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For a moment, I thought Alphys' scar on her nose was her mouth because her teeth was at the far left so I didn't see and her expression was priceless from what I saw XD

hahahahha like this? XD

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Hi! I just watched Emilie's panel and didn't hear the thing about the morning after scene being changed to an actual room - did she say that in her meet & greet? Thanks for sharing, by the way, I hope you had a great time! :)

Hello dearie! Yes, I did Emilie’s meet and greet and that’s where she told the story about the script getting changed at Bobby’s insistence. Thought the Rumbellers would like to hear about that bit of info if it wasn’t already out there. So the bedroom set was a total new build just for that.

Her facial expressions were priceless when she was talking about this.

I did have a great time, thanks, and loved meeting Emilie. She took selfies with all of us, but first was trying to find the switches to adjust the lights in the room so the pics would look better!

Our Favorite Song

Characters:  Karl Anderson x OFC

A/S/F: Smut! Fluff!

Request: #40 with Karl Anderson (from this prompt list) – by Anon

Warnings: Sexual content

Word Count: 976

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Dancing Queen

Judy could hear the thump of Nicks stereo system from the front door. After letting herself in with her spare key she was treated to the sight of a nearly naked fox dancing in his living room.

Nicks back was to her and from what Judy could tell he was in the zone, if that was even possible for a fox of his caliber. He gyrated his shoulders to the beat, periodically lifting his paw and singing into the hairbrush he held. It was then Judy noticed that the song was “Hungry Like the Wolf”.

With a very pleased smirk Judy pressed the off switch to the system and the apartment was blanketed with silence. Nick froze mid shuffle and his ears swiveled to the bunny before his body pivoted mid gesture in her direction. His expression was priceless. Nicks mouth hung agape with the hairbrush pointed at it, his eyes were saucers, and his tail jutted out like he was being charged with static electricity.

Upon seeing his new guest Nick dropped the brush and instinctively covered his barley clothed nether regions with his paws, curling his tail around him to help the task.

“I hope I’m not interrupting anything important,” Judy said barely containing her giggles.

“Carrots!” he stuttered like he was caught peeking in on the Chiefs secret Gazelle infatuation. His emerald eyes darted around the room desperate for some excuse to his state of undress. “This, uh, isn’t what it looks like,” he managed to squeak out.

Judy rested one paw on her cocked out hip and let her head tilt to the side, her smirk growing wider with a perked brow.

“Oh? This should be good.”

Nick sidled slowly behind the recliner ducking behind it till only his eyes and fingers peeked over the top.

“You see I was, uh, trying out a new training exercise. Yeah that’s it!” he said as if he was trying to convince himself of it. “An exercise that helps stimulate the body for combat situations through the use of musical cues to better enhance reaction time!” He punctuated his fib with a clawed finger pointing skyward. “Yep. That’s….exactly it.”

Judy couldn’t help herself anymore. She let her laughs echo throughout the open space and nearly collapsed over herself in hysterics. All the while Nick sunk lower and lower behind his cushioned chair, a crimson blush growing very evident under that russet fur of his.

Judy wiped a tear from her eye as she came down from her comedy high.

“You don’t have to hide back there, Nick. I’ve seen you naked.”

Nick looked down at his garments.

“Oh. Right.”

He proceeded to step out into the open and clasped his paws behind him. He tried to resume a casual expression and avert his eyes but his mouth quirked repeatedly in embarrassment. Judy noted this and closed the gap between them. She placed a paw on his chest and trailed it up under his chin with a smile.

“I had no idea my fox had such talent hidden from me this entire time,” she said teasing his dancing. “And how he never used those moves on me,” she added.

Nicks brows raised at her candor and he was able to edge a slight smile.

“Well… I was afraid I might blow your mind if I tried,” he said with his paws flashing at his side like jazz hands.

“You corny fox,” said Judy. She looked up at his eyes and saw that his regular cheerfulness had returned and it sparkled at her with gleeful anticipation.

