the most unrealistic thing about tv shows is how no one ever wears glasses??? there’s approximately one (1) character that wears them, and most of the time it’s just to fit in the nerd steoretype? half my friends wear glasses, including me, and i can name like other 20 people that do??? how is it possible that all of these character have perfect eyesight i’m

do you ever look at the choreography for KPOP MVs and think “why are they flailing their limbs around?”
  • fandom: ralph is very mature and level-headed while jack acts like a lil bitch
  • book ralph: *always mentions daddy*
  • book ralph: *throws a tantrum every other chapter for jack*
  • book ralph: *doesn’t want to listen to jack’s warning in the beginning*
  • book ralph: *goes upset over almost everything*
  • book ralph: *can’t stand the idea that someone doesn’t like him*
  • book ralph: *doesn’t want to fall into an agreement with jack despite that jack tries to*
  • book ralph: *talks simon behind his back after simon helped him*
  • book ralph: *thinks nasty of piggy while pretending to be his friend*
  • book ralph: *mostly befriends jack at the beginning because he admires jack for being a controlling bully*
  • book ralph: sucks to your assmar!!
  • book ralph: his name is piggy!!
  • book ralph: don’t wanna read books with girls!! don’t wanna tie my dirty long hair back to see better, tying hair is for girls!!
  • book ralph: why do u hate me???
  • book ralph: your hunters and hunting suck!!
  • book ralph: I hate u jack you’re a pig and swine and a thief!!
  • fandom: ah yes very mature

some fucker: i like to think about physically abusing women in a bunch of really fucked up ways, bonus points if they hate it or cry while it’s happening. i also like to say the n word and various other racial slurs with explicitly derogatory and hateful intent. on top of that, i love expounding on how beneficial conversion therapy is and how much i would love to sexually assault young lesbians to “fix them”

y’all: that’s horrible! how can you have such little respect for marginalized communities? you’re an awful person!

some fucker: no, no; you misunderstand. i do these things so i can nut.

a disturbing number of y’all: protect this poor oppressed kinky snowball uwu

stupidusernamepolicy  asked:

Demoman B2 and Spy D3? I know it's a bit OOC for spy but the new comic opened my appetite for fictional angst

Uhhh, that’s way out of his emotional range, if you ask me. He’s not the crying type in my opinion. Here’s another try with a different expression that hopefully fits him better:

Well, I tried :’D

here’s my progress so far (please check before requesting)