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So I was listening to pop radio this morning and I heard that song Into You by Ariana Grande and she isn't usually my cup of tea but for some reason all I can think of is 16 year old Sherlock blasting it in his room and spinning around and singing it and thinking of John. Like he is wearing some socks and briefs and a shirt he stole from John and he is just screaming "I'm so into you, I can barely breathe"

Ahhhhh he would :’) my tiny son. This song also hardcore makes me think of my job ashdfkflglgksj because where I work we have a playlist of like 6 songs on an endless loop and like, every month we might change out one or two so you hear them foreVERRRRR and this is one of them! I’m glad it’ll make me think of this, now! ♡

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How old is Mr.Fergus? Where does he hail from? What does he usually steal or favor stealing? Does he have a favorite food?

-fergus is 28 years old, living somewhere in northern ireland

-typically, he steals jewelry, watches, sometimes cash, sometimes clothing, when he needs it. one specific instance is where he stole a diamond wedding ring from an unsuspecting young man who was highly stressed about proposing to his partner. he picks up really fast on anxiety and emotional stress

he loves the simple things. like soda bread and cheese

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What do Wander and Sylvia know about each other? Sylvia was shocked when Wander said that he stole the hat, he was shocked when Syl said that she had left home without telling anybody, also Syl didn't know that Wander is Tumbleweed...

A bit of mystery is the key to a good relationship.

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I totally agree with you saying that 5sos are so great live! I saw them in the UK and I wasn't a massive fan prior to my concert but had seen them opening up for 1D a couple of times, but the arena was ten mins from where I go to uni so me and few friends went! And OH MY GOD!!!! I was blown away!! Just everything about them!! They played phenomenal live and well, now I've never looked back and 5sos are my life haha! Especially Calum, he stole my heart that night 😩❤️

calum is irrisistible in person, he literally glows! i’m so glad you had a good time 💛💛💛

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Some headcannons on a relationship with Overlord? Like how do you think Overlord would react to being interested in a human? Would he steal them a bunch of gifts? Straight up kidnap them? I could imagine him trying to play nice in the most intimidating way like "i heard human women like jewels" and then he just dumps a ripped open safe he stole from a Jareds at their feet.

… yanno what anon, i don’t think i can do this one. i.. dont know, i really do NOT like Overlord. lots of bad things with that guy. no no nooo. 

sorry about that ;n; i’d be glad to do relationship hcs on another bot though!

maybe i should start putting bots i can’t write in the rules too hh

  • Rick Sanchez:*is a gross, abusive 80 year old alcoholic with a unibrow, bald spot, yellow teeth, and is constantly belching and drooling and is an asshole to everyone*
  • Me:Wow what a great character. You know I just can’t get enough of this swell guy. I think I’ll dedicate my life to him. So beautiful

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Hello! If you are still taking prompts for the draw an action thingie, can you please draw Charlie and Castiel decoring a cake for Dean? That would be totally awesome! Thank you!

Ever since Charlie introduced him to The Great British Bakeoff, Cas had been planning the perfect birthday cake for Dean. Of course, it was originally going to be tiers of pie, but something about the icing the crust just didn’t seem to work…

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Imagine the Voltron team all being locked into an alternate reality machine to keep them placid until they can be shipped to the Galra. Which one of them breaks free first, and what does everyone see?

Ooooohhhh what an interesting concept!

I’m gonna say Lance breaks free first. My boy was able to distinguish Not-Rover at a glance, he’s got great observation skills. He’d be able to pick out inconsistencies or tiny glitches in the alternate reality, things that don’t add up or make sense, and that’d be enough for him to snap himself out

As for what everyone sees?

Shiro sees his team. They’re all hanging out together in the Castle’s common room, all within his line of sight so he can watch over everyone and he knows they’re all safe

Hunk sees the Balmera. He’s sitting on Yellow with Shay looking out over a field of crystals, watching Pidge chase Lance around down below (he probably stole something) while the others stand to the side

Lance sees home. He sees his family, he sees the beach, he sees rain, all the things he misses most

Pidge also sees home. Sees the TV broadcasting the first images from Kerberos, sees the ship landing at the airfield, Sam and Matt climbing out, returning home. The mission went off without a hitch

Keith sees freedom. He’s at Red’s controls, or maybe on his speeder back on Earth. He’s got an endless open expanse in front of him, nowhere to be, no one to report to, nothing but him and the exhiliration of flying

Allura doesn’t see Altea. She’s already been fooled by that ruse once, it won’t work again. No, what she sees is flower petals floating through the air, cheers, a celebration. The Paladins in their lions processing through a street lined with people of all species from all over, people she’s liberated, she and her raggedy bunch of humans. They beat Zarkon, the war is over

Coran sees the Paladins. Allura is by his side and they’re putting the earthlings through a new training exercise. They get better and better every day, getting closer and closer to that perfect synchronicity that will bring out the strongest possible Voltron. He’s so proud of them, he loves them as his own