“Come here,” she said and she pulled his lips to hers with a tender kiss. Judy smiled against his muzzle and she rested his head against hers. She opened her eyes and looked sideways to the blinking stereo.

“You wanna try showing me again how well you can do the hustle?”

Nick crossed his wrists around her waist and began to rock side to side with her.

“Anything for you, honeybun.”

Yes I wrote this. Yeah, it’s kinda trash but what’re you gonna do? Afsgdjdkkskkflhlj
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I yelled incoherently at my friend about TAZ so much that now she’s listening to it and I got to watch her listen to the last few minutes of the first episode yesterday. Her expression was priceless because she just looked at me with this “wtf did I just listen to, is that what the whole show is like?? This is what you said has been making you cry???” expression, and I’m half, “Nooooo nononono just wait Here There Be Gerblins is kinda clunky but I SWEAR it gets SO GOOD once they figure out what they’re doing,” and half “mwahahaha you have no idea. You will fall in love with these characters. I know you too well. You WILL love this show as much as I do.”

My Little Mermaid (Part 3)

Request: pt.3 to my little mermaid 💞

Request: my little mermaid pt.3


Part 1, Part 2

The sun was replaced by the moon. Y/N’s tail illuminated under its light, Peter couldn’t stop staring at its beauty. “I-We could start now.” She blushed when Peter held his hand out.

“You’re going to have to trust me” she took it “I already do.” In the stories, you would need faith, trust, and pixie dust. Peter always found it amusing to how children thought that you needed a fairy’s help. No, he had his own powers.

He wouldn’t do this. Not to his lost boys or to Baelfire, but he’d do this just to see that beautiful smile on her face. “Think of the most happiest moment in your life, let it move you. Now, close your eyes.”

Y/N did as she was told, Peter had to control the urge to kiss her.

Y/N thought of the moment with her mom when she was a kid, the moments with her sisters and her father, the moment when she first saw Peter at a party. How handsome he was. She then remembered the tiny kiss they shared, how butterflies fluttered in her stomach, how her hand fitted perfectly with his, how she wanted to look deep into his eyes and kiss him again.

Peter smiled to himself as he watched her slowly raise up from the water, her tail moving as if she was still swimming. He leaned in close to her, his breath tickled her ear when he whispered, “Open your eyes.”

Her eyes slowly opened, immediately looking into Peter’s green eyes. He was still smiling, as if he was so proud. “Look down” he whispered again. She trailed her eyes down his body and noticed how Peter’s body was floating on air.

She thought nothing of it, not until she saw the tip of her own tail float next to his legs. She pulled away without letting go of his hand and gasped. “Oh My-!” she pulled his body closer to hers, as if clinging for her life.

Peter chuckled next to her ear, “You won’t fall Y/N, I’m right here. And besides, you’re a mermaid, you can swim.” he winked at that. Y/N peered down at there floating figures, still in shock and disbelief.

“This is… Oh wow!” she giggled as she slowly swung her tail in the air. “It feels like i’m still swimming!” Peter decided to slowly let go of her hand, her expression was priceless, “What-?! Don’t. Please.” she pleaded.

“You wont fall. Trust me. After this, you’d be begging me not to help you.” With a kiss on your hand, he slowly let go. Y/N bit her lip, but nothing happened. “See? You’re a natural!”

A giant smile appeared on her face. “So, how do I move?” Peter burst out laughing, she was just too cute, like a little girl learning how to ride a bike. “Okay, well… I guess I could hold your hand for a while.” Y/N rolled her eyes at his obvious play.

He grabbed her hand again and slowly moved forward, pulling her body towards he same direction. “Woah~!” the two moved slowly above the water, Y/N was fascinated with everything she saw from above.

“Ready to go higher?” she turned to him, her eyes were wide in excitement, “Yes!” With a smile, he brought her higher. They flew around Neverland, hand in hand.

By the time they returned to the rock, the two were laughing. “Now I see why you love flying around Neverland so much!” They sat on the rock, Y/N’s tail was half dipped in the water and Peter dipped his feet as well. The two were still holding hands as they chattered about their lives.

