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Request: The RFA + Saeran reacting to MC being their soulmate ( w/ the soulmate AU where if you write on yourself it shows up on your soulmate as well) What would they have written back and fourth or doodled on themselves as well?? (thank you in advance I love your blog)

ahhh thank you so much for sending this request it was super fun to write >:3 
and I might try to refrain myself from writing so much for my requests since they take so much time…though I have trouble stopping myself once I get started hahahha…haha…//cries//

so since it’s an AU, basically everyone knows about this phenomenon and all is well and swell


(Update: I removed the cut for the sake of all of our friends on mobile)


  • So it goes like this
  • Yoosung has an important secret meeting with his guild, and he writes the time/date/location on the back of his hand
  • But when the time comes for the meeting to start, there’s an unknown character in their midst
  • Immediately, everyone thinks you’re an enemy spy, but you’re just trying to tell them that all the information just showed up on your hand the other day and you decided to check it out
  • “That’s impossible,” Yoosung began angrily, his whole plan to keep the meeting a secret had gone to waste. “The location can’t just magically appear on –”
  • He stopped himself
  • Wait…wait a second
  • is this…what I think it is? Is it possible???
  • Yoosung starts to get really red in the face, and he asks you exactly what day the message appeared on your hand
  • “I think about two days ago, at around seven pm?”
  • Yoosung’s having a mental breakdown
  • Okay, just a moment.  I need to test it, I need to make sure this is real, he thinks to himself. 
  • But he has to come up with something that you wouldn’t be able to normally guess
  • So he writes a sentence on his hand, and asks you to tell him if it appears on your hand too
  • Yes
  • O-okay…what does it say? Yoosung has trouble breathing
  • “I have a crush on…MC?”
  • Yoosung’s pretty sure something exploded nearby
  • whoops maybe that was just his brain
  • cannot compute
  • the sky is falling, people are screaming
  • actually wait no
  • that’s just Yoosung
  • screaming alone in his room
  • whAT iS HAppEnING W H A T???? 
  • Your character logs out, and an hour passes by, Yoosung having migrated under his covers
  • He reaches out his hand, so that the sunlight illuminated the confession he had written
  • But there’s new writing, one that is not of his own
  • “Haha,” it read, “I have a crush on you too (//>w<//)”
  • Let’s just say Yoosung becomes a mini-whirlwind as he zoomes towards Saeyoung’s house to find out wear you live
  • You bet baby sunshine is a blushing mess when he arrives at your door, but the kiss he plants on your cheek is the most gentle of things
  • You can still feel the delicate shape of his lips lingering on your face hours after he had left


  • While practicing his lines, he wrote a few of them on his arm to he could read them without having to carry around the script everywhere he went
  • The first time poetic verses started blooming across your skin, you just assumed that your soulmate was some sort of ridiculously romantic person 500% true though
  • You never really wrote anything back because what was there to say?
  • Except you had just finished reading Shakespeare for a class at school, and you were feeling more than a little inspired
  • So there Zen is, reciting his lines alone in his room, when words that he had not written appears on his other arm
  • “O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?” they read
  • Zen freaks out and almost breaks his neck falling out of bed
  • He quickly sends a snapshot of his arms to the group chat
  • “They…they finally wrote back?”
  • The chat blows up right away, and it’s mostly filled with Yoosung’s typos because shit the boy is excited
  • But the only person who doesn’t say anything is you
  • What are you supposed to say?
  • How do you casually announce that you’re his soulmate???
  • Seven asks, “So, Romeo, wherefore art thou?” 
  • Zen sends his home address to the chat
  • You idiot how is that supposed to help your soul mate find you? they say
  • So then Zen writes it on his arm instead, adding an “O Juliet, Juliet, wherefore art thou?” beside it
  • When there’s no answer, Zen becomes a crying blob and everyone on the chat is having a hard time getting him to stop sending dramatic lines
  • “Ah, Juliet, did you abandon me? Or have the Montagues taken you captive? My sweet love, where are you?”
  • “In front of your house,” you finally say in the chat. 
  • They’re all just like  ????????????????????????????
  • and then !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Yoosung and Seven’s squealing puts high school girls to shame
  • Jaehee is sad but I’m just a fangirl nothing more I’m just worried about his career and Jumin is saying how he’ll present you guys with a cat show for your wedding pictures
  • Zen rushes to the door and faceplants into it he’s so nervous
  • But finally, he pulls it open and sees you, his Juliet, standing right in front of him
  • “You were always so close to me…” he says, reaching out towards you. “But from now on, I’ll keep you even closer.”
  • Zen pulls you into the biggest,  warmest hug
  • Such a tight hug, squeezing you with all his might…
  • very tight…
  • ….it’s probably been five minutes since you’ve been standing in the doorway like this….
  • Was that a squirrel that just entered his house?
  • Hey uhm Zen I can’t really breathe
  • Anyway
  • He keep his word
  • and for the rest of the day, he holds you against him, never letting you go, a hand around your waist, or your shoulders, cradling you against his chest while you listen to his heart beating fast… unless you have to use the washroom then he might consider letting you go but even then you have a hard time convincing him that personal space is an actual thing

Jaehee: (sorry I wrote this one in the case that MC is a girl?)

