did you guys sEE THIS

I just found my 15 year old “why-do-you-even-listen-to-1D-they’re-five-idiots-for-little-girls” brother watching “One Direction’s complete journey on X Factor-part 5” on YouTube.


oh my god why do yall have to blame bellarke shippers for everything? there’s rude people in every fandom, not only in the bellarke fandom lmao chill

AU where the oxygen depletion to Naruko’s brain causes permanent damage to his occipital lobes, leaving him permanently blind…

…I just made myself cry just thinking about this ;w; Little bean would never ride his bike again :’(

Ok, instead, AU where the oxygen depletion to Naruko’s brain causes extensive damage to his occipital lobes, leaving him temporarily blind for several weeks whilst it heals and relying on hotshot and Onoda to help him until then…

That’s better ^w^

Black Sails fandom blogs list (UPDATED)


Hello everyone, Black Sails fandom! :) 

So, as I already announced, I decided to try to collect all the blogs, here on Tumblr, who are entirely dedicated to Black Sails (the show in general or just specific characters and/or pairings), roleplay blogs and multifandom blogs that create and post original stuff (meaning that they just don’t merely reblog things other people make, and obviously they don’t publish graphics they didn’t personally create): edits, gifs, graphics, fanart, fanvideos, fanfic,… In these last three cases, if you haven’t posted your works directly on Tumblr but you have another account (for videos Youtube, Vimeo, etc.; for fics Fanfiction.net, AO3, etc.; for art Deviantart, etc.) and you have linked your things in a post in your blog, you are welcome to sign in the list; the “important” thing is that you have a blog here and it would be preferable if you have linked your stuff in your blog (since we’re talking about collecting the fandom on Tumblr… :) But I’d like for these categories to also have a spot, since they are usually not as visible here). My intention would be to build a page in my blog with this list; before doing so, I thought that it would have been better to make a rebloggable post first, so the list could be more visible. Also, word can be spread and here’s where I’d ask for your help, if you’d be so kind: the list you’ll find below is a rough draft of the blogs I’ve found so far (also thanks to the precious suggestions I’ve received from some lovely people <3 ), but I (most certainly) may have forgotten someone along the way, or I’m just not aware of some blogs out there. 

If your blog wasn’t included in the list, or you know of a blog which wasn’t, you can either drop me a message or you could reblog the post and add it to the list: the only thing I’m asking, if you choose the latter, is that you write the name of the blog in bold (I first misspelled the word and wrote “blod”, and was this close to add another “o”… this show has a bad influence on me XD), so I can see which blog was added. Also, if your blog is already on the list but, for some reason (either you are no longer interested in the show and are not planning on making new Black Sails stuff anymore, or you just don’t want your blog listed, or whatever reason you may have - there’s no need to justify it, of course :) ), you want me to delete it, I’d ask you to send an ask or to format your blog’s name in the list in italic - the reason I’m not asking to erase the name yourself is that I can take note of it so, if for some reason I have to redo the list, I know for sure which blogs I don’t have to add (ugh, I hope I explained myself; surely it’s clearer in my head… :/ The fact is I don’t have a very good memory, and I don’t think I could remember whom I can put in the list and whom I don’t have to). Mh, this sounds a lot like I’m making a “blacklist”! Muahahah! >:) In no time I’ll go around giving black spots to people, you watch me! XD Ok, seriously now, I’m certainly not: mine is just a humble attempt to keep track of our fandom here, which is not very big, and could be scattered, but I don’t have any right to keep your blog’s name in the list if you don’t want to, so feel absolutely free to decide whatever you want! 

One last thing: I hate to put limits, but I’ve noticed that there are some blogs which have been inactive (in the roleplay category) or have not posted new stuff for quite some time (talking about multifandom blogs), so, at least for now, I thought to include in the list only the blogs which have been active and/or have posted new things in the last 4 months. I know some blogs who have published lovely things in the past, and I’m so sorry to leave them behind, but I think this list could be useful also for new people who are only now approaching the show and would like to know who’s been at least a bit “active” in the fandom recently; anyway, it goes without saying that anyone can enter, get out or come back anytime, and in case the list will be updated (and I might think of adding another category with some “special mentions” for the left out blogs)! I decided not to put the limit on the exclusively Black Sails related blogs, as they could be useful for “archive purposes”!

Now enough of me blabbering, let’s get to real business!

(the blogs are listed in alphabetical order)

Entirely Black Sails related blogs:

Roleplay blogs:

Multifandom blogs:

Reference blogs:

dear teen wolf fandom: who are we really talking about here?

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You ever have that person that it seems that EVERYONE else loves and you just….. don’t. You can’t even explain it. They haven’t done anything to you but deep in your gut you just have this bitterness toward them for no reason whatsoever but you still cringe when their name is mentioned?

Remember my quince when the guy I used to like was my date and I was all fat and shit and oh my god I cannot believe what horrible sense in guys I had because I really thought it was gonna be some Cinderella Story shit and it’d be like kiss him at midnight and happily ever after and we’d be together forever but I was just really ugly and fat and he was okay but sTILL

I haven’t even seen my own video yet..
Like its bad…. I’m too pussy to see it bc you can see the “I like you a lot plz kiss me” written all over my face and