see ryan most of the time is like an 8 out of 10 like easy, even in his dad jeans and the same 4 shirts, which is no easy feat

but then every once in a while he has certain days where his beard is just the right length and his hair is brushed nice and he’s wearing a good shirt and he’s just like a 15 out of 10 and it literally takes your breath away

like ryan in his red-baseball-cap tourist outfit is still fucking cute but then sometimes he does this

and i’m genuinely breathless


Because I’m a big softie for feel-good warm family stuff, I elected to do a few little draws of the Cross family.

First: Hector heads out for his deployment after getting drafted and trained in basic for a few months. Being a electrician/technician before this, it was all probably new to him but the scariest thing was being away from his wife.

Second: Hector returns home to his family after the war is won, sporting a beard now after having spent months on covert operations with a small squad deep in the mountain wilderness. I imagine he rather digs the look and sticks with it after her comes home. 

Third: A young Marlow and Odette try to convince their mother to let them have candy for dinner! A novel idea, but one that won’t come to fruition unfortunately. 

Gangplank no longer looks or feels like Gangplank. He lost that handsome black beard and now he just looks like an old man pirate. Also he’s now apparently the self appointed king of the pirates instead of earning the title from his beloved Bilgewater. How boring.

You poor son of a bitch… I am so sorry.

Past Perfect- Part 2

A/N: This will be multiparted! ~Enjoy~ 

Word Count: 1504

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: You find yourself helping Bucky Barnes find himself again after the events of The Winter Soldier



After a fairly long, and very clandestine drive, you finally parked by your apartment.

Bucky, who you thought may have fallen asleep because he was so quiet, threw up his hood over the baseball cap he was wearing and looked to you to get out first. A bearded guy in a dark hoodie with a hat on- not suspicious at all… you think shaking your head.

You hop out of your car and Bucky follows suit, calmly, yet cautiously towards the door. He doesn’t say a word until you go to unlock your door on the second floor of the complex.

He grabs your wrist suddenly, “You live alone, right?”

“Do you think I would bring you here if I didn’t live alone?” you retort. “I’m not stupid- I’m trying to help you here, Bucky. Now, please let go of my wrist,”

He lets go immediately and takes a step back. He looks remorseful, but doesn’t say anything.

You unlock the door and enter your small apartment, turning the light on. It had got dark sometime while you were driving and now your messy home was washed in soft yellow light. You waited for him to step inside before locking the door behind him.

You turn around to face him with your arms crossed, “Alright, what’s the plan,”

“…The plan?”

“Yes, the plan,” you start. “You must have some idea where to go from here,”

He looks down and stays silent.

“Oh, Please tell me you had a plan,”

“I…I um…” he trails off.

“Oh my god, oh my god,” you shake your head. “You didn’t have any clue what you were doing today at the museum, did you?”

“I was confused, okay?” he snaps. “I have no idea who the hell I am or what happened in the last couple decades, so I’m sorry I didn’t have an escape plan. I was trying to get answers- I wasn’t thinking,”

You sigh, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have snapped…”

He nods, curtly. The motion causes him to wince and grab his arm, letting out a grunt.

“Are you hurt?” you walk to his side, immediately.

“It’s-It’s nothing,” he shrugs it off.

“Don’t be like that,” you say. “Come on, let me see it,”

His crystal blue eyes find your (e/c) ones and you realize just how pretty they are. He looks so innocent and vulnerable- a wounded predator seeking help from prey.

Looking away, he shrugs his jacket off. He is wearing a long sleeve shirt and you notice how he’s still wearing gloves even though it wasn’t cold out. You disregarded that for the moment, though. He hisses as he rolls up his sleeve, the fabric pulling away from his wound.

It’s a fairly deep cut on along his shoulder and was still slowly bleeding. You gasp at the sight of it- it looked painful. Like someone had dragged shattered glass along it…maybe that was how he got it.

“Alright, this needs stitches,” you murmur. “Sit down over there, I’ll get the kit,”

“It’s fine,” he goes to roll his sleeve back down.

You reach out your hand to stop him, “It’s going to get infected if you leave it like that. Just let me stitch it up, please?”

He looks at you for a moment before conceding and finding his seat on your couch.

