June 24, 2017, Saturday [#212]

(“Drake The Professional Model”) People seem to be curious about what Drake does for a living. Do you think Drake is a professional model? 😎 Why or why not? 😀

Prompt: This fan edit was partly inspired by @peepeetah 😊 After seeing them reblog a Drake-related post and say, “I think he is the Top Model of Cordonia…” I thought it might be fun to see Drake’s modeling portfolio 😆😁 (Reblog.)

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(Waiting for H.W.U. to come back, forever and always; 24/06/17.)

unicornlamps  asked:

FUCK ok im from the northwest but im vistiting family in michigan for a week and how the fuck do you live here? Its so humid and now its flooding and i just saw a fucking beaver on the side of the road???? Just chilling out there? Ive never seen a beaver before

They do that sometimes, they like hitchhiking.

But really tho… So many wasted minutes on some idiotic P-Chris bull when they could’ve had Yousef come back. Ugh. Awful.

The only good thing about this video was that they played Lover, Where Do You Live while Yousef was messaging Sana 🙄

anonymous asked:

what town do you live in? I heard someone in my town yelling it's peach time so i'm confused

UHHHH i dont feel like sharing that but i was definitely not yelling that at any point in my life lmao

Have you forgiven yourself for it, the fuck-ups, the constant undoing and redoing? Have you accepted that you will always lose something, and when that happens, the question to ask is: and what have I gained?

Last year you said: Be good, forgive, exist. The year before that: I think maybe it’s time to be found. The year before that: You’re not alone. The year before that: It takes courage to live.

Do you hear it, all the echoes of your past selves trying to tell you that you are loved? The unknown yawns before us, and yes, maybe we’ll fuck it up. And maybe we won’t.

Happy birthday, old fool.

—  from “Encounter” by Czeslaw Milosz

anonymous asked:

If he had lived, do you think Dylan would have ever granted any interviews while in prison?

No doubt he and Eric would’ve been granted interviews years by various tv and magazine media years later (yes, years later) but whether Dylan would feel comfortable enough to grant them an interview is another matter.  It would depend on their level of maturity, whether Dylan had become less shy and more self confident while in prison and having a desire to speak candidly as to why he did it.   Of course, that’s assuming Dylan would’ve made it long enough in prison and hadn’t found a way to end his life.