a coma for a while. Today she woke up. I was getting ready to go with Namjoon to go visit her.”

Jimin stared at you with a confused expression, he didn’t know where you were coming from. After a short pause you continued, your gaze now averted to the floor, “When you locked me in the room, I couldn’t visit her. I shouted and screamed out to you but you ignored me…I could have finally seen her, I could have felt her warmth just this one last time..Now she’s gone…She’s gone, and I couldn’t even say bye. Because of you, I wasn’t able to see her this one last time.”

“I-” He tried to say something but he couldn’t. He didn’t know what to say. So instead he let you continue, wanting you to shout at him, wanting you to scream at him, wanting you to lash out on him because he sure as hell deserved it.

You sniffled, “I hope you’re happy now Jimin. I’m finally going to leave of your life. You achieved my hatred. Live a happy life from here on out because I won’t be in it anymore. I don’t want to see your fucking face ever again, I fucking hate you, Park Jimin. I truly do.”

Leaving was the last thing he wanted you to do. He tried to spit something out, anything at all, but it was as if his throat was blocked. He wanted to stop you, but he couldn’t move, it was as if he was paralyzed. His eyes stayed fixated on you but he didn’t do anything. He didn’t have the right to. He didn’t have a reason to.

You wiped under your eyes. “Goodbye Park Jimin. This is the last time you’ll see my face.”

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imagine emma and regina get married and they adopt two hard to place teen girls who have been in the foster system for so long so that emma can give some wonderful girls a stable and loving home she so desperately needed and they end up fostering even more kids when the first batch leave for college and they are just a happy and welcoming home for anyone who needs it and they are the best moms ever

STOP THIS IS MY ULTIMATE HEADCANON…….. like people are always making them have kids of their own which to that i say 1) henry and 2) WHY WOULD EMMA NOT FOSTER BYE!!!!!

imagine it’s regina bringing the idea up though and she says “i know you may not want to, that it can bring back some terrible memories, but i want to. i want to find girls like you and show them that they’re loved just like you are” and emma says “just like me?” and regina gives that little half smile, her eyes sparkling, and she answers “exactly like you”

i feel like michael would get really excited whenever he would tell you he loved you, like if you were in public he would probably tell you aT LEAST 15 times with such a happy smile on his face with his little cheeks and his eyes lighting up whenever he’d tell you—-or just over text, lowercase wouldnt be enough so he would send you ‘I LOVE YOU’ in all caps, whether it be goodnight texts or just randomly throughout the day he’d just send a quick BABE I LOVE YOU because of how fucking clingy he’d be but in the adorable way where he always wants to make sure you’re loved because you make him such a happy bean and aw my heart is melting

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i was just standing making my mac n cheese when suddenly the sun shone through the window and lit up the steam above my mac n cheese and i just realized, in that moment, that those lil things are what makes life worth living. some mac n cheese has given me hope on life. i just wanted to tell someone about my life-changing mac n cheese. i hope everyone finds their mac n cheese someday.

!! i’ve had one of those moments, the most recent being when i woke up early in the morning for the drive to my tatinof show and i got to soak in the comforting atmosphere of the world at dawn while i listened to music and looked out my window at all the warm, sunlit scenery passing by.
you enjoy that mac n cheese and breathe in life, if you squint your eyes you can always find something that makes it all worth it.

Since i’ve gotten Kelda from the dogs home a ton of people have thanked me for adopting her, for making the Right Choicewhen dog sourcing and for ‘saving’ her. I always feel like a massive fraud because they think im this lovely person who just wanted to save a dog. There were families queuing up to adopt Kelda though, a whole fucking load of them. She is the ideal: a gorgeous loving dog with minimal behavioural issues and very sociable. She was barely in the shelter for a month! My decision to adopt Kelda was based on the dog herself. I didn’t want a puppy because of work commitments, i needed a dog which required less training and could hold its bladder for longer than a toddler of a dog. I felt Pod would be too much for any senior dog or small dog though so a medium to large dog between 2 and 9 years old seemed ideal. I wanted a girl because i find that the 1 male to 1 female ratio of dogs works well for me. I required a sociable, calm and friendly dog because i wanted her to give my current dog confidence. I also wanted a potential candidate for a therapy dog to enable me to do some more charity work in that area. I considered many options on where to get my dog and asked breeders, facebook selling groups, breed specific rescues, rehoming groups and even retired/failed working dogs. Kelda just happened to be what i was looking for and she happened to be in a shelter. She isn’t a rescue, she’s a retired racer and realistically i don’t think she’s had that many bad days in her life. I feel a massive fraud when people say well done for choosing a rescue. I chose the right dog for me, her location or sob story was irrelevant. I’d have walked to the fucking moon for the right dog. 

