Please… someone tell me not to write fanfic when I need to get my shit together…. because I literally have sooooo much to do

But then, please someone tell me that I should keep writing because I have so many ideas for a good Jonsa fic right now. and I need motivation to let them out… 

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“Mr. Hanson!” Tom’s head shot up, seeing you stride into the detention classroom. He couldn’t fight the small smile that came with seeing you. Your hair was messy and in a ponytail from practice and you looked a little worn out.

“Hey, (L/N). What can I do for you?” You looked toward your left slightly, seeing Tom sitting at the desk.

“I, uh – I had some ideas on what we could do… to improve the soccer team!”

“Great! Tell me about it – later.” Mr. Hanson, who was also your soccer coach, turned away from you and busied himself with the bag of chips on his desk, the ones he had confiscated from a high student earlier. You looked toward Tom, seeing his eyes still trained on you. You nodded your head toward the window, signaling for him to head out of it. He gave you a confused look, lifting his shoulders and his hands to emphasize his confusion. You sighed, nodding toward it again and mouthing ‘the window!’, but he was still oblivious.

What?’ he mouthed back, causing you to roll your eyes. “The window!” You whisper-shouted, turning toward Mr. Hanson as he turned toward you, having heard you. You decided you’d need to distract him so Tom could get out so you quickly brought up the soccer team again. “See, we have a game against Crestmont High and they whoop our butts every year! So, I was thinking, I’ve devised a plan that’ll finally allow us to defeat them!” Tom tripped over a step on his way toward the window, hiding behind a pillar as Mr. Hanson turned around.

“What was that?”

“Uh – anyway!” You placed your hands on his shoulders, turning him to face you again and turning his attention away from Tom. Once Tom knew he was in the clear again, he tried toward the window again. “I was thinking we could use that thing you taught us–!”

“What thing?” You thought back to earlier soccer discussions, not recalling a recent one.

“Uh – misdirection!” You blurted out. He gave you a confused look, trying to recall this discussion, too.

“I taught you that?” You nodded vigorously.

“Yeah! You – or, Siegfried or Roy? Anyway, that’s not important! Think about it!” You shouted, noticing Mr. Hanson’s eyes traveling around the room trying to mentally account for everyone, at your burst he looked at you with wide eyes. “They’re looking left,” you grabbed his chin, turning his head left, “and we’re running right!” You turned his head right, “Boom, we score! We… win!” He nodded at you, still confused.

“Well, how do we get them to look left?” Again, Tom made too much noise, pulling the window up too fast and causing it to creek. “What the–?”

“Like this!” You grabbed his face, turning him toward you. You wracked your brain quickly for a diversion. Your hands spoke for you as they reached the hem of your shirt and pulled it up, flashing everyone your bra. You forced out a laugh, glancing toward the window to see that Tom had escaped successfully. You sighed in relief, rushing to pull your top down again before looking at Mr. Hanson. “Well! Now that I’ve shown you… ‘the plan’, I’m gonna go! And, uh, show the plan… to someone else!” You nodded, walking backwards as you flashed an awkward smile toward the coach, who refused to look you in the eye – or, at you at all. You were in such a daze at what you’d just done, you almost missed the soft applause for you as you exited the room.

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Left is from fall 2014, and the right was taken a couple weeks ago. The left picture I was sad af… even though then I was working out at least 4 days a week, My boyfriend at the time treated me like shit and constantly put my looks down because I wasn’t losing weight/toning up fast enough for his liking. He reminded me on a daily basis that I was fat, and would tell me I needed to do something about it.

I became so insanely hard on myself, I felt worthless, I was depressed and heartbroken, and I lost most of my motivation to continue feel really good about myself, which resulted in me not working out anymore. If it isn’t obvious between the two pictures, I have gained weight since then. I worked so hard at finding self worth and love, and since doing so I feel way better about myself, I feel more confident (although I do still have my days where I don’t like certain things about my body), and every day I’m finding things about myself to love more.

I feel that I’m finally at that point in my life that I’m ready to take things back. I’ll likely get back into the whole “fit for me” thing and get back into working out again… now I just need better motivation that I can stick to.

