• Jazar and Dord
  • the continuing adventures of damianos “really REALLY sucks at subterfuge” of akielos
  • laurent staying with the horse until it died )))))))):
  • laurent hitting an akielon with a lamb
    • damen: ‘………fuck’
  • I need a full length story about damen and laurent attempting to figure out rabbit skinning bc they are TOO ROYAL FOR DIS 
  • everyone discussing whether laurent and damen were boning in front of them + wild theories about how they met and damen being all ‘excuse u i fucked that display fighter for 7hrs not 6’
  • damen like ‘I CAN’T MEET HEIRON’ and charls being all ‘awwww it’s ok bb we all get shy in front of important people’
  • finally an akielon marginally better at subterfuge than damen
  • charls having a Fatherly Talk with damen
    • charls: ‘you’ve chosen a difficult path but i’m sure he’ll still love u long after he marries the king of akielos’
    • damen: ‘thank……..u’
  • no but it was a very cute scene ; u ; charls is a good bean


The Amazing Talented Wonderful @emeraldld drew this fantastic FANART for my demigod/voltron fic Love on the Battlefield am I’m 

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This is so great like everything about him is perfect! 

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BTS as quotes from my co-workers pt. 2
  • Seokjin: "I got two hours of sleep because I was worried sick, sitting up waiting for my son to come home."
  • Yoongi: "I say a lot of bad things to you guys, but I don't think I can top 'kill yourself'."
  • Hoseok: "I am not satisfied, but I'm still smiling."
  • Namjoon: "I've fallen in this kitchen four times and I do not plan on falling again." *hobbles out of the room*
  • Jimin: "Oh, you missed me. It's been a month I can tell. I just know it, you definitely missed me."
  • Taehyung: "You know that Michael Jackson song, Smooth Criminal? That's me. Check my pockets." *reveals 50 butter patties*
  • Jungkook: "They say you can't leave until a quarter after five, but when you're this good who cares."

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You know what? I have this headcanon that Prince loves the newest Ed Sheeran's album, "Divide", and that one day, excited by it, he drags Anxiety to slow dance "Perfect" with him. ((Just imagine Logic and Morality shipping them hard, so cute))

**Here’s the song for those who want to listen while reading, also I’m now in love with this album thanks**

Anxiety’s steps were slow, his head was low, and his hood was pulled low over his face to hide his expression.

Prince looked up as the darker boy entered the room, and a sad smile crossed his face. He skipped a few songs on his mp3, and when the right song came on he dimmed the lights, turned up the volume and walked over to take Anxiety’s hand.

Anxiety tried pulling away, but Prince kept a gentle but firm grip and pulled him to the center of their shared room.

“Dance with me,” Prince whispered.

Anxiety made a point of pointing his head in the other direction to avoid the other, but prince lifted his spare hand and slowly slid his hood back, and placed a finger under his chin. He slowly drew the others gaze to his, and avoided flinching at the sorrow in his Beloved’s eyes.

Anxiety didn’t look away though, and Prince knew that was a good sign. He smiled softly.

“Dance with me,” He whispered again.

Anxiety didn’t make a sign of affirmation but he did not turn down Prince’s request either. So Prince slowly took his hand, and began to slowly sway to the music.

After a few moments of no response, Anxiety grasped a bit tighter at Prince’s hand, and took his other to wrap around Prince’s waist and leaned his head on the others shoulder, minimizing the distance between the both of them.

Prince’s smile seemed to turn more sincere and he pressed a kiss against Anxiety’s temple.

As they danced Prince slowly lead them out of their sway into small steps, into larger ones, and then finally they were slowly traveling around the room, Prince holding Anxiety close, spinning him, and slowly bringing a smile to Anxiety’s lips and laughter to his eyes.

As the song came to an end, Anxiety was dipped, and he pulled Prince down to kiss him long and sweet.

When they both stood once more, Anxiety let out a soft laugh against the others lips.

“Thank you,” He kissed him again softer, and when he pulled away placed a few more pecks to the others soft lips.

“I love you, Prince.”

“I love you, Anxiety.”


#if you’re having a bad day #just remember #that these two perfect dorks are in love #and are dating #and are the purest thing in a world

I'm still hurting.

Betty smiled at the little dark haired boy currently staring up at her like she held the moon itself

“And I was just wondering.. maybe you would want to share this popsicle with me? It gots two parts, I could have one and you could have one?” His brown eyes were shining so bright with hope and adoration, there was no way humanly possible she could say no, not even if she wanted too.

His name was Titan James and he was five years old, he was from the Southside and he was Betty’s ultimate fan. Betty adored him more than any child she knew, and Betty was the towns go to babysitter so she knew quite a few of Riverdales youngest. children loooveeedd her. But Titan was special, with his shaggy dark waves and big brown eyes, he was so well behaved it was clear his parents had raised him right, those types of parents were hard to come by on the Southside. Betty babysat for free, the more time she could spend with the spirited boy the better.

She hadn’t meant to run into him, she had come to the park to think, to enjoy the quiet, get away from the obnoxious battlefield that was her home. But looking at the smiling little boy she grabbed the sticky popsicle and planted a sloppy kiss to his cheek, there was no one else she would rather spend her alone time with.

