Okay guys, i just finished the second and last part, and i’m so excited to post it! Is the first fic that so many people wanted to the tagged!!! The only thing stopping me from posting it right now, is because there are some things i still have to review (Of course with @realdiepie’s help)(Thank you) and those kind of stuff. 

I’m so afraid that you’re not going to like it… i admite, i went a little far away with the emocional part, but yeah… i hope you like it!

Sooooo….. here’s a little spoiler!! 

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“I just saw (Y/N)’s father at the hotel bar, completely drunk.” Mark said and Jensen’s eyes widened.

“But he said he was taking (Y/N) out for dinner in the city.” Jensen said confused, starting to get really worried.“ (…)

"It was my father, wasn’t it?” You asked (…) “Wh-why i don’t remember anything?”

“(Y/N), after the boys found you, Jensen came with you to the hospital, but Jared… well he was so angry.” Danneel started (…) 

Are you guys excited??? What do you think that is going to happen??


Read Daddy Issues 

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Ouu halo!!! How would they react if the power went out while they were in the shower?

HALO: When the power goes out while he’s in the shower.

Well, with another day off work I’m going to try and post this on the day I start this ^^ (Okay so it took me almost a week to actually finish this from when I wrote that first bit but none the less I hope you enjoy!)

Ooon: *Grabs phone* Okay, okay I got this! I just have to use the light off my phone and not drop it and I should be able to wash off the soap enough to not turn into a snake!

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Dino: *Pokes head out of shower* Hey if anyone wants to shower while the water is still warm…ish, then I suggest you hop in because who knows when we’ll get the power back!

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Inhaeng: *Doesn’t realize the power is out and yells from the shower* I’m sorry you guys but I’ve finally blinded myself with shampoo, I should have been more careful! It won’t be easy, but I’ll find a way to keep performing you all!

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Jaeyong: I waited 2 hours to finally get my turn to shower and then this happens…. Wonderful.

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Heecheon: One wrong step and I’m done for…. nope, not risking it. *Slowly and carefully sits down in the shower* Not the comfiest of places but I can manage. 

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Yoondong: *A member goes to check on him* No! I seen how horror movies work and I won’t let myself be the cliche first victim found dead in the shower!!!!

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based on this gif

I mean…considered Milo was my first bae I know I would come full circle eventually…

Also, with one week away from the new semester I got to keep my animate skill from being too rusty. And I think Ishihime fandom’s kinda not at their glorious time atm so…figure I should drop something…heck I need this myself, this is the kind of hug I’m all about for them.

 Not sure about coloring and I think I messed up Orihime in some frames a whole lot, sorry baby.

Okay with all the awesome things that came out of Beyond, I need to say this (spoilers):



Okay so @bovaria has inspired me to make a drabble like series. I hope you guys like it!!

WARNINGS: Cursing; no actually smut but it’s implied.


You felt warmth.

Normally, when you were in bed, you were always freezing no matter how many blankets you used. You would bury yourself in your sheets and still feel chilly.

This time however, you were warm.

That’s how you knew you weren’t in your own bed. Your eyes fluttered open and you took in your surroundings. You weren’t in your bedroom but you knew whose bedroom you were in. The first thing you noticed was that your head was pounding. You knew a hangover headache when you felt one.

The second thing you noticed was that you were naked. Buck naked in fact in someone else’s bed.

That someone else was your best friend.

You turned your head to the left and saw said best friend sleeping soundly. Bucky Barnes was there laying next to you in all his naked glory. A thin sheet was covering him and it was clear what happened between the two of you the night before.

What started off as a night out with the team had you ending up in your best friend’s bed. The panic of it all was starting to hit you.

You slept with your best friend in the entire world.

Quickly shoving his arm that was resting around your waist off of you, you scrambled out of bed. Making sure that you were completely covered, you started looking around the room for your clothes.

Bucky had woken up because of your abruptness. He rubbed his eyes and groaned, “Why does my head hurt so fucking much?”

“I don’t know maybe because we got drunk last night!”

