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Hi! could you do a scenario with Ten where you got into a fight and you got so mad that you didn't eat for like a day and fainted infront of him...Thank you!

Hi there! Sorry for the wait & hope you like the scenario. It’s a bit angsty, I hope that’s alright haha. 

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“Well, it’s not my fault! It’s part of my line of work. You should know better than anyone else Ten.”

Ten licked his lips and readjusted the cap he was wearing. You could tell that he was still upset but there wasn’t much more you could do to convince him.

“It’s because I’m in the same line of work that I know the way your other dance partner looks at you is different. I mean, you and Yunho don’t dance like that with each other even though you’re close.”

Yunho was your dance partner in SM for Ten’s new choreography. Ten would be competing on the show ‘Hit the Stage’ and you were on his dance crew. You were a freelance dancer and were often contracted at different entertainment companies for certain dance choreographies. Ten and you had met when he was still a trainee when you taught the rookies a specific dance choreography. The two of you got along well and started meeting outside of lessons before you eventually started dating. Although you were together for over a year, it was difficult to meet up often and many times you saw each other over the TV screen unless you were participating in one of the choreographies for SM.

Currently, Ten and you were fighting because of your recent back dancer position for another company. Because the song had a seductive vibe, naturally the choreography for the back dancers would be more suggestive and provocative as well. He felt really uncomfortable with the fact that your partner, Jiseob, and you were overly close and touchy. However, there was nothing you could do except assure Ten that there was nothing between Jiseob and you.

“Ten! Obviously it depends on the type of dance. Yours is hip hop so Yunho and I hardly even have any physical contact. On the other hand Jiseob and I have a lot and it’s part of the choreo. It doesn’t mean anything though, just like if you were dancing a more suggestive choreo with another dancer, I wouldn’t see a problem either.”

You tried to remain calm, but truthfully you didn’t understand why you were having this conversation with him.

Ten stood up to face you, anger evident on his face.

“So you’re saying that you wouldn’t care if I was dancing provocatively with a back dancer? I guess I misunderstood something… I’m the only one who put you first…I’m nothing to you.”

He grabbed his sweater and headed towards the door.

Tears started to fall from your eyes as you walked over to Ten angrily giving him a shove, preventing him from leaving.  

“How could you doubt me like that? Do I seem like a cheap back dancer to you? If anyone is walking out on this relationship right now it should be me…my genuine feelings for you don’t deserve to be trampled on like this.”

By now, your face was heated but you didn’t care. You didn’t care if Ten showed his jealousy but you hated it when someone, especially your boyfriend doubts you. You turned to leave and shut the door loudly without turning back.

You wiped your angry tears and walked to the end of the hallway, trying to control your emotions before entering the practice room. You had used your lunch break to have that stupid conversation with Ten and now it was time for practice again.

You walked over to the monitor and began playing the familiar upbeat song immediately as you made your way to the centre of the room and began practicing. The other back dancers could sense that your mood was bad but didn’t say anything. They had their own theories about the relationship between you and Ten but nothing was confirmed so they kept quiet.

After dancing for two hours it was time for the next break. Yunho walked over to ask if you wanted to grab some food but you shook your head and didn’t stop dancing. He wanted to convince you to grab some food but he knew that you had a stubborn personality and proceeded to leave the practice room for the short break.

Half an hour passed and the back dancers entered the room to prepare for the next practice. You were stretching at the side when you realized that Ten would be joining in for this one. You grumbled as he entered the room. You focused on stretching and didn’t look up at him but felt him glance at you as the others greeted him.

At this time, Yunho came over to you with a sandwich.

“At least eat this first, I don’t think I saw you eat all day.”

You knew Yunho was right but practice was starting and you didn’t want to look weak in front of Ten although you really did feel a little faint from not eating all day. You took a sip of water and smiled at Yunho.

“Thanks, I’ll have it after.”

You got up and headed to your position where the other back dancers had already took their places.

Ten headed to the centre of the practice room as he started to warm up.

You could feel him glance at you every now and then but you weren’t planning on making up with him that easily.

A couple minutes later, practice started.

At first everything was fine, although not your best, you danced well. But with so many people in the room you could feel the room getting stuffy and you felt light-headed.

It wasn’t long before you could feel your body slow down and your eyesight go blurry before you fainted onto the floor.

You were half-conscious as you heard voices and shouts as you fell and a group of back dancers made a circle around you. Although your vision was blurry, you saw his familiar face rush over and bend down next to you as the back dancers retreated.

You felt his warm arms wrap around you as he lifted you up off the floor, gasps escaping from the rest of the dance crew.

You glanced up at his sharp jaw line as you saw him stare at you with furrowed brows.

He proceeded to carry you out of the dance room, careful not to bump into anything as he glanced down at you with a worried expression every few seconds, mumbling the following phrase over and over again.

“I promise to never doubt you again…from now on I’ll only take better care of you.”

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WWE Rants That I Have To Get Out

Roman being drafted to RAW feels like a set up for failure since he doesn’t have anyone to really save him (I.E. Dean Ambrose and The Usos). With Brock Lesnar and Seth Rollins, I really don’t know how to feel about it rn.

Having Enzo and Big Cass together after worrying they might have been split up is a huge relief, just wished they would have been drafted to SMACKDOWN instead of RAW to be Stephanie’s little throw toys.

I have a love/hate relationshp with Seth Rollins where I feel like I should smack him and yet I would let him smash backstage, but yeah.

Also does this mean that Naomi/Trinity will finally get the push she deserves?

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(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9TFcbkJKmUI)

This is old but I just love the interactions. Hahaha. Unfortunately it has no subs but who cares. 

  • Yijeong is so adorable
  • Her reaction whan Dokyun enters
  • dokyun looking fine as hell
  • history ot3 eating chicken
  • lucky she gets to feed dokyun
  • yijeong x chicken is my new ship i’m sorry leader
  • why is jaeho so hot here? he’s just eating chicken?
  • wangju is so cute too
  • History x chicken
  • Yijeong being the usual cute shit he is
  • i hate them lol
  • dokyun looks so hot here i’m confused
  • I’ve said chicken so many times wtf