  • So you know how in her route, two main things go down:
  • First, she doesn’t know she’s gay
  • second, she has a thing for coffee
  • you help her realize both of those things right
  • now  instead of showing her support in the chatroom, you show support while writing small messages on yourself,  with Jaehee scribbling some back in her short breaks from work
  • actually no, she takes breaks from work just so that she can answer you
  • When Jaehee is stressed and lacks sleep so like every day? your words are right there on her arm, telling her that’s it’s okay, that you love her, and to take care of herself because she is an important person to you and to several others
  • It helps her relax 
  • She sleeps more knowing that you’re looking out for her
  • When Jumin has a stick really far up his ass, you’re right there with her, motivating her, everything will be okay, you’ll get through this, I believe in you
  • Since Jaehee doesn’t know she’s kinda gay, she just assumes her soul mate is a dude
  • Then you guys meet for the first time at the RFA party, you greet each other and hold out a hand to shake and-
  • you see the same message on her wrist that’s written on yours
  • “I hope I can see you soon.”
  • Jaehee looks at you in quiet shock
  • A..girl?
  • But then everything comes whooshing back to her, and she’s hit with the realization that it just all makes sense
  • of course you’re her soulmate, how could she not have known before?
  • In a burst of boldness, she cups your face in her hand and presses her lips against yours
  • “It’s nice to meet you,” she breathes, a blush spreading across her face.
  • Saeyoung becomes your number one shipper that night and starts a fanclub dedicated to you two
  • also writes fanfiction
  • when you open up the coffee shop, you guys scribble some ideas for recipes on yourselves
  • after a hard day of work, you look down and smile at the thing that Jaehee had written
  • Recipe for love: MC+Jaehee


  • Jumin was never particularly fond of the the things that would appear on his skin
  • Meaningless dates, appointments, memos, the occasional flower drawing…
  • He never bothered to write anything himself, and so years passed in this manner, until you join the RFA
  • that is when he first decided to write something back
  • It’s after you had covered your thighs in swirls and clouds that he takes up his diamond pen and places the nib on his forearm
  • “Hello,” he says, “Please refrain from creating such large drawings, they are rather bothersome. Thank you.”
  • Nobody knows why you’re in such a foul mood that night in the chat
  • Jumin says he understands how you feel, since his soulmate had been particularly unconventional with their drawings and now both of his legs are completely hidden behind patterns in dark ink
  • You do not reply for a long time
  • while Zen tells Jumin off for being an ‘anti-romantic assbucket‘, you’re glowering at your phone
  • Jumin Han
  • Jumin Han is my soul mate?
  • No it must be a coincidence…but to be safe..I’ll make sure…
  • “Hey Jumin,” you write in the chat.
  • “Yes?”
  • “Did you, by any chance, tell your soul mate  ‘ Please refrain from creating such large drawings, they are rather bothersome. Thank you’?”
  • “Yes, why?”
  • ….
  • ……….
  • “Ah,” he says, after a long pause. “I must apologize to you, MC.”  
  • Zen’s yelling
  • Jaehee’s yelling
  • Saeyoung’s laughing in the distance
  • Yoosung wants to cry because w h a t?
  • Meanwhile Jumin calls you and apologizes over and over again, assuring you that you can draw whatever you want and as much as you want, and he wont complain at all
  • lol then why was it a problem like 5 minutes ago?
  • he learns to appreciate your meaningless memos and occasional doodle, and discovers that doing it himself is a truly therapeutic thing
  • he’s also discovered that he can use his own body to document the life of Elly
  • so now you get an update every 2 minutes about the status of his cat
  • Elly is gazing out the window, she looks so beautiful…but of course, not as beautiful as you
  • Elly is having lunch now…the way she seems crave her food reminds me of how I feel when we’re apart
  • basically using Elly as a means to tell you cheesy pickup lines is his new hobby