Suddenly, a crab jumped out of the water and crawled into her palm, her facial expression saddened. “Oh… alright. Thank you Sebastian.” Peter watched as the crab jumped back into the water.

“What was that?” Y/N frowned, “Father is requesting me to return home,” a sigh escapes her lips, “I wanted to spend more time with you.” Peter felt the same, he didn’t want her to leave or for this night to end. So he leaned in a kissed her.

They pulled apart, his hand on her cheek, “Can I see you tomorrow?” Y/N gently smiles, “Yes.”

Maybe Not

Her expression is priceless.  Still can’t sit close to him?  I’m sorry, I thought they’ve..you know, had some sort of connection with each other’s privates.  I can’t believe I just wrote that.

I do feel that the interaction with the baby is a bit off for both…like this is someone else’s child, so holding boundaries.

- Maybe Not


Her expression is reserved for the small hooman (and I think she’s pissed off that someone told her very specifically NOT to smile at the camera), the likes of which she doesn’t seem to have ever witnessed before.

As for them looking better acquainted with each other, I’m sorry, but I don’t see it.  Then again I only have sex with people I like.

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According to Chris, he loved grossing Kat out during their scenes because her facial expressions were priceless. OMG WE NEED THEM TOGETHER AGAIN. IT NEEDS TO HAPPEN. I feel like a barely healed wound has just been ripped wide open. I'm in pain, but I don't want it to stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I mean we knew they must have had a really great time onset, it’s nice to have it further confirmed. I can totally imagine Chris doing that to Kat.

Not to mention, just last week, during a panel Kat said in season 6 during the dream sequence, she fell on her ass in front of Chris and he thought it was the funniest thing ever. She said she was disappointed it wasn’t in the bloopers because it was so hilarious. 

I miss their amazing chemistry.

Miracle pt. 5 (Avengers+Bucky x Reader)

“(Y/L/N).” Steve greeted me as he jumped off the roof, landing right in front me. 

Show off.

“Capsicle.” I said with a smirk as we walked towards the building that HYDRA was currently using as a base.

He shot me a glare, then turned back to our way. There were a few HYDRA agents already running towards us, big fancy guns in their hands. “Come on now, fireball. Show me what you really got.” He said.

“Gladly. But first, tell me, does this cat suit make my ass look nice?” I said, turning my back to show him. 

“God, (Y/N)-”

“Come on grandpa! This is my first mission! I am going to kick some ass as an Avenger the first time. I want to look hot while I do so.” I said. 

Like, come on. The cool suits were the best part of being a superhero, especially when they make your ass look nice.

“You know he won’t be able to make a comment,” Came an accented voice from our devices.


“Yeah, grandpa is too virgin for that.” Tony said, and I chuckled.

“But I can give you a very detailed one if you want.” Pietro said. 

“Oh, there he goes.” Clint mocked.


“Please save these disgusting comments to your private moments.”

Then I heard a loud crashing sound, skin slapping against skin; Pietro’s groan following it. 



“(Y/N).” Steve said like a warning. 

I gave my attention to the agents standing before us. They weren’t so far.

“Hey fellas!” I cheered as Steve stood back and looked like at me like I was a creep. I was.

“Just a quick warning before you arrive, it’s gonna be a little warm.” I said with a smirk before opening my arms, letting the flames out. 

My eyes started glowing red-orange, and flames rise from my hands. I took a deep breath before relaxing my muscles, letting more fire to come out from my hands. Then I raised my hands forwards, throwing huge fireballs at our enemies that stood in front of us.

They flew backwards, screaming in pain and shock as I turned to Steve. 

He looked up and down at me in surprise, “We really should have got you on the team sooner.” 

“I know.” I responded.

“That was awesome!” I heard Tony shout from above. He was flying right above us.

“Stark! You were supposed the clear the East side!” Steve shouted.

“I know Spangles, I just had to watch this!” Tony said, making me chuckle.

“Idiots, get your head back in the game.” Natasha said through the comms.

