They’re still not talking about it, not really. The locker room is neutral: don’t look. (Or rather, don’t get caught looking.)

Haus parties are not neutral. Not when Nursey wears a crop top and faded blue jeans with a thick leather belt. Not when Dex rolls the cuffs of his shirt up above his elbows. Not when they’ve started growing their playoff beards.

They dance together. It’s crowded and hot. The bass is low, bone-rattling. They think no one sees them in the crowd. Dex presses his fingers to Nursey’s hipbones and pulls him back against him. 

They’re of a height: Dex can hook his chin over Nursey’s shoulder as they grind.

“Upstairs?” he asks.

They’re pressed so close together Dex feels Nursey shiver. “Yeah.”

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Old fuckin man got greys

Leon woke slowly and looked over at his sleeping wife, kissing her shoulder before he got up and stumbled into the bathroom. He’d recently had to cut his hair for a mission, but was steadily growing it back out.
His glanced at his beard, scratching at his before he noticed it shimmering more than usual.
He had fucking greys in there. He leaned in for a closer look, seeing even more on his sideburns. How had he not noticed?!
He groaned, tempted to check his happy trail before he saved himself the horror.

“Um… Cecelia?” @thelostlorien

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Stojan is the type of person that wants to grow a beard but he can't and his chin ends up looking like a horrible shaving disaster

I think Stojan should try this


Oh but like also , I have a hard time telling these cis gay men apart ? They look a little different from each other but they’re all the same kind of body type and they all have tidy small beards and like Britney. One of them likes salsa music and one of them lived in Uganda for a year and likes to cook and can pole dance but I forget their names lol ? The one who likes to cook has a boyfriend named Ethan ? but I forget his name

Revenge of the Sith | Tidbit Tuesday | You are my only hope, Foamy-Wan Kenobi 

The filming of the scene in which Anakin is carrying the unconscious Obi-Wan on his shoulders took several days and the production team didn’t want Hayden Christensen to put his back out straight away as soon as he started production. Therefore the Creature Department constructed lightweight version that looked exactly like Ewan McGregor. It was later nicknamed Foamy-Wan Kenobi. According to Dave Elsey, the body was articulated and weighted to give realistic movement. The hair on the beard was individually punched. Elsey spent days starring at pictures of Ewan McGregor’s beard, to get the color and the hair direction right. 

So do you think there was ever a chance that little Luke Skywalker aged, I don’t know, eight or nine, found (he may have been dared to enter crazy old Ben’s place) an old and faded holograph of what he thinks, no, is convinced is actual, real life Jedi. Biggs insists he’s got delusions of grandeur, everyone knows the Empire wiped out the order and everything to do with them. But Luke’s sure of it, studying the holo and the way that the two men in it are standing proud, unaware of the imager capturing the moment in time, forever securing this picture.

The holo’s old now, glitchy and striped with vertical lines but still slightly viewable. He likes the one with the beard who looks confident if tired, like he’s carrying the whole galaxy on his shoulders, but it’s the one with the shoulder length hair that catches Luke’s attention, filling underneath his ribs with hope; a jagged scar running across one of his eyebrows and wearing a genuine, if slightly smug smile that’s aimed at his companion.

Luke’s sure that they’re Jedi, even when his friends laugh at him. They’ve probably never even set foot on a planet like Tatooine, but Luke likes to think that maybe there’s a secret Jedi hiding out on this dust ball of a planet, biding their time until the day is right. Stars, maybe once upon a time his dad even snuck them aboard his spice freighter to try and hide them from the Empire.

He likes to think that anyway, that his dad would have helped them; Anakin Skywalker, last saviour of the Jedi.

The Death & the Strawberry… my babies… :’-)

A small Ichiruki drawing for the fandom. I hope it will give you a smile.

I am a Ichiruki (+ Ishihime) shipper since the first chapter. (lol) So I was a little disappointed when I read the last chapter. Sadly, it was obvious (even for me). I knew it would be ichihime at the end. Too bad… it was truth. :-S

At least Ichigo is alive and happy. He’s married and had a cute little (a bit to much badass) boy. Kazui is so cute! What a beautiful smile he has! I guess it’s from Orihime. Rukia - my queen - is beautiful with her long hair!!!

Oh well. Bleach has ended… after the Arrancar Arc and the Fullbring Arc I was already less fan. The Quincy Arc was fuzzy. He should have made a break before doing it. (Same for Kishi//moto with the Ma//dara and Ka//guya Arc in Na//ruto) So yeah. I am glad it’s finally over. :-)

Am I the only one who is a little surprised by the carreer of Ushida and Sado (–> he looks kinda hot… ha ha ha)?

Note: I understand If you are sad (I am!) but don’t be mad at Kubo. We decided to read Bleach. Even if we are not okay with the ending, we must respect his choice. After all, it’s his works. He decided to finish like that. Let it go…

Personally, I am thankful to him. He create Bleach. It was one of the first anime I watched in Streaming when I was a child. Ha ha ha. Good memories. I was so scaried by the Hollow!! xD

Although we are not canon, we must continue to draw fanart and write fanfictions. Guys… we have imagination. So let’s use it and create our own happy end!

Sorry for my engrishh! ^^”


“When you hear the pitter-patter of these wings, TAKE COVER! The bats of Gloomwood don’t drink blood, they drink your self-esteem. With a belly-full of optimism they leave their victims with an empty sadness that can lead to full madness if not treated.”

“Hailing from Frozenfall, these warm-hearted Knights loyally serve the White Queen. Of similar strength and size, their rank is determined purely by beard length which once caused great controversy when Lord General Bjorn Whitewhisker was caught gluing Cheshire Cat hair to his chin.”

Meet the Bat and White Knight from Alice Looking Glass Legends.Coming to an iPhone or iPad near you soon! Follow Bear Hug Games for updates and more Alice-fun. https://twitter.com/BearHugGames

What if one morning Toni just wakes up with lovi just touching his cheeks, tracing fingers along his jaw because he had morning stubble. Lovino is just biting his lip, and suddenly squishes Toni’s cheeks, giggling as Toni rolled his eyes and let him. Lovi just makes a comment at how spikey Toni’s face was with the stubble and Toni just laughs and leans in to pepper kisses all over lovi’s face, making him laugh and call him names like “stupid furry idiot!” “Wannabe porcupine!”. But lovino secretly loves how good looking Toni is. After their cuddling session Toni just shaved and lovi goes to immediately rub his cheeks against Toni’s cheeks since they’re smooth again, which gives easy access for Toni to steal more little pecks and kisses