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This made me chuckle :) I think we all knew he was having fun watching us “panic” and discuss about that particular eerie sentence in the middle of a gameplay or that other creepy Anti appearance but to actually hear him say this made me smile! I don’t know, it’s probably because we were all on the same page all this time, playing our role in this awesome play! 

(from “Happy Halloween!”)

Don’t be a turd. Tag your Mass Effect: Andromeda spoilers.

All right, it’s time for me to be a grumblebee! 

The early access for ME:A starts on March 16, which means Tumblr is going to be flooded with gifs, squeeing, updates, new characters, and spoilers. I don’t want to harsh on anyone’s enjoyment of the new game, but please be considerate as you play, whether you get early access or not! 

Not everyone will get to play right away, and not everyone plays at the same pace. Tagging your posts and putting major spoilers under a cut/read more will go a long way toward helping everyone enjoy the game! 

Just tagging something as “spoilers” isn’t effective. Something like “mass effect: andromeda spoilers” is much more useful! For reference, here’s my blacklist in XKit: 

I’ll be adding more as they crop up, but please, please, please be considerate of everyone else in the fandom, and tag your posts! No one likes being unwillingly spoiled, so please help everyone experience the game first-hand! 

Thank you all, and may we all get through this last week intact and ready to smooch the love interest(s) of our choice! <3


Elizabeth Warren on the one good thing that came of her being silenced

Jeff Sessions was confirmed as US attorney general on February 8 — but not without a fight.

In an incident on the Senate floor that quickly became notorious, the Senate used an arcane rule to bar Sen. Elizabeth Warren from speaking further against Sessions as she read a letter by Coretta Scott King, the widow of Martin Luther King Jr.

King wrote the letter in 1986, in opposition to Sessions’s then-nomination for a federal judgeship on the grounds that he regularly “used the awesome powers of his office in a shabby attempt to intimidate and frighten elderly black voters.” Later in the evening, Warren’s male colleague Sen. Jeff Merkley read portions of the same letter himself, without incident.

Warren’s subsequent reading of the letter on Facebook Live has since been viewed more than 6 million times, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s reasoning for invoking a technicality — “she was warned, she was given an explanation; nevertheless, she persisted” — has since been repurposed as a feminist rallying cry. Many people responded angrily and viscerally to the way Warren was silenced but Merkley was not. Not only did the hashtag #ShePersisted fly around social media, it was also rapidly emblazoned on mugs, T-shirts, and anything else Etsy’s ever dreamed of, and put up for sale online.

After the Sessions vote, Daily Show host Trevor Noah tried to ask Warren why her male colleague got to read the letter after she was barred from speaking, and whether she and Mitch McConnell have since realized “what a solid he’s done you.”

But Warren was single-mindedly passionate about one thing: “Millions of people are now reading Coretta Scott King’s letter.”

~The Loud Green haired Irish Man and The Very Chill American dude~

i didn’t forget about jack’s tattoo this time. nailed it. 

anyways, the idea to draw this fanart just popped out of my head, ‘cuz i just wanna know what would it feels like when this guys play and recorded a game together (just the two of em btw)… i think it would be a disaster and awesome at the same time..

jack can barely hear cry’s voice, and RIP Cry’s ear lol

anyways enjoy!

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fffinally- this would’ve been done sooner but goddamn procrastination and my laptop is just not dealing me anymore c: (same buddy same) 

alright so the moment that @eddcolaboy upload this beauty, I instantly fell in love with it, it’s just so- aaaAAA A it’s per fect and honestly if I wasn’t so damn lazy I would do a doodle for every one of their videos

and also when this video I barely found out about this awesome blog @ask-tomandedd and I found it p funny that these both came into my life at almost the same time but yo if you like sweet angst with a side of gay, this blog is for you~

also give the mod some support, they got things goin on c:

now if you excuse me, it’s almost 5 in morning and I’m gonna sleep until 3 

f uc k m e, amir ite? ??


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (2016) - David Yates

5 bullets on this film:

  • First of all, don’t watch this film thinking it will stop the crisis you’ve had since Harry Potter ended, because it’s set in the same universe and it has some similarities, but it has nothing to do with the movies we know and love. There are some little details that remind you of the Harry Potter films and that was so cute and it made me feel nostalgic. 
  • The characters are awesome and it was amazing to see the american magical community, but many things were left unexplained (maybe because there will be other films) and I felt like many concepts were kind of forced into the movie.
  • Eddie Redmayne is great, but Ezra Miller and Dan Fogler made the entire movie. Honestly Johnny Depp was a terrible choice to play Grindelwald, I’m sorry, that was a huge turn off. 
  • The special effects are not that good and some scenes were kind of awkward because you could really notice that everything is fake, even the scenery, so the magical vibe wasn’t really there.   
  • I really loved the beasts, though. This may sound kind of silly but they were really cute and now I want my own briefcase full of magical animals.  

The more I think about season 2 of Yuri on Ice, the more I realize that it would make most sense if it picked up right where season 1 finished - after the Grand Prix Finals and before the Japanese/Russian nationals.

Because think about it: the new season could start off with the Nationals, both of which take place more or less at the same time, meaning that Victor and Yuuri would have to be apart however that also means that episode 1 could have a skating sequence similar to the one in ep 1 of s1, where Victor and Yuuri were skating to the same piece. I know that they can’t skate the exact same thing if they’re both competing, but it could be something similar, the main point is to have that awesome cinematic effect that the first skating routine we saw in YOI had.