  • right so starting off Saeyoung never really doodled on himself
  • I mean do you see this boy he’s covered in clothes oh my how troublesome
  • however, a while ago, he could see the little marking that would appear on his hands when you doodled during a boring class
  • You have no idea how much those drawing helped him get his work done
  • They were like tiny rays of sunlight for him, helping him see the way out of his dark tunnel 
  • look at me being all poetic
  • He would never write back though, always afraid that you would stop drawing if you knew he saw everything you made
  • But after a while, the doodles become less and less frequent, until they disappear altogether
  • Then you join the RFA, though tbh you guys don’t find out about being each other’s soulmate until much later
  • There’s a sleepover at Seven’s house, just you, him and Yoosung. 
  • There’s also an RFA party the next day, and you guys are the only ones crazy enough to pull an all nighter before the event
  • I mean for them it’s a common practice, sleepless nights
  • hey you could make a religion out of this
  • Anyways, it’s not until six am that you finally manage to fall asleep
  • Yoosung is passed out in the kitchen, his butt stuck to the fridge due to circumstances
  • Saeyoung wanders around, unable to sleep, when he sees your peaceful, unprotected face while you sleep on the couch
  • He grabs a sharpie and gets to work, careful not to wake you up
  • Saeyoung does some doodles of his own, and it takes him a few hours to complete because it has to be perfect so are they really doodles at this point?
  • Meanwhile Yoosung wakes up, unsticks his tush from the fridge, and leaves, because he has stuff to do for LOLOL before the party starts
  • You also wake up, groggy, glancing at the clock
  • it’s 4pm
  • the party starts in two hours
  • You bolt out the door, shouting a quick bye to Saeyoung before you return to the apartment as fast as humanely possible
  • Saeyoung doesn’t answer you
  • He’s busy staring at himself in the mirror
  • “No way….” he murmurs, gently touching his face.

  • By the time you get back home, there’s only one hour to spare, due to the heavy traffic on the way back
  • You have just enough time to throw on some nice clothes and brush your teeth before you have to leave again
  • So basically you have no idea how you look overall
  • Lo and behold, you arrive at the party, and Jaehee greets you with a frown on her face
  • “MC…I don’t know if this is some sort of a joke…but that’s hardly appropriate makeup for the occasion,” she says in a stern voice.
  • Huh?
  • The other RFA members arrive to greet you, but they all say the same thing:
  • “MC, what did you do to your face?”
  • Then Saeyoung arrives
  • “Saeyoung, look at –”
  • They freeze
  • Seven has a perfectly drawn-in twirl mustache complete with monocle and angled eyebrows on his face
  • Needless to say, you also have the same thing on yours
  • “Seven??!”
  • He takes a deep breath
  • Dabbing fiercely, he cries out 
  • and then prances away
  • Basically you’re all bewildered, especially after Zen hauls Saeyoung back and has him explain just what the actual fuck is going on
  • Zen: “He found his soulmate by drawing an ungodly mustache on someone’s face? What has the world come to???
  • and you two don’t even attend the party
  • Instead, Seven brings you to a park where you both lie on the ground, counting the stars in the sky as Saeyoung offers you loving words and sweet caresses throughout the night


  •  Edgemaster Mc Edge gets a Mint Eye tattoo on his arm while he’s in the cult
  • You remember that fateful day where a strange drawing appeared on your skin, and didn’t come of no matter how many days had passed
  • So you automatically knew it was a tattoo and had to question your s/m’s tastes a ‘lil but it gradually grew on you
  • Ok but now listen
  • Days come and go, you join the RFA, and you never have anything else appear on your body
  • Side not: once you tried to initiate a conversation with your s/m but all you would get as a reply was “Fuck off” or “You’re creepy stop talking to me”
  • And then the day arrives when Saeran breaks into your apartment
  • You’re in the middle of putting on a hoodie, but you drop it out of shock when a grown ass man casually Tarzans into your house
  • Saeran has got his whole “I’ll take you to paradise and make you happy and we’ll have sex all day” speech ready and you just kinda whisper what the fuck
  • Why does this guy have the same tattoo as me???
  • So you’re staring at his arm, and he’s trailing off because what she’s not scared? 
  • Actually what is she looking at?
  • His gaze is drawn to his own tattoo, then he looks back at you
  • Is a quadruple take a thing?
  • He just slowly points a finger at you, covering his mouth his a loose fist while you mirror his movement
  • “You’re that creepy person!” he declares, eyes wide, while at the same time you say “You’re that anti-social emo kid!” 
  • “That means…that you’re my soulmate???” you guys yell simultaneously. “No way!
  • Y’all are breathing hard
  • neither of you know what the fuck is going on
  • Saeran tries to run away from his sudden bout of feelies but you launch an aerial attack and glomp him before he reaches the window
  • Basically it’s a very confusing evening that ends in late night emotional syndrome and melting ice cream
  • The only time Saeran returns to Mint Eye is to make sure Rika is taken away and her cult dissolved
  • Saeyoung’s a mess, all tears and joy, because not only did he get his brother back, but said brother also managed to find his soul mate
  • Saeran promises to write you nicer answers
  • your favorite one is when he gets a little bit drunk, and he doodles a little sun and some clouds on his forearm, where underneath he writes a simple
  • “Let’s watch the sky together, my soulmate.”
🖤Drug Lord E [Part 3] (Ethan x Reader)

Summary: Y/N has been trapped by the Dolan gang for a little bit now and she tries to escape, but she gets caught and now she has to face the wrath of the head of the gang, Ethan.

