sorry. i’ve been meaning to call you and explain to you that i miss you. all of the things that we couldn’t be in this life and all of the things that we’ve done to each other, i know that life is short and i’m running out of answers to give back to you. we really should just run away and not worry, but society has molded us into something dark. how black is the mold in your lungs? how often do you want to live? sorry. i just get kind of sad and maybe i should try to be more happy. maybe i’ll move out of this little town and go to italy. i just want to get lost, not like mentally, but kinda like exploring a new city. it’s not normal for a human being to be stuck inside of a city all day. i watched a quarter of the blade runner anime yesterday and it kinda fucked me up. the replicants said something that sparked my soul into ashes. they said that there is no hell or heaven for things like them, this life? baby this is all we’ve got. i don’t mean to be this sad. sorry. there i go again. you know what they say about beautiful things— i wish i knew better. i wish that i knew how to love better, i wish i knew how to be better. i’m sorry about my hands and why they’re always cold. i’m sorry that i didn’t get to say goodbye. if this is my last night here, i wish that i had the courage to call you one last time.


Fate/Apocrypha starters ep 18 & 19

  • “I strive for a world where all children are loved.”
  • “Don’t leave me alone.”
  • “Keep me warm.”
  • “No! You deserve to be loved too!”
  • “I’m so cold.”
  • “This stench is horrible.”
  • “Here children are but prey.”
  • “The world is ugly. Do you still want to live?”
  • “You’ve seen something ugly.”
  • “I saw the children die.”
  • “I was in hell, but they gave me love.”
  • “But then killing people is just repeating the cycle.”
  • “You saw, didn’t you? That’s how the world works.”
  • “If ten people build a world, two of those will be excluded. By sacrificing two, eight gain happiness. It’s the general law of the universe.”
  • “You are the victims here, to be pitied.”
  • “I can defeat you, but I cannot save you.”
  • “The mass of hatred and the despair of your victims changed you.”
  • “Cry out the Lord in your trouble, and he will lead you to life.”
  • “What are you trying to do?! They’re children! Children! They aren’t even evil! Just victims! Pitiful souls crushed by the system of the world!”
  • “If you want to kill them, I’ll take you instead!”
  • “Freeing their souls is salvation.”
  • “You wear a banner instead of a sword in battle. Why?! Wasn’t it so you wouldn’t kill? So that your hands won’t be bloodied?”
  • “My hands aren’t bloody because I don’t wield a sword? Please.”
  • “I was a part of that war. I decided to fight. My hands were tainted red the moment I decided that.”
  • “Don’t underestimate me. I won’t hesitate to destroy them.”
  • “You’re no saint!”
  • “I never considered myself a saint.”
  • “If I abandon them, who will love them? That God of yours?”
  • “Free their souls? You can’t sugarcoat murder!”
  • “Do you really want to kill us? Is there no other way?”
  • “You are heading to where you belong. That is nothing sad about it.”
  • “No matter what I say, you won’t listen.”
  • “We could’ve saved them!”
  • “I will never forgive you! You murdered innocent children!”
  • “You’re safe now that I’m here! This might be a trainwreck, but we’re in it together!”
  • “I’m really good at annoying people.”
  • “You imposter of a saint! I’ll never forgive you!
  • “Please don’t judge people. Don’t give up by thinking their ways cannot be changed.”
  • “Being cold to people is easy. Hating them easier still. Loving people is extremely difficult.”
  • “After all the despair and disillusion you still didn’t give up?”
  • “Good and evil are complex. Depending on where you stand, your view will be different.”
  • “Just a few hours ago I thought the world was beautiful, but that hell will stay with me forever now.”
  •  “I think this is the turning point of whether you can become a mage or remain human.”
  • “Are you telling me to quit practicing magic?”
  • “You can’t stomach people dying.”
  • “You’re right. I might’ve hesitated too much.”
  • “That pie is beckoning me! Let’s try some!”
  • “If it becomes too much, take this. It will ease the pain.”
  • “Humans are humans. Messed up people who’ll do good or bad as the circumstances demand.”
  • “In the end humans are just animals who happen to be slightly smarter than the others. They’re driven by greed, always forget favors but never slights. They aren’t worth lifting a finger to protect.”
  • “What about you? What do you think of humans?”
  • “How am I supposed to tell you that? There’s no right or wrong choice here.” 
  • “I do what I want, how I want. That responsibility is mine alone.”
  • “Are you still not done bothering me?”
  • “I’m not kind. I just run away from reality and can’t even decide what step to take next. I’m a failure.”
  • “It’s the last fight. Let’s pull ourselves together.”
  • “On the name of Sagittarius I swear to protect you.”

