Time to Finally Make an Asagao SI

Name: Luke

Nickname: Weirdman(3214). The first part he picked up from his constant saying of “That’s weird, man,” the latter was added when he decided to use it as a username but SOMEONE ALREADY TOOK THE ONE WITH NO NUMBERS GAH!

Age: 17, 3rd Year

Appearance: Somewhat short and stocky. Reddish-brown hair that can go from extremely short to somewhat long, depending on how long it takes him to decide if he wants to cut it. He keeps a beard on his chin, much like PBG (though not because of him). His face typically has some acne on it, but it’s been getting much better recently.

Location: Bluebell top floor (whichever that would be) He likes to look out the window over the campus. Plus using the stairs is a good way to get some exercise.

Personality: Tends to overshare and overcare. Falls in love far too easily. Very erratic when he’s in a good mood, very quiet and unresponsive when in a bad mood. When in between good and bad he just sits there, practically emotionless. He loves all of his friends and would do literally anything for them, since they are the most important people in his life.

Backstory: Much like Hana, Luke is a scholarship student. Not from a wealthy or important family, Luke applied to Asagao with the hope of getting a taste of life away from home without having to actually worry about living on his own. However, unlike Hana, Luke has been going to Asagao since his first year. As such he has seen the rise of Normal Boots and Hidden Block, and goes to the gaming competition every year just to watch them play. He would love to form a team to go up against the greats, but has been far too nervous to ask anyone if they would be willing to join. He also hopes that some day he could use his musical talents to assist Luke Sizemore of Hidden Block in his endeavors. Maybe if he could do that he could talk to the other Luke and start… something.

My weird dream

I’m not sure if this was a partial nightmare or something. There was some fairly tense parts in it. I dunno. But, here we go.

So, in my dream Voldemort was in it. Except, instead of 7 horcruxes, he somehow had 7 children. Except, his children were horcruxes. Also, all his children had some sort of unique ability. But they soon realized that Voldemort was using and abusing them, so he had to die. So, all at the same time, they killed eachother and Voldemort using Avadacadabra. But wait, one of the children’s special abilities was coming back to life. So he did and told everyone that his family was dead and they could all rest easy. He looked a bit like Draco Malfoy…

After that, my dream went to this comic book store that also sold cosplay items. There was a really grumpy dude running it (he had brown hair with a beard of course). There was also this table that had a game system so people could play the latest game (in this case, it was pokemon). I was in it, just wandering around. I bought paints, attempted to sell completely flat crayons as comic books to the dude (I actually succeeded once) and I just existed. But then, everything got all dark and scary. So I went home. And guess what? There’s monsters in my house. Fight them with the random two people who are in my house for some reason. Oh, also most of the monsters looked like a very bad clone of Bob Ross. Not very scary. But there was one scary one (it wasn’t a Bob Ross clone), but I’m not sure how we defeated it. It suddenly just vanished. There was also another monster that was mostly made out of flowers. But, it burned immediately after I hugged it.

The part with the monsters I remember the most is when some weird people brought in one of the Bob Ross clones that was modeled after a werewolf or something. It pinned me against the wall and attempted to maul me, but then the sun came up. So it burned too. Then it immediately went back to nighttime.

There was also some monsters in the comic book store, but I don’t remember  them too well.

upcoming fics

not a list of everything but a list of what i’m working on at the moment; not in working on order after the first one. if you’re interested in a particular one then feel free to lemme know so i can figure out some working order for the rest lol.

AJ Styles x girlfriend reader –  the sequel to You Know  – THE PROPOSAL THAT HE’S STILL TRYING HARD TO MAKE PERFECT also touching upon his Sunday (Elimination Chamber) and Tuesday (Rematch Ridiculousness) losses, his Talking Smack appearance, and navigating Valentine’s Day when it’s not only a televised work day, but one of his son’s birthday and an anniversary with his ex-wife.

AJ Styles x female co-worker reader – smut

plot in progress: despite having such a distaste for his “soccer mom hair” for some reason AJ gives her permission to hold a pair of scissors near his head to give his beard and hair a little trim before a big event to look his best, she makes it very hard for him. 

