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“I’ll watch all the big events you’re in on television, and I’ll be saying, ‘I was Ushijima’s true friend’, so don’t you dare go slacking on me.”

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Never in my life have I laugh/cried more than just this evening. Holy shit. My ten year old brother’s reactions to stranger things has added five years to my life, and I will cherish this memory forever. 

brother: *watches bob newby’s final scene* 

brother: *turns to my mom*

brother: “mom, can i express myself freely?”

our mom: *slightly bemused* “of course, mijo, go ahead”


our mom: 


i’ve written a song! this is only the second verse and half of the chorus but can you guys tell me what you think? it’s called 6000 miles :“)

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Who told you I was still sane? c:

No seriously, art can be a very frustrating thing sometimes. I don’t get as frustrated as before but when I do, my trick is to just step back a bit, relax and think about good things. Listening to music is great too. Or in my case, I play a disney movie and draw at the same time. Listening to voices helps me concentrate somehow… I hope this was useful?

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Hi Dian, whenever I use Kyle Webster's brush tools, my photoshop lags. Is there a way to convert his "Tool files" into "Brush files? I'm just drawing on 10x10" 300 dpi. When I use default photoshop brushes I can go as large as 20x20" 300 dpi with no lag. I'm a bit confused as to why there is lag. I appreciate any input b/c I'm still a newbie to digital art :'D

Welp, There are many ways to do it.

Take this brush as an example. Pick it from Tool Preset

Right click it on your canvas, save it via New Brush Preset

And then you can find your new brush here.

The reason why Kyle saved all his brushes via Tool Preset is because Tool Preset is the only way to preserve the specific settings of the brushes (that is, brush texture, opacity, flow, and mode, etc.). Keep in mind that once you convert the brush to the Brush Preset, it might not work as well as its creator had intended it to. 

Also, if you just want to practice drawing and upload the art to internet, 150~200dpi is more than enough. Some artists prefer 300dpi because they need the file to be big enough that when you blow the file up up to 3x it won’t blur or pixilate on print file. Keep your canvas around 8inx8in, 150dpi would be a good start. You can always resize the canvas as needed. 

New TF2 30 Day Drawing Challenge!
Day 15:
Most embarrassing moment from your early TF2 days
(I don’t know if these are the most embarrassing moments but anyway…) Getting shot by the same Sniper too many times… because you don’t take the other road and getting lost…

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Hello, I'm quite a newly found witch as I only discovered Paganism and Wicca about 5 months ago and was wondering how I should prepare for Samhain and if I'm still too much of a newbie to celebrate the holiday?

Merry Meet Anon! :)

You’re never too much of a newbie to celebrate a holiday! Samhain is especially a fun one.

There are many ways to celebrate Samhain. Here are a few:

  • Samhain Nature Walk. Take a meditative walk in a natural area near your home. Observe and contemplate the colors, aromas, sounds, and other sensations of the season. Experience yourself as part of the Circle of Life and reflect on death and rebirth as being an important part of Nature. If the location you visit permits, gather some natural objects and upon your return use them to adorn your home.

  • Seasonal Imagery. Decorate your home with Samhain seasonal symbols and the colors of orange and black. Place an Autumnal wreath on your front door. Create displays with pumpkins, cornstalks, gourds, acorns, and apples. Set candles in cauldrons.

  • Ancestors Altar. Gather photographs, heirlooms, and other mementos of deceased family, friends, and companion creatures. Arrange them on a table, dresser, or other surface, along with several votive candles. Kindle the candles in their memory as you call out their names and express well wishes. Thank them for being part of your life. Sit quietly and pay attention to what you experience. Note any messages you receive in your journal. This Ancestors Altar can be created just for Samhain or kept year round.

  • Feast of the Dead. Prepare a Samhain dinner. Include a place setting at your table or at a nearby altar for the Dead. Add an offering of a bit of each beverage being consumed to the cup at that place setting, and to the plate, add a bit of each food served. Invite your ancestors and other deceased loved ones to come and dine with you. To have this as a Samhain Dumb Supper experience, dine in silence. After the feast, place the contents of the plate and cup for the Dead outdoors in a natural location as an offering for the Dead.

