give me modern vexleth AU where they are both nature bloggers and they randomly meet up while hiking the Bruce trail ((vex swears there’s been a bear following her but she keeps her food secure and an eye at her back and nothing has happened yet))
and then they realize they’ve been mutuals for literal years
and they fall in LOVE on a BEAUTIFUL HIKE and it’s full of tent sharing and skinny dipping and marveling at how the sun hits faces at just the right angle and taking sneaky portraits of each other

The Mother’s animal form is a wolf

Tsurugi is called the Hound

I’m so happy to be alive right now

Rewatching Young Justice: Invasion. Some thoughts on it.

- The episodes with the runaways are some of the best episodes. I wish there were more

- I kinda like L’gann and Miss Martian together. He certainly treats her better then Superboy ever did. If anybody objects to this statement, please recognize I rarely give a shit.

- I love Spitfire but Kaldur and Artemis would be epic.

- G. Gordon Godfrey doesn’t realize Aliens can lie. How cute.

- Speaking of G. Gordon, my mom was watching an episode with his show in it me and she said “Oh please, you are so full of crap!” She rarely interacts with TV shows.

- G. Gordon has a valid point about the Watchtower though. It kinda reminds me of what Captain America said in The Winter Soldier they protect people By holding a gun at everyone on Earth and calling it protection except people are largely unaware of the gun, so it’s more like a sniper rifle.

- Pay attention to Guardian, Karen. He loves you.

- I love how Megan asks after Superboy almost  IMMEDIATELY after breaking up with Lagoon Boy and giving the poor guy a speech about how he ‘Deserves to be more then her fallback guy.’ Evidently Conner is the only one who deserves that honor.

- Jamie is a pure cinnamon roll. I can’t say the same for the AI though.

- Static Shock is my new favorite.

- I like Megan and Gar’s brother-sister relationship.

- Also, Gar is home schooled! REPRESENT!

I’m seeing TATINOF tomorrow and omg I’m so excited

i had the best weekend :)

saturday went with a friend to her company picnic, which we then bailed on to go to the zoo. then went to go see the play arcadia WHICH IS INCREDIBLE & I CAN’T BELIEVE I HADN’T READ/SEEN IT BEFORE i’m in love

then on sunday went to my city’s pride parade (no, i don’t know why it’s in august rather than june) with @tothine-ownselfbetrue & a couple of other friends which was the most fun! and then i made a trip to the disney store at the mall that’s an hour away & got some cute stuff.

what a good couple of days :)