schnaeffchen  asked:

Honestly, as a writer-director (I'm, right now, doing what you said about calling oneself a writer though never having been published) I'd pay real good money to see your short stories on screen. Like, I'm completely broke, but dude I would get the money to see that. I LOVE them!

Hell yeah! I firmly believe that you have every right to call yourself a writer regardless of publication creds! And also, director! I’m taking a screenwriting class right now and let me tell you this is nothing like I expected, what is even happening

And thank you! I am also broke so I’m sure we could sneak into the theater together, it would be my honor to be your accomplice :D



Yeah, so basically I’m flat-out broke, and I have all of ten dollars and five cents in my bank account, and I really need some money to ensure my further survival on this fair planet.

I have a 100% approval rating on Etsy and have sold over eighty hats that have been sent all over the world.

Hat specs:

  • They’re about 24 inches in circumference, so they fit almost any adult comfortably.
  • I use both Blizzard or Anti-Pill fleece. Which one you get varies on the intended color of the hat, or whichever I have on hand at the time.
  • I can make any hat in any color. If you want a red Link hat or a shiny Ditto, just ask.

My Etsy page can be found right here.