***PLEASE NOTE: This is Part One of a series. You can find Part Two linked below.***

Pairing: TattooArtist!Daveed x Reader

Requested?: Nope. I’m literally just a slut for tattoos and @gratitudejoyandsorrow got this idea in my head, so this imagine was born. 

Prompt: Your first tattoo experience was more pleasant than you thought it would be. 

Words: 2.4k+

Part One | Part Two

A/N: My first Daveed imagine and it is super self-indulgent, who would’ve thought? This is a Tattoo Artist AU (if I didn’t make it clear before) and I’m in love with it. Shout out to @diggs4life , @tempfixeliza , @helplesslylins and @secretschuylersister for being so encouraging and amazing these past couple days. Shout out to Lola for inspiring this! I hope you all enjoy :)

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You were finally going to do it. After a year of contemplating, you had found the perfect tattoo to go under your collarbone. That was step one, you spent another month looking up all the tattoo parlors in the neighborhood and ultimately choosing one that had good reviews and modest prices. Today was your appointment and as you left your front door and entered the summer heat, you could feel the urge to chicken out clawing at the back of your mind.


This has been put off for far too long. It was now or never. So you took a deep breath and continued the trek to the bus. 20 minutes later you found yourself outside the parlor, 5 minutes earlier than the time you set with the man on the phone. You stared at the door as if it was going to open and pull you in itself but, you had to make the move. With the last burst of confidence you had, you swung open the door and stepped inside. Waiting there to greet you was a man with medium brown hair and dark green eyes, his tank top left little to the imagination as your eyes were instantly pulled to his many tattoos over his arms and shoulders, stopping right at his neck. He glanced up as the doorbell rang, giving you a small smile as you made your way over.

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anonymous asked:

Can you write a fix where Betty and Jughead have gone their separate ways but Betty is jugheads emergency contact still and one day jughead gets into a horrible accident and Betty gets a called.


Walking out of the dark office she spent Most of her time in, Betty waved at Lucy, the older receptionist with the turquoise glasses and bright red lipstick.

“See you tomorrow Lucy.” She tugged her dark blue windbreaker tight around her shoulders as the white haired woman smiled

“See you tomorrow Dr.Cooper.”

Betty made her way through the sliding glass doors of the Paws and Pets Veterinarian clinic. She was an accomplished veterinarian and everyone in the town knew of her and loved her, she had saved countless hamsters from their untimely death and she could work magic on a Pomeranian with a cold. Her life was steady and exactly where she wanted it, she was due to open her own clinic in Riverdale, just a town over. While Pembrooke was beautiful, Riverdale would always be her home. So sure, she was content, happy even, but still.. something was missing.

The familiar rainforest ringtone snapped Betty out of her daze and she dug in her coat pocket in search of the offending cause of noise, the thick wool gloves she had on made answering the unknown number fairly difficult, with a triumphant “HA” she finally brought the phone to her ear.

“Hello?” The blonde asked confused, she rarely ever got phone calls from unknown numbers, they usually just called the clinic.

“Hello, is this Elizabeth Cooper?” The voice was serious and deep.

“Yes. That’s me , can I ask who’s calling?”

“This is Riverdale Emergency hospital, I’m calling in regards to Jughead Jones, you’re listed as his emergency contact. There’s been an accident, Im going to need..” Betty slammed the phone shut as she hopped in her car, speeding through every red light, that dared come in her way.

After an incredibly anxious fifteen minute ride, Betty slammed through the doors of the hospital, her eyes searching frantically for anyone who seemed to be working at the hospital.

“Hello?!” She called desperately. “Someone please! I need to see Jughead.. Jughead Jones.” She pushed though people, grabbing anyone. Suddenly she felt a warm hand smooth over her shoulder

“You can come with me ms.Cooper.” A middle aged male nurse, tugged her gently towards the waiting area and sat her down, handing her a cup of water and speaking quietly
“Mr.Jones’ doctor will be out very soon, for now, relax here.” He smiled again and walked the opposite way, leaving Betty with shaking hands and wandering thoughts.

Six years. It had been six years since she had heard from Jughead Jones. Six years since they had broken up and promised to keep in touch, but life got in the way, Betty’s schoolwork, Jughead new found popularity after he became a NewYork Times bestselling author. They just drifted apart. That didn’t mean she didn’t own every single copy of every single book he had written, notes scattered in the margins. But here she was, sitting in a hospital waiting for news on her first love, her heart racing in her chest, stomach in knots.

