From a different perspective (open)

Atticus looked at the potion and made a face it didn’t look right but he felt like he did everything right.  “A light shade of blue… that is more lilac than Blue he muttered.  Looking at the book again then the potion he shrugged. “bottoms up.”  He said pouring it into a vial then drinking.  He grimaced at the taste then waited.  Suddenly he felt sick and ran to the nearest restroom.  He thought he was going to throw up but soon he realized something much worse was happening.  His hair was growing among other things.  walking up he looked in the mirror. 

“Oh Merlins beard”

I hate parties || Open Starter

Bruce managed not to tug at his fake beard. To be honest, he didn’t mind the costume so much - Karen had done a spectacular job choosing their costumes. It was just that he hated social gatherings. Hated having to play Bruce Wayne. Hated the fact that Karen was a lovely woman, and after tonight, he would probably never see her again.

While she went to socialize with some friends, Bruce took the oportunity to grab a drink and scan the crowd, looking for anything unusual in the crowd of people.


I’d never really drawn Praxis before and I figured some practise was in order.

So there’s canon-timeline Praxis and Damas; this is purely for reference (at that point they haven’t encountered each other in almost 20 years) but I wanted the comparison. Praxis seems to have a stockier build, while Damas is a tiny-waisted dorito man (he and Jak actually have pretty similar body types, though Jak is shorter and more slender).
I also did a couple different facial hair styles for Praxis. The pre-exile sideburns look a lot like the facial hair I gave Damas’s dad; it’s likely that a lot of nobles (and Havenites in general) replicated the King’s fashion choices. Praxis started growing his moustache around the time of the coup to visually set himself apart from the old ruling line (and Damas has naturally sparse facial hair; he could not grow any sort of beard at 18).

Second image up there is Praxis trying to tell King Damas to get his royal ass off the battlefield. Damas REFUSES THE ADVICE.
((I feel like I must have talked about this somewhere before, but just in case I didn’t: Damas would go visit the troops on the front lines and actually fight metalheads alongside them; this was great for morale among the rank-and-file soldiers but it gave all the commanders heart attacks since Damas was the last Heir of Mar))

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Yesterday my friend asked me what I thought grounder Marcus would look and be like.. I was in desperate need of a cold shower!

Firstly, I’d like to hug your friend for asking that question. Secondly, I now need a cold shower as well. Oh my, I’m seeing flashes of shirtless, muscled, tattooed Marcus…..Perhaps with slightly longer hair? Braided? But still with a beard! The beard has to stay, without any doubt!!!! 

As for how he’d be like. Perhaps less restraint? As in not having any trouble with speaking his mind and making it absolutely clear what he wants. And we all know who he wants, Abigail freaking Griffin. 

Great, now I’m imagining grounder!Marcus making out with Abby…

spooky studying

Rating: G
Word Count:

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4]

Summary: Have you ever had to do group review for a test? Because boy, Adrien hasn’t.

“Welcome back, everyone,” said Mlle. Bustier. “Now, today is going to be review for the test on Friday. You may choose between group review and completing the worksheet I’ve prepared, and after that, it’s free work time. As long as you’re quiet—that means you, Alya.”

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ok so my crush just sent me some selfies on snapchat and?? my heart is literally beating so fast he looks So Fucking Good?? he has a beard right now and he just looks so so so good im so gay wtf help me? idk what im gonna do when i see him in person tomorrow idk if i''ll even be able to look at him w/o blushing akjfhkd

shave his beard and then put the bits into painters tape its a good idea

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Okay, since you mentioned tiny five o'clock shadow - Rhodes reaction the first time he realizes he's getting facial hair, no matter how minimal it is. Go.

“Mum! MUM!

“Bloody hell, what is it now? You’d think the world was ending the way you’re carrying on.” Despite her apparent aggravation, Rhodes could tell she was actually a bit concerned- her voice was getting closer.

When she popped her head around the bathroom doorway, Rhodes was leaning over the sink, face so close to the mirror his breath was fogging it up.