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Sorry if you already answered this (I'm new) But which state do you live in, oh and which specific country,city etc.

// I live in southern germany, near Stuttgart


You spoke without a fault, and it was a little unusual for a toddler.

Cumulus: Oh! I’ve been waiting for you!

Marigold: Sweetie, are you lost?

Cumulus: Nope! Just waiting!

Marigold: What’s your name, dear?

Cumulus: I’m Cumulus Bliss. Can I go home now?

Marigold: Well Cumulus, I need to know where you live. Do you have a mommy? Or a daddy?

Cumulus: You’re my mommy.

Pidge, who got lost in the Space Mall, is now confronted by an Alien Mall Cop.

Alien Mall Cop: -sigh- Okay, where do you live?

Pidge: With my Keith.

Cop: Where does this “Keith” live?

Pidge: With me and the other Paladins.

Cop: And where do you all live?

Pidge: Together.

Cop: Where is your house?

Pidge: In space.

Cop: Where in space.

Pidge: If I tell you, you wouldn’t believe me.

Cop: Tell me.

Pidge: With Keith.


Shiro: Were we forgetting something?

Keith: *slams table* OH MY GO-

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I plan on going to Montana this spring. What places do recommend that I see? Also do you recommend living in Montana?

Glacier National Park definitely! Yellowstone is spectacular too. Flathead Lake, Missoula, Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman is awesome. There’s sooooo much beautiful stuff to see.

And yes I definitely recommend living in Montana. So many people would love to live here.

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cyoot couple asks 4 katherine & leonard: 2, 3, 4, 9, 17, 22, 24, 39, 48, 51, 55, 70, 77, 91, 95, 103, 111, 119, 122, 131, 133, 134, 137, 139 >:)

Hephey!! Thank you so much for these Zeeb!
And apologies for doing them so late. I’ve just been very busy today.

If anyone should wonder who these people are, they are Andy’s parents.
Also if anyone gets gag reflexes over loving couples, just scroll on kay?

Who made he first move?
Katherine: Lenny did *chuckles soft* and he wasn’t quiet about it either.
Leonard: Well, it got me what I wanted,didn’t it? *chuckles cheekily*
Katherine: That it did *smiles lovingly*
How long have you been a couple?
Katherine: Oh dear. 37 years and counting.
Do you live together:
Katherine: *Chuckles warmly* Yes,we most certainly do.
Leonard: We have lived together for about 36 years.
I’d say we’re joined by the hips by now? *Chuckles warmly and smiles at Katherine*
Doodle a little picture of the two of you as a couple.
Leonard: I should worn ya, I’m not the most skilled doodler, my son, Andy is, on the other hand:

Katherine: *Chuckles warmly* Oh dear!
Leonard: Don’t say I didn’t warn you.
Katherine: *Chuckles soft* What’s wrong with my eyes?
Leonard: Babe, that’s eyelashes!
Katherine: Ohh! *Chuckles soft* I suppose that makes sense.
Leonard: You have bigger boobs though, I just didn’t count in the measurements when I drew your arms… or anything else for that matter.
Katherine: Yes, I can see that *chuckles warmly and kisses his cheek*
I think it’s cute.
What physical traits do you find most attractive about your partner?
Katherine: His eyes and hands *smiles at him lovingly* His eyes was the first thing I noticed about him. They were the kindest and most warm eyes I had ever seen.
Leonard: I’d have to go with her smile.
Although it wasn’t the first thing I noticed *lifts eyebrows and stares at her boobs*
Katherine: *Chuckles warmly*
What personality traits do you find most attractive about your partner?
Leonard: Her warmth.
She’s such a caring person, and she always does her best to be there for everyone *smiles lovingly at his wife*
Katherine: *Smiles lovingly back* I can say the same about you.
Do you have cute pet names for each other?
Leonard: No, I don’t think we do. Apart for what most couple seem to call each other, such as love, or darling.
Are you an openly mushy couple or a reserved couple?
Leonard: *Chuckles warmly* If you ask our son, I’m sure he would say we’re way too mushy. But in my opinion I think we’re an equal amount of both.
Have you ever had your initials written on a tree or in the sand?
Katherine: Yes. Lenny once carved them into an old tree trunk.
I refused for him to cut up the baby tree standing next to it.
Leonard: I told you she’s a very caring person *smiles proudly*
Do you express your love lavishly or discretely? 
Leonard: I think it’s 50/50.
Has your relationship changed at all since you started?
Katherine: After 37 years, it would be strange if things hasn’t changed a bit, wouldn’t you think?
Leonard: We have had good times and bad times, we raised a whirlwind of a son. We’ve become grand parents, and we have carried our family through tough times. I would say it all formed us as the strong couple we are today.
What are the everyday things you both do to show you care about each other?
Leonard: It’s all in the small things really. Like holding a door for each other.
Offering to do the dishes. A foot rub after a long day on your feet.
An occasional flower or gift. And good night kisses. Never go to bed angry at each other. It sounds so simple, and really it is. Whatever argument or fight you have had during the day, leave it behind you when you go to bed, and give each other a kiss.
It’s never a guarantee you will wake up in the morning.
Are you both introverted/extroverted or opposites?
Katherine: We’re both extroverted.
Who would win in an arm-wrestling contest?
Leonard: *Points at Katherine* Kat would. Hands down!
Katherine: *Laughs warmly*
Rate your relationship on a scale of basic vanilla (1) to extremely kinky (10)
Leonard: Ohh that’s a hot chocolate (9)
Katherine: *Laughs warmly*
Has your partner ever accidentally hurt you? Have you accidentally hurt them?
Katherine: *Takes a deep breath* I once cheated on Lenny, when we were really young. With his brother. It wasn’t something planned, it just happened.
Lenny had had his eyes on another girl for a while, and it unfortunately ended up in him cheating on me.
So I went to his brother to seek advice, one thing let to another, and a kiss was exchanged. For years Leonard didn’t speak to his brother George.
So yes, we both hurt each other, and others in the process.
But we found our feet again *smiles soft*
Leonard: *Kisses his wives temple* You’re my flower.
Do you have any insecurities about your relationship?
Both: No.
Does your family approve of your relationship?
Katherine: It would be a little late to inform us if they didn’t.
Leonard: Sometimes our son doesn’t, apparently to him, we’re sometimes “embarrassing” *chuckles cheekily*
Katherine: *Laughs softly*
Has anyone tried to sabotage your relationship?
Katherine: Not that we’re aware of, so if someone at some point were, they sure did a lousy job.
Quote something somebody has said about your partner.
Leonard: Damn she has a fine ass!
Katherine: *Laughs loudly* Now that can only be Daniel!
What do you hope for the future of your relationship?
Leonard: More grand kids? *smiles hopefully*
Katherine: *Nods agreeing* Definitely more grand kids!
Do you have kids/want to have kids? What would they be like?
Leonard: We have Andy, whom we’re very proud of, and love more than life itself. He’s a big bundle of hormones, bright blue hair, colored tattoos.
He has a pretty filthy potty mouth, he doesn’t always know when to shut up or where his own limits are. He’s extremely talented, he draws, writes, sings and plays several instruments. He’s kind, funny, loving, energetic, charismatic, and claims he’s a unicorn.
Who am I to disagree? I think he’s absolutely magical.
Katherine: *Nods and smiles warmly* He’s the best child we could ever have gotten.
Do you still think you will be together when you’re old and wrinkly?
Both: Absolutely!

I cannot believe that @hivliving lied about every conceivable aspect of their identity to justify a fanfiction. How terrible, short-sighted, and crass do you have to be to keep up a lie like that for years? How do you live with yourself on a daily basis keeping up a fraudulent identity for discourse cred and presenting yourself as an authority on topics you have no experience with? Unreal.


give these to ur special someone and u have a 99.99999% chance of courting them I swear @penguinz-can-fly

Hayao Miyazaki reveals name of next film.

World-renowned legend, Hayao Miyazaki, has renamed his last film as ‘Kimitachi wa Dou Ikiru ka,’ which translates to ‘How do you live?’. The film is speculated to be finished by 2021, as opposed to the original 2020 release.