the girl you love looks
like a blizzard and so
you shackle yourself
to her feet [because
that is, after all, the
only way you know
to survive].

the girl you love 
kisses you and calls
you ‘frostbite girl’
and you find icicles
in the crooks of 
her skin, snowflakes
caught in her

the girl you love
is always cold,
snow storms
replacing her
bone marrow and
sleet sliding from
her mouth into yours.

the girl you love
is an avalanche
[and you cannot
stop begging for
her to bury you in
her arms, in her skin].

the girl you love
smiles and all you
can think is ‘love
her, love her, love her.’

—  Darshana Suresh, seasons series - “winter girl”

Lights on the water:
gold on blue on white.
Vines curling around
castle walls.

An hourglass filled with
rubies. Time slipping
away, watching empires
crumble into dust.

Daylight breaking over
ash-filled skies. You and I
at the top of the world.
Waiting, waiting.
The Earth trembling
beneath our feet.

Our handprints in stone.
Footprints on the forest floor.
A palace on a mountain
going up in smoke.

You and I at the ground floor.
Watching, watching.
A kingdom spiralling around us,
everyone shouting our names.

Wildfire in ribbons of red.
Saltwater in waves of blue.
You and I and the sky.


I’ve been very busy today, and by that i mean talking to people is fun. I’d refine these a bit more if i felt like it - but whatever. Here’s all my characters ( except for Bjorn - i’m so sorry! ) as Animal Crossing villagers ~

anonymous asked:

Where did you see a caryler in the tag? I went back 100 posts on team delusional, beth greene, and bethyl. Not a single post by a caryler. 7 posts by a Carl fan in bethyl, 1 post by a Carl fan in beth greene. But 0 caryler posts. 9 posts in all three tags by bethyl fans discussing said hate I'm the tags. But literally 0 posts of hate. Yesterday I went back 205 posts I'm bethyl yet again 0 hate. 1 caryl fan post by vexen saying why can't we all get along. So where is all this hate in the tags?

Okay, this is all the same person sending me multiple anons. I know who it is, so I will be sending you an ask letting you know I’ve responded. First off, fucking cool down. 

Jesus. I have a life, I am not on 24/7 to answer, I am not ignoring you. You sent another that I’m not posting because it is effectively the same thing. 

Secondly, I am not going to do all the legwork. I remove names/blur names out because I am not going to get reported for posting people’s info without people’s permission. These are all still in the tags. These were posted since your anons. There are many more. These aren’t even including the Carl fans, only Carol fans. The last one’s name even includes the word “caryl” so yeah. 

^^ That one was about talking about hate not being in the Bethyl tag, and yet, it was in the Bethyl tag. Lmao.

^^ “Are these Bethyl idiots for real?” “If they weren’t so stupid, I’d actually feel bad that they’re so demented.”

^^ Talking shit on Emily Kinney, in the Bethyl tag.

^^ This blog is always in the tags. Like all the time.


^^ I can’t stand hate against Emily Kinney. But I still see it like every day in the Bethyl tag.

There is more, but I couldn’t keep screenshotting because it wouldn’t load. If anyone else could, I would really appreciate it. I got stuck with this shit:

Also, just because you counted 250 posts doesn’t mean that’s days of posting. I literally just took all of these screenshots right now. These are not old, this is literally today or last night. There are actually three other blogs that frequently post hate (that are Caryl shippers), but I have them blocked, so if they are in there, I didn’t see them. 

These are also ones I had saved in my computer that are older:

These were all in the Bethyl tag. Like I said, I have removed the names because I would like to have my blog stay up, and not be deleted due to people reporting me. I don’t want to display someone’s names without their permisison. If you would like to see who it is, go ahead and look in the tag. These were just taken like 15 minutes ago.

missmarianneinwonderland also had a post a while back showing a bunch of screenshots.

Also, check my last reblog. imscaredbuffalos just shared some screenshots too.

get to know the blogger tag

Thank you for the tag megangrassihoying!! ily ♡

rules: repost and tag 10 followers you want to get to know better

Name: Nadia
Nickname: Nads, sometimes Dia but not often
Birthday:  September 18, 1996
Star sign: Virgo
Gender: Female
Height: 5′3
Sexual orientation: Pansexual 
Favourite colour: Gold or blue 
Time atm: 3:15
Average amount of sleep: Maybe 4 or 5 hours haha
Lucky number: 7
Last thing i googled: Last thing I googled? I think smoke bomb photography
First thing that comes to mind: I’m really obsessed with weather to body mark comparisons
Happy place: Curled up on my bed aha
How many blankets i sleep under: One!
Favourite fictional character: Connor Walsh is my child
Favourite celebrity: @/god don’t do this to me
Celebrity crush: Chris Hemsworth (shut up), and Kirstie Maldonado 
Favourite book: The Book Thief 
Favourite show: How To Get Away With Murder (HTGAWM)
Favourite band: Pentatonix or Oh Wonder or Arctic Monkeys ahhh
Last movie i watched: The Babadook, it’s an insanely creepy psychological film!
Last book i read: The Old Lady Who Broke All The Rules
Dream vacation: New York City- or I’d love to go back to Miami
Dream job: Artistic Media for bands/labels! Maybe even Marvel
Wearing rn: I’m insanely bad at descriptions, so here have a crappy picture

(ignore my giant bag of paints in the corner lol)

And now I tag timeforourweeklyobsessions, hashtagfcute, leftovers-sloppyseconds, avixperience, sold-my-soul-to-the-internet, cuddlygrassi, doingthelordstwerk, choirnerdforlife, mintygravitii, and loveandfandom !!!

love ya

-nads xx

my new obsession is working out who this arm belongs too 
i can’t even tell if it’s a man or womans arm/hand because the hand is five times larger than mine (i have hobbit hands tiny things that ruined my dream of becoming a world famous pianist; but i digress)
plus i want it to be kol so bad my brain would probably trick me into believing it is kol’s anyway……
help me xoxoxo


you know earlier i was like ‘shit man i want something sweet’ so i went looking and i found icing and i was like ‘hell yeah im gonna eat this shit’ and grabbed the container and then i froze and i was like ‘wait why the fuck do we have icing’

my birthday.

my birthday is tomorrow.

i forgot my own birthday.