if the Concierge was about to show it to us as one of the rooms, and this episode has CANON written right there in the title, then The Case of the Time Juno Steel Rescued Every Single Orphan In Hyperion City is undeniably something that happened, in canon continuity.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I ashamedly present to you what I did instead of the art I’m actually being paid to do (*europeanly shoves this at @forovnix*)

Sing me a song

SUMMARY: You’re Rick’s eldest daughter and Negan asks you to sing, which leads into something darker, more sinister and more complicated.

WARNINGS: Strong language, sexual tension

PAIRINGS: Negan x reader, Dad!Rick x Daughter!Reader, Carl x Sister!Reader, Judith x Sister!Reader




“Carl, you stupid son of a b-” You opened the door and was shocked to find Negan with your baby brother. You looked at the dried blood on his bat then back at the intimidating leader. His eyes widened slightly when he saw you but then they became hooded and seductive.

“Well, hello.” He smirked, leaning back. You gulped, thinking about what your father had told you- what Negan had done to Glenn and Abraham.

“Is Rick home?” Negan asked as he pushed past you and walked into the living room. Before Carl could do the same, you pulled him by his ear.

“What the fuck are you doing with Negan?” You hissed quietly.

“I-I just wanted to-” you pulled his ear harder before you swiped your hand away,“Ow, what the shit, (Y/N)?”

“Well?” You sighed, crossing your arms.“You were supposed to just be on watch duty. And here I am, babysitting… Judith. Shit.” You cursed and dashed to the living room.

When you arrived, you saw Judith swinging the bat around. Glenn and Abraham’s blood fell on the wooden floor.

“What the fuck?” You whispered, pulling Judith away from Negan’s lap and then you gave his bat back to him.

“Carl!” You called just as Judith began crying,“Take Judi to Carol’s please.” The boy did exactly as he was told. The only mistake was you were now left alone with the big bad wolf.

He stared at you, smirking as he licked his lips and scratched his stubble.

“What the fuck is wrong with you? Giving a friggin’ kid a murder weapon?” You cried out.

That was another mistake. Instantly, Negan stood up, towering above you as he gave you the deadliest look he could muster. You immediately thought you were gonna die as his grip tightened around the barbed-wire bat.

“Don’t fucking talk to me like that.” Negan hissed, gripping your wrist. You puffed, your eyes watering slightly in fear but you didn’t want to lose your pride.

“Judith is three fuckin’ years old.” Your voice grew from nervous to seriously confident as you began to think about your family,“I don’t give a shit that you might kill me now but don’t you fucking dare give my baby sister that bat.”

A playful, challenging smirk played on Negan’s plump lips. He leaned inward, whispering in your ear,“Or what?”

You ripped your hand away from him, massaging the redness he caused.

“Don’t.” You said, leaving him to head to the kitchen.

Negan followed and watched as you began to clean the mess on the kitchen counter.

“I ought to take you across my knee and spank you silly for walking away when I’m expecting an answer from you, babygirl.” Negan winked. You made a sound of disgust but inside, your stomach was full of butterflies.

“Fuck you, Negan.” You growled. He sat down and laid Lucille on the table in front of him.

“Only if you say please, babygirl.” He winked.

“My name is (Y/N).” You said then carried on washing the dishes. There was a moment of silence until you heard his chair being dragged back. You felt the hairs of the back of your neck rise as Negan stood behind you.

“W-what are you doing?” You mumbled, he moved away to get stuff from the cupboard next to your head.

“I’m gonna make spaghetti.” He beamed.

He began whistling as he worked. As you washed the dishes and he cooked, he did small little things that caused you to blush- whether it was him touching your waist as he walked behind you even though there was a lot of space or he would groan like he was having sex when he was smelling the food, Negan would be doing something to seduce you.

“Ok.” You had enough as you put away the last dried plates and cutlery,“What the fuck do you want?”

“Well.” Negan began, stepping closer to you,“I want your dad to come and talk business with me… but since he’s not fucking here, you’ll have to do.”

Negan switched the fire off and walked back to the living room, swinging Lucille along with him. He sat down and you were about to sit in front of him when he clicked his fingers and pointed to the space beside him.

“For fuck’s sake…” you mumbled as you made your way closer to him. Just as you were about to sit down, you felt his arms wrap around you waist and you fell on his lap. His hard-on was perfectly in line between your thighs. You bit back a moan as his heat warmed you up. He didn’t hold his groan in but instead, grinded his hips up.

No, you though, you couldn’t do that to Maggie or Sasha or Rosita. You jumped off his lap and held your hands up when he stood up with you.

“No funny business, doucheprick.” You announced, your eyes tearing up in embarrassment whilst he just gave you a lop-sided smile. You sat back on the sofa chair in front of him. Negan leaned back and adjusted his trousers with no shame. You blushed when you made eye contact with him, he chuckled.

“Your baby brother’s a tough sonuvabitch.” Negan grinned,“Kinda makes me wanna have a kid… wanna help?”

You groaned, face-palming.

“Oh babygirl. You carry on making noises like that and I’ll have no choice but to fuck you raw.” Negan’s state intensified.