Drugs/sexual assault/Violence/Daddy kink

A/N: Twins are older in this. So I’ve never wrote anything about these subjects before and at any point if you are uncomfortable please stop reading! Also, requests are on hold until I finish the series! Still open, just won’t be posting! Now without further ado, I present Drug Lord Ethan

Part 1Part 2

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“What do you think you’re doing Y/N?” He asked. I slowly turn around, to where I see a familiar face. He looked like the guy in the room earlier, but his face looked softer. He was wearing a white t-shirt which I knew the guy earlier wasn’t wearing. I see he has a tattooed sleeve on his arm. On his shoulder, there was a profile of a woman in the tattoo as she was surrounded with flowers, birds, and many other beautiful things. She has curly hair and soft eyes. She looked to be staring directly in my eyes as her lips softly puckered together. I could see Mother Mary on his forearm. “Hello?” He asked me again. I inhaled sharply still unable to speak. “Look come on back inside. If Ethan knows you’re out here–”

“Ethan?” I questioned, and the guy knew he messed up.

“Dolan. He’s our head and my twin brother.” The guy answers. I nod my head.

“Gray what are you–” A girl walks outside from the back. She is so gorgeous. She has mixed skin and tattoos all up and down her arms. I believe she even has tattoos on her legs as I see her ankles are tatted but she’s wearing jeans. She was curvy and about 5’3, but her black boots may have added to her height. “Is this her?” She asks pointing at me.

“Yeah this is Y/N. Y/N this is Angie.” Gray introduces.

“Wait I’m confused. Are you being kept here too?” I asked and the two started laughing

“No I’m soon to be Mrs. Grayson Dolan.” She kisses his cheek which he smiles. “Now you’re the Kelley girl right? I’ve heard about you.” She asks me and I nod. I was oddly intimidated by her, but she was so gorgeous.

“What have you heard?” I asked, but then we are interrupted by Grayson.

“Hey we can talk later. Let’s get you back inside before Ethan notices you’re missing.” Grayson demands as Angie gets behind me and grabs one arm while Grayson grabs the other. “All of the guys went out and Ethan was sleeping when I last checked so I think we can sneak you back in your room no trouble.” Grayson states as they walk me back inside the house. “Be quiet.” Grayson hushes. We walk down the hall and Grayson and Angie walked me into the room. Grayson walked over to the window and he looked at it then looked to me. “How did you get out?” He asked me.

“Through the window? Why?” He looked at the window. Angie walked over to him.

“How? There’s bars on the window now.” I stood up and walked over to where he was standing. The left over glass had been knocked out and bars had been placed on the window. 

“There weren’t bars when I got out. It was just glass. Someone had to have put these bars on here recently.” I stammered in shock.

“You’re right. Someone did.” A voice boomed. I let out a small yelp as I turn around to see Ethan leaning against the door frame. He was shirtless wearing black sweatpants. His hair was messy like he just woke up. His red streak was all over the place. He had numerous scars all over his chest and a few tattoos, but not as many as Grayson and Angie. He has a matching Mother Mary on his forearm and then he has some roman numerals across his chest with a cross. He has a half sleeve on his right arm. 

“Looks like Y/N tried to escape and you found her. Were you planning on telling me or just bring her back here and expect me not to know anything?” Ethan walks into the room towards me. I cower behind Angie and Grayson gets in front of the both of us which sends Ethan back a bit.

“E stop. She’s scared okay? Ease up on her.” Grayson defends. Ethan’s pupils were rather large as if he had been doing drugs or drinking or some other altering substance. He just stands there and looks to me and then to Grayson. “Eth–” Ethan cuts Grayson off with his hand in the shape of a hook clocking Grayson straight in the jaw, sending him to the ground, hitting his head on the dresser.

“Ethan! What the hell was that for?” Angie screamed as she got on her knees next to Grayson. Ethan doesn’t say anything, but he stares blankly before his gaze turns to me. He grabbed my wrist hard and started to pull my arm hard. His hand wrapped completely around my wrist and his fingers even overlapped. I heard Angie shout something, but I couldn’t make out what she said. Ethan dragged me into a room which I looked around. It was an average looking bedroom. I mean it was a little dark, but that was because he was a drug dealer. I noticed a bottle of Jack Daniels along with half of a blunt in an ashtray on his night stand. He then pushed me on the bed as he slammed the bedroom door and locked it. I got off of the bed and I looked at him confused.


“Shut up!” He shouts which I listen. “You’re in a lot of trouble sweetheart. Like do you know what could have happened if you were to go out there and tell people about us? Hell if you could make it out there.” Ethan scoffs. I pursed my lips together annoyed.

“I miss my boyfriend. I love him! Have you ever loved anyone?” I started to chuckle as I was also feeling brave. “Oh who am I kidding? Of course not, because all you do is look out for yourself. You’re incapable of love.” I laughed while shaking my head. I felt extremely confident for some reason. Ethan was just staring at me with his jaw tightened. I started laughing again. “Ethan Dolan loving someone?” I scoffed at the idea. I then started applauding. “Good show Ethan. Good fucking show.” I stopped laughing when I feel my back being slammed against the wall. I let out a yelp, but Ethan’s hand immediately grabs my throat.

