Why I’m feeling good about Swan Queen endgame right now:

1) Emma literally made every possible excuse she could think of in that icky scene to get out of being “stabbed” by H00k’s “sword”. That was NOT the behavior of a woman in love driven mad by passion! She is still uncomfortable about sex with him, and I suspect the reasons will unfold later this season.

2) Emma blatantly lied to H00k when they were drinking at Granny’s. She didn’t just tell him a little white lie that she was okay. She lied big time and told him she went to see Archie (um…seems rather late and sudden to be having an appointment with the therapist, no?) and that everything was okay. Granted, you can tell that H00k is not totally buying it, but nonetheless, this shows that Emma is still holding back from being completely open with him. Their relationship does NOT have a solid foundation of trust.

3) Regina’s monologue, man. I made a much shorter post about it earlier tonight in my haste and excitement, but watching it again just really makes it all so much clearer! When Regina says that some see her as a hero, it’s no coincidence that they show Emma. And when she says, “I see my strength,” they show Emma staring at her trembling hand - showing her weakness. They are deliberately setting Emma and Regina up to be foils of one another. While Emma has been Regina’s savior, now it’s looking like it’s time for Regina to finally save Emma. And the cherry on top? The True Love Theme played over that whole sequence! But as soon as the scene shifted away from Emma and back to Regina and Snow on the bench, the music changes back to normal again. Lastly, Regina vows to start a new story - one that has a better ending than her last. Can we say SWAN QUEEN?!?!

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You guys are in denial to think that Seven has abs.. He def has a little belly cause of the way he eats and lives LOL. LIES THAT HE HAS A FLAT STOMACH OR ABS! Unless he has those crazy ass metabolisms…… No that’s insane. He has a belly. You can’t tell me otherwise lol.

i love how there are ppl who reply to my tags in their own tags when they reblog a post

Hey guys. This blog is probably gonna be on a semi-hiatus for a little bit. Not too long, just maybe a week or two. Sorry, I’ll get back to posting as soon as I can.

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May I see Christine and Raoul in "Without a Heart?"

Sure! Got a request for TC in this palette so COMBO:

That awkward moment when boys give you their hearts without you knowing and they are like “ha ha my life depends on u now ha…no pressure ha ha…”

  • sister-in-law:question; does Peridot and Lapis' shared love of camp pining hearts in the show translate to a shared love of pulp fiction in your AU? or Comics? A terrible romance movie?
  • me:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • me:ok but Peridot being a massive silver-screen snob
Imagine your OTP
  • Person A :*is playing pokemon GO*
  • Person A :Oh! There's a rare pokemon! DON'T MOVE!!
  • Person B :W-what?
  • Person A :Just...don't move. I'm gonna catch it
  • *person A is sneaking towards person B*
  • Person A :*hugging Person B tightly*
  • Person B :What are you doing?!?!

guys……GUYS……….i know i’m probably starting to sound like a broken record, but seriously, today’s AA episode (“The Panther’s Rage”) was SO GOOD

I mean, just a few highlights:

    • None of them are like “in your face” but instead they’re just subtle enough to reiterate how seamlessly Steve and Tony work as a team and just how familiar and comfortable they are with each other
      • E.g. we get two (2) more hold-and-fly’s…..one of which is Tony saving Steve’s life. Again.
    • And I’ll definitely be liveblogging these moments later this week but here’s another example: When they’re flying on the ship to chase after Ulysses Klaue, T’Challa implies that his tech is better than Tony’s, and Steve literally has the BIGGEST GRIN ON HIS FACE as Tony splutters indignantly….and then finally Steve goes “it’s fine Tony, go check on the others” WHILE STILL FUCKING SMIRKING and Tony (whipped as he is) walks away grumbling
      • like jfc could you BE more married
  • T’Challa was incredible. like tbh I was a little worried at first because it seemed like the show was going to paint him as an antagonist, but there’s a completely legitimate reason as to why he seems cold and distant at first…..and then by the end of the episode the Avengers invite him to join their team and he’s joking and laughing with them and god I love him so much
    • And on that note, Thor was written SO WELL in this episode too….like, as the Prince of Asgard, he respects and empathizes with T’Challa’s position as a ruler and spends the whole episode essentially defending his actions/demeanor and explaining it to the other Avengers
    • (like @MCU get on AA’s level, Thor deserves better)
  • We also get to meet T’Challa’s all-female bodyguard squad (aka the Dora Milaje) and THEY’RE SO BADASS. MY HEROES.
    • Shoutout specifically to Aneka because at one point she goes “I don’t know why strong men always boast so, but it makes it much more satisfying when they fall” and i’m like SAME GIRL. SA M E.

So yeah, all in all fantastic episode, go do yourself a favor and watch it!! I can’t wait to share it with you guys later this week 😊