Bucky opened his eyes and looked at you. He saw the frazzled expression on your face and then looked down. He saw that you were completely bare besides the sheet that was wrapped around your body. He looked down at himself and saw that he was bare too.

Bucky breathed out, “What the hell happened?”

“If it isn’t clear Captain Obvious, we had sex last night! I can’t believe that I got so drunk last night!” You groaned, placing one hand on your forehead while the other kept a grip on the sheet covering your body.

“How do you know that for a fact? We could’ve just like slept naked or something?” Bucky asked making you roll your eyes.

You looked around on the floor and walked over towards a familiar foil wrapper. You held it up for him to see, “You don’t usually keep these on the ground, do you?”

The color in Bucky’s face paled, “Fuck.”

You dropped the wrapper and went back to looking for your clothes. You saw the dress that you had been wearing the night before on the floor next to your shoes by his bedroom door.

Your undergarments were near the bed and you hurried into his bathroom to change. Slamming the door, you leaned back against it for a moment to catch your breath.

Once you gave yourself a moment, you got dressed and then splashed some water on your face. Your hair looked atrocious but you weren’t too worried about it in that moment.

What you were most worried about was the fact that this drunken mistake could ruin the friendship that you had with Bucky.

When you opened the bathroom door, you saw that Bucky had gotten out of bed and got dressed in some sweatpants. They hung dangerously low on his waist and you made yourself look away from the view.

“(Y/n), we need to talk about what happened.”

You shook your head, “No, we don’t. I don’t want to talk about it. It was a mistake. Let’s just forget it.”


You cut Bucky off, “Stop! I don’t want to talk about it, Bucky!”

He couldn’t remember the last time he had seen you so upset, “Okay fine.”

You walked towards the door and left his room.

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Hey guys! So I have some great vids that have been submitted, and I still want to do the fanvid watch party, HOWEVER there’s this little thing called MTV’s Ship of the Year that is going on RIGHT NOW. Winners announced July 24th.

Now we won this thing last year - and it was TIGHT - SO ALL HANDS ON DECK! EIGHT POINT EIGHT MILLION VOTES! 8.8 Million! That’s what it took.

So, I’m going to agree with @cherrychapssstick HERE and get behind this vote! That will mean delaying our fanvid watch party - which I hope is okay with you guys! We will do it after the voting is over.



(last year’s announcement  from MTV of winner - and it felt GOOOOOD))

I will also be tagging

#MTV Ship of the Year

if you wish to blacklist.

(If you want help maximizing your reblogging power, message me)

Lovestory untold

Okay Guys, i’ve made some Steve/Peggy art. Hope you’ll like it.

Sometimes I doubt the path I chose
Sometimes my dreams feel all on hold
There’s no doubt that this will make me strong
Because it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done

I’m suppose to be
The stronger one
You always seem
To prove that theory wrong

Still, I hold my breath each time you go
Out in the world that’s beyond my control
If you are dreaming
I never want to wake you up

© Honeythief by Halou

I tag @bovaria @sebbys-girl @such-fun @fakebuckybarnes @spiderbarnes @write-the-love-story @weepinggoose @imaginingbucky @niniel3nenya

I own nothing but the editing.
The resources used in this art belongs to their respective owners. I’m very thankful for psd made by Krypteriahg

(  cuddles  )  — b&c.

Brady smiled when he finally got someone to cuddle with him. He had seen the lad every single day during lunch, so it was nice that it was with someone he was somewhat familiar with. Sure, they were still kind of strangers but he truly didn’t mind. It kind of gave him an opportunity to get to know him, to actually have a conversation with him instead of just a hello. He stood upon his feet, and grabbed a few items before he headed over to the guys place. Also making sure his cat had enough food and water before he left. Once he was set, he made his way all the way over to Caleb’s place. A smile stayed along his features as he roamed the empty streets. Quickly he glanced down at his phone to see the address, hoping that he was in the right place. Luckily for him, he was and so, he made his way all the way up to the place the male sent him. His hand raised itself all the way up to his door. Knocking on it, and then waiting for a response. 


