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Hi:) I was wondering if you could do one where Castiel has been holding the readers hand a lot because he wants to know she's there. Have a good day and thank you!

Hi. I can. And I will. Right now! In honor of Castiel’s birthday, please accept this 5-minute drabble as a token of Castiel’s profound adoration.

The first time Castiel reached for your trembling fingers, you sat side by side, bunker bound, in the rear of the Impala. The angel had healed you, healed all of you, and yet, as always, there existed wounds he could not see or mend with his divine grace.

In the driver’s seat, muted by guilt, Dean’s green gaze seemed fixed so far away that his white-knuckled clutch upon the steering wheel and steady pressure of his boot on the gas pedal were, more than anything else, a base manifestation of homing instinct.

Sam reclined restlessly against the passenger window, eyelids heavily shut in the elusive search of a fitful slumber forever out of his grasp.

Tears reflective of the gruesome hunt gathered in the corners of your eyes, the briny sting of innocent lives lost stained your flushed cheeks.

The dense shared silence of varying regrets hung viscous in the air between the four of you so that the simple act of breathing became a tiresome chore.

In gaining a familiarity with the nuances of human touch, Castiel understood hand holding to be a means to comfort you – the gesture a physical reminder that you were not alone. He had no way of anticipating the reverberating influence of the action on his own sense of grounding.

Numb fingers sensing the warm rough skin of his palm overlaying your hand, you twined your fingers through his, a shaky sigh rattling your chest as you wriggled across the distance between your bodies to lay your weary head on his shoulder.

Castiel drew your hand to rest upon his lap – grateful to have helped, grateful for your existence.

More and more habitually in the days, and weeks, and months following, Castiel intuitively reached out to hold your hand. Frequently, it was to reassure you, as on that first fateful occasion. Just as often, it was out of a shyly blossoming affection. Sometimes, when he felt most lost and most without purpose, it was to satisfy a nascent desire in himself to hold on to something tangible and alive in a world where too often the immaterial natures of hope and faith were not enough to fend off the darkness or the thought that he, alone, was not enough to aid in the stand against it.

Together, hand in hand, anything seemed possible.

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Happy Birthday, Sweetheart

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PAIRNG: Dean x Reader


CHARACTERS: Reader, Sam, Dean, Cas, Gwen (OFC)

WARNINGS: None. Let me know if there are any, I’m really bad at warnings.

A/N: Hey, so as tomorrow (September 19) it’s my birthday, I wanted to give myself a birthday present, and here it is. At first I thought I should’ve make a personalized fic, but I wanted all of you to enjoy it. Thanks as always for reading and remember feedback is welcome

PAIRNG: Dean x Reader


CHARACTERS: Reader, Sam, Dean, Cas, Gwen (OFC)

WARNINGS: None. Let me know if there are any, I’m really bad at warnings.

A/N: Hey, so as tomorrow (September 19) it’s my birthday, I wanted to give myself a birthday present, and here it is. Thanks as always for reading and remember feedback is welcome

When you were a child and had your mother and sister around, your birthday was, with no doubt, the best day of the year. But when grew up and they were gone, your birthday was a day like any other day
Even when you met the Winchesters, still your plans were the same as the other years: watch TV, read, eat cheese burgers and fries, and talk to your best friend, Gwen, over the phone.
Everything was supposed to turn out okay, unless the boys found a case. That way, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy your birthday as you wanted. They wouldn’t turn off the hunt because you had never told them when your birthday was.
Nevertheless, you didn’t regret your decision. You had thought about it a long time. You had even asked Gwen about it, she had told you that you deserved to celebrate your birthday like birthdays should be celebrated, with gifts, people you loved and even some cake.
Your thoughts were different though, with the kind of life you had, you knew that by the next year everything could change. Dean could dump you, Dean could die, Sam could die or both could die. And you couldn’t afford to take such a risk. You wouldn’t get used to something that could be taken away so easily from you, not again.

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Happy Birthday, Llama!!

(if you guys don’t know, f(x) is my favorite female group, i just love them!)

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 Lesbian Film Coming Soon This Year

1.Based on a True Story (x


3. Thelmax

4. Carmilla: The Moviex

5. Siebzehn - Seventeenx

6.A Million Happy Nowsx

7. Apart from Everything(x

8. Women Who Kill(x


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Mother Nature

Request from anon for a Happy x Reader using the following prompt:

#7 - “Tampons? You want me to buy tampons?”