After that, we could see Victor coming to Japan to help Yuuri pack and then both of them going back to Russia (although Yuuri going alone would also work) and moving in together. Maybe that’s just me but I’d love to see Yuuri’s first days in St. Petersburg, sort of similar to how we’ve seen Victor in Hasetsu in s1. This is also where we could first see the domesticity between them in the new season. Of course, they were domestic already in s1, but not quite “moving into your fiance’s apartment and living with him” sort of domestic, if you know what I mean. I’d sell my soul for Yuuri causally kissing Victor’s cheek or Victor pressing a kiss to Yuuri’s hair as he’s doing the dishes or just lounging around the house but seeing them sleep in one bed and/or sofa cuddles would satisfy me.

Anyway, in terms of the competitions, the next one up (in January) is the European Championships - where we would see Victor skate his short and free programs for the first time, and the other European skaters would definitely make their appearances.

After that, we’d have the Four Continents Championships (February) where Yuuri would skate his short and free and where we’d see the other non-European skaters skate once more.

And then the climax of the season (or of the series) would be Yuuri and Victor skating in the same competition for the first time - the World Championships (March). This is where we would first truly witness their rivalry and how they can handle being fiances and competing skaters at the same time. Their ‘showdown’ and the resolution of conflicts (if there will be any) between them would be at the height of the finale.

Now, you may think that this would cover only about 6 episodes of the season and you’re right! But the creators could use the remaining time for more casual, daily life episodes, like episode 10 of s1, which help us learn more about the characters. Deeper character exploration, backstories, more conflicts, more resolutions, more development - that could be where the extra time goes. I’m assuming we’d also see Victor and Yuuri practice with the other Russian skaters which should be awesome because they’re all a hilarious bunch.

Of course, the anime could also fast-forward all of that and we could just get to watch the next year’s Grand Prix Series, but knowing the creators, they’ll want to show us something new (especially that we’d miss out on some part of those 9 months between the end of one GPF and the start of the next GP series, which would be a pity). At the same time, if they want to show us something new/different, they would have to start with a new skating season, aka next year’s Grand Prix Series, because otherwise, Yuuri (and all the others, for that matter) will still be skating the same programs we’ve seen in season 1, since figure skaters only create new programs for new seasons. The only new thing we’d really see, if s2 would start where s1 ended would be Victor’s programs.

So yeah, imo, it seems like it’d make most sense if season 2 of YOI picked up almost right where season 1 ended, but at the same time, I’m not quite sure about that because then we would get literally only two new skating routines (perhaps more if they added more characters).

honestly tho Tsukishima is so fucking #extra when it comes to Hinata???

Tsukki: *does something Good*

Tsukki: *immediately side-eyes Hinata as if saying “I did awesome too”*

this reminded me of That One Panel:

There are three sides of tumblr. (We’re a triangle lmao)

1) people (like myself) who see the unfairness in the same people getting picked to meet Taylor ten times. Like for real though, that’s an awesome experience, good for you, we’re happy for you but like……why can’t new people get picked?? Favoritism is such a low feeling for everyone else.

2) (some) people who have been the favorites “you all are just jealous and can’t appreciate what taylor does for all of us. I’m not biased at all.”

3) international fans. Enough said. Y'all know what I mean. Y'all are the real MVPs.

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RWBY vol 4: episode 11 thoughts.

Solid episode, finally tying up the storyline. Shame there’s only 2 episodes left *long sigh*

Anyways, we’ll start with the good.

• Cinder’s PTSD is well done, and I’m very excited to hear her voice again!

• Yang!!!! Ahh painting her arm yellow was awesome, she’s really bounced back!

• Yeah Yang, where you going? I suggest Mistral, it’s getting reeaallyy popular…

• Klein you’re a sweetheart! Weiss baby I’m so proud of you!

• Blake heartfelt speech time! Finally admitting how much her team meant to her!

• Voice crack when Blake said “Yang”

• Sun being a supportive bro, nice speech my blonde huggable fool.

• “And I’m sure Yang would say the same..” YES! Of course she would, Blake she would have given her life for you..

• Blake’s self depreciating is so sad because she means so much more to her team then she realises.

• Kali omg I love you.


• Ren’s face seeing the Grimm, so heartbreaking!


So yes a mostly positive episode, save a few tiny woes!

• Tyrian you scare me

• Salem is.. Idk a little underwhelming to me, but that might be because we haven’t seen her full power.

• I really like the Blake and Sun friendship, but yeah please leave it at that.

• I will be really really disappointed in Rooster Teeth if after finally developing Ren and Nora’s characters if they kill one or both of them off. Screw tragic timing and shock factor, I will just be angry.

And yeah that’s about it! I’m finally excited for this volume again!
What about you guys?

For the Best

(gif credit to the creator)

Prompt: “You’re still here…and you’re making pancakes.”
Pairing: Dean x Reader
Word Count: 825
Warnings: language, implied smut
A/N: I feel like I haven’t written Dean (other than series) in ages. Hope you guys like it! Anyway, feedback for this is awesome! :)

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I love how the Sherlock fandom periodically invades other shows

“Oh, Star Trek has Kirk/Spock subtext? Spacelock AU!”

“Oh, Yuri on Ice has a canon queer ship? Awesome, the theme song is now the TJLC anthem.”

“Oh, Apple Tree Yard airs in the same time slot as Sherlock? LET’S ALL WATCH IT FOR THE SECRET FOURTH EPISODE REVEAL”

I just. This fandom.

Pansexual Positivity Time

Hello yes

💝 Pansexuality is super awesome.

💝 They literally love all kinds of people

💝 Definitely real, super valid people

💝 Both binary and non binary people can be pan.

💝 Pansexuality is not the same as bisexuality, however it is equally as cool.

💝 Pansexuals make awesome partners

💝 People who are pansexual are lovely and they deserve respect

💝 I sincerely hope all pansexual people are having a wonderful day.

~Mod Kai 🐉