So I basically only invited close relatives to my wedding because we’re just really not into inviting a whole bunch of people we never see or talk to and we just really don’t want a big huge wedding. (Plus most of my good friends live out of state and/or country) But I’m sitting here thinking about it, and out of my side of the family, not my partner’s, I’m pretty sure only like half of them will actually come. I’m torn between not caring because I’m not that close to my family, and being a little disappointed and kind of sad about the thought. 

fun bpd things you should try:
wanting to talk to someone about how they’re hurting you but you’re either in a good/neutral mood and telling yourself that they’re not actually hurting you you’re just overreacting, OR you’re pissed the fuck off and splitting on them and only barely keeping yourself back from yelling at them because “if you have this conversation while you’re angry you’re gonna regret it” so you just SHUT UP ABOUT IT

aaaaand repeat