  • Ancestor Stories. Learn about family history. Contact one or more older relatives and ask them to share memories of family members now dead. Record them in some way and later write accounts of what they share. Give thanks. Share what you learned and have written with another family member or friend. Add names of those you learned about and wish to honor to your Ancestors Altar.

  • Cemetery Visit. Visit and tend the gravesite of a loved one at a cemetery. Call to mind memories and consider ways the loved one continues to live on within you. Place an offering there such as fresh flowers, dried herbs, or a libation of water.

  • Reflections. Reflect on you and your life over the past year. Review journals, planners, photographs, blogs, and other notations you have created during the past year. Consider how you have grown, accomplishments, challenges, adventures, travels, and learnings. Meditate. Journal about your year in review, your meditation, and your reflections.

  • Renovate. Select an area of your home or life as a focus. Examine it. Re-organize it. Release what is no longer needed. Create a better pattern. Celebrate renewal and transformation.

  • Bonfire Magic. Kindle a bonfire outdoors when possible or kindle flames in a fireplace or a small cauldron. Write down an outmoded habit that you wish to end and cast it into the Samhain flames as you imagine release. Imagine yourself adopting a new, healthier way of being as you move around the fire clockwise.

  • Divinatory Guidance. Using Tarot, Runes, Scrying, or some other method of divination, seek and reflect on guidance for the year to come. Write a summary of your process and messages. Select something appropriate to act upon and do it.

  • Divine Invocations. Honor and call upon the Divine in one or more Sacred Forms associated with Samhain, such as the Crone Goddess and Horned God of Nature. Invite Them to aid you in your remembrance of the Dead and in your understanding of the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. If you have lost loved ones in the past year, ask these Divine Ones to comfort and support you.

  • Community Connections. Connect with others. Join in a group ritual in your area. Organize a Samhain potluck in your home. Research old and contemporary Samhain customs in books, periodicals, on-line, and through communications with others. Exchange ideas, information, and celebration experiences. Regardless of whether you practice solo or with others, as part of your festivities, reflect for a time on being part of the vast network of those celebrating Samhain around the world.

You can also look up some recipes for Samhain and make some fun foods! :D If you have anymore questions or concerns, feel free to ask! :)

Brightest Blessings! )0(

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I'm still newbie in this and after I read your answer that deadlifting over 8 reps isn't very good, I have a question. I bought crush and in one phase I'm supposed to do deadlift for 25 reps? I'm confused now since you said it's dangerous

The reason why I don’t advocate for deadlifts of >8 repetitions is because the quality of movement starts to deteriorate.

I program stiff legged deadlifts and Romanian deadlifts for high reps sometimes, because you use much lighter weight, so there isn’t much of a risk.

25 rep deadlifts seem highly unnecessary, in my opinion.

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Hello! I've been following you for as long as I can remember and one thing that makes your account stand out from the rest that I follow are the gifsets you create. May I ask how you create them? I'm still a newbie at all this because when I post my gifs, most of them freeze up. I heard that Tumblr only allows a limited amount of MB but no matter how many times I crop or shorten the gifs, they still freeze. What can I do? Thank you for reading this!

Ahh thank you so much! I have a long way to go with my giffing, I’m still trying to work it out hehe. Tumblr has a gif size limit of 2MB, which is roughly 30 layers for 540px gif and 60 layers for a 268px (with my colour settings). Aim for your gifs to be a little over or under 2MB by deleting frames/cropping (height not width). When your gifs are a little over 2MB you can “Optimize the file size” to under 2MB

It should change to under 2MB by removing colours (Before/After)

Then you can save your gif and post it on tumblr! :)

I got another question: what settings do you use for your GIFs??? it’s always so HD *_*

My sharpening settings are Smart Sharpen>500% with 0.3px + Legacy>More Accurate. I also put a gaussian blur layer on top with 20-40% opacity