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I thought i meant something for you, you know? But i was wrong, so wrong… The worst part is that we were gettin’ close and i was starting to know you. I thought you were different haha stupid girl, i should’ve known. You are like the others, just trying to impress and i’m tired of your bullshit. I’m so done and i’m tired of you. I really thought i was especial… I thought i was special for someone but i’m not haha what a funny thing. The life is a funny thing, you know? And since now, i will be the woman who only loved herself cause i don’t want tears and “sorry’s” and “i will change”, that’s bullshit! People don’t change, you didn’t changed. You’re still being the same fucking boy who is trying to impress, well… fuck you :-)

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I know this is out of the blue but I just wanted to tell you I love the way you draw Eren's smile like it captures every ounce of happiness I feel when I see him and idk how to explain it but it looks really really really happy and it fills my heart with rainbows

omg thaaaank you so much! :D I should make my babs smile more XD

wow i was hit with a lot of really complicated feelings last night and it is taking me forever to understand how to articulate them.

this post is mostly about my perspective on the matter, and I want to note that attempting to explore how I feel about this may come off as selfish, but I, in the end, believe that her decision is ultimately correct. 

the worst aspect of the situation is that everything about the way she handled it only increased my respect, admiration, and desire for her. I’m trapped in this paradox where her prohibition strengthens how I feel about her, but the more I feel for her the more pain I feel. 

I’m so selfish for secretly wanting her to throw caution to the wind. However, I’m aware that I can never attempt to understand how badly she wants this surgery. she is justified in no matter what she does, and she does so with grace. 

I also was reminded last night how much quoc cares about me and how he truly does have the capacity to be a great friend.