Excerpt from My New Fic “Dark Blue”:

Keith was always jealous of Lance McClain. It was just a fact, like the sky being blue, or grass being green. Keith was jealous of the boy with perfect brown skin and gorgeous smile and the seemingly effortless perfect grades. Lance McClain was everything Keith could ever want to be. Keith would never be bold enough to ask him what his secret was, considering they hardly ever crossed paths in the past two years. It was a new year, however, and it was bound to be full of surprises. Like this one:

It had only been a month into his junior year and he was already the top of his precalc class. That surprised him, considering Lance’s track record. What surprised him even more was when his teacher cornered him after school on day to ask him to tutor a student.

“He’s been struggling for the past few weeks, and I know that’s not like him at all, but would you mind helping him?” asked Mr. Shada.

“Sure, I don’t mind,” said Keith. How hard could it possibly be?

“He’s waiting in the library. Thank you so much Keith. I’ll be sure to give you extra participation points.” The teacher left, leaving Keith standing awkwardly in the hallway by himself.

I have to start today? That’s just spectacular.

Keith made his way to the library, bracing himself for the inevitable “Who the fuck are you?” It wasn’t that Keith hadn’t tried to stand out, but in the sea of colors that was his Arizona high school he blended in with the background. Just your average sad looking emo boy with long black hair and dark eyes. That description wasn’t even accurate. Sure he looked brooding and sad but he was funny, he laughed a lot, he even had a kitten at home. He just didn’t know how to present himself any other way. The only person at this school that knew that was his friend Pidge. They bonded over their own personal loses when they first met, and decided to stick together through this cesspool of hormonal development. She was all he really needed, like the sister his mother never had the chance to give.

Keith pushed through the large wooden doors of the library, which was usually closed but stayed open for after school tutoring at the request of a teacher. He made his way through the tall shelves lined with books that no one here really read to that back tables where tutoring was usually held. He looked around for the person he could possibly be tutoring, but he only saw Lance McClain, and his perfect dumb face and blue and white letterman jacket. Lance looked up to see him, and smiled, waving him over. Lance McClain was waving at him. Lance McPerfect McClain. What the cheese?

Keith made his way over to the table, albeit hesitantly, wondering if the universe was playing a sick joke on him. When did Lance ever need help with anything? Whatever, he was here and he needed to do this. Suck it up Kogane.

1,000+ followers??

So… I was going to do a follow forever because I reached this milestone, but honestly, I feel like I still don’t really know that many people on here yet, so I’m going to write this to tell all my followers how happy and thankful I am to have reached this milestone! Thank you to anyone who has given me feedback or even liked/reblogged my fics. I truely am greatful. I also want to thank a couple people:
1. @jungblue You were one of the first friends I made on this tumblr and here we are almost a year later still talking almost everyday. You inspired me to start this blog for myself. Anyways, you always praise my stuff and read it and tell me when I need to fix stuff before I post it and I’m always thankful! Seriously you have helped me more than you know and I’m so happy that we met and maybe eventually I will be able to make it down there to visit you at some point!
2. @royaltaehyungs is my best friend in the entire world and she is always there when I need someone to read something or just encourage me. You have always inspired me to write more, even when I first started writing. Thank you for always being there for me and telling me that my work is good, even when it isn’t that good lolol
3. @aegyopop is one of my best friends and she has been there for me even when I first started writing fanfics. She always pushed me forward when I started and was always there to read my stuff and tell me what I need to fix and all that. Thank you for ruining my life with kpop and supporting me :)
4. @baeseoul for writing such beautiful fics and helping me overcome my writers block with them. Everytime I read her stuff, I get more motivation to write again and I’m really thankful.
Also, thanks to @astrofighting, @war-of-hormoan, @princessyeolie, and @onepercenttt for listening and talking to me when I need it. I love you guys! :)
Anyways, thank for reading and I’ll try to keep up for you guys so we can make it to the next milestone! Thanks again so much to everyone who has helped me along this path! 💓

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im a bi girl and I have a bf and we've been dating for 3 years. I didn't really come to terms with liking girls until like a year ago or so. My first crush on a girl was when I was like 15 (I'm 21) but I tried to convince myself it wasn't real. Anyway, my bf has asked before if I like girls but I always told him no way because he seemed uncomfortable with it. but I like girls!! I'm not sure how to tell him now. or if I even need to? I'm all confused and I might want to try dating girls but idk

i mean… i would tell him just because if you are bi do you really wanna be dating someone who is biphobic, just be careful that he doesnt get violent or anything! make sure you do it in a way that you can leave quickly if he takes it badly! 

“clothing isn’t gendered [by society]!” 

