Oh my god, how the hell did I get so invested in Shameless? I seriously didn’t see this coming.

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I just scrolled all the way back to look at every art piece you've ever drawn and I love them all so much!! Your art style is so unique, whenever I see it I immediately know that it's you - there's something so pleasing about it that's hard to explain but ugh I just crave it it's so good!!! I love this au v much, they're all so twisted but I adore them anyway... and Jin is hot.... shhh... Also, you're so lovely and sweet to people and you deserve the world. Have a nice day xxx

Aw bless your heart my angel, I’m so glad to know my style is pleasing i always feel like its a clusterfuck of cringe. I’ll continue working hard for you! have a nice day too.♡♡

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Another great one, in part because they both fall into that “they’re problematic and I know it but I adore them anyway” category. Ultimately, I think Wesley and I would be more compatible and have a deeper connection. (See every post I’ve ever written about just how much I love dorky, intellectual nerds…add in a British accent and someone who happens to look like Alexis Denisoff, and I’m a goner!) I feel like Xander and I might have trouble ever getting past the ‘sarcastic banter’ stage :) 

Thank you, my friend!!

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Frankly Shipping has their own Warfstache Anon (And a few other anons) and judging by how they reacted to Dark going for their tummy yesterday, I feel you should change that 8/10 to a cheeky 10/10 ;D I also recommend keeping an eye on the blog when they come on, because it's always pretty entertaining!

Oh, ive been following Alex for a while haha!

Ive been with them since theyre first couple fics lmao theyre REALLY good



Anyway yeah haha!

Why I support Garnet breaking up.

 Before I start writing anything, I’d like to first state that I do believe love has no gender and I am a strong believer in gay rights. I am willing to come to an understanding with each and every one of you on this topic; and not only will I respect your opinion on why you disagree with me, but I will also treat you with the same respect. Now let’s all get along and get right to it.

First, I’d like to start this off by saying how I absolutely love the series and characters. I can’t say I have a favorite character since all of them are to my liking so far. Garnet however stood out the most to me due to her being created and showed as just one crystal gem, until you find out she’s actually a fusion of a couple named Ruby and Sapphire. ( I absolutely ADORE them. ) Anyway, during the times I did see them, I noticed that their relationship seemed to be getting more and more codependent. This word, is what I noticed other fans noticing about the couple. It’s a type of dysfunctional helping relationship where you feel like you can’t do anything without the other person by your side.

In “Jail Break” Ruby is rocking herself, and muttering incoherently. Once she sees Steven, she is immediately jumpy, and filled with rage. Unable to keep herself focused and dealing with the thoughts of not being able to be a part of Sapphire again. She first tells him to leave but using his… Steven'ness… he shoves his way under the jail bars letting her free, this causes her to run directly in search of Sapphire. Sapphire seems to acknowledge Steven and take him with her, but her main concern of course is Ruby.

In “Keystone Motel” they are both in a feud showing their differences handling situations together. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I sorta get the vibe they believe they know each other all too well and act on it in a negative way. Ruby stating how Sapphire isn’t above this situation while Sapphire says how Ruby is just letting her emotions get out of hand and that Ruby will come back and realize that she’s right.

In “Hit the Diamond” they are unable to keep their focus on the game. Not used to being apart and unable to stop flirting. This causes Steven to remind them that they are doing this to protect a friend. Sapphire then says how she only wants to look at Ruby and Ruby tells her that when she runs back to home base she can look at her. After hitting the ball, overjoyed Sapphire jumps into Rubys arms causing them to fuse.

I believe they should get back together after spending some time apart of course, plus who wouldn’t want to see more of these two beautiful gems? I believe it would bring more character to both of them. Make them two individual gems more apart of the story and come back as Garnet when the times right, make them not so afraid to be apart. Thank you all for reading this, I look forward to hearing out all of your responses.


So! This is my tribute to the AWESOME acapella group Pentatonix. I’m a big fan! They have amazing voices, talent, a great sense of humour, and I wish they come to my country someday :“)

I tried to make them as realistic as they could be, and it was SO difficult. Like, they’re so different from each other, and I wanted to do them just like they are and asdfghjk I just adore them. Anyway, I guess drawing their faces was the most difficult part. And coloring. DAMN, coloring skin is pretty hard! But I guess it was a good practice for me :)

This drawing took me almost 2 weeks to finish and it has more than 170 layers, so please, if you like it, reblog and click on Like! :D


first off, sorry about this sad edit, i rushed through it in like two seconds so just, yeah. //still crazy pissed that kiras gone so it had to have her in it// and this isn’t exactly a follow forever just more of a blog appreciation, following someone forever isnt really realistic so.  

and secondly, im going on a trip tomorrow so i won’t be online for a week and id thought id make this before i forgot and all of these blogs are my absolute faves, i adore them.  

anyways if you’re not on here, it could just be that we haven’t been following each other for very long or that i dont see you on my dash a lot. regardless i love you all. literally itd gr8 if u all’d be my best friends like rn youre amazing ok. and honestly ive never felt more included in a fandom before, joining you guys was such a good decision (◕‿◕✿) 

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Commitment (Danisnotonfire Imagine)

unfoxs: hello! how are you? before i say anything, you two are fantastic writers! i absolutely adore them! anyway, behold the prompt: the previous night you had told dan (howell) that you love him and he didn’t know how to respond to which you just said something along the lines of “take your time, i understand.” the next day, dan is just laying in his bed, thinking about your relationship, wondering if he is ready to begin a serious relationship with you or not.

Word Count: 1425

Warnings: it’s a little long haaa



It was date night. Your boyfriend, Dan, was taking you out to bowling. It was simple, but it would be really fun. You and Dan grabbed the special bowling shoes, walking over to your alley. Both of you slipped on the shoes, making sure they were a perfect fit. They were, thankfully. You and Dan typed in your names on the screen, officially starting a two-round game.

The night was filled with tons of banter and laughter. You were beating Dan and he kept trying to distract you so you wouldn’t hit any pins. He would act like a small child and pout when you got a strike, and he threw bits and pieces of the junk food you guys ordered from the snackbar. Both of you seemed to had been laughing the whole night.

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