It’s a little bit late, but better late than never, right? (Is “follow forever” still a valid term? I was too lazy to change the graphic to “bias list”. >.>)

I just can’t believe that’s it’s been over a year since I decided to make this blog on a whim and whipped up Riley as an OC without much thought, and that you guys are all here because of it. It truly blows my mind how close I’ve become with a few of you, and it’s all because I decided to flex my writing muscle by joining something I was partially wary and yet inexplicably drawn to. Now I couldn’t leave if I wanted to; it’s become a key part of me and my development as a writer.

There’s been a lot of ups and downs with this blog, for both me and Riley, and you guys have stuck around through it all, for which I am truly grateful. If y’all hadn’t given this blog a chance, I don’t think it’d still be around.

Now, without further ado, I want to tag and thank those who have put up with me and Riley for a long while/have been a key part in Riley’s character development/are just all around the best partners I could ask for.

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anonymous asked:

You finished the season? Awesome! How do you feel about the ending? Any more Klance headcanons?

im sorry this took so long anon! things got really busy these past couple of weeks but better late than never?? also the ending absolutely killed me i mean who???? ends a season???? like that????? wtf????

and lol my brain just leaks out voltron hcs 24/7 this particular one has been running in my mind all day congrats

  • ok there are a million fics of team voltron scheming to set lance and keith up because the sexual tension is too real BUT PLEASE CONSIDER
  • their lions trying to get them together just fUCKING CONSIDER THIS FOR A MOMENT
  • blue trying to be even just a little bit subtle about dropping hints to lance
  • every now and then she sends compliments about keith’s hair, about how good of a pilot he is, etc. into lance’s brain and lance is like “what the actual fuck blue”
  • and one time lance sees keith running late and rushing to his lion and he suddenly finds himself thinking that mullet-head kind of does have a nice butt
  • and lance doesn’t know if its blue thinking that or him and really, he doesn’t think he wants to know the answer
  • RED, on the other hand, HAS NO SUBTLETY WHATSOEVER and it drives keith INSANE
  • like red doesn’t even know lance’s name she just knows that this sexual tension is too much and she has to do something
  • “hey there’s that blue paladin guy go fuck him keith i know you want to i can read your stupid gay mind”
  • “keith keith keith don’t worry blue tells me her paladin likes your butt and fancy hair. she knows. she read his diary”
  • “FUCK YEAH KICK THEIR ASSES BLUE! and speaking of ass-” “oh my god please stop”
  • and keith is just like please. no more. have mercy.

the-radiogirl  asked:


LAST - Last three lines you’ve written of latest fic


“I don’t trust it,” said Dan. “Why did he even try out? Why the hell did they cast him in the first place?”

 Louise reached out with a purple-manicured hand and patted him on the knee.

 “Well, there’s no use thinking it to death now,” she said. “Give it a few days. Maybe faerie boy will surprise you.” 


Finger softly tapping against the sheet of paper in front of her, Aiko let her mind wander, away from the drawing she was supposed to be making     the patients were required to do something while in the rec room, and lately Aiko had been feeling more inclined to draw, even if her art skills were next to non-existent.

That had all been because of Mal. Before the strawberry blonde was admitted to the Institution, even getting out of bed in the morning was a hassle for Aiko; she had no motivation for even the smallest things     but all that changed upon Mal’s arrival.

Aiko still wasn’t sure how that had happened, how the two of them bonded so quickly, despite previous experiences that had left them broken and angry at the world. And yet, here they were now, only a few days after they met, and already the two acted as close friends who had known each other for years.

Footsteps coming from the hallway caught the blonde’s attention, and immediately Aiko lifted her gaze from her incomplete drawing. Green eyes landed on Mallory, and Aiko promptly smiled at her, unable to hide the good mood she was now in.

“Hey there!” she greeted, scooting over, so Mal would have more room on the couch to sit. “Were you with your doctor? How did it go?”

redvelvet-sm  asked:

If you receive this, share TEN random facts about yourself, then pass this to your 15 favorite followers ♥

aww thankss!

  • i like t-ara, snsd, red velvet
  • i eat rice everyday
  • i like pineapples
  • i am awkward around crying people
  • i can speak mandarin, cantonese, english fluently, and conversational french and korean
  • i love the septimus heap series
  • i have 5 tumblr blogs in total
  • i’m going into gr 11
  • i live in toronto
  • i always crave a slush before i go to bed
CS AU Week - Day 1 (ish)

So if your fic has our heroes involved with an actual reality TV show and then takes some definite inspiration from a fictional TV show about a reality TV show that counts as a crossover, right? 

@bbjorgman and I had quite the chat about the fact that Bernard Curry was the host of Beauty and the Geek Australia for several seasons which resulted in Becka daring me to write the thing in honour of the impending birth of her beautiful little girl. Well bub is well and truly here, but I did get there eventually. The only knowledge I have of the BTS machinations of these shows is from watching UnReal so you get a little bit of that too. (Tell me Regina couldn’t be Quinn?? Of course she could)

Thanks to @spartanguard for my gorgeous banner (complete with actual host shot of the lovely Bernard) and for beta duties. 

~5000 words, rated T (for the odd swear word)

Nothing Like Reality (1 of probably 2)

He should have had a sense of impending doom. If not from the urgency of Liam’s summons to the mansion-turned-television studio that was to be his brother’s new workplace, then at least from the frantic pacing that greeted him when he pulled into the lot and parking space he had been directed to.

Liam had the air of one on the knife’s edge, a man whose very existence was hanging by a thread.

And yet Killian didn’t really see it coming.

“Quite the office you have here, big brother,” Killian said admiringly. Liam smiled briefly, worry still evident in his eyes as he led Killian to Craft Services and sat him down at an empty table.

“Yes, well, I wanted you to see it. Still a bit hard to believe I’ll be hosting my own show,” Liam said, “I know it’s not the most intellectual of concepts - pairing awkward blokes and attractive women in fairly ridiculous challenges, but it’s a step towards what I want.” Killian reached across to squeeze his shoulder.

“I’m proud of you, Liam.” Liam covered Killian’s hand with his own, the tension gone for just a moment as they sat together.  

There was a barista-made coffee in Killian’s hand and a plateful of sugar-laden pastries in his reach before he realised this meeting was not actually an outpouring of brotherly love.

It was an ambush.

“Enjoying your summer vacation, Killian?”  Liam asked, eyes everywhere but on Killian’s. “Plenty of time on your hands?”

Killian stared at his older brother, forcing him to meet his gaze and finding only a thin sheen of panic in his eyes. “You know I have my book to work on during my summers, Liam.”

“Of course. Of course,” Liam said, checking the time none too subtly.

“Am I keeping you from something, mate?” Killian asked, guilt crossing Liam’s face before his shoulders drooped and he slumped in his seat. Killian eyed him anxiously. “Liam? What’s wrong?”

Liam sighed. “We’ve had a bit of a hitch in filming,” he began, scratching nervously behind his ear. Killian was immediately on alert - his brother’s nervous tic was one he had himself and he knew all too well that something was amiss. He raised an eyebrow expectantly. “One of our geeks pulled out at the eleventh hour - and there’s no time to vet someone new before filming starts on Tuesday.” The shift of his head upwards was slow and deliberate, his eyes meeting Killian’s, full of hope and desperation. “Unless you were to know them already, of course.”

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As usual, I’m late to the party, but I guess better late than never, right? I have some stuff to do, but I’m just checking in here before my cab arrives to drop a little introduction. I’m not sure who I do and don’t know, or who does or doesn’t know me, so hey, I’m Zoe. I hope everyone’s having a lovely day.