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Can I request a wayhaught doodle? :D I saw this gif which I now cant find, but it was of a tol and a smol on a subway, the taller one holds onto the handle on the ceiling but the shorter one cant reach so they hold onto the taller one's arm instead, blushing :) :) Also if Waverly can be in a 'I <3 NY' tee then I would love you foreverr (well I will anyway if you draw this at all!)

HEEEY, thank you so much for the request, this gif is ADORABLE

I know you asked Waves to be wearing the I<3NY shirt, but the lil guy in the gif wears a shirt saying “I’m Not Small, I am fun sized”, so I put the NY one in Nic instead. I hope that’s okay and you like it!

Doodle requests are still open! Though there are quite a few in line so it could take a little while.

If you repost on twitter please tag me! I’m @cahlac over there! Or just RT the original post!

Sam’s Fascinating Fingers

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Okay another little drabble for you folks. Theme still my Sammy and another i can cross off my list! Hope you guys enjoy.

Warnings: Slight smut, fluff, think that’s it.

Sam’s hands were a thing to behold. They were big, supple, strong and your hands would completely disappear in his when he took hold of yours. They were the perfect balance of rough skin, smoothness of touch and gentleness.

Which would always make you melt instantly when he reached for you. 

The most wonderful thing about Sam’s hands, however, were his fingers. You were fascinated by them. It didn’t matter what he was doing, you would immediately  focus on them. He could be holding a cup of coffee, flipping through the pages of a book, or even working on his laptop. His fingers could work magic. 

When he was holding his morning coffee he had a habit of running one finger around the rim, which would make you bite your lip. When he was flipping through the pages of a book you would sigh inside. Watching his fingers glide over his laptop made your imagination run riot.

Hell yes, those fascinating, flexible fingers always worked their magic.That magic always worked best when they were inside you.

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What I Can't Tell You

It’s been quiet some time now since we last spoke and I was wondering if you were okay? If the person you’re now with makes you happy? Happier than the moments you told me how happy I made you? Are you still following your dreams? I can imagine you are because your dreams are the dreams I dream at night. You are my dream… but just that. I still find myself unable to send that “hello” in fear of you ignoring it. I just want to talk to you, but the only person I can talk to about you is myself. I assume you’re okay, and I assume you’re still following your precious dreams, and I assume… You still remember me? I remember your voice, and laugh, and your curly hair. I hope you’re doing well, and that this new guy is making you happy, and you’re still chasing your dreams, and everything works out perfectly, because you deserve everything. I would give you everything. I hope you’re okay.

- Austin


Sharing this Glove and Boots video about airplane etiquette is my way of telling you all that starting today I’m going on a short vacation.

I should be back on Friday night (just in time for new Ponies), but till then since I won’t be bringing my computer on this trip I’m gonna take a break from my social media accounts (though I’ll probably still go on the internet from time to time).

I have a bunch of posts queued up on my mod blog that will post while I’m away, but all of my other blogs and accounts will have no new posts while I’m gone.

This unfortunately means there will be no new “Clone That Got Away” post this week, but it will return the following week.

Well I hope you guys will be okay while I’m away. I’ll see you on Friday Night.

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Alright so headcanons where a teenage Jack, Lucio, McCree, Reaper, and Hanzo are dated to ask you out by their friends but they end up falling in love with you. Also what happens when you find out it was just a dare :3c. (This is something out of some cliche teen flick but I love it lmao)

Listen okay. I love this au. I fucking live for this let’s go (This is going to be in a high school au, hope you don’t mind! It just makes it easier for me to think of)

Soldier 76

-He’s still the golden boy,  the perfect guy with straight A’s and great looks. Everyone would want to be with him but he’s so focused on school and not interested in anyone who confesses to him that people just kind of gave up

-After seeing Jack so stressed from doing only schoolwork and extracurricular, they dare him to ask you out so that he can learn to take a break. He only agrees because they bothered him for days about it and because he does admit your cute, actually surprised when you agree

