I don’t know if this was intended or not by this gif, but I hope you’ve all seen what it is that this woman is sneering at because it’s pretty racist and disgusting and I had never even noticed it before. 

Do you see the face depicted right below Leo the lion?

I cannot believe I never noticed this before… WOW.

image from: black-face.com

This rather blatant use of blackface/mammy archetype really shouldn’t come as any surprise tho given that MGM studios is just one among many top and independent animators of the 1930s-50s that “produced thousands of cartoons that perpetuated the same old racist stereotypes” (x). 

From what I can tell, MGM’s logo is still unchanged.

these interviewers avoiding their music like the plague
asking questions like: when was the last time you fucked someone but in the ass?

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then, can I request RinMaki sad headcanon; an AU(again?!) where Rin is a dangerous youkai and Maki is daughter of famous exorcist. Rin want to be friend with Maki but... something unexpected happens (; ・`д・´)9

What is with you guys and sad/angst headcanons?

Ok, let’s see then

Warning: mentions of sensitive topics near the end, please be careful

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To Unchained;

Everyone; at some point I was talking to Stray, over silly things, serious things. However what completely struck me, was Stray, had wanted to keep Unchained alive. Even if he wasn’t there, he wants to keep Unchained a place where people can honestly feel at home, where we can help others, and overall, have fun. While Stray is gone… While we are in a difficult situation, let’s, keep us alive! I won’t force people to stay, if they are truly uncomfortable and doesn’t want to deal with the hate, I won’t stop them. This is a game,  people have that choice in matters to stay or not.

Those who remain in Unchained, through all this thick-and-thin, thank you. For something to survive, they must be strong. Those who left, and those who stayed, left for whatever reason, or for a certain. We all bonded at some point, we all met, because of Stray. We all had these lovely times because of Stray, regardless of how long people stayed, or how long you stayed, met many, many had ran past, and many had stayed. However, let us stay strong. Show activity, show we are still loving as we are. Everything gets hate, and there is nothing we can do. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t attempt to change. Show FH the group isn’t hateful. Lend advice to new players, help people learn how to RP! [like borg is doing] get more love then hate, and show Stray, we can do it! We can survive… We can show him, it’s alright. We are here for all, and will always love everyone, regardless of just a bit of hate.

First off,

Coded ≠ Canon 

I definitely understand coming into a new show, game, or something and feeling uncomfortable with low representation. In times like that, you need to grab onto characters that are or act like you. So you mold them to be your representation. That’s definitely okay! Go forth and make every character gay, every character trans, fit it to how you are comfortable! But those, if not confirmed, are just headcanons. Everybody is gonna headcanon a bit different and that’s where respect and an open mind comes in.

Second off, both sides need to sit down and take a deep breath! Don’t send threats, don’t even bother to try to convince others to feel differently because all that results in is discomfort and stress and more hate. Fire does not combat fire, and oil definitely does not combat fire.

People are always going to ship things you don’t agree with. It’s happened in every fandom since forever. The thing is these characters are fictional. Yes, there may be young girls out there who really connect with Pearl and are more comfortable with themselves liking girls because of her! That’s great! They may very well stumble upon Pewey art sometime in their life. But if you think that it will make them think it’s canon or them liking girls is wrong because everyone is straight and that’s the way it’s got to be, I think you’re mistaken. Children are a lot smarter than you think.

Spam is not the answer, it hasn’t ever changed anything for the better. Sending hate to spammers (or to the shippers) is not the answer either. It’s rude, unnecessary, and gross. For the best result, ignore and block and blacklist. Steven Universe isn’t the only cartoon out there, isn’t the only representation, and isn’t the only source young lesbians will be looking at. And Pewey isn’t even that big of ship! I believe in nurturing with gentleness so they can grow to be strong independent ladies, not killing all apparent “enemies” on sight and making them think it’s okay to do the same. I ship anyone with anyone because I think it’s cute, not because I want to shove an agenda on anyone. I’m not an enemy.

You can hate Pewey! Everyone has ships they absolutely can’t stand for all sorts of reasons. Just don’t instigate things (by tagging) and cause fighting. If you already have instigated things, just block people who are sending you hate because they’re not worth it. Same with the Pewey shippers. It’s not worth the stress. Nothing is going to change anyone’s opinions!

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

I’m so not gonna miss being treated like a teenager at work

Yesterday a middle aged coworker kept asking me why am I not going to ask somebody for a ride, why I’m leaving alone, stuff about my bus and so on

Dude maybe you meant well, but I’m frigging 26, I want to get outta here and hit the hay, see you tomorrow

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I'm applying to portland state university's comic studies program. Do you still teach there, and do you have any advice for someone who barely has an idea of what they want from life?

I’ll be teaching there in the winter and the spring

  close your eyes and try to imagine your perfect life. what you would want to do for a living, what you want your family to be…

 and then go about doing everything you can, legally, to make that happen.

  it is called positive visualization. it is called focus. and though we all know full well that life is a series of opportunities and obstacles that you either do or do not take advantage of… I fully believe in the power of positive visualization.

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Do you ever get lonely living alone?

I used to, but now I’m so comfortable with being alone , I prefer to be to myself & by myself nowadays.

cassiopeialee replied to your post “[P So, I’m thinking we should probably “break up” right about now?”

Yeah, we’ll be really casual and classy about it.

Sounds good to me. However, I’m not sure if I’ll go through a breakup ever again, so I’d like to have the full experience while I can.

Ahem. Don’t do this to me, Cass. I can’t live without you– give me one more chance to make things better! And scene.


happy birthday to the one and only jung eunji. thank you for being so hardworking, caring, kind, dedicated, and strong. thank you for being you. thank you for loving your fans, your family, and your members. thank you for being apink’s biggest fan and backbone. you are strong and you are sensitive. there is nothing sweeter than your smile, more beautiful than your voice, or stronger than your resolve. we love, respect, admire, and adore you and can’t wait to see you grow even more ♡ #23unjiDay 

Hey American tumblr: everywhere else in the world, culture has nothing to do with anybody’s race. Stop acting like a person’s race dictates what culture they are a part of.

Culture is a product of the society one resides in, and the societal norms prevalent in that society. That’s why moving to a new area often results in a cultural shift or assimilation; because the new person is integrating into the new culture. Because culture is the product of your surrounding society’s lifestyle.

Claiming that culture is only based on skin color is racist and degrading to the culture.

Culture is so much more than a person’s skin color. Stop pretending that race is the only important aspect of the cultures you claim you’re protecting.

Just because America has enormous cultural and societal rifts based on race doesn’t mean the rest of the world experiences this. Most everybody else is pretty cool with people of all races sharing cultures amount each other.