“Elizabeth Cooper?”

She whipped around at the voice and rushed over to the tall man In the doctors scrubs.
“Is he okay? What happened? Can i see him? If you let him die I will sue you for everything, my best friend is Veronica Lodge, best lawyer in all of NewYork.” She threatened, her eyes filling with tears.

“Ms.Cooper, Jughead is fine. He was in a minor motorcycle accident, the extent of his injuries is a broken arm. You can go in and see him.” He stepped aside with a knowing smile and right before Betty breezed past him, she turned around.

“His medical records, are they old? Do you maybe still have his emergency contact from high school?” She questioned, her voice the picture of faux steady and cool.

The doctor smiled softly
“Actually Mr.Jones just came in last month to update his records, he still signed you as his emergency contact.”

Betty stared for a moment longer, her eyes somewhere far away, somewhere colored with leather jackets and strawberry milkshakes, a hidden smile appearing on her face before she raced down the hall.

Slamming the door to his hospital room open, she smiled when she saw him attempting to wrap his flannel over the sling on his arm.

“I hope that’s not your writing hand.” She spoke softly, still causing him to jump and turn quickly, his eyes widening when he saw Betty standing in the doorway.

“Betty?” He asked confused, his eyes wide in awe and looking desperately handsome in his scruffy bearded glory, she was struck by how similar he looked to his father.

“the doctor called. I’m your emergency contact remember?” She smiled and took a seat on the bed beside him.

He groaned and smacked his good hand to his forehead

“This hardly constitutes an emergency, I’m so sorry Betty.” He blushed light pink and looked away.

“Hey.” She brought his attention back to her “ im happy they called me. I don’t know what I would have done if something had happened to you and I didn’t know.. I didn’t..” she trailed off, her fingers moving to dig into her palms, even after all these years she still hadn’t dropped the habit.

Jughead was quick to catch it, just like he always had been, enveloping both of her hands with his.

“I’m okay.” He whispered, eyes burning into hers.

“When they called me I was so scared.. I thought something really bad had happened.. I thought I had lost you and I never even had the Chance…” she trailed off

Jughead brought his fingers to her chin, tilting it up so her eyes met his again

“Had the chance to what?” He urged her to finish, her dark grassy green eyes met his ocean blue and after a second she mumbled something suspiciously similar to
“Oh hell.”
And her lips were on his, his good arm gripping her waist, while her hands buried themselves in his hair. It was like two ships coming to dock. It was one of those lifetime original movie moments. Romeo and Juliet reunited and no one had to die.

When Jughead pulled away he panted, resting his forehead against Betty’s
“I come three times a year to make sure you’re still my emergency contact, I wouldn’t want anyone else but you by my side.” He whispered into the quiet air, his nose nuzzling hers as he breathed in her familiar scent. She was home to him, no matter how long it took he had always known he would come back home.

“Next time you want to see me, just call. You don’t have to get into a motorcycle accident every time. Your insurance will skyrocket.” She giggled and he grinned, pressing his lips to hers again

“You got it Juliet.”

You Love Him More - Tyler Seguin

Requested: No

Word Count: 1559

Warnings: Slight smut


You hated to admit it but there was one thing in the word that you loved more than anything. And that was the chocolate colored lab that was laying right beside you.

Technically, Marshall wasn’t yours but he still brought you a comfort on lonely days when Tyler was gone. Like now, he was laying on the left side of the bed while you were on the right so you could smell your boyfriend’s scent that he left along with his pillow.

This time it wasn’t supposed to be long, only a week so he left some things that he normally would bring on the road. In fact, Tyler’s supposed to be home today, so Marshall and you decided to just chill on the blue bed that you and Ty shared.

As you continued to think about the hockey player, your right hand ran through the labs fur and you couldn’t help but kiss his precious forehead. This made the doggy open his eyes and he barking showing his excitement before attacking you with kisses. “Marsh-” you giggled pushing him a little to slide up so you could sit against the headboard. With the dog sitting on your legs, you cupped his squishy face in your hands. “You’re such a good boy. Yes, you are.” Marshall barked while his tail was swinging side to side.

“Sometimes, I think you love him more.” The familiar voice made the lab jump off you to run towards the bedroom door where his daddy was standing. He was wearing a black athlete shirt with green shorts. “Hey, bud.” Tyler dropped his duffle bag to crouch down, letting the doggy lick his face. “Did you keep mama safe while I was gone?” Marshall barked in response. “Good boy.” You just watched the two with a smile on your face and waited patiently for your turn.