-The first date was about the funnest and least stressful things he’s done in a while so he doesn’t hesitate to ask you for another. After a few adorable and cliché dates like movies, picnics, and strolls in the park he really does find himself falling for you

-He’s so stressed about you finding out the wrong way so he sits you down and tells you himself, explaining the whole thing and how he really has come to enjoy being around you and that he may love you now. Your happy that he told you himself and that he stuck around because he wanted to and not because of some  dare


-He’s against the dare, saying how that’s mean and wrong but everyone’s pressuring him so he reluctantly agrees to ask you

-He’s simultaneously surprised and happy when you agree but he still feels awful because he knows your pretty and nice but he doesn’t feel that way towards you

-He takes you on your first date together and it’s really fun and he finds that he really does enjoy being around you, and can’t find it in himself to not ask you for a second one

-The relationship goes well and he really does fall for you, taking you on other fun dates and learning more about you

-You find out from a party with all of your friends, one of the darers mentioning how their surprised that you guys were actually still together even though it was a dare. Your upset, questioning if he just led you along and you know Lucio is too sweet to do that but your still upset. He chases after you and pours his heart out to you, saying how it might have been a dare but he really does care for you


-He may have had a few flings in the past but he knows that messing with others feelings like that is wrong. But all you ever wanna be in high school is accepted so he agrees to the dare and confidently swaggers up to you

-That bravado goes away when he actually asks you, and drains even more when you laugh and agree and suddenly hes a stuttering mess as he finalizes the details with you, giddy with excitement at the prospect of the date

-The date is absolutely so much fun, as he takes you to any place you want to go and just exploring the town with you as you get to know each other more

-He blurts out on the way walking you home that it was a dare but how he really doesn’t want it to be anymore, the guilt was eating him too much and you had to know the truth

-He’s so super relieved when you laugh it off and shrug, saying you had fun regardless and would want to do it again if he really wants too


-Like Hanzo, his pride would never let him refuse the dare. He knows it’s stupid and pointless but he get’s up to get the others off of his damn back

-The request is blunt and straightforward, and with the way he dresses and acts most people stay weary of him. So he’s surprised when you say ‘yes’ because he didn’t think you would and now he actually has to think of a date–

-He’s lucky he’s good at thinking of things on the fly and the date goes off without a hitch, he surprises himself in how much fun he had. When you shyly ask if you could do this again he agrees without thinking and surprises himself again when that wasn’t really a lie

-It takes a few more dates but he does fall for you, and he falls hard

-Everyone knows not to point out that it was a dare that started this or else they will probably get punched in the face, but Reaper tells you himself as well as admitting how much he does like you and he’s glad he got the dare


-His pride would never let him back out of a dare, even though he knows this may hurt you if you find out

-He’s so cold and aloof to others that while he is good looking, most people would refuse him out of sheer fear. So when you give him a yes he’s shocked and feels a warmth bubble in his chest when you look so earnest and happy in your answer

-He takes you somewhere peaceful for the first date, getting to know you as you eat sweet treats while you walk through a park. He realizes your intelligence and talks to you more and opening up himself as the date goes on

-He knows by the end that he already wants to do this more often with you, but he can’t with a good conscious if you don’t know how the first date even started for

-You end up asking this when the date Is over, and he hesitates for a second to explain before quickly admitting that he would like to do it again and how he enjoyed it

Time - Jimin (BTS) Scenario

Request: “bts Jimin angst…where he gets closer with your bestfriend (female) and you get jealous..One night you, jim and her had dinner together and he ignores you…You get really mad at him and want to break up, but he regrets it. Happy ending please?…”

okay so this took me a while sorry! (it’s also really long). It kind of took a weird turn, but it’s still in the angst arena. Hope you like it:)

- angst/fluff at the end

Your journal:

3/20/15: I met a boy today - I know a real boy! His name is Park Jimin and he’s quite possibly one of the best looking guys I’ve ever met. I was just on the bus when I noticed a black bag on the seat next to me. I picked it up with every intention of taking it to the bus station to report it lost but when I stepped off the bus, this guy came barreling towards me. Turns out that it was his bag and when I explained to him how I was going to return it he thanked me and offered to buy me coffee. I couldn’t say no to him, his eyes just pulling me along with him. We sat and talked for hours until he had to leave and when he hugged me goodbye I felt a surge of something drift between us. He gave me his number and texted me right after I left him. I’ve never met someone so interested in me it’s almost odd. But I love it. We talked on the phone tonight and he kind of told me somethings. I don’t know if i should be worried, but i kind of am because I think i really like him….he says he’s famous. So I looked him up and….well at least I know now that he’s not the lying type.

