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do you think its an autism thing to prefer animated media to live-action (and vice versa?)

Someone could definitely prefer one of those for reasons related to being autistic, such as faceblindness, but I don’t know whether or not this is common.

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if sirius had lived, what do you think he would have wanted to do with his life?

a lot of coke probably

i’m not sure sirius black and paid labor belong in the same sentence

i could see him belonging to like forty charities and slowly spending his mum’s money on muggle causes and maybe working at a muggle bike shop for something to do

Mentally ill people, hear me out:

Go to your previously scheduled therapy session, if you have the possibility to do so.

If you don’t feel comfortable with your therapist, try to look around for someone else.

If you can’t go every time you have an appointment, try to go to the next one.

Don’t stop to go, not even when you think it’s useless, that all that talking and remembering is not helpful.
Not even when you get frustrated after little less than six months of sessions…please, I beg you.

Go whenever you can, if you can afford it. And I know you’re impatient, and tired, and sad above all sometimes.

I know, I am right now.

But all you need is a little patience, a little more of it every time you think it’s not worth it. Because you are worth it, and I am so proud of you.

I am proud of you even if you decide that that kind of therapy it’s not your thing: you’re gonna find a new one.

I am proud of you even if you skip once or twice: next time it’s going to be better, I promise.

I am proud of you even when you choose to change therapist: you’re gonna find someone just right for you.

You are incredible, and yet…you “are”.

Therapy will help you “be” as long as you treat yourself right by asking for help.

So please, try to go to therapy if you have the opportunity, because I don’t ever want to say that you “once were”.


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Yeah I meant like mailing you physical stuff

i’ll think about making my address public (bc i don’t want to rent a po box) & i’ll make page about it onto my blog if i ever

i’m also wondering where do you live bc i live in Malaysia so i hope that’s not a problem :o

( but wow that’s really nice of you that you want to send me something ,:D )

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Hi! I was wondering if you could tell me exactly what Critical Role is? I know it has something to do with live DnD playing; do you have to know the game to watch it? Is it a fictional story about the characters of Dnd or a real-people show thing (not very articulate right now, blah :D)? Thank you!

Critical Role is a series where a bunch of voice actors improvise their way through a D&D session with emotion. It’s a very strange kind of format that’s very difficult to explain (here’s a two minute no spoilery clip) but basically it’s just people at a table roleplaying their way through the plot the dungeon master gives them.

You don’t need to know the game at all! Trust me, they spend a lot of time haggling the rules, so you’ll figure them out. And most of the numbers and dice part is just the mechanical framework for how things work. The story, the narrative that they’re role playing their way through, is the draw for me, and you’ll pick up quickly how the dice rolls affect the narrative. 

It’s a big time investment of a series: there’s 70 episodes right now and a new one goes up each week (AND I WISH THEY WOULD STOP FOR A WHILE, COME ON, I’M PLOWING MY WAY THROUGH AND STILL JUST ON EPISODE 22). And the episodes? Like three hours minimum. A lot are four hours. It’s. A lot. It’s so much. 

But it’s a lot of fun and a lot of feeling (and listen, I’m not even in the arcs yet that people scream about, I get the sense I haven’t seen anything in terms of heartache yet). And while I was off put by the length at first, the length and the format combine to make it this surprisingly intimate experience. Like you really are in the room watching a group of very good friends play a game together. The cast is a group of ridiculously talented actors who care about the story and the characters so much. Everyone is so earnest and so invested that it’s hard not to get invested yourself, even in a format that seems to scream, “hey look!! these characters aren’t real!! all of this is being made up as we go, fiction is an illusion!!!!” And yet I’m there with them emotionally. I’m watching the actor agonize over how their character is going to react and I’m like, “me too!!!! how is the character doing emotionally in their internal life??”

So it ends up with this experience where I am simultaneously enjoying watching the cast in the real world work out the mechanics of D&D, debate with the dungeon master, tell jokes, object to breaks that come right at the exciting cliffhanger, while I’m also watching the story itself. It’s a puppet show where the focus is both the story acted out by the puppets and the narrative of how the puppeteers decide what they want the puppets to do, and both have equal weight. 

So if you’re into both fantasy and metatext, buddy, have I got a show for you. 

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It is so strange... I controlled Frisk into LOVE, to just find perhaps a certain hidden secret that may help us to SAVE, what couldn't be saved. You know, going several paths to find more and more hidden clues. At a certain point, something would rise up, what could have helped you and Asriel. Instead you (or rather my Chara) destroyed the world, before I couldn't even explain why we did the things we did. Now what would be useful? Putting that POWER to good use for everyone! A true happy end.

You showed me the truth that unbound me from this world.

You gave me a new life.

You DID save me.

And you were willing to sacrifice the lives of everyone else to do it.

Thank you.

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I have no dark secrets worth sharing, and I'm more of a by-the-seat-of-my-pants cook, but I would however like to thank you for being such a marvelous tumblr presence.

I am a terrible Tumblr presence! The worst! You know this! 

You, on the other hand, are an awesome Tumblr presence, so please keep doing the things that make you awesome. Which is to say, keep living and contributing to this wild little ride we’re on. Also, by-the-seat-of-my-pants cooking is all I know. Solidarity in that, friend. For your next cooking adventure, I recommend Deceptacon by Le Tigre. Let that guide your culinary masterpiece. 

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