“Parker, you did than on purpose!”

“No shit Sherlock.” 

“(Y/N), you got the second floor and I got the third. Stark, the East side.” Steve ordered.

I nodded before running towards the building.


“How the hell did you– You– It took you like a minute to take out 20 men how-” Sam asked me as we all entered the quinjet. 

“She’s just that good.” Peter responded for me. 

I just smirked as I ran my hands thrıugh my hair. 

“Thanks again for the suit Stark.”.I turned to Tony. 

He gave me a wink.

“It does make your ass look nice.” Natasha said with a playful tone. 

“I agree with that.” I heard Thor said under his breath, which compeletly caught me off guard.

“What?” I asked as I turned to him, a wide grin on my face.

“Nothing.” He said, his eyes widening.

I decided to act like I didn’t hear it to make it awkward for him, and just went to take a seat with Peter.

“Hey Spidey.”


The rest of our flight was quiet. I just chatted with Peter a bit.

When we got off the jet, Maria and Nick were already waiting for us.

“Come to check up on her?” Steve asked with an amused voice as I ran out of the jet, shouting “Mom! Dad!” as a joke.

Maria rolled her eyes as Nick just gave me a smirk.

“Agent, you ain’t got even a scratch. Nice,” He said.

“Well, you know me, I am just that good.” I said cockily.

“No doubt in that. We are actually here for-” Maria started to speak, but she was cut off by Tony.

“For the party?” He asked with a grin.

“What party?” Clint asked,

“Welcome party for (Y/N)!”

“We had a welcome party for (Y/N).” Maria said.

“Well, this one is for her first mission as an Avenger, which ended with success, soo…”

Everyone just stared at him. In awkward silence.

“Come on.” He said and we all mumbled fine. 

I actually loved parties so mine wasn’t exactly a mumble. 

“So, you’re here for?” I asked Maria and Nick.

They exchanged looks. “It can wait until tomorrow. After tonight’s party.” She responded.

I had to admit, I felt kind of worried because it sounded bad, but I didn’t ask them to tell me what it was. 

We all went up to our rooms for a rest.

“I am starving!” I said as I entered the kitchen. It had been a couple hours since we came back from the mission and now we were all cleaned up hanging out.

“I want McDonalds.” Clint said.

“You had McDonalds yesterday, we should eat healthy.” Wanda said.

Clint shot her a look like she was the most stupid person on earth.

“She’s right,” Steve said.

“I say McDonald’s.” I said as I sat next to Clint. He high fived me as I gave him a smirk.

“Let the children eat what they want.” Natasha said sarcasticly and added: “Happy Meal okay for you guys?”

“Shut up Red. I want mega cheese burger. And nuggets!” I said as I passed Steve the phone. 

“Same for me!” Clint also cheered as Steve rolled his eyes and dialed the number.

Steve gave our all orders. The food came quick, and we all started eating soon.

“You gonna eat that?” Thor asked me, pointing my McBites, his mouth full.

“Yes, don’t touch it.” 

Thor looked at me for a second, the tried to take it anyway.


He laughed as he grabbed one and threw it into his mouth. Then I attacked his french fries, and he took my nuggets, than Clint tried to get Thor’s burger, somehow, food fight started.

I threw a nugget at Thor’s head, but he dodged it so it went flying straight to Sam’s head. Well, he was not happy about it. He squeezed the ketchup bottle to my face as I screamed. And soon, everyone was involved. 

Natasha was throwing french fries at Steve as Steve tried to shield himself, Tony was spilling his soda all over Bruce…

It was a mess. But it was hella’ fun.

Just after minutes, the whole kitchen was messed up. Maria walked inside in shock, “Who knew The Avengers were just a couple of hooligans living in a tower together?” She mocked.

“Want some chicken nuggets, Hill?” I said in amusement, and she figured out what I was about to do, stepped back raised her hand, signaling ‘don’t even think about it’ but I didn’t really mind. I threw a chicken nugget covered in ketchup to her face and she was a little slow to dodge. 