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I’m trembling under his grasp. He leans in close to my ear and whispers something barely audible, but I heard every word he spoke to me.

“You’re not getting dinner tonight.”He growls in my ear which I swallow deeply. I throw my head back as I start to tear up in my eyes. He then pulls my shirt down a little bit revealing my collarbone a bit more. He then pressed his lips against my skin as he roughly kissed my collarbone. I bit my bottom lip as I try to suppress a moan. His free hand grabs my breast as he softly gives it a squeeze. I grinded my hips upwards towards him. I felt him grin against my skin. “Baby girl don’t let daddy know you like that.” I inhaled deeply as Ethan kept kissing my collarbone. “Fuck it this is in the way.” He then ripped my shirt in half and then gave me a hard kiss, but I turned away from him so he forces me to look him in the eyes as he kisses me harshly.

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 He looked looked down in between us. He lifts his hand from my throat and pulls his sweatpants down. I could see he had a rather large hard on through his boxers.

“No.” I mumbled and Ethan started chuckling.“You think you have a choice? You tried to leave so now you have to face the consequences. Plus this is your dinner for tonight.” He snickered. I swallowed hard. I’ve never touched another man like this except for Justin. I’ve never done anything like this with another man besides Justin.

“Ethan.” I begged but he raised his hand to stop me.

“Daddy.” He answered. He placed his hand gently on my cheek. The pad of his thumbs wiped one of my tears away. 

“Do I have to daddy?” I asked which caused him to smile.“Well it’s not going to suck itself baby girl. You did this to yourself so now you have to accept the punishment.” I started to breathe heavily, before I got on my knees. I wrapped my small hand around his long shaft through his boxers as I slowly pumped him. Ethan let out a groan. I pulled his black boxers down which revealed more scars. His dick sprang out as I placed my hand around him. I looked up at him and he nodded. “Fucking do it Y/N.” He groans and I do. I wrap my lips around his tip as I suck off some of the precum. I place him deeper in my mouth and I bob my head back and forth. He grips my hair and creates a ponytail while I’m still bobbing. I puff out my cheeks which makes him push himself deeper in my mouth. I gagged a few times which made him moan. “Fuck baby girl you’re doing so good.” He starts thrusting in my mouth hard which was making me choke. I would cough a few times, but that didn’t stop him. I moaned onto his dick which I always knew made Justin cum because of the vibrations. He started moaning again and he sped up his pace with thrusting in my mouth. I moaned as I grabbed the base of his penis and bobbed my head faster. I felt him start to twitch. I pushed his penis as far back in my throat as I can. I don’t know what a drug dealer’s cum tastes like, but I had no interest in finding out. He grunts “swallow every drop for me baby girl.” Then his cum shot down the back of my throat. I hang my mouth open while he pulls his dick out.

Ethan slides his boxers on as I fix myself up a little bit. “Angie should have more clothes for you in your room.” I nodded not really caring anymore. He grabbed some shirt that was on his hamper then turned back to me. “You okay?” He asked acting like he cared.

“Yeah I just want to go back to my room.” I answered coldly. I had nothing to say to him. I just wanted to go back home and call Justin. I wanted to tell him I was okay so he wouldn’t be worried. Ethan looked out his window.

“Okay well Angie is making some chicken Alfredo tonight if you’re hungry. It’s just going to be Gray and Angie there so you don’t have to worry about me.” He chuckled but I just stood there coldly. The air hitting my chest made me want to curl up in bed and cry. I didn’t care about eating or Ethan.

“Where will the other guys be?” I asked very mono toned. I avoided making eye contact so I stared at the ground.

“With me.” He snapped which made me wince. “Don’t ask questions that don’t concern you sweetheart.” He demanded and I nodded acknowledging I understood. It was probably drug or gang related, so I decided to keep to myself. “Go get something to eat Y/N.” He commands, but I just shook my head.

“I’ve lost my appetite.” I answered letting out a sigh. He just shrugged and left the room to which I sat on his bed. He popped back into the room.

“Hey don’t cry in my room okay? This is my room.” He chuckled as he smiled. I sniffled and stood to my feet, but he hollers at me. “Hey Y/N!” I turn thinking he was going to apologize to me. “Best blow job ever. Justin was a real lucky dude.” I shoved passed him to get down the hall. I get to my room and I throw myself on the bed as I start to sob uncontrollably.

Part 4

Amor Vincit Omnia (2/20)

Yoongi/ Oc gang Au.

Chapter 2

I stood in front of the mirror, staring critically at myself. It was now  a week after my marriage and I hadn’t set eyes on my husband after the ceremony. To my surprise, after the third day spent alone in the sprawling penthouse, I stopped staring nervously at the door. Now, I pretty much lived the way I’d done back at home. With the exception that I had absolutely nothing to do here . I’d started trying to learn how to cook, simply to pass time. If my husband thought he was punishing me by ignoring me , he was dead wrong. I was just happy to be by myself.