Once Ty looked your way his smiled matched yours before walking over to you. His hands moved to your hips before pressing a kiss to your cheek. “Well, Marshall, doesn’t leave me for weeks to months a time.” He let out an aired laugh before saying.

“I missed you.”

You smiled. “I missed you, too.” Your hands when to the back of his neck to bring his lips down to yours.

Tyler moaned in response before pushing you down on the soft bed. As his hands went inside your shirt the both of you heard whining. “Marshall, go away.” The hockey player mumbled against your lips before slightly pushing the chocolate lab away with his leg.

Once the both of you didn’t hear the whining anymore, the kissed got more heated. You wrapped your legs around his waist to pulled him closer to add pressure were you needed him the most.

You’re hands played with the hem of his shirt, notifying your boyfriend that you wanted it off. Luckily, Tyler noticed this so he pulled away to take it off. You couldn’t help but stare at his nicely shaped chest down to his abs, plus that delicious v-line that made your mouth. However, what really drove you crazy would definitely have to be his tattooed covered biceps.

You finally looked away from his arms to look at his bearded face and that’s when you noticed the his signature smirk. “Like what you see?”

You didn’t say anything but sat up a little to remove your, well, his shirt revealing your lavender laced bra. “Like what you see?” A smirk was placed on your lips as his dropped into a snare.

Tyler pushed you back onto the bed then grind his hips onto yours making your mouth open to let out a mouthy groan. “That’s for mocking me, baby.” His lips moved to neck surely leaving a hickey then he moved back to your lips.

Suddenly, the bed dipped right beside the two of you and a wet feeling (other then in your underwear) appeared from your face to Tyler’s. The two of you pulled apart to see Marshall wagging his tail happily. “Aw, baby boy were you jealous?” The lab barked in response. You put a hand on your boyfriend’s shoulder to push him away.

“What?” The hockey player was so confused when you moved from under him to play with his dog. “But I thought we were-”

“Ty,” you turned to him. “Marshall just wants some attention.”

A pout covered your boyfriend’s face. “But I do, too.” You moved over to your side of the bed and patted to the spot beside you. Tyler quickly moved over to you and pressed a kiss to your lips. But Marshall started barking making you two pull away. You laughed while your hockey player groaned. “He’s such a clock block.”

"Oh, be quiet.” You said pushing him slightly making Ty laugh.

"No, seriously.” He commented while grabbing your hand. “Before we started dating, you know when I was a total douche.” You gave him a look. “Okay, more than I am now. I used to bring girls home and Marshall would bark at them like crazy. It scared them so bad that they would leave me all high and dry. If you know what I mean.”

You squinted your eyes. “Oh, I know what you mean.” You crossed your arms over your chest.

"Oh, come on babe. You know how I was before I met you.” Tyler wrapped his arms around your waist pulling you onto his lap so you would straddle him.

"I know,” a sigh escaped your month as you began to play with his hair. “But it doesn’t him I want to be reminded about it.”

"M'sorry.” He mumbled before pecking your lips. Marshall didn’t like the attention off him so he moved over to his father and started to lick his face.

"It’s funny.” You giggled while petting the sweet boy. “Because we wouldn’t have met, if Marsh didn’t tackle me in that park.”

"Yeah.” You boyfriend smiled. “I guess, at that time he had better taste than me.”

A huge smile covered your face. “Guess so.” You kissed the lab’s forehead then Tyler’s lips. “You know,” you started. “Maybe he’s just lonely.” The both of you watched as the dog moved to the end of the bed to lay down in his original spot.

"Yeah.” You turned back to your man and noticed the gears in his head moving.

"Hey.” You called out getting his attention. “You can still feel me up if you’ll like.”

You watched as a big smile covered his face. “Have I ever told you how much I love you.”

You smirked a little. “Maybe a little.”

"Well, I love you.” Tyler kissed your cheek.

"Love you, too my little douche.”


The next morning Tyler left you a note saying he’ll be home by noon, he had something to do with practice so you started to cook some fried pork chops with string beans and mashed potatoes. Yes, that may seem like a lot for lunch but Tyler is always very hungry after practice.

Anyway, Marshall was standing at your feet ready for anything you accidentally drop. As you stirred the mashed potatoes a text appeared on your phone.

