I called home to check in, tell my sisters I miss and love them, only to find out one has a new boyfriend. This, of course, didn’t settle too well with me, seeing as her only brother isn’t there to make sure he’s a decent guy. Of course I believe my sister has amazing taste and wouldn’t bring home some sort of asshole, but it’s in the brother hand book to have to check the dude out. Would requesting a Skype call be a little too much?


A mother doesn’t wake up one morning not loving her son. The only thing that’s gonna happen is I’ll love you more and more, and you’ll be the one loving me less and less, but… life works that way. We deal with it. 

Mommy (2014) dir. Xavier Dolan 

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Hi! Um, regarding your post about the 4th of July, someone named aph-chiina reblogged/responded to your post, and I kind of want to hear your response to what they said. Those are some serious accusations.

I appreciate you being so kind about it.
I’m currently talking with Jordan right now and trying to clear this up.

There was a bit of miscommunication between us when our trip was being planned, and that’s completely my fault, and i’m tERRIBLY sorry for that on my part. I don’t hold any animosity, so please do not send them hate at all.

My issue with the situation is that they met my mom. They seen her. But for some reason they think that she’s white??

This is a picture of me and my mom not too long ago, in early June. I posted this for Aboriginal / Native day. 

My mom isn’t white. My dad is though!

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Not important, but... Daryl quickly dropped his gun to hold Carol.

Yes he did Nomy and it is important and i’ll explain why..

Because its not only that he drop his gun quickly, but WHY he dropped his gun. Because out of everyone in the group at that moment, he was the ONLY one who noticed Carol running by and reacted to it. He was aware of her presence before anyone one else was and reached out at just the right time to stop her and hold her back. 

Daryl was thinking at that moment, only of Carol and her well-being.  She was his priority. Protecting her from the inherent danger that he deceased daughter presented to her and also comforting her at what must have been the worst moment in her life.  

He was there. No one else would’ve stopped h er in time but him because he had the presence of mind to do it. Because at that moment when everyone is starting at Sophia walking out of that barn, it was easy to forget about Carol. But Daryl didn’t. 

Not only did he hold onto her, for her protection and comfort but he also pulled her back from witnessing Sophia’s final fate as well. Something no mother should have to witness. 

“Don’t look.” 

Daryl before all his more notable develpment, protected Carol in so many ways in that moment. A moment that maybe defined and changed the direction of their relationship. It’s something that shouldn’t be forgotten and I don’t think any of us have really (I know I never really recovered from it that’s for sure). 

His only thought of protecting her in that moment. And that is why him dropping his gun so quickly to grab hold of her is so important.  It means everything even now. Daryl revealed his true heart and self at that very moment, even if he didn’t know it at the time. 

And great it’s making emotional thinking about this scene again. Because it was beautiful and horribly tragic at the same time. 

I’m so awful at tagging the 100

like, I’ve lost count of the times I’ve tagged posts with ‘the 00′  as if half of them aren’t dead already

on good days I go ‘the 10-′ or ‘the 199′ or ‘the 200′, sometimes ‘the 1–’ 

but mostly it’s ‘the 00′ and it kinda freaks me out 

*nervous laughter*