“Stop. Please.” You begged,“What were you doing with Carl?”

“Well, the kid hid in my black van and shot up my men. Being the gentleman I am, I took him back home instead of killing him.” Negan explained as he paced in front of you,“I believe I deserve a reward, don’t you think?”

You gave him a reluctantly laugh, standing and shaking your head,“Haha, no sexual offers coming from me.”

He grabbed your wrist again, saying,“Sing me a song instead, babygirl.”

You chuckled,“Sure thing, daddy.” It was an obvious joke. However, Negan visibly tensed up yet regained himself by giving you the widest, dimpled grin ever.

“(Y/N), I didn’t know you had a daddy kink.” Negan smiled,“Lucky me.”

“Shut the fuck u-” You closed your mouth when he held Lucille to your lips. He tutted, waggling his finger and shaking his head.

“I said Sing me a song.” He said, serious once again,“Be a good girl for daddy.”

Your eyes watered in fear as you slowly stood up.

“And where the fuck do you think you’re going?” Negan’s voice was quiet yet intimidating.

You stammered,“I-I’m just gonna get my guitar.”

A smile crawled back on his lips,“Good girl.”

You rushed to your room and went to find your guitar. It was brown, old and bare as you pulled off all your stickers once you hit 18 years of age. Now you were 24, confident and strong-willed yet you feared the man downstairs.

“C'mon, baby girl. Daddy doesn’t like to be kept waiting.” Negan called. You sped back, the guitar in your hands.

“I think you should sit right… here.” Negan pointed at the space between his legs then he gripped on Lucille,“Otherwise Lucille would get her fun, starting with Carl and Judith.”

You choked back a sob and quickly sat on his lap.

“Go on.” Negan cooed in your ear, Lucille was placed next to him whilst his hands were on either side of your waist,“Sing for me.”

You let out a shaky breath before strumming. The guitar was out of tune so you hurriedly tune it out. After a few moments of turning the machine heads, you strummed the introduction of a song your mother used to sing to you.

‘There’s a lady who’s sure all that glitters is gold And she’s buying a stairway to heaven…’

When you sing the first few lines, Negan’s hands tightened around your waist for a bit before relaxing.

’…When she gets there she knows, if the stores are all closed With a word she can get what she came for. Ooh, ooh, and she’s buying a stairway to heaven…“

As you sung Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin, you began to forget Negan was sitting behind you. You closed your eyes and let the music flow through your whole self.

"Wow, you have quite a voice on you.” Negan cracked a sincere, impressed smile,“Didn’t know Rick had the balls to create a little rockstar like you.”

You blushed at his compliment. Negan stood up, pushing you away for a moment before turning you around. You looked up, his face inches away from you. He leaned in, taking the guitar from your grasp and you allowed it.

“You’re the first person to touch this guitar since my mother died.” You revealed as he gently put it beside Lucille.

“How did she die?” He asked, curious and his eyes filled with sympathy,“She must’ve been a hella of a awesome and talented woman to make someone as super hot and as badass as you.”

You genuinely laughed, making Negan smile,“Yeah, she was… um, she died of cancer before the world turned to shit. Good thing too. I would hate to have shot her like how Carl shot his mom… Poor kid.”

“Bad ass kid.” Negan corrected,“You know, he’s a little serial killer in the making.” You glared at him for a moment before you noticed what you were doing.

Negan is a ruthless killer, you said to yourself, don’t test his patience with you. He pulled you back from your thoughts when you felt his hands caress your face. His breath tickled your cheeks and you mouth. Licking your lips and closing your eyes, you leaned forward. Negan had pressed his mouth against yours for a moment but then, the front door was thrown wide open and you forced yourself to fall backwards, trying to get away from Negan before anyone could see.

“Negan!” Your father called, pissed off yet scared,“What are you doing?”

You stood up and walked back to your father but he held you back. Your dad gave you a curious look and you shrugged, looking nervous like him.

“Well, I was fucking looking for you.” Negan clarified,“But your baby girl’s been keeping me company. Didn’t know she had such a beautiful voice. Even sung one of my favourite songs.”

“Negan…” Rick wanted, eyeballing his arm on your waist,“Let my daughter go.”

As your father spoke, Negan turned around and took Lucille back into his hand and walked to him.

“No.” he challenged, swinging the bat in circles,“You belong to me. Everything belongs to me… which means, she is mine. Mine.” Rick watched as Lucille swung faster and closer to him. However, he stood his ground and refused to show fear. Just when Lucille was about to hit his face, you screamed, pulling Negan to you.

“Stop! Please!” Tears rushed from your eyes,“I’ll be yours-”

“(Y/N), no!” Rick roared but stopped making any noise when Negan whipped around and gave him a baleful look.

A tear fell from your eyes, Negan wiped it away then caressed your lower lip. You looked back at your father, who was distraught, watching his eldest daughter and his arch nemesis have an intimate moment.

“Kiss me.” Negan whispered,“Or I’ll crack your father’s skull-” You held his face with both hands and crashed your lips on his, despite the pained sounds coming from Rick.

