when chanyeol fell during the interviewagain

I’m tired of hearing rumors about James. I can not wait to be on August 31 and that the market is closed. I just hope this smile indicates that remain in Real Madrid.

I trust Zidane and I really like Asensio, but I think he is still young and make some mistakes because the experience is missing. He made two fantastic goals and he will become an extraordinary player in the future, but he needs time to grow as a player.

James by the coming of Benitez has spent a very bad time but now is slowly recovering. I WANT TO SEE HIM PLAY, I WANT HIM TO STAY IN MADRID. He is a fantastic player and has a lot of talent. The assist for Bale is amazing but of course everyone speaks only of the Bale goal and the fact that James always starts on the bench.

I LIKE JAMES, I LIKE HIS WAY OF PLAYING AND OF COURSE I LIKE CRISMES, and obviously can not be “Crismes” if it lacks “mes” 😍

You guys… I can’t explain how cute this package (excuse the mess around it… lol) was from @mystoryfortheaudienceoftheworld. I got it yesterday and I didn’t have the words to explain how wonderful and sweet this was so I waited to post. 

I still really don’t have the words. It’s so cute, the nautical themed pen and small journal are adorable, I’m planning to use them to jot down thoughts/important notes regarding school. The sleep mask is something I’ve never used before but I stoked to try it plus the pattern is took cute! And then there’s the awesome nail kit - how in the world did you know I needed to do my nails!? lol. But seriously, I can’t wait to pamper my poor rock climbing fingernails and running toenails later this week (: 

And all of that came in the sassy red make up bag, which I’ve already decided will replace my old boring clear bag. 

Thank you so much Michelle, you are so sweet! 

Jes: Hey - so as I have been informed it is apparently Tedromeda Week. Any Tedromeda head cannons you wanna send my may?