Ty🖤: come outside

You squinted your eyes before rolling them. You turned off the stove then walked out the kitchen. “Come, Marshall.” The lab followed after you as you made your way through the house to the front door. “Ty.” You called out while walking down the steps. Suddenly, a small black thing ran up to you, nearly causing you to fall. “Oh my goodness.” You squealed as you picked up the little black lab. “You’re the cutest.”

"So you like him? I think his name will be Midnight or Cash?”

"I love him.” You turned away from your boyfriend to carry to new pup into the house. “You hungry?” The puppy started to lick your face. “Yes, I’m sure you are.”

"Um, Y/n.” You paid Tyler no attention as you put the little thing on the floor near Marshall who was trying to figure the black lab out.

You went over to the pork chops and started to cut up some pieces. “Here you go my babies.” You gave them some to which they very much appreciated it.

"What about me?” You looked at the hockey player and smiled.

"Come over here, daddy.” You giggled at the new puppy who started to paw at Marshall.

Arms wrapped around your waist. “You know better then to call me that.” You picked up a piece of pork and turned around to put it in your boyfriend’s mouth.

"Later.” You kissed his cheek. “But now, you eat.” He smiled before the both of you watched as the dogs played together. “I like Cash. It sounds more human.” Tyler looked at you. “Since Marshall is a human name. It would be crazy to name him Midnight.”

He smiled before replying. “Cash it is then.” You hopped on the counter so Tyler could stand in between your legs.

"Oh, and once the babies go to sleep-” you slid a finger down his white shirt to stop at his belt buckle. “Mama and daddy are gonna have some grown-up time.”

A smirk appeared on his face. “I’ll like that.” Once his lips crashed onto yours, a pair of whines were heard. “Oh, come on!”

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Does anyone else ever wonder what Obi-wan’s parents are/were like?

Like, I know in the Apprentice books they mentioned that his parents were farmers, but that was also the scene where he has a vision of his “brother”, Owen. That has recently been revealed to be a vision of the future, not the past, and he was seeing Owen Lars as a brother because his bond with Anakin would make them sort of family. That makes me wonder whether the parents in his vision were his, or Shmi and Cliegg.

I like to imagine all sorts of crazy variations of “what are Obi’s parents like”. I think my favorite one is “he has a giant network of extended family, all of whom are large, formidable Celts and Obi-wan does not know what to do with this information”. 

Imagine it being the middle of the Clone Wars, and Obi-wan and his gang of clones happen to land on Stewjon for whatever reason. Maybe they needed rations or maybe they were hiding from Separatists, who knows. And this absolute giant of a man stomps up out of a glen, looks them over, scratches his gigantic beard, and then nods to himself.

“About time ye showed yer face around these parts, lad,” he thunders, and half the clones jump and put a hand to their blasters while the other half are still in awe of his beard.

Obi-wan senses something familiar about the man, but is a little distracted at the moment, scanning the skies for Separatist scouts, and so he only manages a polite, “I’m sorry?” 

And then finds himself staring up at this very rough, weatherbeaten face that is suddenly much closer to him than it was before.

“Well,” says the giant, “Yer mother’ll be pleased to see ye at any rate. Didn’t get very tall, did ye?”

The clones feel they should be slightly insulted by this man so casually remarking on Their General’s height, but at the moment Ghost Company is a little more concerned about this talk of mothers

And within the next three hours the lot of them have been unceremoniously adopted into the sprawling Kenobi clan, simply by the Old Kenobi throwing open a door in a hill and bellowing, “Welcome to the Warren!”

A few Jedi wonder, when Kenobi and the Ghost Company finally turn up again, why they’re all sporting thick beards and bantering in a regional accent they do not recognize, and some find themselves asking what’s prompted Kenobi to wear his robes over his armor in a fashion more like a kilt at times, but they never quite get a real explanation out of any of them.

Extended Imagine - Stormy Snuggles


The sky spoke in ominous booms, warning you of the impending storm. You climb out of the car and run for the house - bounding up the steps onto the covered front porch. Chris lingers behind, taking time to check out the jagged black clouds.

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Tulips | Alfie Solomons [part 2]

Summary: [part 2] You’re a Shelby, born between Ada and Finn. You’re not into the family business and spend most of your time as a nurse at a local hospital. Your brothers respect your distance as you try not to get caught in Peaky Blinders business. The Peaky Blinders and Alfie Solomons have been in an alliance for years. Thomas and the rest do something that might make them lose the alliance. To reassure Alfie that they’re honorable, Alfie suggests an alliance by marriage.

