115 days.
↳115 days of smiles, tears and laughter. we made beautiful memories together. the huge amount of hard work you guys put in and love you show for us, igot7s return the same amount of love and support. let’s fly higher through the days with each other. thank you for your hard work, got7.

Important Reminder for AU makers (so you don’t mess up?)

Hello everyone now this is a completely unexpected message I decided to make to any AU maker who would like to incorporate AU CREATORS in their own work.

Just a bit earlier today I found a parody of an already existing story where I appeared, and I was used as the background of Ink’s character (Ink’s mom, actually. which is the complete truth haha). Thing is, for the sake of the story, I was portrayed as an alcohol/drug addict who was rather violent and contemptuous. (don’t you worry tumblr user who made that AU, keep being amazing and making good work<3)

Now this isn’t based from actual facts (I WOULD HOPE SO), but this is complete fiction. You might ask, then what’s wrong with it then? And I’d answer, you’re right, what’s so wrong about doing fiction based on people?

That’s where it’s a bit alarming.

You’re using actual people for backstory.

I wouldn’t really mind people portraying Ink as the most vicious, dark hearted of characters, for the simple fact that… he’s a character. AND I let free interpretation. But that subject, well. I was honestly conflicted about it at first, to say not really alarmed, but when I asked to my friends what they thought about these kind of cases, they told me that this was absolutey wrong. And I kinda realized that yes, using my name to make a backstory around a character without perhaps considering that I am a person with my own life, my own problems, with feelings, maybe I could’ve taken this interpretation terribly wrong, maybe I could’ve been offended, hurt, reminded of terrible events that occured in my life- just. Please, for the sake of the artists you would like to include in your alternate universes, go talk to them FIRST or use common sense, you should not let your fiction reach such an extreme level.

I’m not even talking about my personal case (frankly, I’m chill, I don’t get angry for these things), but for everyone.

Don’t blame yourself if you did that mistake. Just please, don’t forget that behind the character you adore, there’s a person. It’s like saying you love Markiplier and afterwards you make an AU of him being abusive with his friends, being drunk and violent for your entertainment just because he is an image. And it’s even easier to corrupt MY image- you never saw my face, you don’t know my age (also imagine portraying me as a drug addict/alcoholic if I was a minor that’d be worse and you could get in serious trouble please save yourselves sweeties), you can create anything you’d like around me whatsoever. And that’s- that feels wrong. Stick to the characters please. And don’t go too extreme on that either.

Even if it looks appealing for your story, just don’t do anything without consent from the creator. Even if you don’t get any answer. Do yourself that favor. <3

my only working remedy (42385 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 10/10
Fandom: One Direction (Band)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan/Gemma Styles
Characters: Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Gemma Styles
Additional Tags: Famous Harry, Non-Famous Louis, Football Coach Louis, Actor Harry, Boys Communicating, Coming Out, Explicit Sexual Content

Harry is a famous actor, and the media portrays him as a lothario who sleeps with every woman he meets. His Team steps it up a notch when Harry is in between movies and they do a promo by launching the contest “Win a Date with Harry Styles!” Everything goes wrong for Harry’s Team when the winner is a guy, Louis Tomlinson. But for Harry, everything goes right.


let me ask you something,

do you think you would float around in a dream too?

do you think i’m nervous because this is my first love?

I think you are the answer to all of my questions.

[ a surprise present for lovely rina, renders by the kind & talented jaymee ] / ©

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gumdrop I'm going on a vacation for a week on Friday and this isn't necessarily a "rec" but do you know any lengthy one shots that I can read on the flight? Cause I felt at chaptered fics will make me sob since I won't have wifi hahahaha 🌸

sure, i’ll pick at random from my fave oneshots lists! :) (sorry if you’ve read this already)

i no longer feel i have to be james dean 

everywhere (i wanna be with you)

all the diamonds you have here 

call it magic, call it true 

your love is bright as ever (baby love me lights out)

a moth to your flame

standing on the edge of forever 

surrender to the afterglow