Time after time

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Being an old lady for one of the members of Samcro wasn’t always easy. Especially with the late night’s, the unexpected road trips, and of course the crow eaters.

At the moment, I’m sitting at the bar drinking my beer with Gemma. The club had to decided to throw a welcome home party for Bobby.

“How’s everything with you and Chibs?” Gemma asked before taking a sip from her beer.

“Good, good. How about you and Clay?”

“As good as it’s going to get.” She said while chuckling. I took a quick glance over at Chibs to notice that he was sitting on the couch with Bobby. I smiled at him before he smiled back; I turned back at Gemma to see her smiling at me.

“You know you make him really happy.” I smiled at Gemma.

“You think so?” I said trying to hide my smile and blush as I reached for my beer.

“I know so. I haven’t seen him this happy since he was with his wife.” I was about to take a sip from my beer before laying it back down on the counter and turning towards Gemma.

“His what?” I said in confusion.

‘Chibs never told me he had a wife.’

“He never told you, did he?” Gemma said with raised eyebrows and a questioning look. I shook my head in response. Gemma just gave me a look before saying.

“Well, you might want you’re Irish man to start to spill before you have to kill.” She said before getting up and walking away. I looked over at Chibs before glaring at him and walking away in the other direction. I walked over to Jax so I could ask him if I could go to his dorm to take some time to myself.

“Hello darlin’.” Jax said with his famous smirk.

“Hey Hun. Listen, could I go sit in your dorm for a little while? I need some time to think.” I said adverting my eyes from Jax’s. From the corner of my eye I could see Jax’s famous smirk fading into a worried frown.

“Is something wrong darlin’?” Jax said as he reached into his pocket to fish out his keys for his dorm room.

“N-no, I just need some time to myself.” Jax nodded before handing me his keys.

“Thanks Jax.” I said before heading down the hall.

“Hey! (Y/N)!” I turned to see Jax standing at the end of the hall. “I’m here if you need someone.” I smiled before nodding my head and saying.

“I know. Thanks.” I said as I turned back around and continued down the hall.

Once I reached Jax’s dorm I fiddled with his keys until I retrieved the key and began to unlock the door. I laid Jax’s keys on his dresser by the door before closing the door and walking to his bed and taking a seat.

“Why didn’t he tell me he had a wife?” I said as I put my head into my hands. I let out a deep sigh as I heard a knock on the door.

“Come in.” I said as I removed my hands from my face. I heard the door open and than close again. I looked up to only see Chibs staring back at me.

“Jax told me you were in here.” He said remaining in his spot. “He was worried. He told me you look-.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” I said standing up to face him.

“Tell you what?” Chibs said in confusion.

“About her! … About your wife!” I said pushing at his broad chest. Chibs didn’t budge when I pushed at his chest.

“I’m sorry.” Was all he said before he walked over and took a seat on the bed.

“Sorry?! That’s all you’ve got to say is I’m sorry? I’ve been with you for three years and you had a wife the entire time!” I said walking in front of him yelling.

“I never told you because I was afraid you might leave me or what happened to her have happen to you…” Chibs said finally looking up.

“Wh-what do you mean? What happened to her.” I said kneeling in front of him while taking his hands in mine. Chibs sighed before gripping my hands.

“When I lived in Ireland, I was apart of a group called the True IRA and a lot happened and I was thrown out of the group. The groups leader Jimmy O’Phelan took my wife and my daughter awa-.” I cut Chibs off by yelling.

“You also have daughter!”

“Yes, but that’s it. I promise. Now can I finish my story?” I shut up as he continued. “Thank you. Anyways, he gave me these lovely scars and told me to never return to Ireland. I became Sambel’s first prospect and evntually I patched over to Samcro from Sambel’s. And that’s pretty much it.” I sat in shock as Chibs finished.

“Chibs, I’m sorry! I never knew!” I said as I jumped up and hugged him. Chibs chuckled before wrapping my arms around me.

“It’s alright, Lassy!” I pulled away from our hug to prss my lips against his. Chibs began to kiss me back as I flipped hi mover so that I he was on top and I was on bottom. I started to push off his cut before I began to unbutton his shirt. I felt Chiba tug at the hem of my shirt before pulling it all the way off. The next thing I knew we were under the covers and Chibs began to thrust.

"Oh Chibs!” I began to moan out.

“Harder! Faster!” I could feel my walls tighten around his cock. I began to drag my nails down his back.

“Hey (Y/N), I know you’re upset but I need my keys for m-.” Jax began to say as he began to open the door.

“OH MY FUCKING GOD! NOT IN MY BED!” Jax yelled as his hand flew to his eyes. Chibs and I began to chuckle as he stopped thrusting before he began to pull out making me moan a little.

“That’s disgusting! Did you just moan?” I chuckled some more before Jax began saying.

“I Just want my keys, where are they?” He said with his eyes still eyes still covered.

“On the dresser by the door.” He stuck his other hand out and reached for his keys. Once he retrieved his keys he began to walk away with his eyes still covered.

“I want you guys out of my bed before o get back!” And with that he was gone. I turned to Chibs still chuckling before saying.

“I think it’s time we head home.” I said while running my fingers through his hair.

“Yeah, yeah. We’ll go… After round two.” And with that he climbed back on before kissing me once more.

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"this is just like old times."

Bobbi smiled and sighed, looking across the table at the younger man, “I’m not sure if that’s a good sentiment since the last time we saw each other people were trying to kill us…” She laughed.

Little Hurts

Bobby Singer sniffled as he pulled up his pants, seeing the scrape on his knee. His daddy was mad at him and pushed him out of the house. He sniffled loudly as he sat on the ground, rubbing his eyes.


Bobby looked up and saw his best friend, Crowley, looking at him with a frown.

Crowley was a strange boy. His mother is a recluse and was rumored to perform witchcraft. Crowley always wore dark suits and his dog, Juliet, was always by his side.

“You ok?” he asked.

Bobby tried to answer, but only a sob came out. Crowley then knelt down and took out a band aid, putting it over the bleeding cut. Bobby smiled as Crowley helped him up.

“Wanna go to my house?” Crowley asked, Juliet barking at his side. Bobby nodded and Crowley smiled, taking him by the hand. He pulled him toward his house, the two laughing as the dog yipped around them.

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