Breaking Dawn Part Two's OST Song List

1. Where I Come From — Passion Pit 
2. Bittersweet — Ellie Goulding
3. The Forgotten — Green Day
4. Fire In The Water — Feist
5. Everything And Nothing — The Boom Circuits
6. The Antidote — St. Vincent
7. Speak Up — POP ETC
8. Heart of Stone — Iko
9. Cover Your Tracks — A Boy and His Kite
10. Ghosts — James Vincent McMorrow
11. All I’ve Ever Needed — Paul McDonald & Nikki Reed
12. New For You — Reeve Carney
13. A Thousand Years (Part Two) - Christina Perri
14. Plus Que Ma Prope Vie — Carter Burwell

(beautiful edit made for me by the amazing hearteyedsam. thank you so much!! <3)

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