“I would love too Titan, thank you very much.”
He blushed like only a five year old could, and scooted next to her on the soft grass. She knew he had a huge crush on her and she always felt flattered, while he was always sweet to everyone he had promised he would never like a girl, they were all icky and mean. She found herself giggling at the similarities he shared with another dark haired boy. Speaking of Jughead…
He was the number one thing on her mind, the main reason she had had to get away.

She was ruining things with him, slowly but surely pulling away. It wouldn’t work out, she had too much baggage, he deserved better, he had plenty of his own problems and she couldn’t be good enough for him, couldn’t be perfect. Plus… it was impossible to love her, sure everyone loved Betty but no one ever truly “loved” her. She felt her eyes sting and her breath get shaky. Suddenly a tiny hand was wrapping itself around her own.

“Don’t be sad Miss Betty, I don’t like it when your sad. I love you.” Titan spoke slowly and deliberately, punching each word out, trying to make sense of what he was saying.

Suddenly the dams broke and Betty was crying, grabbing the little boy and pulling him into her arms, she pressed him against her body and he snuggled right up, he was used to her cuddles, they lay like this all the time before bed.

“Oh Titan I love you too. So much.” She whispered into his hair “these are happy tears, I’m so happy to know you little one” she could feel Titan smile against her neck, and she felt the ache in her chest ease up.

She was so broken, she thought she was okay, thought she was fixed, but she wasn’t. The ache Archie had left on her heart was still there and even though Jughead was slowly healing all the pain, she still felt it. Every time her mother made a comment about her weight she could feel the hurt getting greater and greater, when her dad would slam out the front door, swearing and cursing the Cooper name, she felt as though she were being ripped open. She was broken and she was still hurting. Squeezing Titan closer to her she closed her eyes.


Her eyes snapped open at the familiar voice, that would be her boyfriend. His timing was always impeccable. Straightening her messy ponytail and wiping her eyes, she looked up at Jughead, standing their watching the crying girl and the five year old boy cuddled together in the grass.

“Hi Juggie” she whispered finally getting a good look at him, he was a mess, he was beanie less his dark hair a Tousled heap, his clothes were wrinkled and he was sweating like he’d been running.

“What’s going on?” He asked a brow raised “ you texted me “I can’t be with you, I’m sorry I love you.” And that was it? What is going on? Are you okay? I’ve been looking for you for hours.“ He was panting slightly, still curiously looking at the young child in her arms.

"This is Titan” Betty smiled, gently nudging Titan to introduce himself.

Always the gentleman, Titan smiled, sticking a tiny little hand out

“My name is Titan, Betty’s my best friend. What’s your name and who’s your best friend?”

Jughead actually laughed, his panicked eyes finally settling slightly

“I’m Jughead, and Betty’s my best friend too, I guess that makes us best friends by association huh?” Jughead plopped down on the grass next to the pair.

Titan was practically bouncing “you wanna be my friend too? Did you hear that Betty? He wants to be my friend too!”

Betty laughed softly, pulling her wallet out and handing him two dollars “well I would say that deserves another popsicle, you go on and get one, it’s not official until the popsicle has been split” she nodded mock seriously at Jughead, who smiled back

“Oh of course, how could I forget. You better hurry before they sell out bud.” Jughead nudged his head at the ice cream truck by the bathrooms. Titan practically tripping as he scrambled to the truck.

As soon as the little boy was out of ear shot, Jughead grabbed Betty’s hand
“What’s up sunshine?”

Betty’s felt the tears well up again at the nickname, her body aching to just curl into him, by she had to do this, it was the best thing for him

“I can’t be with you Jughead. I’m sorry but I can’t, you need… better. Someone stronger. I’m not…I’m so weak, I’m so.. broken.” She finished off her voice cracking slightly. Suddenly Jugheads hands were on either side of her face and he was cupping her cheeks

“You’re not broken” Betty opened her mouth to protest but he cut her off “ you are not broken, you’re.. chipped, a very easy fix, a little paint and your good as new. I know you’ve been through so much shit, these past few months, I know how hard it’s been. You can talk to me. You know that. But me and you? We’re not breaking up. You’re the best thing to ever happen to me, I love you, I can’t lose you.”

Betty rested her forehead against his, releasing a shaky, relived breath “ I’m still hurting Jughead” she choked out.

She felt his eyelashes brush her face “we all are, we just have to use what we have to ease the pain, we have each other sunshine, always will.”

Betty took a deep breath and looked into his deep blue eyes, she was safe. He could help her, he could make her a little less broken, bringing her lips to his, she kissed him softly. Suddenly they were interrupted by the quick footsteps of their favorite five year old

“I got grapes! Cuz everybody likes grapes.” The little boy was grinning ear to ear as he held the two popsicles “here you go miss Betty, you can have two, because you’re my favorite.” He handed her one of the double pops and she laughed, ruffling his hair. “Thanks bug”

Tearing the wrapper off he split the double popsicle into two pieces, happily handing one to Jughead

“Okay now we can officially be friends, I wanna do a bread!” Titan smiled excitedly

Jughead looked at the brown eyed boy with a confused smile. “A bread?”

Suddenly Betty barked out a laugh
“You mean a toast?”

Titan nodded happily

“A toast! A toast to grape popsicles and .. and love!” The little boy giggled wildly at Betty, who giggled along with him, the laughter was contagious and suddenly all three of the sticky popsicle holding kids were rolling around in the grass, Jughead had one arm around Betty’s waist and the other around Titans

“To grape popsicles and love” he whispered into Betty’s ear.