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Okay lets change topics guys! Have you seen the latest episode of run bigbang scout? There seem to be some secrets top and his manager want to keep in germany lol tops manager was soo intimidated haha does anyone know or heard anything?

I’ve just watched it XD his manager was scared to death lol
I think there’s no special secret here, it’s just that Seunghyun
hates when people knows about details of his life :D his manager knows how secretive Seunghyun is so all he did was just show his loyalty (avoiding the tremendous wrath of our tabi)

Poor manager Choi ~

Definitely, Maybe | A Clexa AU

“Fine, I’ll tell you the story. But I’m not telling you who Mommy is — you’re going to have to figure it out for yourself.”


“And I’m changing all of the names… and some of the facts. We’ll see how smart you are.”

 “I like it, it’s like a love story mystery.”



Ritsu Kasanoda: first year, class D.

He has long red hair, a mean-looking appearance, is reserved and has few friends. It is said if your eye meets his, you’ll have bad dreams for 3 months. If you bump into him, you’ll end up in the hospital, and talking back to him sends you to an early grave. He is so feared by his class-mates that they call him “The Walking Blizzard.”