So…we have the theory that Brian does not play Lafayette, he IS Lafayette. I mean…they look very much alike, nobody knows how old Brian is, he speaks fluent French, his character is fitting (just look at the videos of of him bouncing around in his trailer) and as @louisianaspell added, he would have the wealth and influence to get false papers. Conspiracy!

It’s funny when the Hinata obsessed try to come for Sakura in an attempt to defend against Hinata’s flaws when Hinata in canon is as she is. You accuse Sakura of copying Tsunade, all of Hinata’s moves are copied from her clan; you accuse Sakura of being useless, she became sannin leveled at 16 and saved Hinata’s life twice directly; You accuse Sakura of being weak, she’s stronger than Hinata; you accuse Sakura of only focusing on Sasuke, Hinata only focuses on Naruto for the most part while Sakura has bonds with many and is praised for her kindness; you accuse Sakura of being a bitch, she risked her life for strangers, sasuke, naruto while Hinata got distracted by Naruto’s hands and cared for a scarf more than her sister in the last; you accuse Sakura of not being that smart, she’s smarter than Hinata; you accuse Sakura of being slow, she’s faster than Hinata; you accuse Sakura of being a bad friend to Naruto, she actively helped him while Hinata admired him and supported from the shadows, you deny that Sakura is pretty etc., in canon she is called beautiful and compared to the most beautiful woman while Hinata isn’t, you accuse Sakura of breaking off her friendship with Ino over Sasuke because she is obsessed, Hinata wanted Kiba, her friend and teammate to lose to Naruto because she liked Naruto despite barely talking to him ever while Kiba was very protective over her and was a good friend to her. 

it feels like it’s been forever since bioware released their first teaser of andromeda – back when that wasn’t even it’s title and all we saw was conceptual prototypes – but at the same time, it feels like it was just a few months ago rather than a few years ago.

and here we are, just a few weeks away from its official release date. i can’t believe we’re almost there