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im disgusted at your behaviour on this blog-- you talk up such a big game and then all you do is let people down. HELP THAT POOR KID AND SORRY ASS // HELP THAT OTHER POOR KIDS DICC // MAKE WINONA RYDER GAY AND AVAILABLE TO MARRY ME // TELL MY MOTHER IM NOT GUNNA DATE THE STRANGE GINGER BOY AT WORK !!!!!! god parker d i s a p p o i n t m e n t. also tel your friend Samm that she's so fantastic n cool wow i'm so jelly u hav a frend like her damn too bad i'm not her ahh a h a ://

I cant believe @asexualbuckybarnes took the time to write this 

the first sentence actually had me scared I thought I was about to get dragged and I was like…well this is probably well deserved