Finn Balor x girlfriend reader – set over the course of three fateful days in 2016; featuring a healthy serving of the three favorites, smut, angst, and fluff

plot in progress: from celebrating with him that night he walks away the winner and wishful believing his shoulder isn’t too bad to comforting him the next night when he relinquishes his title and helping keep the smile on his face to the day of his surgery, “at least we have some crazy stories for the grandkids, huh?”

Nikki Bella x female co-worker reader – smutty friendship 

plot in progress: after a long day of travel and work, relaxing in fluffy robes with some wine leads to relaxing with… well… other pleasures. 

Seth Rollins x female co-worker reader – smut between frenemies

plot in progress: sexual frustration relief comes from the hands and other parts of her greatest source of general frustration after he finds her unable to relieve herself, he insists for purely selfish reasons, it’s mutually beneficial.

Triple “Thick Cock Daddy Hunter” H x female assistant reader – smut 

cheesy-ish plot in progress: on the way back from wherever for work, their car swerves and becomes stuck in the snow… with the tow at least an hour away and their bodies freezing, whatever will they do for warmth?

Triple “Thick Cock Daddy Hunter” H x female employee reader – smut  

plot in progess: when you’re told to tell the king of kings to come to the boss’ office, the king of kings will ignore the context… especially when it happens in an empty locker room and will tell you that telling him to come doesn’t work, you have to make him.

Xavier Woods x female reader – smut after lots of video game talk, mostly ff15 and sims, and awkward situation

plot in progress: bonding over video games are all fun and happy times until he takes the controller and you’re straddling him on the couch… to make matters worse, bonding over video games become all awkward too after someone left their sim selves on free will and the sims of herself and him are woo-hooing. 


SHIT! i didn’t think about that!!! THEY DIDN’T HAVE TO BE THERE SO SOON!!!! zadfshgvdjhdf

so what is it guysss?????? you don’t want to spend some of the little free time you have with your oh so amazing wives?? uuuh? HAHAHAHAHAHA 

oh my god now i have images of j2 being cozy in their hotel bed this morning just enjoying being together in nashville uwu

also look at this

sooooo looks like a certain gentleman left his playing buddies right after the game was over ummm but where could he have gone to?? so weird right? xD

about jared’s tweet it simply was a BLATANT LIE, gen, a 8 months pregnant woman, couldn’t possibly go all the way up to vancouver just to grab jared, a man she doesn’t love, some food. nah it was just pr for the restaurant doubled with some bearding for jared. and you can bet your ass that if she had been there, there would have been pics

i lowkey think jared did this on purpose because he knew how absurd it would sound 

thoughts: steve with deep dark top surgery scars… steve in binders and bucky helping him tug one on… steve only ever working out in a shirt because he gets too dysphoric if he’s shirtless… steve who paints his shield in the trans flg colours because he can, now, and he’s not gonna refuse himself that… steve who lets a few tears fall when, after the serum, he’s finally (finally) able to grow the beard that he’s always wanted, and sure it’s annoying to have to shave sometimes twice a day, but he looks good and like himself and that’s all he’s ever wanted

anonymous asked:

what is the sad harry picture from? of him with his face in his hands?


harry walked out crying, eleanor and louis behind him. eleanor and louis got stopped by someone from their management team (the guy with the beard- he has been seen with them on many other occasions) for a picture. harry walks off, rubbing his eyes and visibly upset. someone gives him a pair of sunglasses to put on. eleanor then walks off with someone, i’m not sure if it is someone from management, and louis stays behind looking uncomfortable in the back and glancing over at harry. it’s obvious that harry was upset by something and louis looked like he wanted to comfort him but couldn’t.

anonymous asked:

I feel like Nick went from crazy college kid on GAC facial hair and head hair wise to dad looking with his now full beard and combed to the side hair on paranormal lockdown

Nick looks really good lately, while he’s getting hotter Zak is going downhill fast

the Mcelboys starting their D&D campaign
  • Travis: my character is a human fighter named Magnus Burnsides. he is a big guy and he has sideburns and a beard but the sideburns are longer than the beard. he lived in the town of Raven's Roost until his wife and father-in-law were tragically murdered, an event that still haunts him to this day. Magnus's alignment is Lawful Good and he will do whatever it takes for the sake of justice. he is always looking to help and protect others and he can't stand to see people in pain. Magnus is a very personal character to me.
  • Justin: my character is... a wizard... named... Taako. and his last name is the same but spelled different. he is an elf... from... New Elfington. and he talks like my friend Michael for some reason. also he is gay.