4/14/15: He finally asked me to be his girlfriend! I am so unbelievably happy. He is the best person to me honestly I ask myself if he’s a real person sometimes. I know dating someone in such a bright spotlight will be tough but I am 100% ready to deal with it. He is worth it. 

4/20/15: YBF/N finally met Jimin and they seemed to hit it off! I am so glad because she was skeptical of him being so well known. She knows I get overwhelmed and stressed out a lot and she’s worried that all of this might cause me to be more stressed…..I hope her worries are for nothing. 

Yesterday: I feel so terrible for feeling like this. I love Jimin to death - he is the light of my life….but sometimes I feel like this is all too much. After a little over a year, I am tired of the cameras, I am tired of having to constantly shield and hide myself from the public. The crazy fan comments are getting to me. I know there are tons of fans that are happy for us, but their thoughts and well wishes are drowned out by the threats and name calling. I don’t want to trouble Jimin with it…..but I’m really struggling here…..I think I just might need some time…Time to think about stuff and get my head right..



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lovely, beautiful, bellarke fam,

this sucks. Being invalidated again and again really sucks. 

I see so many disheartened people on my dash. So many lovely people who have been SO POSITIVE are now absolutely crushed by their behavior.

I’m annoyed too. Really annoyed by this seemingly blatant disregard for our feelings. 



Remember how it was in the beginning of season 3? It was the same! They were rude to us! Mean! They laughed at our ship! The only difference is, it was never Eliza who made us feel bad.



GUYS! What she said was not so bad! I mean, yeah,  the tone was a bit rude, but like a lot of people have been saying - she’s scared and she stumbled and she made a mistake. The fact that they desperately did damage control - THIS IS IMPORTANT.


We are LOUD with our love for BC, no matter how much that may annoy some actors or writers of the show. And we are IMPORTANT - don’t forget it! They WANT to give us what we want because we are JUST AS IMPORTANT AS THE CLs.

.., but they want to do it right. Because B and C are the MAINS, YOU GUYS.

They are the mains! That means they definitely DO NOT WANT TO CRAP OUT SOME BULLSHIT ROMANCE LIKE THEY DID WITH CL.

They want it done right! Remember when Jroth said something along those lines about bellarke?



But they are also playing it AS FUCKING SAFE AS THEY CAN.

Any mention of bellarke could set off the anti’s and they are trying to allow enough time to pass to make the problem go away. Is this right? IDK! BUT THEY ARE DOING THEIR BEST. 



It’s shitty now, but nothing they do is ever as bad as it seems in the long run.

I grew [up] in an environment where it was okay to like girls but it wasn’t okay to not like guys.

This anonymous message I got puts so much of my journey into so few words. Bisexuality is absolutely a valid identity, but I know there are a lot of women and girls out there identifying as bisexual who still don’t feel quite “right,” who can’t actually ever picture themselves with a man but are terrified of severing that last tie to societal acceptance. Who know that deep-down, even if their families or friends accept them, these people also all hope or assume they’ll still “end up” with a man one day.

Bisexuality is a valid identity that a lot of people exist within for their entire lives, but for some of us, it’s like holding onto a ledge with one hand, knowing if we let go, we’ll have to face an entirely new identity, label, and idea of ourselves.

Please don’t be afraid. You aren’t alone. If one day you realize that It’s only women, or if you’re a man who one day realizes it’s only men, you’re okay. You’re valid and wonderful and important and I care about you and your journey. Don’t be afraid to let go and love yourself fully. You’re gonna be great.