Satisfied, you swiftly go to your bathroom and grab the first aid kit you had stored. You never thought you would actually use it, but you always keep it accessible just in cause. Good thing I kept this thing, you think.

While in the bathroom you remove your nice white blouse, not wanting to get blood on one of the only good work clothes you own, leaving you in just a black tank top and black slacks. Not your best outfit, but whatever.

Walking past the kitchen you pause before grabbing that whiskey bottle one of your co-workers brought over. You would clean the wound with that. Its not like you would have actually drank that.

“Alright, let’s get started,” you say, taking a seat next to him. You look him over before commenting, “Do you have an undershirt on? It would be easier if you took the long-sleeve shirt off,”

He stiffens, “I… um…”

“Sorry, I wasn’t trying to make it weird, it would just be easier,” you say, quickly, “And, aren’t you warm? You can take the gloves off,”

He clenches his jaw, his body language immediately going on the defensive, “I’d rather not,”

“Okay, sorry,” you mutter, confused. You pause, “You can trust me, Bucky. I know you don’t want too, but you can. I think I’ve proved my worth pretty well so far,”

He paused, eyes downcast, with his brown locks falling into his face. You fight the urge to brush it back.

“You don’t understand,” he whispers. “I’m…they-they turned me into something ugly,”

“It wasn’t your choice, Bucky, I know that,” you say, quietly. “Whatever they did to you on the outside doesn’t change who you are,”

He meets your eyes again and sighs, confliction clear on his worn face. He stands and moves to the window.

He glances over his shoulder, “Don’t freak out, okay?”

You nod, warily.

He gives a curt nod before beginning to slowly remove his gloves. You couldn’t see any bare skin, but you had your ideas of what it would reveal. Scars, maybe? Burns? Some type of injury for sure, you think, watching him in the yellow light.

It wasn’t until he actually removed his jacket that you realized you were dead wrong.

His arm caught the light and you immediately realized that you were not seeing the bare skin you expected, but metal. His arm was completely made of metal.

You inhaled sharply, out of surprise, and approached him. He still had his back turned to you.

“Oh my god,” you whispered.

He turned around to face you, scared. He avoided your eyes.

“I- I’m sorry, I know it’s really…”

“…Incredible,” you breath.


“They completely reconstructed your arm, that’s amazing,” you respond.

“You’re not…freaked out by this?” he asks.

“Freaked out?” you laugh a little, “I’m in awe. You have a fully-functioning bionic arm, that’s cool as hell,”

His eyebrows shot up and you think you can see the ghost of a smile on his lips.  

“That’s not the response I expected,” he murmurs.

You smile a little, “May I?”

You hold up your hand, and he nods. Your fingers touch the smooth, cool surface of his metal arm and you shake your head, amazed. Like how cool is that? He has a bionic arm- that’s so BA.

“Can you feel this?” you ask, curious.

He shakes his head, “No,”

You draw your hand back, trying not to make him uncomfortable.

“Come on, let’s get that patched up,” you nod towards his wound.

He didn’t say much as you put in the stitches or when you cleaned and wrapped the wound, save for when you went to clean the wound.

“Didn’t peg you as a whiskey kind of girl,” He comments as you unscrew the top of the bottle. 

“I’m not,” you admit, “It was a gift from a friend. You want a sip?”

“I could use some,” he gladly accepts.

But after that he was quiet. He was not a man of many words, you realize.


“There. Now I know you won’t die on my watch,” you smile softly, finished.

“How did you learn all that?” Bucky finally asks as you start putting everything back in the kit. “Stitching up battle wounds is not something you just know how to do,”

“My grandfather taught me,” you say, fondly, “He was in the military and thought he should teach me. He was kind of quirky- I don’t know why he thought I would need to know that when I was 9, but hey, it came in handy,”

You thought you saw him smile a little.

“You should get some rest,” you continue, softly. “You look like you haven’t slept in days,”

“I’m fine,” he says.

You roll your eyes, “I’ll keep watch- you can sleep in my room. My brother left some clothes in my closet that you can borrow. Come on, you need it,”

He shakes his head.

