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I kind of like the idea of a larger age difference between Sid and Geno. Sid would still be on the Pens but he would be a rookie and Geno would be captain and everyone would just call Sidney Geno's jail bate because Sidney "I'm 19 G wouldn't go to jail for sleepinging with me" Crosby is younger than him

Olli nearly chokes on his cereal when Sidney walks out in one of Geno’s shirts and goes on his tiptoes to kiss Geno good morning.

“G,” Olli says delightedly. “You’re Hugh Hefner. You’re rich and a million years old, and Sid can be your barely 18 house bunny.”

“Hey,” Geno warns. “I’m kick you out of my house.”

“Olli, you’re only 22,” Sid sighs. This was supposed to be Geno and his weekend off. “When are you going home?” 

“After I finish my cereal. Sid, how does it feel to be a high schooler and be dating the Captain of the Pens, 85-year-old Evgeni Malkin–”

  • jungkook: oh shit oh shit preTTY GIRL ALERT she's so hot oh my god jeon jungkook don't embarrass yourself I swear to god what do I say what do I
  • y/n: hey, how are u?
  • jungkook: oh my god she spoke to me she actually said something to me wait what did she ask she asked how I was how am I should I say good no I should say I'm okay no good sounds better I think OH MY GOD IM TAKING TOO LONG OH MY OH MY GO--
  • jungkook: I'm g-ay

sO last year I made a gravity falls themed christmas tree annnnd this year I wanted to do something with sploon so uh I just kinda stole a bunch of squib children from some of my favorite splatoon artists and put them on the tree haha I’m awful yes hello
squeebs belong to @grassyghost, @buttersheeps , @tamarinfrog , @strawberrypinku , @kumarikat , and @katribou
WELL MERRY SQUIDMAS I GUESS, I hope u have/had a good one ;u; ♥
also I’m never touching glitter again I sw e a r