I pick up my youngest daughter a short while ago. Now for those that know my family you know that my youngest daughter is sweet as syrup. If you cast her into the wind she’d turn into bubbles. But she was oddly moody and somber.
So I ask her what’s wrong and she starts talking about Charlotte. Now those that know me also know that I don’t lie to my kids. My kids also know how I am. So we’re having THE discussion. She suddenly stops and gets silent for a moment.
Me: “You OK Sug?”
Her: “….I don’t know how I’d react if I lost you, Daddy. We love you so much. We need you”.
I swear I damn near had to pull over I was so choked up. People don’t know what we as Black families go through. We’re scared for our kids. Our kids are scared for us.
This isn’t how it’s supposed to be. This isn’t how we’re supposed to live. This shit has to change. Black families live under constant duress
—  A Concerned Black Father

minky-for-short  asked:

So is Thomas as accepting of Martha being gay/dating the daughter of his political enemy as Alex was of Angie?

Gooooood question!

Okay, so in my mind, yeah Jefferson is a trash cone but he adores his kids so much and they know they can wrap him around their little fingers. Martha finds it kind of amusing that everyone seems so scared of her dad, to her he’s just a teddy bear who still tries to pick her up even when she’s fifteen. She trusts him.

But yeah, she’s heard way, way to many rants from her dad to think he’s going to be completely okay with her dating a Hamilton. But she decides to just come right out and tell him, open and honest because thats how their relationship is. He goes very, very quiet, gets up from the dinner table and goes and screams into a pillow in the living room until his voice goes. But he loves his Martha so he grits his teeth and goes with it (though he and alex are extra insufferable at work, they get it all out of their system in the office so they can put on brave faces for their daughter’s. Washington is so done).

Years later when they’re at family parties and stuff, its like a competition between Alex and Jefferson as to who can be the most Okay with the situation. Its super funny how far they’ll go to try and make the other one break and say something mean. There actually exists a picture of them at Angie and Martha’s engagement party with their arms around each other. Its truly terrifying.