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how do you headcanon the batboys? like they're all described with black hair and blue eyes but like how do you really tell the difference? as an example, i always thought jason would be more muscular than his brothers with a square jaw and kind of more roguishly handsome while dick would be more classically attractive, etc? i just wanted ur opinion on this

I actually did make a post about that here… but I’m going to expound on it because I think it’s important and very interesting. Because not only are people (especially people of different backgrounds who aren’t related and Dick wasn’t even from Gotham) very different looking but also personalities create/are created by the physical limitations of the individual so it’s basically impossible to stress the many differences between the boys when they’re all the same height, weight, expression. Like… come one artists, you had one job. Gonna put this under the cut because wow I talk a lot and I clearly have put way too much thought into this.

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wHY DO PEOPLE SHIP HARDY X ROSE IM GOING TO DRIVE A NAIL THIROUGH MY FOREHEAAD IF I SEE ONE MORE FaNFIC ON AO3 i mean like can you please discuss this???? rose is a daughter figure to hardy??? and she... literally resembles to daisy??

I have discussed this before, I just didn’t tag my salt so it’s lost in the depths of my tumblr.

BUUUT if you want me to spill the shaker again this ship ABSOLUTELY squicks me the fuck out and I still can’t account for its popularity because

  • she’s a teenager
  • she’s barely 4 years older than his daughter
  • she looks like Lisa Newberry, whom he sort of saw as a surrogate daughter figure
  • she’s the SAME AGE as Lisa Newberry
  • the narrative was pretty fucking explicit on the fact that lee ashworth (a few years YOUNGER than hardy) was a complete fucking predatory creep for taking advantage of Lisa & going after a teenager/a girl so much younger than himself so you’re basically implying that Hardy would do exactly what Lee Ashworth did.
  • and I’m pretty damn sure he wouldn’t????
  • like honestly if he met her there is NO WAY IN FUCK he would see her in a romantic light
  • their personalities. are incompatible. full fucking stop.
  • IN WHAT WAY DO THEIR PERSONALITIES MESH AT ALL. “oh because she’d understand him and make him better like she made the doctor better” ok but that doesn’t amount to them having ANYTHING IN COMMON or being compatible, and also
  • YOUNG WOMEN DO NOT EXIST TO MAKE OLDER/BROKEN/DAMAGED DUDES BETTER. GIRLS DO NOT EXIST TO HEAL MEN WITH THEIR LOVE. It’s a gross fucking trope and I hate it. The young/perfect/beautiful girl ~~saving him through her love~~ and then becoming a sexual prize for him, fuck off
  • the whole “making someone better” thing only works if it is mutual, otherwise you just get this gross power imbalance and a cardboard cutout of a mary-sue whose only purpose is to serve the male character’s growth (I could say more about this but I won’t) 
  • I’ve been harassed by a bunch of rude-ass anons saying that “at least rose is pretty, unlike ellie!” listen up you mouldy fucking aubergine, ellie is fucking gorgeous, and implying that you have to be a perky blonde teenager to be considered pretty/worthy of love/worthy of writing about is gross af 
  • on the same point (getting a little sidetracked) I’m quietly pissed about how much resistance there is to pairing men with women their own age. It’s a massive problem in the media overall and I kind of see the popularity of this ship as an extension of this
  • like it is completely fine not to be feelin the hardy/miller vibes but the anons I got really implied that it was ellie’s appearance that was the problem???? okay but she has just as many wrinkles and saggy bits as hardy/DT so I don’t see why you would find that a problem WAIT UNLESS OF COURSE we’re trained to view women as having an expiry date. sorry olivia colman, but we can’t pair you with a dude the same age (a few years OLDER, actually) as you, that’d be super gross, back in your box you go
  • and I always loved how Chris Chibnall made Ellie an explicitly desirable and attractive character in the show - and then I get these anons up in my grill saying they couldn’t ship her with hardy because she’s not “good enough”??? eat a dick
  • DISCLAIMER: I’m throwing a “not all shippers” thing in here because I know it’s like 2% of the fandom that’s sending those anons and being like that and I have to apologise to the ones who don’t
  • also sorry for being salty I’m stopping
  • ship and let ship
  • but keep it approximately three quarters of the distance of the earth from the sun away from me
  • pls