joHN’S brain: Mycroft in a shitty beard and shitty prosthetics and shitty rubber fisherman suit. is a fucken DWEEB. cant even look at blood. 

john’s brain: eurus looks like the girl from the ring

also john’s brain: Sherlock’s hair perfectly curled, cropped right above his ears…crisp white shirt, top two buttons undone so you can see that little hallow at the base of his throat.. brilliant and gentle.. the most beautiful twink thing in the room. HANDS HANDS HANDS. looks hot holding a gun. looks hot with a violin.  

Looking back as a 1D fan:

2010: Fetus joy, larry af, beauty everywhere

2011: Pretty chill, minor womaniser issues over Harry, but we all knew he was larry af, wmyb drops, Up all night rocks the world

2012: Olympics!!! Beards everywhere but still pretty chill, Liam is bald, Take me home hit the stage and it was glorious

2013: Niall loses his braces, Zayn and perrie got engaged, Larry go more stealth, 1D day destroyed everyones sleep cycles, Midnight memories killed half of us.

2014: Four is released and bloody hell its good, harrys curls are released, the dagger and the rose happen, the weed video has us all creasing,

2015: Harrys hair continues to grow, Zayn says adios and breaks the internet, Made in the AM exceeds all expectations, Aimh tweet anniversary again breaks the internet, fandom is having a tough time but still holding on

2016: “we do not speak of this.”

The return of Performing Dean

So, the family is out having breakfast. Remind me again, how long has it been since we’ve seen Dean flirt with a waitress? Yes I know, 12x11, but @mittensmorgul has written a fantastic meta HERE addressing that. 

What’s different this time? 


Wally - Red blooded American hunter. Wally, who sneers at namby pamby nancy boys with soft white hands. Wally, with his beard and his jacket who reminds me a lot of John. And Dean’s performing for him, being daddy’s little hunter boy. 

So Dean tries to flirt with Mandy, using the hammiest possible approach and it fails. And he’s okay with it. Until she shows interest in Cas. Look at the reactions, Sam immediately look at Cas with an uh-oh face. And Dean is just pissed, complete with eye rolling and lips pursing.

Dean’s jealous, and Sam knows it. I say this because some people are already trying to paint Dean getting pissed as him being angry about getting rejected. That is highly OOC for Dean (Jo shot him down and he simply breezed past it) He’s gotten rejected plenty of times with no issue. Dean’s also got rejected by girls who then hit on Sam. He’s always been okay with that. 

But Cas, Cas is different, isn’t he?

Wally is still there though. So Dean can’t pull the possessive jealous husband routine he pulled in 12x10. So what does Dean do? What every insecure person does. 

Lalala I don’t care at all that someone’s flirting with you. I’m going to be magnanimous about it and show how much I don’t care at all hahaha because I don’t care. Not at all. 

Wally nods in approval when Dean mentions Mandy is ‘into’ Cas. Mary shoots the topic down, and Dean tries to play both sides - the macho posturing side that Wally approves of, but Mary clearly doesn’t like it. So he backtracks there (”I’m not objectifying her Mom, this is a teachable moment)

And he’s trying to wink and act like everything’s cool… But it’s not. Dean doesn’t look happy, he looks positively pained. Contrast this to when he took Cas to the brothel. Another teachable moment. Look at how different he looked. 

Sam distracts, and Dean has the perfect chance to forget about it. But he doesn’t. Because even though Cas has been clueless to everything till now, Dean’s still not feeling secure enough to let it go. He can’t act too irritated in front of Wally, so he takes it out on Sam a little, then immediately goes back to bro-bro manly back slapping. And Wally is watching on, nodding and approving everything Dean’s saying - she’ll smell like food. Really, Dean? Are you talking about a girl who’ll appeal to Cas, or you? Why are you fishing so much?

Cas still doesn’t respond. Mary shuts it down again. And that’s the end of that.   

You know, it is surprising that 12x10 and 12x12 both had promos with Jealous!Insecure husband!Dean. It’s alost like their trying to point to something…  

(gif credits to @timetraveldean, @godshipsit, @storywingstiel)