Happy to be able to walk around, listen to music and even work on some of my needlework projects without having to worry about stepping out of line and getting hit for it.

And now, after seven days of silence, my husband had finally decided to contact me. Granted he’d relayed the message through one of his employees, at least it was confirmation that he was still alive somewhere. The message was to the point and cryptic.

“Dinner at seven. Formal wear. ”

Where was the dinner? with who?

No clue.

But the thought of leaving the house was both welcome and exciting. Although I was enjoying my newfound freedom, it would be nice to meet new people. I stared around at the outfit I’d picked. It was a simple white gown with a satin silver sash around the waist. I threaded a few jeweled studs through my hair and slipped on a single diamond pendant and a pair of diamond earrings.

My father had hated me but he’d provided for me as well. I had the best branded clothes and all my jewelry was imported. I won’t lie. I liked wearing pretty things. I liked anything beautiful because I’d long been raised to believe that I needed them to look beautiful. To be beautiful. Smiling , I slipped on the watch and also my wedding ring. I took it off because the platinum sometimes left a red rash on my skin.

When I was dressed and ready, I went down to the lounge in the ground floor of the company. Everyone smiled and bowed recognizing the boss’ wife. I felt uncertain and self-conscious as I sat there. At exactly five fifty five, A black limousine drew up to the entrance and my husband got out.

He looked spectacular, dressed in a black blazer and a white shirt, unbuttoned to mid-torso, revealing pale smooth skin. He had on a small glittery earring on his left ear and his hair was styled rakishly. He looked like a Kpop idol rather than the CEO of a construction firm. He looked at me and smiled wide, his smile oddly enchanting with teeth that were just a bit too straight .

He walked with the easy confidence of a guy who knew he was in control and I hesitated before standing up. He stepped close enough for my shoulders to brush his chest and I resisted the urge to jump away at the contact. He didn’t seem to notice. He said something softly to the chauffeur , who nodded and disappeared.

“Ready to go?” He said softly, like he hadn’t ignored me for a week. I was confused but I did take his arm.

Once we settled in the car , he threw my arm off violently.

“We’re going to have dinner with my friends. No one knows we hate each other so you better act the part of the blissfully happy wife.” He snapped.

I stared at him and then sighed and settled back against the car seats. I did feel bad about what I’d done to him. But then, I also thought it unfair. It isn’t like he’s in anyway suffering because of me. He’ happily banging his girlfriend and he’s also got the approval of his parents.

“I’ll do my duty. You don’t have to worry that I’ll cause you any trouble. ” I said quietly.

He gave me a look.

“Do you honestly think that’s what marriage is? Doing your duty and not causing trouble? Marriage is love, sex and commitment. It’s about being tru to yourself. I fucking told you I was in love with another woman and you still wouldn’t leave me alone.” He hissed.

“Well , then you should have been the one to refuse !” I snapped. But i was so glad he hadn’t.

He gave me a glare and then turned away staring out of the window.

“Anyway, it doesn’t matter. Since you’ll be begging me for a divorce, soon enough.” He said softly.

I stared at him in confusion. He turned slowly and before I knew what was happening he had me flat on my back, his body pressing me into the seat and his fingers entwined and gripping my hair with so much force I could feel tears sting from the pain. My heart was pounding loud enough to jump out of my ribcage. He gave another sharp yank and I whimpered when he used one hand to grab both wrists, pushing them back enough to make my shoulders twist painfully.

He smelled so different and unfamiliar and dangerous. I turned my face away, struggling underneath the weight of his body, his waist pressing mine down.

“I’ll show you what real hell is like, baby girl. And then, when you’re crawling on your knees begging me to let you go, we’ll see how you feel about doing your duty and not causing trouble. You think you can fuck with me?” He hissed into my ear. He let go of my hair and grabbed my throat, dragging me up till I started choking. He let me go and I stared at him in disbelief.

“If you know what’s good for you, you’ll apply for a divorce and tell your precious daddy you want to come back home.” He said angrily.

I sat frozen in my seat, too stunned to move. When the car pulled into a five star resort on the banks of the river Han , he actually came around to help me out, all smiles and innocent touching. I couldn’t breathe next to him, and had to swallow bile as he led me out to the ballroom where the supposed party was being held. As soon as we entered, a young lady in a deep red gown, cut low and studded with diamonds, stepped in front, extending a hand to me.

“You must be Ji Soo. I’m Hye Mi, you must’ve heard about me.” She smiled wide and happy, very friendly. Her eyes however held so much malevolence, I wanted to take a step back in surprise. I swallowed. Suddenly, i felt like the worst kind of person on the planet. This girl was in love with my husband and he was in love with her. No wonder she hated me.  

But I couldn’t really ask for a divorce. I really couldn’t go back to my father.

“Ji Soo ssi….Such a pleasure to meet you…” I turned and bowed awkwardly. My husband’s grip on me tightened and I flinched when one of the rings in his finger dug into my forearm.