“I still don’t understand why you’re helping me,” he comments. “I could hurt you,”

“You could,” you start, “But I don’t think you will. Now, go get some sleep, Barnes,”

He smirks, “Yes, ma’am,”

Oh my god did he actually just make a joke.

You give him a mock salute and point him the direction of your room.

“Sleep well, soldier,” you whisper as he closes the door behind him.

And you realize in that moment how screwed you are. You just took in a fugitive who did all sorts of things that the government is trying to keep under wraps, and now you were starting to like him. And you think he is starting to like you.

Oh god, what have I got myself into?  

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This one you mean?!??! People complained about it and people loved it and personally I’m in the latter group. Makes me want. Him. Yes - I said it.

  • My mom took my kids to Costco and the following happened -
  • Kids:*gasp and point at old man with white beard and red shirt* Look! Look! I know who that is!
  • Old man:Hi kids, do you know who I am?
  • Son:You're SANTA CLAUS!
  • Old man:That's right. Are you being a good boy?
  • Son:*eyes narrow, glares suspiciously* ...If you're Santa, don't you already KNOW?
  • And I'm pretty sure that's when my five-year-old realized Santa is a lie.

My boyfriend has pomade/shaving soap/mustache wax ready to ship! He’s been working very hard to perfect his recipes; everything is organic and handmade with care in Georgia. All of his clients are loving it so far and he’d love to share it with you! Go to this photo on the @lawlesslooks Instagram for products and pricing. Email lawlesslooks@yahoo.com to order 👨🏻💈

eristhenat asked for many many prompts, and I ended up writing them all, so here’s a compilation of some. Under the cut is: 

Marian Hawke & Anders: “So why did I have to punch that guy?”
She frowned, “He was looking at you funny.”
Anders shook his head with an exasperated sigh, “You can’t just go around punching everyone that looks at me funny-” he held up a hand as she crossed her arms, “And no, that’s not a challenge.”

Kallia Surana & Alistair: “I hope you know that my name is actually ____.”
She imperiously massaged the beard of bubbles on her face, frowning hard, voice as deep and wavering as she could make it, “Now now, Mister Theirin, there is no time for fun.” She attempted that slow chuckle he always had, “I hope you know that my name is actually Grand Enchanter Irving.”
Alistair cackled, then held up a hand, “Oh wait, I have a good one-”

Garrett Hawke & Fenris: “I’m gonna need you to put on some underwear before you say anything else.”
Garrett closed his mouth with a small, upset-sounding noise as he turned to throw his clothes across the room in search of his trousers. Fenris waited, fingers tapping against his arm nervously, heart pounding in his ears. He… he wants to…
“To get married!” Garrett answered his thoughts with a grin, pulling the trousers on with a frenzied hop on each leg, “How about it?”

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MBLAQ's G.O Reveals His Efforts to Hide His Fast-Growing Beard

MBLAQ’s G.O Reveals His Efforts to Hide His Fast-Growing Beard

On the July 6 episode of KBS’s “Escape Crisis Number 1,” MBLAQ appeared on the show and joked about G.O’s fast-growing beard.

After introducing everyone, Kim Jong Kook looks at G.O and says, “It’s nice to see that you’ve shaved, but did you have an early morning start? You’re already growing stubble!”

Kim Jong Kook asks, “Is there something you do to keep your beard from growing fast?”


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suchen! Do the fluff; let's die by the cute

So imagine

suchen getting ready for date night or something

and suho’s been ready forever and is just chillin on his phone waiting in the bedroom

and chen comes out

and is like “lol hyung look look”

and he has a lumberjack beard of shaving cream

and bc suho loves his idiot he laughs a bit but turns him around and lightly ushers him back into the bathroom

chen’s like “wait why” before he sees suho pick up the razor

and suho’s like “I’ms helping you so we’re not late for our reservation”

and chen get’s all embarrassed bc he can take care of himself

but now he’s just sputtering specks of shaving cream everywhere

so suho has to grab a towel as a shield

and chen is trying to smack him away but suho’s obviously stronger and more coordinated and chen ends up in a towel burrito

and he has the biggest pout as suho shaves his “beard” off

but as soon as suho gets his face all smooth and cleaned up he gives chennie a sweet kiss on the cheek and is like

“there’s the handsome man i know and love”

and chen just grins bashfully and wiggles his way out of the burrito and give suho a proper kiss before they leave

send me a ship and i’ll write a mini fluff au


After rewatching a few Tenkai Knights episodes, it came to my attention that I really wanted to see what Mr. White(or Brent White, according thatboxylady’s headcanon) looked like if he were many years younger in the show.  So I got to work on this baby.  Simply clipped his hair shorter and gave it a darker color, and gave him a goatee instead of a beard.  Also removed the lines on his face and removed his glasses.