*posts pictures of boys in dresses before breeching, when if they knew a little more about that time in fashion history they’d know that they gendered stylistic differences existed between the dresses for boys and the dresses for girls. Just because the gendering for young childrens’ clothing was different, so that boys were expected to wear dresses before pants then that they aren’t now, doesn’t mean the gendering didn’t exist*

*posts a picture of a kilt, a traditionally masculine garment that people have always distinguished as a separate distinct garment from womens’ skirts and dresses*

look we hopefully all agree that people should be allowed to wear whatever they want without fear of discrimination, but the argument that clothing is not traditionally gendered by social standards simply does not hold, and you can’t make that argument using pictures of clothes that actually are traditionally gendered.

I hope that I’m correctly explaining my point here because I’m not talking about how I think things should be, I’m talking about things as they historically were and currently are even if I don’t like how it is.

i just wanted to make a post to remind the world that i love General Jack O’Neill

maybe someday i’ll make one of those fake ironic powerpoint posts about Stargate, the spiritual successor to Star Trek, and one of the best scifi shows ever made but i’m too lazy right now

i just need all of you to know that Jack O’Neill is the sarcastic, genre-savvy character you always wanted in your fave show and so much more

like…guys GUYS he gave an orphaned alien girl a dog and told her it’s a law that all kids on earth get dogs 

he’s so good y’all

when i know what i want i dont know how to stop trying to get it. but i would never change myself in order to try to make someone like me. i will be completely myself always

On that note, I think that’s all the premier blogging I have in me tonight! I’m exhausted! To summarize: 

I loved this episode.

No but really, I loved it. 

Characters communicating. With other characters. Using their words. Speaking. Sharing thoughts about feelings. Revolutionary! 

Rumbelle not making me want to rip my hair out. Belle being the amazing character I know she can be. not!Morpheus!RumbelleJr being a babe if not a shady babe. (It’s always the ones in the robes.)

Emma and Killian. Just, there they were, in front of my eyeballs. Being in love and facing the obstacles. I’m not worried about these two love muffins, there will be limited angst and then sweet confessions of love and devotion. Also Emma isn’t going to die so it’ll all be fine. Everything is fine. (And the Oracle is a liar and also Jafar. Her calling card was fucking Iago.) 

Zelena as the harried new mother, being the Worst Roommate ever. 10/10

Regina and Snow having a moment that honestly melted my heart. Also Regina being emotional about Robin was unexpected and SO welcome. (I thought they were going to gloss over it so this was such a pleasant surprise.) 

Anyway, love ya babes. So glad we’re finally back in proper Once Upon a Time season :) I’ve missed this.

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yesterday's topic: shaving today's topic: I WANT MATTHEW TO SHOVE HIS DICK DOWN MY THROAT

Ahaha I know!!! You guys always surprise me but it makes me laugh so much 😂😂

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my ex abuser literally always checks my blogs and my social media and shit and at this point i dont know how to stop him other than getting a restraining order on him? ive even blocked him on fucking everything ever and he stil finds ways to stalk me its fucking creepy as hell. i dont really need advice ig bc itd be kinda hard to give advice for but i just wanted to vent uughhghghr

Tbh reinvent urself online, just use new usernames for Everything Ever and automatically block him. Also make it so u can’t just google ur blog, like so u have to be on tumblr to see ur blog. Idk if this helps but good luck

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for that anon, he doesn't follow a typical religion like when he was mormon, and doesn't believe in a god. So he says music is his religion and tbh i think that's a valid religion haha

you’re right he has explained his views on religion in various interviews:

  • “In the last five years I’ve felt less resentful about where I came from, my roots in religion, in spirituality,” says Urie who was born into a Mormon family. “I wanted to touch on that and make it a point to recognize our fans and just how much of my work, my job, is my religion. Touring is my religion. Music is all-encompassing—my religion. So, I wanted to celebrate that.”
  • “Yeah. I’ve always considered myself to be a spiritual person. I’ve always looked for deeper meaning in everything I’ve done. We have these discussions on the bus, where we share stories and stuff. And sharing some of my stories now, I realize that not everybody did the things I did. So it’s kind of nice to reflect on the past and share experiences, because then you start to learn, ‘Oh yeah. I’ve always been a spiritual person.’ But I have a different way of going about it, to the point where I can finally share these experiences with other people now. And I have no regrets.” 
  • “‘Hallelujah’ is such a strong word. It meant nothing when I said it growing up in church. It is something that I learned through music instead of religion.”

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akdnsksn lukes such a lil attention hoe and you're such a romantic omg he'd love it when you spoil him with new clothes and jewelry and hats, or when you give him flowers when he comes off stage, congratulating him and he gets all blushy n shy muttering a 'thanks' and he'd honestly love that you are so romantic but he'd try his best but sorta always end up failing with this kind of stuff but makes it up to you with you buying whatever you want for the whole day and giving you orgasms all night

he deserves to be spoiled, i wanna spoil him so much and love him so much i can’t breathe bc he deserves the kind of love that consumes you sfkbdgk