End rant.

anonymous asked:

so what's currently on the stove in terms of fics? (Main focus, whatevers on the back burner, I dunno dumb analogy). I love reading your fics on my breaks at work and I always have a full fic page of YUTS open to reread when I'm bored. I love when you update and tododeku week was awesome for just that, so I'm interested in what you're working on now. Don't feel pressured tho lmao you're amazing!!

There is… a lot of stuff on the stove. I need more stove space.

Okay so, YUTS is still more or less the main focus. I’m not always working on it, but it’s what I always come back to as my principle story.

Secondary focus is a story I have yet to start posting; it’s a full fantasy AU, and I’ve talked about it before and posted snippets, but I want to get enough momentum before I start putting it up. Working title as of now is “Divenire”.

Supplemental projects are things like future SETTSR oneshots (two are in the works, one is conceived but not written or planned out) and this other oneshot that isn’t connected to anything, it’s just a fun little idea I thought of and wanted to write up and share with all of you. I don’t want to give away too much, but it’s full of cracky humor.

Discombobulate is on the backburner for now. I need to recapture my motivation for that one; I’ve been reading Holmes and Poirot lately for inspiration.

The newest addition to the stove is Reverse!Petal Steps, which will definitely have a proper title at some point, but for now it’s Reverse!Petal Steps. It’s just a oneshot, so I might blow through it pretty quickly once I get started.

Aaaand then there are other little things that are not on the stove but the ingredients are on the counter: I kind of want to write more for the College AU from “An Arrow to a Bundle”, I’m still tempted to write the Pushing Daisies AU, and every now and then i poke my BNHA-remixed fairy tales idea.


whispers softly that wiping city of salt is still one of my favorite raids, it’s just so gosh diddly darn pretty 

  • Me: *Stares at open googledoc*
  • Me: *Has fifty ideas for fics*
  • Me: Let's do this
  • Brain: Cannot.
  • Me: But I-
  • Brain: Cannot.
  • Me: Listen, I just wanna write and-
  • Brain: CANNOT.
  • Me: FUCK.

sweetapple01  asked:

You and Mint inspired me to write a fusion fic... Now I just need the motivation to do so.

Really? Oh that’s awesome! I’d love to read a fusion fic written by another person. Would probably give me better ideas of how to write my own :)

I might start a new fic? I haven’t written anything all year because I suck and I got an idea for a soul mate AU with FBI agent Cas because why not and our boy Dean-o is a “serial killer” or something like that. Now I just need to get motivation and focus. :p

anonymous asked:

How do you study Kanji? And what keeps you motivated to study in general?

My secret is… I don’t study! I’m an adult! I do what I want! 

Seriously though, I haven’t studied since passing N1. I just use Japanese and look up stuff I don’t know. 

How do you study Kanji?

When I did study kanji I used Basic Kanji Book Vol 1&2 and then JLPT kanji books for N2 & N1. For Basic Kanji Book I literally just worked through the book. The kanji that you learn are the most common/beginner 500 kanji so you should come across them all the time in the rest of your studies and you don’t need to work to hard on memorising with flashcards etc. 

For N2 and N1 I made flashcards with sentences using the kanji to learn. I focussed more on vocab using the kanji than learning the individual kanji themselves.

I did try the Heisig method but it wasn’t for me. It uses a mixture of mnemonics and visualisation to help you remember the composition of a kanji, but I have pretty much zero visualisation skills so it wasn’t a good fit. 

And what keeps you motivated to study in general?

I suppose now I don’t need any motivation because I can function in Japanese without any difficulty. As I said at the beginning, I just look up anything I don’t know as I go along. If it seems useful then I might make a note to look at it again later. Otherwise I’ll probably just ignore unless I come across it a few more times.

My motivation when I was studying was to pass JLPT N1 as I originally wanted to be a translator. I’d also put in a lot of time and effort, and spent a fair bit on textbooks so I didn’t want to waste that. And a little bit of pride helps too. I didn’t want to give up!