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Stop calling Ari's exes "dead weight" because i bet you've made some shitty dating mistakes in your sad pathetic life. You are bitter and jealous of her success. So shut the fuck up you sad, useless, pathetic bitch face cunt!!

woooow, how old are you, babe. Those are some pretty big words you’re using there- do your parents know? Take a pill and chill out; I think you’l find I can call anyone dead weight all I want becuse this is my blog. My life is also quite happy, thank you

I think you should calm down and either 1, go back to twitter or 2, fuck off. Or, both 1 & 2 at the same time. 

Jesus Christ. Think about things before you say them when you grow up please, because this ask was a lot.  I am an adult and I’m not going to be bullied online so go and hug your mom, okay?


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It was so hard for me to choose because I have made over 1000 gifs of Leo alone (say whuuttt!!!) and I gotta choose between smexy, stripper, if looks could kill, cute and fluffy etc etc. Anyway you get my point and so I chose Hamzzi coz Leo + Food = OTP!!!

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Make Me Choose - The Burtons or The Redfields?

Asked by: @shevalomar {2 of 4}

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Hello, I don't want to bother you, but could you possibly do Lams 22 please? (From the new list) I love your tiny fics :)

I sure can, my dear Anon! And thank you so much! It makes me really happy to hear that you enjoy them :’) Kiddos, you may wanna buckles those angst seatbelts because WE’RE GOING FOR A RIDE ;) This is another college AU where Ham and Laurens rent an apartment together. ENJOY!!!  

“Can I open my eyes yet?”

Week One

They started Alexander with half a tablet. Half a blue tablet for one week, then call the doctor.

Laurens made sure his boyfriend always took it, casually grabbing a glass of water or pretending he was looking for a paper on their ever messy kitchen table as Alex glared at the orange medicine bottle for a solid five minutes before opening it, tapping out a pill, and bitterly breaking it in half, swallowing it without any water, as if he wanted it to feel uncomfortable.

Laurens always wanted to say something to persuade his boyfriend to take it with a drink, but he was simply relieved he was taking it at all. They could work on the rest later.

“Do you feel any of the side effects?” Laurens asked one night after Alex had forced the half-pill down his throat, Laurens cringing but hiding it well.

“Nope,” Alexander said, offering Laurens a tight-lipped smile.

Laurens fully believed Alex. His boyfriend’s behavior was wholly unchanged. He was still anxious, but he wasn’t reporting any of the forewarned discomforts that often come with starting an anti-anxiety medication.

Maybe, in this one aspect of his life, he would be lucky.  

Week Two

“I don’t want to up it,” Alexander yelled over the phone. He was pacing around their small living room, his socked feet pounding the wood floor. “You said it takes a month to work, so how do we know this dosage won’t work?”

He was silent for a moment before his tan face went from red to redder. “Well maybe a starting dose is enough for me!” He pulled the phone away from his ear and angrily pressed the red end call button.

“Babe?” Laurens asked, looking up at Alex from where the freckled boy was curled up on the couch with a novel he had to read for class.

“I don’t even need it,” Alex mumbled. “It’ll pass, just like all the other times. I just need more time!”

“Alex,” Laurens said. He patted the couch and Alex reluctantly flopped down next to him. “Everyone says this is for the best. Your therapist thinks it’ll be really beneficial, your doctor agrees, and…” Laurens took a deep breath. “And so do I, babe. I hate to see in pain, to see you constantly fighting this, especially when there’s something that could help you with your fight.”

“John,” Alex groaned, leaning his head back against the wall and shutting his eyes. “Don’t. You don’t know how this feels.”

