anonymous asked:

Ship that you have as an OTP.

Technically I think an OTP is supposed to be the “one true pairing” but I have several and I reuse to choose.

AppleDash has been my favourite ship for a long time, for the reasons I’ve said on the AppleDash Things list. They’re everything I like in a ship. The best friends turned lovers, cute strong characters learning to be vulnerable, having the same sense of humour, etc. Plus, I like having no “guy” in a relationship like this, even if some of my other ships kinda do.

And damn, if it isn’t cute to see them be buds who are just really super gay for each other. 

… I also should admit, part of it at this point is because I’ve been shipping it for so long that I’ve read so many great stories of them. From cute to heartbreaking to cute again. AppleDash has some good stories out there.

SunLight’s next in my heart (or Sunset Sparkle, I guess)– specifically Sci-Twi and Sunset, but Princess Twi and Sunset is pretty dang great, too.

The fact that they’ve both been personifications of their demons before and share guilt over that is just heartbreaking and GREAT. They’re their own Hurt/Comfort tag. They also both can’t believe anyone would love them? And? It’s? GREAT?

But if I can’t convince you of how great that ship is, read Courage and Change by Bookish Delight. I swear to God, best, most well-used smut I’ve ever read– there’s actual story reasons for the lovemaking to happen. Like, it matches their character arcs, and you know it’s perfect when you can’t imagine the story being any other way.

I’ve read a couple of smut fics out of sheer curiosity, but this is by far the best because it’s an actual story that fucking earns it.