Top picture is one I drew.  Bottom picture is comparison.

Cutpurse Twisted Fate Headcanons
  • Either is a piratical genius or down right dumbass; there is no in-between for him
  • Can be (very) melodramatic
  • Is a trickster
  • Very much a ladies man
  • He does have a hat; he just prefers to not wear it in order to give his look a try without it
  • Makes hand gestures in which they make him look unfocused
  • Isn’t one to be committed to a relationship, but if he finds “the one”, he’ll devote his life to his lady partner
  • Got the tattoo after a drunken bet
  • The goatee is the starting stage of his signature chin strap beard
  • Loves singing folk/Irish songs along with pirate shanties.
  • His singing voice is by Martin Furey

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I know it sucks that Sebastian is not going to be at comic con this year but imagine if he is this year and him casually strolling through the area you are volunteering and talking to you

Lol I will be working in Artists’ Alley, it would be pretty cool if he did come up to one of the booths and look at all the drawings. I properly  wouldn’t recognize him because of his long hair and beard, but I would just be staring at him for the longest time before I yell out his name.

How to Train Your Dragon: Handicap

Chapter One: Handicap

A soft breeze drifted through the valley, ruffling Hiccup’s dark hair as he stood beside his closest companion, the Night Fury, Toothless. The black dragon nuzzled closer to his human, a soft purr emanating from its throat. Hiccup patted Toothless’ head and turned to look at the rest of the group; the dragon trainers had returned to Berk for a few days to collect some supplies and Hiccup’s father, Stoick, had decided to grasp the chance to do some training of his own with them. The Viking stood at the front of the group, long auburn beard rustling in the wind and his ever-faithful companion Gobber by his side.

Ruffnut and Tuffnut were perched atop their dragon, Barf and Belch, and were currently deciding who had the longest tongue as they pulled obscure faces at one another. Snotlout was arguing profusely with Hookfang, who seemed to be enjoying setting his trainer’s tunic on fire. Next to the squabbling pair, Fishlegs and Meatlug were both enjoying a snack; the Viking picking at berries on a nearby bush and his dragon devouring every boulder in sight.  Astrid and Stormfly were beside Hiccup and Toothless, the former sitting on the blue Deadly Nadder as it sat patiently.

“Okay,” Stoick finally spoke up, his bellowing voice easily reaching the trainers, “Time to let you know what’s happening.”

He turned to Gobber, who had just finished screwing on his hooked hand, and gestured for him to speak.

“Right, yes,” Gobber cleared his throat and continued, “Well, today we have some extra tricky training for the six of you,” Toothless made a soft whining sound and Gobber corrected himself, “Sorry, twelve of you. You’ll be-“

“-Does that mean our dragon counts as two?” Tuffnut interjected.

“It does have two heads,” Ruffnut continued.

“Fine!” Gobber sighed, “Eleven of you.”

“Does that mean we only count as one?” Tuffnut looked at his sister, disgusted at the thought.

“Gross!” Ruffnut slapped her brother’s helmet and it spun wildly, “I don’t want to be associated with you!”

“Look, everyone counts as themselves, okay!” Hiccup shook his head tiredly, “Can we just find out what Gobber has to say, please?”

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look. jeff and I have been together for almost two years and every day is a fucking treasure. the thought of going home to my wonderful life every day makes minor negativity bounce off of me like never before. he is so sweet and amazing… I have never heard him ever say anything negative about any woman’s appearance in the whole world…. he lets me shave him or tweeze his ingrown beard hairs to help with my anxiety… he does all of the chores and only wants a small hug in return……. he made me a vegan advent calendar in December and decided to revive it for Christmas in July. what can I say. I love my partner and my relationship with him is a constant, inexhaustible source of joy and comfort and support.