“Hello.” I said nervously. The man addressing me looked as young as my husband. He was tall and also blonde, handsome in a rather friendly way.

“I’m Wu Yifan. I own Wu Entertainment in China. We’re just opening a branch here in Seoul and your husband’s helping me design our HQ here.” He smiled and held a hand out. I held mine out for him to shake but to my surprise he kissed it instead.

“Would you like a walk around the resort? Dinner won’t be for another hour at the least. i could introduce you to some friends of mine.” He sais with a smile. I hesitated. Etiquette dictated that my husband show me around, introduce me to his friends and so on. But he was nowhere to be found. He’d left me right after Yifan had started talking to me. Not sure how to refuse, especially because I couldn’t recignize anyone else , I let myself be led by the guy .

I met some men, models and also some ladies. They seemed nice but I realized that this was the wrong place to look for friends. All of them sounded superficial and empty as they exv=changed meaningless words. If not they were just business partners discussing stuff that made no sense to me. We turned a corner and I frowned when I noticed how deserted the place was.

“Shouldn’t we head back?” I said nervously. To my surprise, he ignored me, still leading me out. Scared, i dug my heels into the carpet and refused to budge, trying to yank my arm away.

“Oh, stop acting like you don’t want it..” He said suddenly, grabbing both my shoulders and pulling me up till his lips crashed against mine. I didn’t think twice, biting down on his lips hard enough to draw blood, he pushed me away furiously and I tripped over the hem of my dress, landing hard on my knee. I started to scream and his palm closed over my mouth, his hand yanking my hair back. Twice in two hours I was being manhandles. What kind of hellish coincidence is this??

I moved to run but he grabbed the neckline of my dressing ripping it clear off and dragging me up .

“Think twice before you scream….No one’s going to believe the new wife. Your husband just finished a billion won deal with me, do you really want to ruin it ??” He hissed and my eyes watered from the ache. I shook my head quickly, just wanting it to end. He released me and gave me a smirk.

“Little bitch. This isn’t over….” He wiped his mouth and stalked away. I leaned against the wall, not sure what to do next? My dress was ruined and I held the tattered fragments up to my chest. I’d skipped wearing a bra, simply because the dress had a sewn-in support. Now I had to hold my dress up just to keep my breatss from spilling out. I didn’t have a phone and even if I did I had no idea what my husband’s phone numb er was.

I had no idea if he would even come.

I sunk to the floor on despair, ready to sink into hysteria.

“Ji Soo ssi..?” A voice made me start and I blinked. It was Yoongi’s friend, Kim… Nam jin? Seok Jin?

“Seok Jin ssi?” I said in confusion and he shook his head.

“I’m Nam Joon. Are you alright, what’s wrong with your-?”

He stopped hastily turning away when he saw my dress.

“Good God, who did that?! Was it Yifan…I’ll tell Yoongi right now!”

“NO!!! No!! Please….just please… ” If Yoongi heard about this he’d find a way to blame me for it. I just knew it. I bit my lips trying to think

“Could you please lend me your coat?” I said desperately. He was already shrugging out of his blazer. I grimaced when he held it out to me, his body still turned away from me. I turned around and quickly slipped it over and buttoned it up as well, for good measure.

“I need a ride back to the penthouse. And please tell Yoongi I wasn’t feeling well.” I said quickly. He looked surprised and a bit hesitant.

“Are you sure you don’t want to tell Yoongi what happened?” He said in confusion and I nodded vigorously. this is what I got for trying to wish for more than what I deserved. I should have stayed home tonight. Instead I just had to dress up and come looking for friendships. I would never leave the penthouse again, I swore to myself.

In the end he gave in and drove me to the penthouse.

I stepped into the bedroom and quickly stripped, slipping under the covers and finally letting the sobs take over.

Unexpected visitor

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A/N: Mature content and sexual language.Not completely smut, just a little sexy scenario. 

A doorbell rings. You hesitantly wait cuz there is no one who could visit you at this late hour. You hear it ring two more times, indicating that the person behind the door has no intentions of leaving. You get up, cross the living room and open the door. He’s standing before you, taller than you remember, more handsome and definitely more manly than you have ever seen him.

Last time you saw him he was still a kid, not fully developed, his arms skinny and his body slim. His face was round with a lot of baby fat and hair ruffled because he never cared to spend more than two minutes styling it. His voice still hasn’t had mutated and every time he would smile, big front teeth would be showing. You remember his skin being much more pale then now and his facial structure much more soft in comparison to his high cheekbones and prominent jawline. His big arms with accentuated muscles were showing under the white t-shirt and veins interlaced on his forearms.

“Hello noona”

“When did you return home Jungkook?”

“Just yesterday” he nonchalantly says, his deep voice vibrating in your earlobes and makes your senses alert.

