Drawing from last night’s late night facebook live stream. This will be part of an artdrop I will be doing at @jamescoffeeco tomorrow night in San Diego for the ART +COFFEE for AUTISM event. I will be posting pics of where to find them during the event.

Come out, support, see some cool art, and possibly get some cool art! Event info on my website patrickballesteros.com. Happy Wednesday all hope to see you out there!

EXCUSE ME? 9 day facebook ban and page unpublished (again) for what? Posting Black Lives Matter? How many times will I be banned from facebook for posting statements that barely touch on radical? How threatened by blackness is facebook?

My best friend just died this week and I’m trying to share photos to mourn with my friends on my personal and I can’t even do that anymore cuz I got popped by Zuckerberg for hurting white feelings. I really miss the old days of the internet before everything was funneled through and homogenized into these huge corporate social media sites. We havn’t been able to post about hardly anything since the end of Occupy without getting banned or our reach turned down every couple weeks.