Sometimes I miss the stupid faces from earlier in the show, but then we get gems like these and… well, just look at it.


Ohh we get an even more detailed explanation? That’s super cool.

So yeah, Garnet gave Steven the water analogy which is a very common one when trying to explain the future in fiction. What this means is that Garnet is not an actual seer, she just knows the paths the future could hold, and she chooses which one to follow. Sort of like Rose’s powers in Homestuck.

“I have the map, and I steer the ship.” That’s such a great way to put it.

Come on Steven it’s not that hard.

Lonely blade did the same explanation in the Time Travel movie.

Study Buddies - Draco Malfoy Imagine (Harry Potter)

I know everyone has been asking for TWD ones but can you do one of Draco where you’re new to Hogwarts and you’re super bad ass and stuff and he hates you but loves you at the same time?
I don’t think this is as strong as it could be because I’m in the zone with TWD fanfic/imagines, either way I hope you like it!

You walk into the Great Hall and feel your stomach rumble in anticipation for breakfast. As you stifle a yawn and pop yourself down next to Hermione, you see him walk in. You roll your eyes instantly. This isn’t just a house rivalry thing, this is personal, Draco Malfoy had been off with you since day one. You started later at Hogwarts due to the threat of Voldemort, but since he’s been defeated some normality is returning to the wizarding world. ‘He’s such a…’ Hermione puts her hand on your arm to stop you from swearing. ‘What? I was going to say idiot.’ Hermiome smiles at you shakes her head ‘Yeah, whatever you say!’ Ron and Harry soon join the two of you and you tuck into breakfast. ‘I have double potions this morning…Please tell me you do too!’ You butter a piece of toast whilst waiting for Harry to respond. He nods his head ‘Yeah, I do..Don’t worry I won’t let Malfoy say anything to you!’ You appreciate the flush of colour that rushes into the bespectacled boys cheeks. ‘I can take care of myself thank you…But I may need to borrow your notes and by borrow I mean copy.’ Hermione gasps ‘That’s cheating!’ You shrug your shoulders ‘And the teachers are cheating us out of fun and sleep with all these practice tests.’ Ron nods his head ‘I agree..’ Hermione scowls at him playfully and he continues rubbing his bread into the egg on his plate. ‘If you’re struggling, I can help!’ You stand up grabbing your bag and a piece of toast ‘No, I’m good! You coming Harry?’ he picks up his bag and follows you out of the hall.

As you make way down the stairs to the dark dungeon for the potions classroom, you misjudge the steps and tumble forward, luckily it’s only be a few steps, however you land straight into the back of someone and your whole body runs cold when you see the icy blue eyes and blonde hair. ‘Oh fu..’ Draco grimaces at you ‘Watch where you’re going..Filthy mudblood!’ You stand up straight and stick your chin out as Harry appears behind you ‘Are you ok?’ ‘I’m so sorry Draco…Had I realised I was going to fall, I would have prepared an owl to warn you!’ You grab hold of Harry’s hand and push past Draco ‘Come on Harry!’

You keep muttering under your breath ‘please don’t put me with Draco.’ Professor Slughorn points at you ‘Why don’t you work with Mr Malfoy?’ You roll your eyes and exhale loudly, causing some of your fellow classmates to giggle. You slam your book on the table next to Draco and open to the page you’re going to be working from today. As the lesson starts moments pass before either of you speak ‘Well what do we do?’ Draco asks. Once again you roll your eyes ‘Why don’t you read the book? What’s up? Too used to having things done for you?’ You stand and head over to the store cupboards to get the ingredients you need, you bring them back to the desk and start separating them. Draco just sits there ‘You know I think this is meant to be a combined effort.’ Draco stands and starts taking some of the ingredients and putting them into the cauldron ‘Hold on..You’re doing it wrong. It has to go in in the right order.’ Draco snorts ‘Oh, so now some filthy half breed is trying to tell me how to make a potion.’ You push your hand through your hair and loosen your tie. ‘Oh for f-‘ Before you can say another word Harry pulls you away from the desk ‘You need to calm down and not let him get to you!’ You wriggle your shoulders feeling anguished ‘I wish I could but he drives me crazy!’ Harry nods his head and flashes you one of his smiles ‘Try for me!’ you nod your head ‘Fine!’ you walk back over to the desk and start cutting up some newt eyes. Draco studies what you’re doing ‘how are you cutting them that fine?’ You adjust your hand so he can see better ‘Well if you hold this section here and use the tip of the knife you can get quite fine.’ Draco nods his head ‘Cool!’ You feel your face flush a little bit and you look into his eyes properly for the first time. You never noticed before there’s something lost about them. Draco narrows them at you ‘What?’ You shake your head and look down ‘Nothing!’

You wake up suddenly and look around you. You’ve fallen asleep in the library again and you grab all your books together before running out. You’re late meeting the others, as you take the stairs two at a time you hear your name being shouted. Confused you turn around and see Draco looking up at you ‘Hey!’ You instantly frown ‘What do you want?..I mean hi..but seriously what do you want?’ Draco walks up a couple more steps so that he’s level with you. ‘I’m failing potions, and I was wondering if you’d tutor me?’ He looks at his feet the whole time he’s talking. You feel a smile spread itself across your face ‘So let me get this right, you want me, a filthy half breed, to teach you, a full bloodied wizard, how to make potions?’ Draco’s ears turn pink and he can only nod his head slightly. You cross your arms and purse your lips ‘Hmm, what’s in it for me?’ Draco tilts his head ‘I’ll be civil with you..and your friends!’ He spits the last part out. You smile and nod your head ‘Ok, Malfoy. It’s a deal.’ You turn on your heel and continue your frenzied run to meet your friends.’

‘Wow!’ You nod your head at Ron ‘I know!’ Hermione sits back in the plush sofa in the common room, Harry continues pacing ‘I don’t like it!’ You curl your feet underneath you and nod your head in agreement ‘Me either but it’s better than him always being on my case!’ Harry sits down next to you ‘Well just be careful!’

It’s a Saturday, which means no uniform. You’re wearing a dress with a peter pan collar that your mum sent to you in the last mail. Your head is bent over a book and you don’t hear Draco approach you ‘Hi..Sorry I didn’t recognise you.’ You look up and for the first time ever Draco actually looks friendly. ‘Right back at you.’ You take in the jeans and checked shirt he’s wearing and feel a warmth pool in your stomach as you smell his aftershave. ‘I thought we’d start with the basics, from there everything is just about modifying the quantities and preparing things the right way.’ You feel Draco staring at you and when you turn your face to look at him, he blushes and nods his head and looks down at the page of notes you’ve prepared.

After an hour or so, you stand up and pace a little bit. The sun looks warm and inviting outside and you desperately wish you was outside instead of cooped up in the Great Hall. ‘Are you ok?’ You look up at Draco’s question. You nod your head and sit back down ‘Yes…It just looks so nice outside.’ Draco closes his book and looks at you ‘I know…I am thankful for your help.’ You look at him and smile ‘You know Malfoy, you’re not so bad!’ He raises his eyebrows at you and smiles ‘Really?’ You nod your head and move closer to him ‘Really. When you smile, you actually look cute!’ His cheeks flush with colour. You feel lost in his eyes, you feel yourself being pulled towards him and the moment his lips touch yours, a single ray of sunshine shines upon the pair of you.