BNHA cuddle week day 3: With friends or family

This is from the family AU I’m working on with @chibichibisha in which Katsuki and proto!Katsuki are twins, and Deku and Yamikumo are cousins. We love this AU and have many ideas for it, so expect to see more in the future.

C: As a black girl who started developing early, I can’t tell you how much I have grown up to resent my mother for policing the way I dress my body. Growing up, it didn’t matter what I wore. I could be dressed in a big ass T shirt with some sweat pants and still be told I look too vulgar" because of the way my body is shaped. My sister once told me I looked like a whore for wearing a t shirt with gym leggings to school because “my butt stuck out.” I’m 20 and this shit is still happening.

‘It was these records that brought the Grey Pilgrim to us. I first saw him when I was a child, and he has been twice or thrice since then.’

‘Mithrandir was lost!’ said Faramir. ‘An evil fate seems to have pursued your fellowship. It is hard indeed to believe that one of so great wisdom, and of power—for many wonderful things he did among us—could perish, and so much lore be taken from the world.’ 

‘…Mithrandir never spoke to us of what was to be, nor did he reveal his purposes. He got leave of Denethor, how I do not know, to look at the secrets of our treasury, and I learned a little of him, when he would teach (and that was seldom).

‘He is not as other men of this time, Pippin, and whatever be his descent from father to son, by some chance the blood of Westernesse runs nearly true in him, as it does in his other son, Faramir …’

‘The board is set, and the pieces are moving. One piece that I greatly desire to find is Faramir, now the heir of Denethor.’

In the night he was wakened by a light, and he saw that Gandalf had come and was pacing to and fro in the room beyond the curtain of the alcove. There were candles on the table and rolls of parchment. He heard the wizard sigh and mutter: ‘When will Faramir return?’

Gandalf it was that last spoke to Faramir ere he rode east. ‘Do not throw your life away rashly or in bitterness,’ he said. ‘You will be needed here, for other things than war.’

this is very important to me

Tonight, Emma finds out what it would have been like if she had grown up in the Enchanted Forest on the midseason finale! Make sure to pop some popcorn, grab some drinks and settle down for “Wish You Were Here” airing at 8/7c on ABC.

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[Press Release + guest actors list for “Wish You Were Here”]

You can spend your whole life being a story that happens to somebody else. You can twist and cram and shave down every aspect of your personality that doesn’t quite fit into the story boys have grown up expecting, but eventually, one day, you’ll wake up and want something else, and you’ll have to choose.
Because the other thing about stories is that they end. The book closes, and you’re left with yourself, a grown fucking woman with no more pieces of cultural detritus from which to construct a personality. I tried and failed to be a character in a story somebody else had written for me. What concerns me now is the creation of new narratives, the opening of space in the collective imagination for women who have not been permitted such space before, for women who don’t exist to please, to delight, to attract men, for women who have more on our minds. Writing is a different kind of magic, and everyone knows what happens to women who do their own magic - but it’s a risk you have to take.
—  Laurie Penny
  • someone: jack can be a sub too!!
  • me: thinking about how this character’s whole meaning was to conquer and dominate, how he literally got bonkers and destroyed everything because he couldn’t stand being under someone else’s authority, how his greatest will was to undermine ralph and make him eventually bend to him, how he burned the whole island and wanted to murder ralph because ralph still didn’t want to be part of his rule, how he was enraged about people not following him, how he hated ralph because ralph gave him orders, how he got vicious and wrathful over anyone trying to tell him what to do, how he got maniacal and overly excited every time he showed his power through violence, how he would have most probably turned much worse as a grown-up
  • me: ok