“Nega-” You didn’t know it but Negan had held his finger to your father as he deepened the kiss, making you involuntarily moan. Rick couldn’t watch so he looked at the ground, eyes full of defeat. One of Negan’s hands travelled from your waist to your ass and the other cupped the back of your neck. You nearly forgot about your father but when Negan began trailing his lips down your neck, you saw him staring at the floor.

You pushed him back, looking at Rick, who finally returned his eyes to you.

“(Y/N).” Your dad whispered, shoulders slumped.

“No, Rick.” Negan argued,“You do not speak to my wife. Not anymore.” You looked up to him, with a horrified look, his arm around your neck.

“What?” You and your dad shouted so loudly that two of Negan’s people, Arat and Dwight, rushed in with guns.

“Boss?” The woman asked,“Everything alright here?”

Negan nodded,“Yeah sure.” Then he bent down and whispered in your ear,“Not only do I want to fuck you hard, rough and fast, as husbands do to their wives, but I’d love for you sing to me too… Marry me.”

It was sort of sweet but when you made eye contact with Rick, you fell apart and your heart broke. He shook his head, silently begging you would say no but Negan’s harsh grip on your waist dig deeper until you nodded.


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Rhysand trying to be stealthy after breaking into the Spring Court
  • Tamlin: Rhysand? What the crap are you doing here?
  • Rhysand: I could ask you the same question!
  • Tamlin: I live here!
  • Rhysand: ...I could ask you a different question.

winglysimmer  asked:

How many pets do you have? Do you even have room for a fish?

I do have a lot of pets, but you have to understand I live in a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 living room, office space, storage room, second storage room, two garage and one shed house that we literally own so no worries on moving anyone :) I have plenty of room(one of our rooms is still 100% empty), if we were getting her, especially for a fish that does well in only 5 gallons to 10 gallons or so. Honestly I might do a video tour of my house one of these days to kinda give y’all an idea of just how much space I do have. But I don’t even know if she is still there, or if Brett will agree to keep her XD

I was tagged by @amberarts13 thank you!

Name: Bella

Ancestry: lol I have no idea

Zodiac: pisces

Where do you live: california

How do you feel today: meh

favorite song right now: Dead Girl Walking from the Heathers musical

play any instruments?: I used to

craving anything?: that sweet validation

What is your signature scent?: spearmint gum

sounds you love:  lance’s voice

sounds you hate: sirens, buzzing, thunder

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What would happen if the s/o of ut, uf, and us sans fell on top of them by accident while tripping and landed on the bed?

Undertale Sans

Is gonna have a hard time believing it was an accident.

“Y'know, babe, if you wanted to jump my bones so badly, all you had to do was ask.~”

He won’t let you live this down. In the future, when you’re about to do the do, he makes a comment about how he’s disappointed you didn’t throw him on the bed this time. It was actually pretty hot.

Underfell Sans

He takes the opportunity to turn this into a make-out session before you can even apologize. What happens next is up to you. ;)

Underswap Sans

 He believes you when you say it was a genuine accident, but he can’t stop his mind from going there. He gives you a quick kiss on the nose before getting up again. 

Nsosksdk so I’ve been pretty inactive lately cuz I wanted to finish all my work before the concert which I AM GOING TO TOMORROW DJDJJDJD but I wanted to drop by and say-

I’m gonna be tweeting about the concert tomorrow so if you’re interested you can go on my twitter @Qtaeful and I’m also considering doing a periscope live during the concert so jdjsjdjjdjdjdjd


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How do you Texans survive the heat, dude? I live here in Detroit, and I'm fine

my dude the heat, i can handle

its the fuckin HUMIDITY


but u just survive with lots of water and never going outside ever 

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Hey buddy, can you cool it with the superiority complex? I'm getting really tired of you lording your mental and physical health issues and small penis over the rest of us. How do you expect us to live up to your high standards and not get exiled from your video game cult when you're so much better than the rest of us whiney fuck ups?

there is someone out there who has a smaller penis than I do and they get jealous

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How do you even live with them?! What's it like living with them more importantly?

Good question, and well….

I always come home and Maddy is either dragging some body up to the attic or down to the basement, getting blood EVERYWHERE! FOR ME TO CLEAN UP MOST IMPORTANTLY!!

Echo stays in his room all day, quiet and out of the way.. So.. don’t really hear much from him unless it’s din din time.

Then Virus………

Oh Virus….

*groans* He’s either coming home with some new guy, or now, his BOYFRIEND, and they NEVER shut up! They’re either laughing, moaning, or crying!

I feel so bad for Anti.. 

but Anyways! Virus is always fucking around with my computer system, stealing my cords, sometimes even my monitors! *huffs* It’s so annoying! He even fucks up my streams sometimes with The Late Night Crew! 

And Sometimes, I’ll come into the kitchen and he’s either sleeping on top of the fridge or fucking someone on the counter! 

This fucking Child, I SWEAR TO GOD-!

*clears throat* ahem.. but anyways..

It’s hard living with them, especially Virus..

(I need a therapist..)