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You groan as you lay curled up on your side, the first day of your period always being the worst. The random TV show that you’ve put on to distract yourself fades out into the background, the amusing characters not helping at all.

Your phone rings, a huff leaving you as you reach for it, not in the mood to talk right now. “Hello?”

“Someone’s grumpy.” Happy jests, and you can tell he’s smiling to himself. You feel yourself perk up slightly, the sound of your boyfriends voice having that effect on you.

“Sorry, babe. You coming round soon?” You look at the clock as it shows six pm, Happy promising you that he would be home earlier today, and you really hope he remembers.

“That’s why I called, I’ve just stopped at the store. You want anything?” he asks, your heart melting at his simple yet thoughtful gestures. “I’ve already grabbed your favourite ice cream.”

“If only SAMCRO knew how whipped you are.” you tease, pulling yourself to sit up as you smile down the phone. “Could you grab me some tampons, please?”

You laugh as Happy coughs down the phone, your request catching him off guard. You’d never asked him to get them for you before, but you’d been together for eight months now. It’s not like you decided to almost run out of your favourite kind.

“Tampons? You want me to buy tampons?” he questions once he’s recovered from his coughing fit. God, for someone with a name like Killer he really was a baby.

“Did I stutter?” you sass, enjoying your boyfriends squirming. You hear him move around the store, his boots moving around loudly. “The blue ones will do.”

Blue ones? There’s about fifty different blue ones.” His tone is stiff and full of embarrassment, a smirk slipping onto your lips. You’d had to buy condoms in the past, and damn if you weren’t embarrassed. Now it was his turn.

“Yes, the blue ones. They’re the bigger ones, suitable for heavy flow.” You have to restrain yourself from laughing as you Happy curses lowly down the phone, a sound of accomplishment leaving his lips once he finds the right ones.

“You owe me for this, baby girl.” he warns, though you know he’s only joking. He’d do anything you asked him to, you having him wrapped around your finger, even if you didn’t know it.

“Maybe if you’re lucky I’ll put my mouth to good use.” you flirt, your tone teasing and seductive. You receive a growl in return, a snicker emerging from you.

“Behave, (Y/N). I’ll be there in ten.” You hum in response, pulling yourself up from the sofa.

“Drive careful, I love you.” The words never lose their touch, a giddy feeling rushing through you everytime you say it, just knowing that Happy is yours and only yours.

“I love you, Princess.” he responds, your cheeks flushing even though he can’t see you, a dorky smile on your face.

A/N - Thought I’d do a Happy request for a change since I’ve been doing a lot of Jax lately, not that I’m complaining ;) hope you enjoyed❤


Happy Birthday, Misha ♥ August 20th, 1974 [x]
↳Happy birthday to this man of 43 years today! A bubbly, little kid in some moments, while in others, incredibly insightful and awe-inspiring. A hero who has touched thousands of hearts, but also the guy who whips out his orange underwear onstage. There can be only one Misha. And Misha…I’m glad you’re our Misha. Lots of love to this beautiful, wonderful, unapologetically unique, and unbelievably bright soul ♥︎ xo

Happy having a crush on you would include :

(Woooo more prompts! Woooo Happy!!! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-Him finding himself always having a good time with you and enjoying that you’d always try to make him laugh, making him realize he has feelings for you

-Him growling and getting himself into fights with anyone who flirts with you too much, only to feel better as you’d always seem to take care of him afterwards

-Him always letting you watch whatever you want over at his house, only to sit next to you and gradually get closer as he gets excited whenever you watch one of his favorite cartoons

-Him casually buying you chinese take out as he doesn’t want you to be hungry, only to always ending up eating along with you

-Him just always enjoying to look at you on a hot summer day, as you’d always wear lighter clothes, and not shying away from giving you compliments

-Him getting oddly shy as you’d ask him for a tattoo, only to slowly get turned on as he’d start working on your skin

-Him grabbing you by your waist or arm to bring you to his bike after a long day, as he wants to be the one to make sure you’re home

-Him not being able to keep his eyes off of you and getting speechless whenever he sees how sweet you are with his mom as well as with Jax’s kids or even his dog, only for you to just point it out at him and for him to deny it

-Him using the excuse that the club is in trouble with some other gang to spend his entire days with you or simply bring over his dog to you as he knows you then can’t refuse him

-Him being teased by the other club members for his obvious crush on you but constantly denying it, until he can’t take it and has to tell you about it