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Headcanon #130

When McCree was assigned to go on espionage mission, he spent most of the day changing his look. He trimmed his beard and fashioned his mustache in a much more suave look. He slicked his back so he’d look more sophisticated and rich look. He also donned a white shirt with a blue vest over it and a red jacket as well, and a pair of black dress pants. (His riverboat costume.) When Hanzo saw him, he looked at his boyfriend in awe and eyes full of lust. He quickly grabbed Jesse and started to drag him somewhere.

Jesse: “Um uh, darlin’ I gotta get ready to go on a job soon.”

Hanzo: “No! We are going to our bedroom! And then I’m going to bang you harder than a diamond in an ice storm!”

5 hours later

McCree managed to get ready on time and be deployed without delay. But not without limping his way to the briefing room.

Title: Let Me Take Care of You

anonymous requested: Omg I’m so happy you’re taking request, your writing is awesome! I was wondering if you could do one with Negan helping you bandage a scrape and cool off after a very trying day. Super fluffy?

Character(s): Negan and Reader
Summary: After sorting out the supplies from a successful run on a hot, summer’s day, you accidentally cut yourself after opening a box with your knife. Negan takes notice and decides to take care of it himself.
Word Count: 2,194
Warning: Fluff!!!
Author’s Note: Thank you to the anon who sent this request in! As of late, I am a sucker for fluffy!Negan for some reason! So, I hope this is just exactly what you imagined when you asked for super fluffy ;-). Enjoy!

Forever Taglist: @disfigured-it-out || @chunex || @jasoncrouse || @oceanicseries || @dixonsbait || @negan–is–god || @see-you-then-winchester || @sable-the-trans-ham || @k4veggies || @labyrinthofheartagrams || @purplemuse89 || @ladyynegan || @scentofpineandhazelnutlattes || @may85 || @a-girl-interupted || @spn-cw123 || @multireality || @ashzombie13 || @constellationsolo || @isayweallgetdrunk || @fyeahashley88 || @sweetsweetpeach || @heartfulloffandoms || @myheart4ever47 || @asshatry || @laymetorest77

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Breathless (Negan x Reader)

Originally posted by negandarylsatisfaction

Requested by anon: Request for a one shot where female reader is saved by Negan after she stops breathing and smut ensues.

-Female Reader-

Warnings: Smut, Swearing (this is Negan after all), Explicit Language, Rough Sex.

~ ~ ~

The fall wasn’t really that hard at all. But it made you lose your breath nevertheless.

The way to Alexandria was a bumpy ride. You sat in the back of the truck and chatted with the rest of the group when suddenly Negan made a sharp turn. Gasping, you tried to grab a hold to something when you felt you were about to fall, but tumbled off the railing. As your back came crashing down on the ground, you got your breath knocked out of you and everything faded away into darkness.

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i literally do not want to look at adam until his beard grows back. keep that shitty little man 3000 miles away from me until further notice

Creepypasta #1162: Uncle Jeb's Cupcakes

Length: Short

Uncle Jeb makes the best cupcakes. Don’t ask me how. The man isn’t delicate or feminine in any way what-so-ever, not that that’s what it takes to be a good baker but you get what I’m sayin’. 

We live in southern Appalachia so what’s accepted and what ain’t is sometimes a bit backwards from the national average or what-have-you. But in spite of his mountain-man look, his grizzled gray beard, and his turn of the century gold miner appearance, his cupcakes are divine. That’s what Preacher Holden says. Deee-vine.

Everybody asks him his secret and he always just kinda smiles and shakes his head.

“Caint tell ya,” he says and Aunt Telly agrees.

“Old coot won’t even tell me how he does it. Shoos me outta my own kitchen when he gets to bakin’.”

And people laugh but it’s true. They win awards at the fair and I swear to Sonny Jesus sometimes people are excited or very nearly so when a loved one dies or somethin’ bad happens just because of the chance to get some of Uncle Jeb’s cupcakes. That may be a exaggeration or it mayn’t.

Now, I don’t know how familiar you all are with pastries and what not but there ain’t too much variation to it. It’s more a science than a art and anything good coming out of a oven has been achieved through a simple following of the rules of the recipe and so I figger Uncle Jeb has to have some sorta secret ingredient or somethin’.

Those good at describin’ such things talk about texture and a “mouth feel”, whatever that is. I’m still thinking he may have some imported sugar or flour from some other such place.