“…Would you care to tell me why, exactly, you’re staring at your chin like that?”

“There’s hair, mum, look! A tiny bit right along here.” He ran his finger across his jaw line, just to the left of his mouth. “Looks like the start of an actual, proper beard. It’s sort of… brown.”

Jackie looked conflicted. “This is a thing to be celebrated, is it?”

Rhodes rolled his eyes. “Yes.” Jackie was doing a lot better recently, but she still wasn’t thrilled with this whole thing.

“Well, alright then. We’ll make a proper special occasion out of it. I’ll make your favorite for dinner.”

Rhodes looked up to meet her gaze in the mirror, a little shocked. “Oh. Okay.”

She stepped forward to take his chin in her hand, seemingly inspecting his fledgling five o’clock shadow before planting a kiss on his forehead. “It’s lovely.”

And with a final pat on the side of his face, she left to go start dinner.

In the bathroom, Rhodes turned back to the mirror, and smiled.

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The RFA + Unknown and V reacting to MC buying an exotic pet without asking them?


  • yoosung came home from school one day and theres a tank in the corner of the living room
  • “uhh, mc? whats that?”
  • “that, my dear yoosung, is a bearded dragon.” 
  • “a what”
  • at first hes scared of the little guy
  • it totally does
  • lots of screaming at first, but he eventually falls in live with the little guy
  • yoosung uses the lil bud falling asleep on his notebook as an excuse not to study
  • for hallloween u guys dress it up like this


  • “mc why is there a weird looking cat on the couch”
  • “its not a cat. its a fennec fox.”
  • “it looks like a cat. babe mY ALLERGIES” but did u die tho
  • hes a little angry at first
  • but eventually warms up to the little fellow
  • the lil fox you bought is a cuddle machine and it always gets in the way of you and zens ‘alone time’
  • so.many.fennec.fox.selfies. have you seen those little guys omggggggg


  • “mc. why is where a rat in your hands?”
  • “babe no its a kinkajou”
  • commence research on kinkajous
  • at first she doesnt even want to hold it 
  • she stays kinda mad for a while but sees how much you love the lil guy
  • “i guess it is kind of cute…” theyre so cute omg
  • she eventually warms up to the lil guy, but it takes a little while


  • “…is that a porcupine?”
  • “babe no its a hedgehog”
  • the little guy looooves jumin
  • theyre both prickly, moody, and hate being woken up
  • the pokey little guy becomes like jumins child
  • he just loves it so much
  • elizabeth who
  • come halloween, you guys have a little hedgehog photoshoot


  • he wouldnt even be mad tbh
  • “babe. are those sugar gliders.”
  • “yes.”
  • he names one Francine and the other one Cunningham just bc
  • they sit in the pockets of his jacket its perfectttt
  • also i did not know this but apparently if you leave a sugar glider alone without interection for too long it will become so sad it will die i am a sugar glider


  • “wOAH why is there a giant snake on your neck”
  • “this is banana and i love her”
  • kinda wary at first but after about a day he falls in love with the snek
  • he always has banana chillin with him if hes home
  • saeyoung hates it “saeyoung stop calling banana it she has a name”
  • hes not even mad
  • but he does make you feed banana because he just cant give her the little pinkies he cant


  • “mc…am i seeing this right”
  • “if youre referring to the tamandua on the couch, then yes”
  • hes not really mad, just confused
  • he kinda tiptoes around the house for the next few days bc hes soo afraid on stepping on the little guy
  • since hes a photographer there are endless photos of the little buddy
  • you guys walk him in the park on a harness like a dog the faces people give you are priceless

Dear people insulting Dylan’s beard,

He was in a traumatic accident. He’s been recovering for five months, hopefully eating his fill of chicken nuggets and napping. Facial hair does not equal homelessness or poor hygiene. You would probably not bother to shave your legs if you were in his position. He is still every bit as talented and kind, he is happily drinking Jamba Juices in public, and he rocks the beard. (◡‿◡✿)✧・゚: *✧・゚:*