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^^^My legit reaction not to long ago.^^^

Now I don’t talk about the BS that is my family life but I gotta vent cause wtf.

So, here I am - asleep in my bed - when my dog starts going crazy. My eyes pop open to see lights flashing through my window - which connects to the carport.

I get up and look out and see POLICE, two of them, sliding along my carport with flashlights and GUNS FUCKING DRAWN. DRAWN AS IN OUT AND POINTED.

I tapped on my window cause I legit just woke up after having just fallen asleep and they instantly pointed the gun at the window and told me to show my hands. I’m like well FUCK and put my hands up and they’ll all “come outside”. Open my door to my dad walking to the door too, which is located right next to my bedroom door.

Turns out my ex-stepmother got stabbed in the neck and the police were going to the only known address for her trying to find out where she lived and wtf happened. They had to do this because she left my dad about 8 months ago and has since failed to update any of her information. She was found banging on a neighbor’s door screaming for help.

We led them to the last known location we knew of, the guy she dumped my dad for, and they left.

Okay, I get she was stabbed but wtf. Seriously WTF, they came to my HOUSE at 430 in the fucking morning to find out where a stabbed woman lives, and instead of acting like the people inside are her possible FAMILY who may BE WORRIED (i’m not) they point a fucking gun at us!?

Like I understand being cautious and they were kind of freaking out by the fact my laundry room door - which is on the carport - was sitting open, but seriously.

What. the. fuck.

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