Uncle Jeb’s regular job, if it can be called such, is as a taxidermist. Skinnin’ and stretchin’ hides all day and makin’ them animals look good even in death makes him some kinda artist, I guess. I ‘member askin’ him one time when I was younger what he did with all the animals’ bones that he pulled out and he only smiled and shook his head.

“Caint tell ya,” he said.

And when I asked him why he roasted the bones in a big ol’ oven and then ground ‘em up I got the same answer.

None a that really matters I guess ‘cause it still don’t show why come he’s such a good baker and all. I’ll figger it out one a these days. I guess it really don’t matter none. They are some dang good cupcakes. Deee-vine.

Credits to: 39thversion

anonymous asked:

Jesse with an S/o that's really really cuddly? They always wanna hold their cowboy and be physically around him

I’m a sucker for Mccree fluff 

Mccree x cuddly!reader fluff

Inhaling deeply, you reached out across the soft sheets till your fingertips came into contact with a hairy chest. Wriggling, you pulled yourself close to Jesse and nuzzled your face against his skin, wrapping your arms and legs around his body. A low soft chuckle vibrated from inside his chest, turning to face you Jesse raised an eyebrow. “Comfy?” he asked, stroking a lock of hair from your cheek. You mumbled softly, clinging tightly to his warm body, screwing your face up slightly as hairs tickled your nose. Resting his chin on top of your fluffy head, Jesse sighed softly. “Darlin’ I gotta get up, i’m sorry but i’m gonna be late”. As he began to stir in order to sit up, your grip on him tightened as a soft whine past your lips. “Jessssee… nooo” you whinged softly which made him laugh. 

Opening your eyes slowly, you frowned as you readjusted to the bright light to see the scruffily handsome cowboy looking down at you. His beard more wild then ever as he hadn’t had time to style it yet and his hair stuck up everywhere - even his chocolate brown eyes still seemed sleepy. “Don’t go..” you continued, your head resting on his thigh as your arms were wrapped around his waist. Making a soft ‘tsk’ sound, Mccree glanced at the clock and sighed softly, amusement tracing on his lips. “Fine *(name), but if Morrisson woops my ass - i’m blaming you okay?”. “Okay” you nodded as Jesse laid back down, wrapping his strong arms around you and pulling you into his whiskey-scented embrace

Derek likes it when Stiles runs his fingers through his hair and scratches his head. He likes it so much that he stops putting product in it. He likes it so much that he lets his hair grow out a little bit and he lets Stiles play with it, lets him braid it and pull it back into buns. 

Stiles likes that Derek lets him play with his hair. He also likes how Derek looks with his full beard and his bun. He likes how Derek looks wearing one of Stiles’ flannels with his own tight jeans and boots. He’s the perfect hipster with his fair trade coffee and his glasses.

And it all started because Derek likes it when Stiles runs his fingers through his hair. 

signifiedbutthead  asked:

What are your favorite zen master episodes? Both from earlier seasons and five/six

This is a blog run by lots of people, so I invite my partners to answer with their favorites too :) Mine (Nina/jacquelineshyde) would be:

  • Season 1, episode episode 18: Career Day. 
    I think this is the episode when we start noticing how similar Hyde and Jackie’s deeper wounds are. They both have absent parents and they both seek for advice and attention on more loving parents they know, The Formans. In this case, Red. Who also shows us he is truly a great dad. 

    That small smile Hyde gives Jackie when she goes under the car again is just adorable. I also love seeing Jackie working with cars, I wish this was something that had stayed with the show.
  • Season 1, episode 19: Prom Night. 
    This is when I started to ship them.

    Until this episode, Hyde’s characterization was horrible for me. I didn’t like him at all until this episode happened. Because he is shown as a person who cares and respects other people’s struggles and desires. He tries to help Jackie, not because she is his friend or because he likes her, but because he can’t stand her crying and knows it’s the right thing to do. 

    He later makes Kelso go back to her, even knowing his stupid friend may hurt her again, because in that moment is the right thing to do. We get to see a part of Hyde we didn’t until this episode, and I love that Jackie is the first character to bring up this charcterization from Hyde. It tells you a lot, and its curious due to how things go between them later ;) 

    While Jackie, we see her as a real human being here. She is sad, she struggles, she wants to enjoy something like any other teenager and she is going through a hard time. She’s vulnerable but also she is shown as th strong character she is. She walks and dances, and dress up beautiful for her prom even knowing she will be seeing Kelso. 

