relationships with various art programs

ms paint: really can’t go wrong with ms paint. so many masterpieces have been created in it, even though i no longer use it, it holds a special place in my heart. also it launches faster than ps if i want to invert colours on something real quick. childhood friend.

paint: good for quick image cropping and censoring, you also can’t go wrong with paint. it’s a friend. a dependable pal whom i trust, my best friend

paint tool sai: easy to use even if it has limited abilities. kind of a pain to add any custom brushes, but at least you can bind non-brushes to single keys! better at some things than ps though. i love sai, i’ve spent so much time with it. i like cropping stuff precisely in sai more than ps. sai is my first true love, first passionate romance

photoshop cs6: good because it’s not a subscription thing bad because it doesn’t have a hue cube. my ex-spouse

photoshop cc: good because it has a hue cube bad because it’s a subscription thing. i’m in college so i use this to draw now. and it’s a good program, even if it can take some hoop jumping to do stuff. i’m married to ps cc

3ds max: some things are a pain but overall i like it a lot. also really fun to absolutely demolish your models with a single bevel or chamfer. a new friend, one of those people you meet who’s doing really well for themselves and you’re not super close yet but you are compatible pals and would invite each other out to lunch or a day out

zbrush: like with any 3d program it’s fun breaking things in it, but also, fuck you zbrush. just fuck you. that coworker you don’t like but have to work with anyway, or the group project member you don’t like but have to work with anyway

It’s a hand, Andrew says, not a question, but not quite mockery, when Neil’s gaze lingers a little too long.
It’s your hand, Neil says, and doesn’t bother to explain. Instead he slips his fingers through Andrew’s and digs in like he can leave his fingerprints on Andrew’s pale skin.
Andrew doesn’t pull away, and they don’t go in until the storm breaks.

I guess you can also call this thing: Andreil, a summary.

you know you have a problem when
  • Me: *starts playing tons of Otome games*
  • Guy I like in real life: *asks me out on a date*
  • Me: okay so where are my dialogue options and which ones do I need to pick for the good ending

When a tarot reading gives you the answer you didn’t want but down in your heart you know it’s right

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Spider-Man: Homecoming + text posts (pt 2)

Nurseydex & Acting Class

Eyoooooooooooooooo, the CP Resident Shakespeare Ho/Theater Major is back with more shamelessly using these characters as a means to talk about my major Nurseydex Antics!

As anyone who follows me knows by now, I’m a theater major. Dex and Nursey are comedy gold, and the thought of them working with any of the texts I’ve worked with is just DELIGHTFUL.

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So without further ado!

  • Dex needs and art credit. Just one more fucking art credit. But his schedule is insane and there’s only one he can take this semester
  • it’s an acting class
  • He doesn’t want to do it. Mostly because his boyfriend will be I N S U F F E R A B L E
  • But he just wants to get this over with so he registers and just waits for Nursey to find out
  • Nursey is delighted. And registers for that class, too.
  • “YOU DON’T NEED ANOTHER ART CREDIT, DEREK!” “Dude, you really think I’m gonna miss this?”
  • Dex doesn’t really know what to expect going in, but he definitely wasn’t expecting the prof (let’s call him Casey) to be this hot middle aged guy who dresses like Indiana Jones and lives in a cabin and recites Shakespeare to trees
  • (we’re talking Adventure Indy, not Professor Indy)
  • (what no I’m not basing him on my prof Kerry who is also currently directing me in Julius Caesar why would you think that)
  • Nursey and Casey hit it off because Casey is this great mix of Passionate and IDGAF and Nursey wants to be him when he grows up
  • Dex’s main reaction to him is “?????????” until he starts talking about his cabin in the woods and then they bond over Practical Shit like fixing window panes and Nature
  • (the rest under the cut because this always happens my posts are always long af)

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Wow I can’t believe they made toys based on Katya and Alaska’s lipsync 😱

Who is Polaris?

(Ch. 129 Spoilers ahead!) So now we know that Sirius is real!Ciel (AKA our!Ciel’s twin, apparently back from the dead), that leaves the next question: who is Polaris and what is his connection to Sirius/real!Ciel?

I’m about to propose a super bizarre crack theory. Tagging @shinigami-mistress because only you will appreciate the light in the darkness that is this crack theory.

Disclaimer: I don’t think this will happen and I don’t really want this to happen either. If this theory actually comes true, I, dorkshadows, will personally swallow a copy of the Kuro manga.

During Agni’s fight with Polaris, he mentions this:

And notice Polaris’ fighting style. It’s almost like he’s holding a sword, and that doesn’t look like any fencing style…

So Polaris has incredible strength and speed, was able to sneak up on Agni, and is able to fight on par with Agni. Someone else made similar comments in the Green Witch arc:

That’s right! I’m proposing Lord Polaris is none other than:

Tanaka! Fast enough to slice bullets, strong enough to do so, and silent enough to get away with it. Now for a note of context: Besides Count Cain, Kuro has also been compared with Hellsing. Walter C. Dornez was essentially the Tanaka-character: elderly, badass gentleman butler who raised the hardened protagonist from childhood. Until the final arc, where Walter turned out to be a traitor that sold everyone out to regain his youth via science and was secretly working against them from the start.

Now, we know the Blue Sect is very advanced in technology, enough to cure rare blood diseases and literally bring real!Ciel back from the dead. And we did get this moment from ch. 103:

Yana lingers on Tanaka’s age and never brings it up again in that arc. Maybe because we’re going to see the difference in this arc. Tanaka is already this strong as an old man, imagine how unstoppable he’d be as a young man (but with all the experience of age + whatever other benefits he got from the Blue Sect mastermind).

And let’s not forget that Polaris is a butler whose speech is comparable to the way Tanaka talks:

Tanaka was the one who told Sebastian a butler can’t die before the master, and since he already “failed” Vincent in his mind, why wouldn’t he jump at the chance to save both of Vincent’s sons? And if we look through the manga, Tanaka’s the servant who’s mostly in the background- he can disappear and appear as he pleases without anyone noticing.

Ciel trusts him, Sebastian trusts him, everyone trusts/respects him. And he was a vital part of Vincent’s upbringing, which begs the question of whether or not Tanaka really is a good person. But regardless of his morality, we do know Tanaka is loyal.

And last piece of evidence for this crack theory:

The gang’s all here… except Tanaka. And unless real!Ciel walked home by himself, someone had to have brought him to the manor- it could be Bravat, of course, but there’s nothing saying it couldn’t be Tanaka.

TLDR; Polaris is Tanaka, who became young through Blue sect tech. and he’s so loyal to the Phantomhives that he genuinely thinks reuniting the twins is good for the family, and he’s willing to do anything to get it done.