Personal update for you guys:
I decided to apply for a Master’s program about a month ago. I have gone back and forth with my continuing education, and I finally settled on something. So, I am happy to announce that I was accepted into the Master of Postsecondary Administration program.
I am excited to start this chapter of my life this coming Fall. Now, all I have to do is try to afford it… 😳😳😳😳

Spaceship spec

- so, we now that initially Becca started to produce nightblood for a company (the ship’s company). it was said in some episode of the season

- all four seasons of the 100 happened in less tha ONE year

- they first came to the ground 97 years after the nuclear explosions, 3 years before they believed earth was survivable (a hundred years later)

- this new ship, we believe is a number of prisioners, that came down to the earth 104 years (98+6) after the big nuclear explosions. absolutely plausible.

- s5 will offer us the inverse perspective, as this new people as the skypeople and Clarke + everyone else that remains alive as the grounders

anonymous asked:

At first, I was excited to see that V(?) is going to have his own route. Now I'm just scared of the high possibility of angst.

Oh yeah, me too. If it’s not an AU, then are we gonna be pushing him away from Rika? Are we going to be making him feel even more guilt for not sticking beside her, and trying to stop everything from happening? Is it going to be after the after-ends, and some sort of plot-convenient excuse pops up (Like him faking his death and dying his hair abfhjsbh) where he survives things, just for us to be trying to walk him through the steps of separation from Rika? And not to mention his broken relationships with everyone hhhhhhh

and if it is an au, are we going to find out Rika did these things with someone else instead? That while we’re romancing V, all the mint-eye stuff happens anyway except we’re not there, and the characters we know suffer? Or are we going to see what the RFA would have been like if Rika never existed? Instead they’re V’s auction parties?


I just….???? This is basically me right now trying to even guess what this route has in store:

I see curious incident at the theatre tomorrow and as excited as I am, it’s caused many panic attacks and I’m already semiverbal

Tomorrow will be difficult
Tomorrow I will be mostly nonverbal
Tomorrow I will panic and cry
Tomorrow I might meltdown
Tomorrow I will face my fears of being Visibly Autistic in public because my body can’t hold it in anymore
Tomorrow will be difficult
But I think I can do it
I’m ready to be visible