To Akashi-kun #7, Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you like it! :”D

I’ve tried drawing different things several times but either they were too time consuming or too plain or too etc. so in the end, I settled for some nice warm hug outside in the cold cold weather.

Please accept my weird fluffy naked chocolate too

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ahhh happy valentine’s day everyone!! i wore my pink socks just for this occasion ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

thank you to the cute @sunlitlester for being my date ily so so so so much cathleen!! <3 you’re such a great friend and you’re a truly amazing person and ily to death!! happy valentine’s day :D

Happy Birthday Harpy Valentine and Happy Valentine ~ ♥

I guess it’s my first time drawing Val this seriously; my love for the Birb really grew those past months thanks to @greedyharpy to whom I should totally dedicate this little drawing /v.

Poor Val, his name is totally a pun but that’s one of the reasons we love him so much ♥


She’s either surrendering, or we have her dead to rights. Slip the anchor cables. Break our line over the approach of a schooner? I think you overestimate… While there is still time, cut the goddamn cables.  F i r e  s h i p !  Bloody hell. Cut the anchor cables! Get us underway. Cut the anchor! Cut the anchor cables! Starboard batteries, fire! Fire! Fire!


My traditional February 14th post but with brand new gifs so we can *fully* appreciate Malcolm’s whuuuuut? face as he reacts to Hugh’s shall-we-say unexpected question. 

Because I always feel like this is Hugh gingerly testing the water to see if Malcolm maybe wants to get a coffee with him – nothing special – or perhaps go for a quiet moonlit walk by river or, you know, be his Valentine.

Poor Hugh just wants to be loved.:(