We all laughed as the nugget hit her face, her expression was priceless.




“I need a dress.” I shouted to Natasha as I walked into her room, not even knocking.

“You’re really making trouble for me, (Y/L/N).” Natasha said as she zipped herself up. 

“Oh, come on, you love havin’ me around,”

“Uh-huh, sure.” She mocked.

I threw myself on her bed as she walked over to her closet.

“What color you feelin’ like today?”

“Mmm. white. You know I am so angelic and all-”

“Seriously? Red would do you better. We both know you’re more on the devil-ish side.”

“Ouch. You hurt me. Don’t you think I am innocent, pure–” I said sarcasticly and she cut me off again. 

“Yeah, aren’t you Mother Teresa.” She mocked again.

She threw a short, red dress which revealed too much. I could look really weird in that. There was no need to look extra chici.

“Okay, now, I am not sure about this one.” 

“Why not?” She asked, furrowing her eyebrows.

“Because I may be devilish, but umm…not a stripper?”

“Hey, that is my dress.” She said, pointing her finger at me.

“Just because you look hot in it doesn’t mean I will!” 

“Just get your ass up and put it on. We’ll decide.”

I mumbled ‘fine’ before quickly removing my clothes and putting the dress on. 

“Woah there. You seriously look like you could just burst into flames any moment.” She said with a smirk.

“Haha, very funny.” I said as I walked over to her mirror.

Well, it did look good. The dress hugged my curves perfecly, and it was a little tight around my boobs, so it made them look bigger.

But I still wasn’t sure about it, it was such a confident dress. 

After arguing Natasha about it, she called the guys in to vote.

“Okay, what is the emergency?” Sam asked, worriedly as he walked in, followed by Steve.

He looked around the room to see if anything was wrong. Then his eyes found me, and he went “Holy ffu-”

Steve elbowed him and he looked away. I couldn’t help but chuckle.

“(Y/N) is not sure about her dress. So I thought we could talk her into it.” Natasha explained.

“Well, uh- she- looks g-great.” Steve muttered, not looking at me. 

“See, this is awkward the dress is-” I turned to Natasha but Sam cut me off.



“Yes!” They both said at the same time.

“…Okay then.”

We got out of the room and headed towards the party. When we walked in all eyes turned to us, but mine went on only his. Bucky’s.

He had a drink in his hand, his hair was pulled into a pony tail and he had rolled up his black shirt’s sleeves. His eyes found me, and they checked me up and down, eye-ing every curve. 

I just started walking towards him, not saying anything to others. I didn’t even know why I was walking over to talk to him, I just wanted to.

“You look stunning.” Bucky said when I stopped right in front of him.

“I could say the same about you.” I smiled.

We went over to the bar to get more drinks, then we set down together. I didn’t know how the time passed, because I had so much fun with him. He talked about the 40s mostly, told me a few good stories that happend back then.

There was just something about his blue eyes that made me feel…safe.

“We should dance.” I said after a while of us just chatting.

“I..Uh- I am not so-”

“Come on! It’ll be fun, I promise.”

“How can I say no to you?” He mumbled before taking my hand and leading me to do dance floor.

I noticed many people turning to us as he put his hands on my waist. I placed mine on his shoulders, and looked up at his eyes.

“I am sure you’ll remember a few moves,”

“I do already.” He said as he spun me around.

We laughed, and kept dancing for at least 5 songs. 

It was a strange feeling; happiness.


3rd Person POV

“What is she doing with him?” Pietro spat as he took another shot of neat tekila.

“That’s enough brother.” Wanda said as she took away his drink from his hand.

“She likes him. You have to get over it.” She continued as she placed her hand on his shoulder.

He shot her a look, “Why would I?”

“You made it clear that you liked her, and she didn’t make any moves..,” 

Pietro groaned as Wanda kept talking.

“Give up already!” She said before leaving him alone, standing in the corner.

Not yet,” He said with a grin.

There was no fucking way he’d give up that easy. 





A/N: I know this is really short I am sorry I just wanted to post it fast because it has been too long