    The way she compliments Hyde, makes a good observation about herself and asks to mee his mother, tells you she is more than her shallow mask. It’s good to see that.

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A Burden to Bare

Paring: Thorin Oakenshield/Reader

Tags: female reader, dwarf reader, angst, sad, eventual happy ending, alternate universe - everybody lives/nobody dies

Summary: Thorin is distant after the Battle of Five Armies, understandably so. But it leads to a dreaded feeling of neglect, and maybe his Queen has had enough of that.

Word Count:  1,140

Posting Date:  2016-05-19

Current Date: 2017-05-09

Originally posted by avengers-of-mirkwood

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I Promise (Robb Stark x Reader)

anonymous asked: Can I get a Robb x reader where the reader is hurt and Robb has to patch them up? 

A/N: This is my first time writing for Robb (I’ve had brief experience, but that was only a two hundred word drabble that I ended up hating.) so if he seems a bit out of character, that’s why. 

Warning(s): None that I can think of, besides blood and gore. I won’t go into too much detail, but of course everyone has a different idea on how much is too much. 
Note: Gif is not mine. 

Originally posted by rickdixonandthefandomlifeposts

For as long as you could remember, you and Robb Stark were close. The two of you spent your childhood sneaking off together. Though you were low-born, he did not care. You were friends, regardless. 

You could handle yourself quite well, too. The two of you used to practice sword fighting together, and along with that, he taught you how to properly ride a horse. This became a part of your routine as you grew up; you’d meet in your special place in the woods, long past the god’s wood, by a small, usually frozen-over lake that became something of a place of solace for you. 

The lake became more than that, too. It was the place that Robb first confessed his love to you, as well as the place where the two of you first kissed, and because of this, it became the place where the two of you could go to be alone. You met everyday there, just to get a break from the world, so that you could be alone with each other. 

Today was no different. As the sun neared the horizon, you rode off into the woods on your horse to wait for him. 

Time passed, and he still had yet to show. The sun was beginning to kiss the horizon, sinking so that it was barely touching it. It would be dark soon, and you did not want, or need, to be stuck there at night. You thought of the stories of beasts and monsters you were told as a child. Stories of the beasts that lurked within the woodlands, waiting to catch anyone who was alone at night to strike, before they were dragged off to never be seen again. 

The thought sent a chill down your spine. You jumped as you heard a twig snap to your right, just beyond the trees. Instantly, you whipped around, your lousy dagger gripped tightly in your hands. 

“Who’s there?” You shouted, only to receive silence in return. 

Sighing, you chuckled lightly to yourself while you sheathed your dagger. You were freaking yourself out. Robb obviously wasn’t coming, so you might as well return home. 

Just as you began to mount your horse, you felt someone tug the back of your cloak, throwing you down onto the hard, cold ground. Your shout caught in your throat as you struggled to catch your breath from the fall. 

Above you stood an older, gross looking man. His darkened beard was streaked with grey hairs that matched the hair atop his head, both matted with dirt and mud. He looked disgusting, you thought. Before you could say anything to him, he grabbed a handful of your hair and began to drag you across the ground. 

“You must be a rich one, eh?” He grunted, completely ignoring your thrashing.

“Let go! Damn you!” You managed to curse at him, your hands struggling against his grip. It was useless; he was holding on too tightly. You gave up and instead managed to grab your dagger from it’s sheath. 

As soon as you had it within your grasp, you let out a cry of anger and lashed out at his hand with it. You managed to slice along the back of his hand, spilling his blood onto your face. He shouted curses but held tighter, and you struck at him again. This time, your blade sliced his wrist, and he let go.

Not before he ripped out a fist full of your hair. You could see blood sticking to the hair in his hand, where he ripped it from your scalp. That was the least of your worries, however. The man was recovering, and he was angry. You were on your knees, wobbly as you began to panic. Just as you caught your footing, the man slammed into you, knocking you back down. 

He had his own blade in hand now, which he pressed to your throat. 

“Stop struggling, bitch!” He shouted. 

The blade pressed into your throat, cutting enough to form a bead of blood. He had you pinned down, but unluckily for him, his crotch was just above your legs. You screamed at him and jerked your knees up, hitting him between the legs.

The man shouted and fell over, balling up, while you stood with your dagger back in hand. Just as quickly as he was down, the man got back up and struck at you angrily with his sword. 

You managed to block his swing with your dagger, but only for a split second. Your dagger was thrown from your hand, and as it fell, he took advantage. He swung at you again, and you barely had time to throw your arms up to block it.