You go to kitchen to prepare the tea but also to escape the weird vibe that’s filling the living room. As you’re standing by the counter, pouring hot water in the cups you hear footsteps and in the next moment Jungkook enters the kitchen and stands right behind you. You can feel his chest pressing against your back and his hips pushing hard to your ass. He takes strands of your hair and moves it to the other side, slightly brushing the skin of your neck with the tips of his fingers, making the sensory receptors on your skin tense.

“You know noona” he comes closer to your ear and whispers, you feeling his hot breath against your skin, “I was thinking about you every single night while I was in army.”

“Oh really? And why is that so?” you ask but Jungkook doesn’t respond, instead he pushes you harder against the counter and sniffs the scent of your hair.

“You know noona, before I went to army I was just a kid. Now I’m a man, and I want to prove it to you.” he says still squeezing you from behind and you can now feel the bulge in his pants growing against your ass cheeks.

You feel your legs trembling from his touch and deep voice in your ear. Two years ago you would push him away, but not tonight. Jungkook became a man and he knew it. You knew it too, and you wanted him.

He turns you around so now you are facing him and his lustful stare wanders all over your body, stopping at your breasts.

“Ooh noona, I see you haven’t stopped wearing low cut shirts” Jungkook says, his glare glued to your cleavage, “you always teased me with those shirts. I could see your tits bouncing whenever you would walk down the stairs.”

You know this is wrong but you can’t stop it. Your body refuses to listen to your mind and you push your hands under his shirt, feeling his lean stomach muscles.

“Will you bounce your tits for me tonight noona?” Jungkook shamelessly ask, then grabs your hips to pull you closer. Every time he calls you noona you can feel your core pulsating and getting more wet.

You lean closer and start to kiss his neck while your hands are still brushing against his muscles. He grabs you by the waist and picks you up to set you on the counter, his hands slowly moving from your waist up to your breasts. First he gently cups them and starts to lightly kiss you from neck down to your boobs. Your senses go wild at the soft touch of his wet lips on your chest and you want more, so you lock your legs around his hips, making his bulge brush against your heated center. You lean your head back and arch your back so you could give him even better access to your upper body. Jungkook takes your signal and he gives your breasts a rough squeeze.

“If you only knew how many times I was pleasuring myself while I imagined I was touching your breasts like this noona. You have no idea how crazy you make me go” Jungkook says and lifts you up. You instinctively lock your legs around him and your arms grab his back.

“Then show your noona how good you can fuck.”

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Ship: Nalu
Word Count: over 2.5k
Summary: After years of finding strange drawings on her arms, ‘hi’ was the only word Lucy could come up with.
About: I’ve wanted to write a soulmate AU for a while now, but this one’s a bit different than the usual ‘I’m getting old and I still haven’t found my soulmate even though everyone else has’ soulmate story (not that I don’t like those). 
Disclaimer: I don’t own Skype, Wikipedia, or Fairy Tail.

It had been happening for years now. Some mornings, Lucy would wake up and find black ink scribbled up and down her left arm. At first, she thought it was just a prank. Maybe one of her friends had been sneaking into her house and drawing on her. But when she asked, they all said it wasn’t them. Levy, for probably the first time ever, had no clue what was going on. Juvia and Mirajane went on and on about a soulmate or a secret lover. Meanwhile Erza was arguing with Lucy about whether or not to call the cops.

Whoever was doing it, Lucy decided, wasn’t doing it to prank her. Otherwise they would have drawn things other than simple patterns that spiraled like DNA and the occasional flame-like symbol, which were usually done with red and orange pen instead of black. Maybe if it were a prank there would be writing involved as well. Maybe if she tried leaving this mystery person a message, they would leave her alone.

Lucy walked over to her desk and pulled open her top right drawer to fetch her favorite rose-colored ink pen. Without even thinking, she uncapped the pen and placed the tip above her left hand.

“I’m so going to regret this,” Lucy muttered to herself. In normal circumstances, pen ink was relatively easy to wash off of skin. However, in the past when Lucy tried to erase the black ink off her arm, it wouldn’t come off. It would just disappear a few days later like it was all a dream.

Lucy’s pen hovered over her hand and, instead of thinking though what she was going to write, she impulsively wrote the simplest thing she could.

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Yes. We Need Forearm Friday.

Well, Wednesday’s episode just left so many angsty feels. Even with the smoochees and the bling and the Menorahs. 

You know what would have made it better? That’s right. Arms. Forearms. Biceps. Hello. So I am reaching back a bit to remind us of the good old days when Oliver Queen hated shirts and his elbows could breathe sweet freedom.

The way it should always be. 

Ain’t he just ridiculously pretty?

Here, John Diggle is owning Forearm Friday just because he showed up. Oliver looks wistful. 

I don’t know about this one. It works for me, but maybe it’s too monochromatic for other folks. 

Finally, this gif can just freaking mesmerize you for the foreseeable future. Because just look and the arms. And how they relate to the whole shiny package.

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Wishing you a great weekend, full of happy thoughts and delicious dreams, my friends. 

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