“No,” Laurens said, taking his boyfriend’s hand. “I don’t. But I want to. Will you tell me?”

Alex lifted his head, a look of surprise on his face. He was silent for a moment as he looked his boyfriend in the eyes. “I can sure try,” he finally said, tightening his grip on Laurens’ hand.

Week Three

Alexander, after coaxing from Laurens and his therapist, had finally listened to the doctor and took his medication at the full dosage. Laurens noticed a change, but not the one he wanted to see.

“Alex, babe,” Laurens said, knocking gently on the bedroom door.

There was a vague grumble from the other side, where Alexander was still in bed even though he had class in twenty minutes and getting to campus would take up ten of those minutes.

“You okay?” Laurens called. When there was no response, Laurens opened the door, which he had shut, so as not to disturb Alex, when he’d gotten up two hours ago to finish a paper for class that afternoon.

“Babe,” Laurens said, sitting down next to his boyfriend and running a hand through his dark hair.

“I don’t feel good,” Alexander muttered.

“How so?” Laurens asked, brow creased in concern.

“I feel sick,” Alex said, his voice cracking.

“Oh, shhh, babe, it’s okay. It’s just your body getting used to the meds.”

“Fuck the meds,” Alexander cried into the pillow, sobs suddenly overtaking him.

“Babe, Alex, it’s gonna get better. The doctor said that any side effects like this would only last about a week,” John tried to comfort his boyfriend. “When was the last time you ate?” Laurens asked.

“Breakfast, yesterday,” Alex sighed.

“Alexander!” Laurens exclaimed.

“I’m not hungry, John! The medication makes me feel sick and full,” he said, turning over, glassy eyes piercing into Laurens’.

“Well you still need to eat,” Laurens said. When Alex failed to respond, he sighed. “That’s it. We’re both staying home today,” Laurens declared. “I’ll run by campus and drop off my paper and any of your assignments, then I’m taking care of you.”

When Alex opened his mouth to protest, Laurens held a finger up to his lips, silencing him. “Let me do this for you, Alex. I want to,” Laurens said.

Alexander was still for a moment, then softly kissed Laurens’ finger. “Thank you,” he whispered.

Laurens bent over and kissed his boyfriend’s forehead. “Anything for you.”

Week Four

“Can I open my eyes yet?” Alex shouted even though he and Laurens were in the same room.

“One second!” Laurens shouted back just as obnoxiously.

Laurens had wanted to do something nice for Alexander, to show him how proud he was that he was taking his meds and letting his boyfriend and friends help him when he needed it. He finished arranging the sweets–– cinnamon rolls from Eliza, crepes from Lafayette, muffins from Hercules, and a bunch of his favorite chocolate bars from Laurens–– on the table.

Alex’s appetite had come back a few days ago, so this seemed like the most appropriate way to celebrate, especially since Laurens had watched his already tiny boyfriend shrink even more over the past week.

“Okay, you can open your eyes now,” Laurens said.

Alex took in the table of treats from and a grin broke out across his face.

“We all pitched in and made, or, in my case, bought,” Laurens said with a chuckle, “you something to celebrate how well you’re doing.”

Alexander ran over to Laurens and enveloped the other boy in a hug. “I love you and our friends so much,” he said into Laurens’ shoulder.

“We love you, too, babe,” Laurens said.

Alex broke away from Laurens and hungrily eyed the table of food. “I need one of those muffins,” he said.

“I need a cinnamon roll,” Laurens said.

Both boys laughed and dug in, all the stress and the little blue pills forgotten as they enjoyed each other and the sweets.


sonamoo - i like u too much (dance practice)


high school kurooi part 1 | part 2

originally this wasn’t gonna be in parts but it was way too long and I’m weak for the scrolling comic format ;;; also this took all week to draw when it really shouldn’t have…I’ve been distracted with work and mainly pokemon go…sweats ;;; go team instinct