The blade sliced through your arms, cutting deeply. The bleeding began almost instantly, along with the pain. You cried out, barely getting to recover before he had you pressed against a tree, sword back at your throat. You gripped the blade of it with your hands, not caring as it cut into your palms. 

You didn’t know what he intended to do with you, but you assumed he believed you were a high-born. This was untrue, but he did not know this. Anyone could look at you and tell that you were, in fact, low born. Well, anyone from Westeros, anyway. You assumed this man was a wildling, or at the very least, a beggar. Some poor man who probably intended to use you for ransom. 

“Let me go, or so help you, my father will-”

“I don’t care who your father is, fool.” The man growled in your face. His breath was foul, the smell alone was enough to make you gag.

You were tired of being attacked, but more than anything, you wanted him to get his nasty breath out of your face. 

So, abruptly, you headbutted him. The man stumbled back, screaming various curses at you as he held his head. You were able to knock his sword from his hand. 

… Although that pissed him off further.

He let out a battle cry and punched you square in the nose, busting it and causing you to lose your balance. You fell flat on your back, and the man wailed on you, kicking, punching, and slapping you. You felt your ribs crack, along with other parts of your body. 

You don’t know how long you lay there, balled up, letting the man wail on you. You could feel the fight inside of you leaving with every kick, and you wondered if you were going to die. 

Suddenly, there was a shout. You looked up right as someone sliced clean through the man’s stomach, spilling blood and his insides onto you. As he fell, you recognized Robb standing behind him. 

“You finally came.” You tried to smile, but passed out before you could manage a full one. 


You awoke screaming in pain as a hot blade was pressed against a deep cut on your forearm, sealing it shut. You felt someone beside you, gripping your hand tightly.

“Seven Hells!” you recognized Robb’s voice shouting beside you. “Why is she awake? I thought you gave her the milk of the poppy!” 

You were too disoriented to say anything, and a low mumble was all you could manage. Through all of the blurriness and pain, you could see the outline of Robb’s worried expression looking down at you. 

“(Y/N), I know it hurts but you have to let him finish.” He said. You managed a soft nod, before Robb held out a flask to you. You drank from it, realizing it was more milk of the poppy. 

You felt yourself drifting off to sleep just as the maester said: 

“Again, we are not done quite yet.”


You awoke again sometime later, your body aching, but not nearly as bad as before. Robb was still beside you, holding your hand. 

“What… happened?” You croaked. You hadn’t realized how hoarse your voice was, but Robb did. He looked at you sadly and handed you a cup of water, which you drank quickly. You felt much better as you finished off the water, returning the cup to him.

“You were attacked. The man, we don’t know who he was, but I killed him. How do you feel?” 


Robb laughed at that and planted a soft kiss on your forehead. His smile slowly faded and he looked down.

“I’m sorry. It took me too long to get there. If I had been there sooner, this-”

“Robb.” You cut him off, shaking your head. “It is not your fault. He came out of nowhere, there is no way you could have known what would happen. 

“Promise me you won’t go into the woods alone again.” He said.

You nodded slowly, reassuringly squeezing his hand. “I promise.” 


Request: Could you do a one shot where Daryl finds his girlfriend back in Alexandria and it gets super emotional and he asks her to marry him?

Pairing: Daryl x Reader

Word Count: 1,526

Warnings: Fluff

You’d been staying in Alexandria for a couple of weeks now, with what little remained of your original group. A couple of your friends had settled into this old suburbia routine straight away, but you’d never been a picket fence kind of girl. The walls made you uneasy; this whole place felt too good to be true. Free houses, running water, solar freakin’ electricity. At least when you were out in the wild you were in control. You knew who your enemies were because they were everyone. Now you were stuck in some alien world with dinner parties and pasta makers. It was just as foreign to you now as it had been in the beginning.

So when Aaron showed up with a bunch of newcomers who were being funnelled into two of the houses right across the street from you, your whole group was on edge. The Alexandrians were closeted – they had no idea how dangerous people had become. Far more dangerous than the dead.

This group in particular looked even more feral than your group had upon arrival. The person you guessed was the leader looked half-mad with his overgrown beard and intense eyes. Holding a baby on his hip didn’t make him look any less insane. Following him was a woman with a samurai sword, a kid in a sheriff’s hat, a huge ginger bulldog who looked like someone had brought a G.I. Joe doll to life and… was that a priest?!

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